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The Events at Unity Farm

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Review from 76561199238820443I've played this game multiple times since the first demo in Next Fest over a year ago. It's a great change of pace from the avalanche of bland zombie shooters and co-op snoozefests VR is inundated with. The story is intriguing (dark fantasy, demons, time travel vibes all through it), love the magic system for combat. I always love great boss fights in VR and thus far this game has two that are great fun (we won't talk about the Brute beating me down... lol). The foundation is here for something brilliant. Excited to see this continue to develop.
Review from 76561198117752378It's a nice casual VR adventure. Characters and story are kinda interesting and the voice actors are doing a good job. Graphics are utilitarian, nothing spectacular but they carry the aestetic well. Combat is neither challenging (except maybe the bosses), nor complex. Select spell, click enemy to death. I'm still enjoying it but it would take a major rework of basically every aspect of the game to make the combat good. Spells and enemy behaviour need addtional complications, and the maps would need to be redesigned to add proper battle arenas and enemy encounters. Works on Valve Index on Linux / Proton.
Review from 76561198872257181It was exciting, never played a VR game like this before! From Beat Saber at the arcade to shooting fireballs at zombies!
Review from 76561198026549258Good quality for an early access game. Enjoyed wandering around the farm. Atmosphere was creepy without being overly dark. Combat with the normal enemies around the farm was simple but enjoyable with the different spells. The boss fights were more interesting, my favourite being the scarecrow. The game looked good, but I did notice some visual bugs. Some textures on objects around the farm seemed low res compared to everything else. It seems like you can pick up pieces of lore around, but the pages were to dark to read most of the time. I ended up playing on high quality with no problems, but trying to go higher resulted in slow downs. Overall, an enjoyably atmospheric game and one I am interested in seeing where it goes.
Review from 76561199301498732Saw a streamer play this and had it on the Wishlist for a while. Wish more devs would put this level of polish in their world. Got past the 1st boss and had some moments where I was feeling like I was cosplaying a mix of Dr. Strange and Michonne (Waling Dead you ignorant mofos). [spoiler]watch out for them tiny spiders on walls! [/spoiler]. Hope it gets support for future development.
Review from 76561199568137547Hey VR fans, stumbled upon this dark fantasy game that's just too good not to share! First off, the graphics are next-level stunning. Once you strap on that headset, you're in for a visual treat. But you know what blew me away? The sound effects, VFX, and cool details! They're so on point, adding this whole other layer to the immersive experience. And the story? It's awesome, detailed, and keeps your interest from start to finish. Seriously, for VR lovers out there, this game's a hidden gem. Give it a whirl—you'll thank me later!
Review from 76561198877506696Amazing work by the team, I was hooked by the story! Can't wait to save Aliss so I can buy her some real toys!
Review from 76561197987652027Enjoyed the combat, the story, the visuals and the puzzles. Looking forward to jumping back in for the new updates and version releases as they drop. Devs have taken on feedback too, so will update the review with my criticisms only if they are evident in the next version.
Review from 76561198397049966Fun combat mechanics, and interesting spell combinations. Graphics are eerie and polished. A lot of potential for future content.
Review from 76561198044762695Played the demo, had to get it after! I never knew crows can be so scary, lol.
Review from 76561198028453570Really enjoyed what's here, excited to see where this game goes in the future!
Review from 76561197970329288Surprisingly very good and fleshed out, sadly no smooth turning... come on devs! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hz_D0jE0FOw
Review from 76561198066590240[h1]Experienced on the Meta Quest 2[/h1] You can view my gameplay & early impressions here: https://youtu.be/t-Avj9ffUxk This is one of the best, if not the best, Steam Early Access VR games that I have ever played. It's got a good story, good VOs, nice animations, fun magical combat and great atmosphere. Even though it is in Early Access, it is more polished than most VR games. I did run across one bug, at near the start of the game, after asking me to upgrade to the Fire Charge spell, the game would stop and not progress with the main quest. Later, I was able to figure out that maybe not using the spell book (you can use grab and select fire spell to select spell instead of using spell book in front of you) is what caused this bug. The good thing is that a simple quit and return to main menu was able to fix my issue. Other than that, I didn't run into any other issues. As mentioned, I liked the combat, where I was able to unlock 2 spells so far (after beating the first boss). The boss fight was fun & challenging. The puzzles were not difficult, but fun to solve. The developer says there is 3-4 hours of content in early access, with planned 8-10 hours of content on final release. If the devs keep their promise, this game will be a steal at the current $19.99 USD price given the quality of the content so far. Game is running on the Unity Engine. On my RTX 3080, I was getting a steady 90 fps on very high graphical settings (did not try ultra settings). You have full locomotion or teleportation, along with snap turning. Unfortunately, there is NO smooth turning! You can play comfortably seated. I had a lot of fun playing this game. This game only has 5 user reviews for some reason. I have no idea why. If you are a PCVR enthusiast, this game is a must buy. Please support PCVR developers, especially those like this developer that are churning out quality content. You guys want to know why PCVR is struggling? It's because even good games don't sell well on the Steam store. So just buy this game. You can take my word for it. I put my reputation on the line which you know if you follow my reviews. I'm not one of these Quest VR content creators that hype up everything. So what are you waiting for? [b]Rate 8/10.[/b] [quote]If you enjoyed my review, please consider joining my Steam Curator Group. You can join here: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/Oculus_WMR [/quote]
Review from 76561198113660569Great game!! Its a really unique spooky magic wielding experience! The world looks amazing and the spell shooting is really fun, though combat can get really challenging at times. Crazy almost souls-like Boss fights too.. The time travel premise is really interesting, cant wait to get back in a unleash some combo spells and find more hidden secrets I might have missed. The horde mode seems really fun too!
Review from 76561197997724206Graphics, Music and effects are all excellent. Some of the controls took a while to get used to but for early access with plenty more to come its one to look out for. https://youtu.be/it_U0NxofLI
Review from 76561199150587534What a well developed game. Graphics a truly amazing and seemingly blends with the perfect story/timeline. Best magic combat game in VR.
Review from 76561198211592973Makes You feel like a Supreme Sorcerer :)
Review from 76561198153711626Really interesting game with a lot of potential for future content. Combat/Shooting mechanics differ from other games and are enjoyable with engaging boss fights. Graphics are really good for a VR Game. Story is rich, I'm looking forward to know what happens next and also to see what that team can accomplish.
Review from 76561199049412891My son and I have had the good fortune of playing this game from Closed Beta to Demo 3 and now in Early Access. What this development team has achieved is nothing short of remarkable. We need more PCVR games like this. A rich story, intuitive mechanics, and some great visuals. Highly recommend!