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I Was a Teenage Exocolonist Soundtrack and Artbook

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Review from 76561199090057649So I bought this pretty solely for the art book, but the soundtrack is great. I don't have any complaints about the soundtrack, it's pretty standard as far as I can tell. I do have some criticisms of the art book though. TL;DR: There are a few minor mistakes which make it into the art book which are noticeable. I'm an art nerd so I love seeing all kinds of concept designs and see any artist notes; however the art book isn't very in depth so if you're looking for something really detailing the design process, you'll have to look somewhere else. If you don't really care about that kind of stuff, the art book is good and provides surface level insights into the development of the characters, animals, and environments of the game. Little things: There are a few things in the art book which are.. weird. One being that, on Sol's page, their full name in the cursive font is spelled wrong, "Solacanae," when their full name is always spelled as Solanaceae. A minor typo, it's fine, I didn't spot any other typos though I haven't been looking too hard. On Nomi's profile, their teen over-world sprite just isn't fully there. It's just their hair and jacket sleeves. The last thing I really noticed is Sym's profile is weird, albeit I can't tell if this is on purpose or not. His augment is "Second month of Pollen," birthday is "wood, fruit, eggs, yellow flower," and favored item is "crystal" (as far as I'm aware, Sym likes all gifts equally?) At first I thought this is intentional, as Sym is supposed be mysterious and giving him a strange bio adds to that, but when I saw the other little problems I can't tell anymore. I just wish there was more stuff: The art book is mainly a compilation of in-game illustrations, though they add some sketches and insight. I really wish there was more details about how the characters came to be. There's more details on some of the character concepts on the Northway Games website (specifically the Excolonist Character Design and Growing Up in Exocolonist sections) than there is in the art book, which is a bit frustrating to go out of the way just to find what I thought be be included in the art book to begin with. Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate the sketches and concepts that are included but it feels a bit surface level and I wish there was an extra depth there. Admittedly I am harsh on the art book because I love the art in the game and just want to see more of it. Should I buy the soundtrack and art book? Well, yes. the art book and soundtrack are $10 and splitting that evenly means that they're both $5 each which isn't bad and I think you should support the game regardless. But don't get your hopes up thinking that the artbook is super lengthy. For the average person who likes the art and music of the game, I recommend it.
Review from 76561198091038686ost is good but it's already on the internet. i bought it for the artbook but its very disappointing. almost no new art to gaze at, most of it is stuff thats already in the game. i refuse to believe this is all the art they drew while making the game. commentary on the arts are written like some random person is making speculations off of seeing them for the first time??? who even wrote them, why are they speculating? it should be giving info about the art not guessing things on it. overall disappointing but at least you get the legally obtained album
Review from 76561198877015902I originally only bought this for the artbook (the art in this game is just sooo beautiful), but now I also listen to the soundtrack non-stop. Highly recommend buying this if you love IWATEX and/or want to support the developers!
Review from 76561198123132627The music and art for this game are utterly wonderful. The art is what first drew me to the game (which I own on another platform) and I'm thrilled to be able to see more with this artbook. The music fits the game so incredibly well and is a joy to listen to whenever I please. The song 'The Child You Were' caught me so off-guard (in the best possible way) when I first heard it in-game, and it's stuck with me ever since. What a beautiful game, and a what a wonderful experience!
Review from 76561198048901212Pretty good stuff! I love that the artbook is bundled into this, it's a fascinating read into some of the game's development and gives good insight into the different characters of the game. The soundtrack itself is a good ambient mix to throw on in the background, but there's not much in the way of any "active" tracks. Stars at Sunrise is a great exception to this, and it's my favorite track in the album. There's a few errors in the artbook, too - the Hopeye is referred to as a Hop*cat*, and Sym's birthday field has a list of generic in-game items. Whoops. Despite how negative I might sound, these issues are really small. If you enjoyed the game, you're certain to enjoy this!
Review from 76561198979440592Dys童年时期的立绘快把我可爱死了…真的很喜欢一些自闭小蘑菇【阴暗地嚎叫】【扭曲的爬行】【阳光地飞翔】
Review from 76561199409049586I'm mostly gonna comment about the Artbook because the music is already phenomenal. Honestly, I am very invested in this game, its lore, characters, and its directional explanations how the creators envisioned their imaginations into reality within the simulation. I'm just a geek with alien things thanks to subnautica and avatar. Anyways, I love how detailed and creative the explanations of the exobiology of the game - how every creatures are symbiotic with each other - which is wowzers! The mixture of plants and animals? Nice - I mean, they have their explanation hidden between passages of doing the tasks in Geoponics, and sure, love to read 'em there but grrr, hoping to get more from the Artbook. The extraordinary faunas and floras makes me want to buy this, and I was specially hoping to get a glimpse of other NPCs that were possibly drawn out of the game. (Looking at Besk) Or creatures and sketches of the whole layout of every building, barracks, or you know, just the process of it or some directional approach. I mean the artbook provided some explanations and glimpses of character designs and creations. But I feel like it's lacking... superficial. Like a description and not really an explanation. I really wanted to read more about the design process of NPCs, how their characters were sketched and discussed to be portrayed - or how earth looks because I keep imagining that it's like Rimworld lol - but with how creative the game designers were, I wanted to see that in their own art. I wanted to read and see more world that they sketched out in Vertumna IV, even the whole layout of the ships in stratospheric and helio. I want a lot of things, lol, sorry. and I know I'm just being nitpicky and the artbook is just an extra to the soundtrack but you know, I can't help but wish there were more. Still a great product though! Just more on the sad side because, really - who doesn't want more with IWATEC?
Review from 76561198119448770Goes Hard
Review from 76561198931763165喜欢!
Review from 76561198242398752A stunning collection of ambient tracks. Gentle, evocative, and inspiring. It has an extraordinary array of moods and textures while remaining cohesive. Some are moody and peculiar, others are glimmering and expansive. All of them feel otherworldly but tinged with a nostalgia that makes you feel like, even though this place is lightyears away, you've been there before. They float in a welcome space in my mind. The version I purchased also included an art book, with a standard and high-res version for home printing (!). The artbook is beautiful and features both final art and concept art/sketches, which I'm especially fond of. (There's some GREAT sketches in here!!) I love the artist's notes and character breakdowns. Even if you don't buy the game, I highly recommend this soundtrack to any fans of ambient music.
Review from 76561198041240990the music is nice, but let us buy the game already!!!