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Review from 76561198352976524steamvalve metalcore
Review from 76561198086000429Steamcore, oyuncuların kaynakları yakaladığı, robotlarla ve diğer oyuncularla hayatta kalmak için savaştığı bir MMO PvPvE nişancı oyunudur. Bu, oyuncuların Twitch'te bir oyunun öne çıkan yayıncısı olmak için rekabet etmesine olanak tanıyan ECHELON sistemini kullanan ilk oyundur. Skor tablosunda yükseldiğinizde Twitch'teki izleyici sayınız da onunla birlikte artar.
Review from 76561198844282465☀️
Review from 76561198868631711Жена сказала, что если на этом обзоре наберётся 10 лайков и 5 наград, то она подарит ящик пива. Мужики, выручайте!
Review from 76561197984968184this game is one big scam it down for maintain ever to use it lol and read all the possive reveiwer you cm tell there fake and problem been pay people write there made bot account all negivte are dead on about i think and i sure the game is dead in now to.
Review from 76561198260117761Пока что это демка, а не игра. Выглядит просто ужасно.
Review from 76561197963472189[h1]0/10 Overall (Utter Failure)[/h1] This B-Tier game requires you to share your twitch information to play it. No thanks, this isn't worth my privacy.
Review from 76561198157138844you cant log into this game unless you have a twitch account which I do not would love to play the game but Im not signing up for a stupid twitch account so they track just to play we need someone to comlain to I feel cheated
Review from 76561197997912303[h1]Cannot play without Twitch[/h1] As if twitch integration into games were not annoying enough, here is a game that takes it one step further: Twitch is now mandatory. It is not possible to play this game without twitch. There is no such thing as unranked mode or tutorial. It just wont let you play! Not wanting to miss out on a potentially great game, I checked steamcharts to see how popular the game was, after all the number of viewers seem to confer some advantages to the player, thus, while such an idea might be draconian, at least it would certainly increase the number of players, right?? THE GAME HAS ZERO (0) PLAYERS!!! Usually even asset flips will have 2-10 players who stick around, but this game does not have ANY players! AT ALL!
Review from 76561199143159259çok kısa
Review from 76561198067298289[h1]Before I played Steamcore, I had a small pp, no friends, no gf, depression, and no life. These things havent changed, but the game is pretty good[/h1]
Review from 76561199235595687i played for less than 2 hours, got bored less than half an hour in, got to max level about an hour in, raided the same planet 3 times since there are barely any players. When you watch the videos, they look like a bit of fun, but after a few minutes of repetitive two-shot 360 killing robots that can't even kill you if they tried because of how little damage they deal, it gets boring. Would recommend if you're just goofing around with friends, though. I didn't recommend this game since for some reason it also uses a lot of my gpu, which i find weird for a game with pretty bad graphics. Meh spot.
Review from 76561198071726612Clever engineering of the game and the streaming of Twitch, Almost a hack i would say, keep watching this and you will gain viewers, I played for about 2 hours and did not find another player at all. hence i found it a bit disappointing. Not much to do, its like doing the same thing over and over again. its a no from me.
Review from 76561198974024003I would like for you to ignore all or any negative comments. You might be asking why, here is the reason, this game does everything that is advertised to do. If you are playing to get more viewers then you can do that. If you are playing to climb the leaderboards and have some pvp/pve fun then you can do that. If you are playing because you want to join an army and have fun with your friends you can do that. The game is simple you play it and you get viewers on twitch. The gunplay is fun the gameplay loop can be addicting and the pvp keeps you engaged.
Review from 76561198051391831это нечто странное... прям ранняя демка чего-то непонятного сделанного по визуалу чуть ли не на коленке
Review from 76561198013282169Jogo muito bom e bem interessante, com um grande potencial para o futuro =)
Review from 76561198092966685sketchville
Review from 76561198138988073Achei muito interessante a ideia do jogo me parece promissor para streamers uma vez que quanto maior o level mais visualizações você recebe. Embora seja um jogo com a mecânica bem simples dá para você passar um bom tempo.
