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The Letter: Classic Edition

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Review from 76561199185466114Pretty chill game. Wish it was spookier though
Review from 76561198002637002Honestly, I've played worse. After the bedroom, which is essentially a very short tutorial level, the first actual level(the valley/jobsite) pretty much nails the horror atmosphere. Then it kinda goes (intentionally) more and more silly after that, with the next level feeling very "gamey" with its platforming(as opposed to the previous level, where it kinda made sense), among other things. And the next two(possibly three) levels aren't really levels, as they're practically on par with the bedroom "level". The story is straight forward, and like the rest of the game doesn't take itself too seriously. If I was expecting a serious horror experience, I can imagine being let down, like those people who played this on WiiU and really disliked it. But going in with an understanding that that's not what this is, made it an enjoyable enough experience. Gameplay wise there's some simple, first person platforming that actually works fine. It really doesn't require much, if anything, of you either. But it's there. Other than that, you walk around and pick up items, including some that are optional and can unlock a secret ending. Basically, this is very much a walking sim with very minor platforming and collecting elements. It's technically possible to die by falling onto spikes, but extremely unlikely. The one thing I think this game could do with, is a way to see what items you've collected. The game can be completed in about 30 minutes. 100% in roughly 1 hour for me, as I needed two playthroughs for that. (But it can be done in one.)
Review from 76561198013000246Cards on the table. When I first played this game on the Wii U, I gleefully mocked "The Letter" with a scathingly negative review. I used the original game as a punching bag for cheap, mean-spirited laughs, treating it like a big joke. That was a long time ago in my life. When I found this version on Steam, I felt a strange yearning. I bought this edition of "The Letter" so, so many years after I had played the original Wii U version, and I was shocked by how emotional I felt by playing through this. "The Letter," a game I once mocked and had just revisited, has just transported me to a much better, much happier, much simpler time in my life, a time I achingly wish I could go back to. So, the game's final laugh is on ME.
Review from 76561199409217639"Do you have what it takes to solve the mystery of The Letter?" No. I needed a walk-through. A familiar story told with low res graphics and an inoffensive soundtrack. A point-and-click walking simulator. And yet, I became obsessed with discovering if the boy finds his father. I was drawn into the spooky atmosphere and found that I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. Eli Brewer was super helpful when I couldn't figure out that SPACEBAR started a New Game. Recommended for players who enjoy older games.
Review from 76561198026832577This game changed my whole outlook on life. It was a true eyeopener. If you have 2 euros, definitely buy it!
Review from 76561198143386614Honestly miss this era of indie games. Game preservation is so important so thank you for publishing this on Steam ❤
Review from 76561198012655647I need to gift this to a friend, so I can share the experience I had.
Review from 76561198035599199A troll game but they really lean into the troll nature of the game so hard that it's impressive. Honestly I didn't even ask for my 1,19€ refund back, I was so impressed with the sheer brass-necked-ness of it. It's incredible - the fact that clicking on New Game on the main menu is not the way to start a new game is inspired. And then I was almost sure that for the first 30 seconds of the game, every time I clicked, it restarted the audio track. This is new levels of troll - a game that has to be seen to be believed. It should take about 30 minutes to complete if you make an effort to explore and honestly it's worth it.
Review from 76561198065249319i've bought this game 5 times... no lie. I bought it for myself 2 times, once on WiiU and once on PC. and i also gifted some copies to my friends. It's not a good game. But it's a memorable.... and for 2 bucks you can't really go wrong.
Review from 76561198104359084yeah
Review from 76561199063534288The Letter from Wii U but better omg
Review from 76561198113155570A fun revision of the iconic Wii U classic: The Letter. The greatest 2 dollar horror game of this generation.
Review from 76561198044130102Hypnotically banal and mercifully short. A throwback to WiiU Unity school project-punk and jank-core sensibilities of 1-3$ depression simulators and horror games.
Review from 76561198045553027If you haven't played this game then what are you even doing with your life?
Review from 76561199222346216The Letter from Wii U has returned.
Review from 76561198049970506不好玩 没鬼 就一个泰迪熊 对我konwkonwkonw的 连个鬼影都没有
Review from 76561198125942930AHORRATELO
Review from 76561198433122874getting a steam deck to play this on the go
Review from 76561198068082862Help me. Help help meeee
Review from 76561198002193644100% completion rate in about half an hour. Yup, I've still got it.
Review from 76561198149415980This indeed has been a game that has been made.
Review from 76561198121871478a classic game finally on PC with a nice new low res art style and some minor gameplay improvements, but otherwise it's the same "the letter" you know from wii u