Review from 76561199103216185While I do not feel as if there are enough words here i wrote the following article to better explain my thoughts no only on this game but November games itself. https://docs.google.com/document/d/11l3jUzOsy5creFpsNT4yEb3MzQ9RqrkveZ5hmEvVUmA/edit
Review from 76561198835181511Being a tester and able to stream on Twitch there were doubters. However, when you get to know the 6 man team at November Games you see the passion and the believers from early testing. When you play with your community or with a few players at the same time, you will experience results. Since word got out, it is currently in early access. Over the years Twitch has changed by not allowing community channels and hosting options, as well as spectators who lurk if they don't engage in chat. The developers will provide accurate and true answers when you join Discord. This is a new-genre game, a world-first experience, and we are committed to giving our top players a career in gaming. Early Access fits our needs perfectly; as the game grows, new mechanics and genres can be incorporated. In Steamcore, a PvPvE MMO shooter, players capture resources, battle robots, and fight other players to survive in the evolving meta. This is done on Twitch. This allows you to create your own Twitch community to get support and have gaming nights with viewers and other players in the SteamCore Community. Top Twitch streamers on the leaderboard in the same game you see get more viewers if they return Steamcores to their home base. That's a guarantee. SteamCore has taken six years to evolve with many changes. Recent launches included Pax Australia in Melbourne 2022 and here is an article written by Tristyn Akbas .updated: not(.published) [ display: none; ] October 16 & Akbas https://wegotthiscovered.com/gaming/best-games-we-played-at-pax-aus-2022/. It takes more than just jumping on and playing the game to understand how the SteamCore dashboard works in the background, its mechanics, and keeping up with its updates. Join the SteamCore community discord and take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Turn your passion for gaming into a Twitch opportunity to build a Twitch Partnership. Find the Twitch Channel here: https://www.twitch.tv/steamcore
Review from 76561198039810027Celui-ci il est nul il fait même pas semblant ... xD
Review from 76561198171447501Nem egy rossz játék, érdekes koncepció de nem nekem való.
Review from 76561198304433378divertido!
Review from 76561199244741857Just bad.
Review from 76561198180766063bad
Review from 76561198049223116November Games have put a lot into this game and still have a long way to go. But for an early access game, the gameplay is really enjoyable as a fast-paced 3rd person shooter. Also the bugs I've found are minimal. I'd recommend people give this game a shot as the direction they're taking this seems very promising. Great experience for an early access game and excited for updates to come.
Review from 76561198081668160Что это было? Это даже не игра, в технодемках UE5 больше смысла и геймплея чем тут. Это настолько ранний доступ что чувствуешь себя альфа тестером сапера. Отвратительно.
Review from 76561198013338877Would be better with more build options/weapons. Would be nice to save progress. Robot battle pets? Turrets should be upgradeable - should cost less and have more of them. 7/10 overall.
Review from 76561199203212885Gioco fatto bene, grafica carina. La competizione con altri streamers porta questo gioco ad essere molto competitivo e interessante, con dei nuovi aggiornamenti sono sicuro che migliorera' ancor di più il modo di giocare e di passare il tempo.
Review from 76561198025193745A game that begs for twitch streamers to play. Think Agar.io, but a lot more progress to win
Review from 76561198138675822This game idea is downright draconian. The gameplay itself sucks ass but thats besides the point. As other comments point out this is likely not only a bitcoin miner but everyone thats playing the game is adding a view to the Twitch stream of whoever is at the top of the ladder or some garbage, so this crappy game is encouraging you to play so that you get artificial views on your twitch stream? what the fuck is that?
Review from 76561198072699321Ideia muito legal, ainda tem poucas mecânicas, mas me parece um jogo muito promissor. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Very cool idea, it still has few mechanics, but it seems like a very promising game.
Review from 76561198116879965Steamcore - это постоянно действующий массовый многопользовательский PvPvE-шутер, в котором вы играете за наемника-старателя, пытающегося захватить и собрать ресурсы на крошечных планетах, сражаясь с поврежденными роботами и другими игроками, чтобы выжить. Стань профессионалом в первой в мире игре "Играй с партнером" Steamcore использует систему Echelon из ноябрьских игр, чтобы вознаградить игру высокого уровня увеличением аудитории на Twitch.tv . Чем лучше вы разбираетесь в Steamcore, тем больше вы растете на Twitch, это так просто. Если вы когда-либо мечтали о карьере создателя контента или профессионального геймера, Play-To-Partner - это ваш шанс воплотить это в жизнь. Просто запустите игру и сопутствующую панель вознаграждений, чтобы начать получать внутриигровые награды и видеть, как зрители вашего канала Twitch повышаются вместе с вашей позицией в таблице лидеров. Мы позаботимся обо всем, вы просто выходите из себя, а мы занимаемся остальным. Стиль игры Steamcore обладает бесконечной реиграбельностью, так как это постоянно включаемая игра, которая ставит игроков в равные условия при каждом возрождении. Приступайте к действию с нулевым временем ожидания или подбора партнеров и быстро приступайте к действию. Игроки других шутеров от третьего лица, королевских сражений или игр на выживание с добычей и стрельбой обнаружат, что элементы управления, прицеливание и плавная анимация были точно настроены, чтобы обеспечить высококачественный опыт, адаптированный к отличным многопользовательским боям с огромным ограничением навыков. Улучшайте оружие, навыки и многое другое Уничтожая роботов и побеждая других игроков, вы зарабатываете очки навыков, которые можно потратить на дерево навыков, делая каждый запуск новым выбором для другого стиля игры. За один заход вы могли бы расставить приоритеты в отношении здоровья и щита, что дало бы вам преимущество в затяжных боях с оружием с высоким ДПС. Еще один заход, потратьте все свои очки навыков на бойлер вашего игрока, позволяя совершать тройные прыжки, ускорять рывок и повышать неуязвимость. Суть в том, что игра дает ВАМ выбор того, как вы хотели бы играть, и вознаграждает тех, кто экспериментирует с различным оружием и способностями. Игровой цикл Игроки появляются на своей родной планете, представляя свой канал Twitch, где они могут создать базу и собрать подкрепления. Затем отправляйтесь в космос и найдите другую планету, принадлежащую другому игроку, где завязалась битва за контроль над генератором - машиной, построенной над вентиляционным отверстием Фридиума, которая периодически производит "Паровые ядра". Эти ресурсы жизненно важны для вашего успеха в игре. Соберите как можно больше, выживая в волнах испорченных роботов и других игроков. Запустите их обратно на свою родную планету, нажав на значок флага "Домой", и поместите Steamcores на свою домашнюю базу. Это вознаградит вас очками и поможет подняться вверх по таблице лидеров. Обновления контента Каждый сезон будет выпускаться новый тип планеты, дающий игрокам новые препятствия для преодоления и преграды для использования в бою. Мы также выпустим приуроченную косметику, которая будет соответствовать сезону, а также изменим набор оружия, который игроки смогут выбрать в игре. Постоянно меняющаяся мета сохраняет игру свежей и позволяет добиться успеха любым стилям игры. Интеграция Twitch Серверы пассивно интегрируют активность игроков с Twitch-канала, которые играют в Steamcore во время потоковой передачи. Это означает, что чат может подключаться к скрытым командам, а также изменять ход битвы всякий раз, когда на сайте предпринимаются серьезные действия. Узнайте больше о том, какие действия интегрированы, присоединившись к игровым тестам и убедившись в этом сами. Короче играя в ЭТО вы можете ЗАРАБОТАТЬ
Review from 76561199167454758I saw this game at PAX Australia and knew straight away I needed to play it. It's lots of fun with smooth game play. It's an easy game to learn how to play and the action begins pretty much straight away. The integration with Twitch is an added bonus. This game is good wholesome fun!
Review from 76561198082264940This game is suspicious, my CPU try hard with him, but is only 2gb of full game, i don't know, but this make me avoid him and my Pc is good, geforce 1060, 16gb ram i5
Review from 76561198185094525Needs optimizing dashing and double jump is buggy.
Review from 76561198065270394**Update review** - No progress, update or traction in months, so at the moment, don't bother investing time in this product I would recommend anyone with a twitch channel try this game out for yourself and see how you go. With the content available - it kept me occupied for little under 2 hours and I got the gist -> go to planet -> get cores -> back to home planet -> grow point.. it does have some upgrades and base building included. I was very dubious about the echelon system, idk how it will really benefit my growth. But it will definitely help growing viewers within the community which is nice. Coming from a Dead by Daylight streamer - people will come to see me play DBD but may leave when they see me play this, it’s just the nature of twitch and viewership. Keen to see how they update this game and what direction it takes. Thanks for showing me this game as PaxAus22, now I have the chance to play a release!
Review from 76561198846720269Something is definitely fishy with this game, tiny planets with not much to render with average graphics. Yet it uses 100% of my 3070ti non stop. If it's not some form of bit coin mining game, then it's definitely fishy for the premise on how you get rewarded. "Get viewers for being on top". Is it secretly rendering twitch in the background so that our accounts are viewing the winners and they get viewers? Wack
Review from 76561198055998455I've put over 30 hours between the closed Beta and now Early Access and the community and Dev's have been amazing! Game play is great and is even more fun the more people that are online! The play to partner mechanic is awesome too! There has 100% been an increase in my Twitch Views and has allowed me to build up a nice little community of people to play with! Highly Recommend this game!
Review from 76561198013053009Atleast give us more base building options. When there is only a couple people on the server it feels like there is no point to the game except knock the other player down a few levels.
Review from 76561198163448182Bearing in mind that the game is early access, it plays very, very well. The gameplay concept is super sound and provided a good three hours of entertainment whilst streaming. The firefights you find yourself in during PvP and often PvE get extremely manic and force you to keep your head on a swivel at all times. This is an element that we really like. We had a few glitches during the game with menus that wouldn't function correctly, dropping server connections etc. but the lead developer was literally in our chat helping our entire group with technical issues and troubleshooting alongside us. The team is just that dedicated and astute - they want this game to be incredibly fun for all that play and it shows in the level of support and attention they pay to the player feedback and live streams. It does have a very bare bones feel to it at the moment but you have to give leeway for a game that's this early in development. I have no idea what that one review is going on about talking about privacy issues, considering the game is geared towards streamers with the "Play to Partner" mechanic built in, access to analytics and channel information is requried for it to work - it's all about community and celebrating those who develop their skills enough to climb the leaderboard. The focus on Twitch growth is huge, yes, but a few of our non-streamer friends enjoy the game in its current state as much as we do. On the topic of Twitch, we saw follows and views come through directly from the Steamcore community so even in its early stage, one week out of early access release, the mechanic is functioning as it should. Play the game for more than 15 minutes, give it the patience it deserves, possibly play with a group of friends if the lobby numbers are low, and you'll see the charm and potential Steamcore has.
Review from 76561198086993664UPDATE: Game has shut down from what I can tell. I have been experiencing this game since before its early access release. I was lucky enough to partake in the playtests and for that I will always be thankful. I have personally seen a huge improvement to the gameplay and performance throughout this period. That being said, my honest thoughts in its current state: I think the gameplay loop is rather average. Simple, and nothing compelling in itself. You have the option of a few weapons to upgrade and choose from. Simple: sniper, smg, rocket launcher, etc. These, with the exception of the SMG are attained thru the skill tree which is a point based system where points are granted based on your current level out of 10 I believe. You have complete freedom to choose what to focus on in the skill tree. Whether it be weapons, (dmg, fire rate, etc.) or health/shields, movement based upgrades, building upgrades are all your choice on what to spend your points on. I love the skill tree aspect where you can make on the fly "loadouts" rather than having one prior to jumping in. It adds a breath of fresh air knowing you always have different builds you can make each time you login. The PVP gameplay is straightforward. You have a planet you need to protect. Within this planet you can place a steam building to deposit the in universe currency of, you guessed it, steam. This steam amount is reflected on an in game leaderboard (whoever has more is higher up). You can also spend "gears" on turrets as well to protect your drop off point. Gears are an in game "currency" that can represent ammo for your weapons as well as costs of buildings that can be placed. Travelling to other planets grants you the opportunity to steal steam from your enemies by building a steam gen on their planet and collecting up to 8 of them. With the collected steam, you head home and deposit to get higher in the leaderboard. The PVP combat itself isnt the most engaging. Really it depends on the "build" you focused on. Its fun on the surface being able to win or lose combat but it doesn't feel unique. There are also 4 types of enemy AI. Bomb bot, simple exploding AI, drill bot which, if you dont kill them fast enough, will burrow underground and attempt to hit you from below. Laser drones that float around and fire a symmetra like beam in your direction and roller droid which acts like a mini boss, more hp and high damage. To be honest i have enjoyed the combat so much more fighting the Roller Droid than most players. I will say when it comes to cosmetics, I do not personally feel compelled at all to purchase skins. At this point, it is hard to justify spending money on cosmetics when I can't sit down and play this game all the time and enjoy it everytime. I think there needs to be huge improvements to the graphics and sound design as well as music and UI. Overall the game itself, in its CURRENT state is around a 5/10 for me. Fun at moments, GREAT foundation, mid execution at this point in time. Tbh I think if they spent more time building out the AI, like the roller droid, I would come back more often. In terms of Twitch integration. The technology and idea behind leading viewers to your stream thru a game is brilliant. I truly believe that this type of tech can create a whole new genre of multiplayer games. I have seen it work firsthand with this game and am excited to see how this idea is pushed further in the near future. All of this being said, I want to specify that this is all in context to its CURRENT state as of November 2022. I am interested to see how the development progresses knowing the features they intend to add, which can be seen in their official Discord server. I recommend this game strictly for the twitch integration technology. It is really cool. P.S. I have more hours on the playtest build that isn't visible on the release version.
Review from 76561198096138088I like this game. It has room to improve, and areas where it can grow. At the moment it seems a bit bare bones (and it is) but its a new type of game. "Play to Partner" is something no other game has done before. I was fortunate enough to play this game early... let me tell you... It has had ALOT of improvements in such a small amount of time. The Devs listen and communicate to the community on a daily basis. Its bare bones. But let it grow. Give it a go!
Review from 76561199189527735Bearing in mind it's early access, it's a fun PvP shooter. When you land on a planet with a bunch of other players all trying to take it over and mine steam it gets pretty manic. I had to figure out how to play in game as there wasn't a full tutorial (took a while and a fair few early exits to discover there was armour and a shield...). The "boost your viewers on Twitch" thing is interesting if you're a streamer. I'm not but if I was I guess I'd be interested in learning more about that.
Review from 76561199180010217Gunplay is good and unique, The new army feature allows making a squad of friends using an invite code, allowing you to play the game together. The skill tree is a great feature as you can focus on different kinds of loadouts for different playstyles. the planets are diverse and the point system is great. It is an early access game, and there are of course bugs, but the devs actively work to fix them and make the game better.
Review from 76561198065372958So, as those who know me, i don't like FPS (TPS) games, I don't like Gun Violence, i don't like the use of firearms, and i tent to try to avoid games with Guns against other players. ... With Steamcore, well... i'm coming to get you. Whilst, i can't play these style games with any real finesse, i can Bring back skills form when i played CS 1.3 (before steam existed) it was literally the only thing you could play back then What this Game Brings is the simple fact of community, That the players are other streamers/viewes of Twitch, That you can Jest with the players on various Chat mediums (Discord, Twitch) that if you die you are penalised for it, That you have to earn your way back into it, Yes you can get cause into a Gank situation, but we're week 1 into a Early Access Game, As someone who doens't like FPS GAMES. GET THIS GAME!!!
Review from 76561199170001753im loving the game so far, if you are a small streamer and need the viewership this is a great game to jump into, ive gotten great viewership from just a couple streams, each stream i played this game i averaged about 8 total viewer count.
Review from 76561198856649798Played a few hours with some friends and really enjoyed it! We were coming across each other on random planets and battling to take control of the planet. Once you start upgrading your skill tree and making some real advancements, getting additional weapons etc, it gets a lot more interesting. PS. Don't forget to redeem the drops you get from having the stream open - they really help!
Review from 76561198066108700The game is an interesting idea. The devs have been very active in taking on feedback from the early alpha to now. Some pretty environments and satisfying combat. Is it perfect? No.. nothing is, a greater variety in enemies, weapons, buildings would be great which I believe is in the works. Some dungeons and more varied environments would also be welcome. But again its a work in progress game with a dev team that is actively seeking out things to improve on. which is honestly refreshing in todays day and age.
Review from 76561198002570476Very fun game to play
Review from 76561199078528408Absolute FUN!!! from total beginner (like myself) to FULL ON sweaty PvP, anyone can find a way to have a great time travelling worlds and shooting stuff... cannot wait to see what the future will bring to this awesome and hectic but chilled game
Review from 76561198030784015Steamcore is a unusual experimental third person arena shooter with a strong PvP focus. The twist is that the game is 100% dependent on Twitch and, in what seems like some kind of pyramid scheme hustle, promises you Twitch viewers "guaranteed". If it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck... anyway. This is obviously a terrible premise for any game and we can see how it's already playing out by the cold wet reception from gamers at launch. First up, what's 100% deterring gamers from even bothering here is that you need to surrender some of your Twitch account details to the developer just so you can play. Ostensibly this is so they can give you your guaranteed views, but more likely it's for privacy invasion purposes. Never trust developers who refuse to use SteamWorks for authentication. So when you launch the game you see that demand for your Twitch credentials and that's when users immediately close the game and uninstall it. If you could play the game you'll see it's a very raw, alpha/prototype stage with few weapons and features, somewhat poor looking low poly/consolesque graphics (the game isn't on consoles yet). Most people who get that far also close the game and uninstall it. The focus of the game is pure PvP, there's no single player content. The developer gambled that other players would be an acceptable substitute for adding storytelling, level design etc to the game. The vast majority of PvP-only games fail because they don't "go viral", and without players, or single player content to add a lasting value to the game, the game dies. Developers must learn that other players are not an acceptable substitute for adding content to a game.It failed. SteamDB shows the game hit maximum peak players just after launch, with only a tiny 72 concurrent players, which is a pitiful number, and now the game has practically no players, with only about 5-10 players per day now... and it's only been out 4 days. This is a disastrously poor reception for a game that relies 100% on "going viral" and getting those huge player counts (and, ironically, Twitch views). The developers made the terrible mistake of launching a multiplayer only game in Early Access. This is almost certain to kill the game. Most gamers will evaluate a game only once. If they do so when the game is incomplete, they will check it out, then abandon it. When (IF) the game eventually does get around to release, there will be no players, because the developers burned the first impressions through their faulty Early Access experience. Players who saw the game and didn't like it because it was incomplete [i]do not come back[/i]. Multiplayer games must have a large population if they are to go "viral" and succeed, especially without single player content to fall back on. Releasing a multiplayer only game into early access kills the game population, and thus the game, before the game even launches. So, it may seem unfair for me to call this one as a failure when it's only 4 days out of the gate, and I'll be happy to come back and review this again if it "goes viral"... but with over 8,000 reviews under my belt now, I've played more games and reviewed more games than anyone else on the planet. I've seen it all. I think I'm right on this one, because I know what gamers like and what they don't. While the game is currently "free", who knows what you're giving up in terms of privacy when you share Twitch account details with these guys. My strong recommendation is to do what just about every other gamer on Steam is doing and avoiding this one.
Review from 76561199110850315Game is an absolute delight. It is full of action and a game that you truly have to keep your head on a swivel. Whether you are playing solo or you squad up there is always someone who is looking to knock you off the leader board and claim the top spot. The dev team is top notch and actually listens and improves the game.
Review from 76561198450717760Idea of the game is not bad
Review from 76561198969310993very bad
Review from 76561198115389344solid premise needs hella polishing.
Review from 76561198048285800İlerde gelecek güncellemeler ile çok güzel olabilecek bir oyun yayıncıysanız izleyicilerinizle güzel vakitler geçirebilirsiniz. twitch.tv/akmastertv takip edebilirsiniz .)
Review from 76561198116970545Cons: This is so bare bones, the gun play is incredibly inaccurate on the smg, and the other weapons just feel almost useless, except maybe the sniper in really specific situations. Collecting gears as ammo feels incredibly bad, as you either have to shoot enemies to get more gears, or wander aimlessly about the planet looking for ones lying about, which is painfully slow and just this part was enough to make me not want to play. It takes so long to build your steam collector, which within 5 seconds can be destroyed as a random player emerges from the awful fog and the roundness of the planets, making it so difficult to see other players and shoot them. Not to mention how easy it is to use the massive amounts of rock for cover to delay the already painfully slow gun fights in which most of the time the other player will just run off and leave. Why contest someones steam collector when I can just jump to another planet with no players and farm steam uncontested, making the game a stand and wait simulator for steam. The art style is pretty lackluster as well, with numerous stutters while navigating the environment. Pros: I enjoyed the skill tree options, lots of options and cool ways to make a "build" The different planets idea is super cool in theory, the overall idea is great just no execution. I'm not really sure of the Twitch.tv aspect of the game, however I don't think this would be worth it for the viewership as you would lose viewers from the snooze fest this game is.
Review from 76561198028221981 C R A P