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Void Stranger

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Review from 76561198012300807Void Stranger is one of the best games of all time. It's a work of art that provides meaningful revelations even dozens of hours in. The only thing is that it's not suitable for a mainstream audience. The game demands that you actually have interest in it, and that you have enough free time to devote to it. It doesn't respect your time, but it is fair, and that lack of respect serves a legitimate gameplay and narrative purpose. It's made for specific people, and I'm one of them. The closest game I would compare this to is The Witness. I really wish people find the time to play this. Even months after I beat it, I still think about it. It's now the standard by which I judge other puzzle games. Hands-down GOTY for me.
Review from 76561197982725266System Erasure, I don't know if you will see this but thank you truly for having created this gem. As for the review, an excellent puzzle game with many layers to it. Recommended for everyone, genuinely. At least to give it a try. SE's games have so much heart behind them. I truly believe that they are making art and living up to the potential of video games as a medium. Thank you again System Erasure. Ad meliora.
Review from 76561199445514945"11/10. This game ruined me life."
Review from 76561198029260174a masterpiece puzzler; testament to the genre best played blind with a notebook and pen in hand. a game with much, much more beneath the surface than you would expect.
Review from 76561198996615077man i thought this game was gonna be 2 hours long not complaining though
Review from 76561199141064970I've finally gotten all the achievements! It only took 14 hours and requires the hard challenge of - Opening the game for the first time
Review from 76561198045241565One of the best games I didn't play. It's a masterpiece and if you like Sokoban gameplay one of the greatest video-games of all times. Incredible use of the medium, a killer soundtrack, a really cool narration with some seriously impressive story moments. But if you don't like the sokoban gameplay I'd suggest experience the game through a walkthrough on youtube. 90% of the game is pushing stuff and dying in order to unlock an exit. The puzzles in the later parts of the game are insanely complex and difficult and figuring things on your own are borderline impossible. Can't wait for their next game! I heard you.
Review from 76561198074817128167층에 깰 수 없는 퍼즐을 넣어놨음 이것은 퍼즐게임과 플레이어 간의 암묵의 약속을 깬것임 기믹이라고 생각하고 넣은 것 같은데 넘으면 안되는 선을 넘었다고 생각해서 비추천함
Review from 76561198149656227Don't ask me how I know...
Review from 76561198042807393Pendant: An important Wedding gift. Pendant: An important Wedding gift. Pendant: An important Wedding gift. Pendant: An important Wedding gift. Pendant: An important Wedding gift. Pendant: An important Wedding gift. Pendant: An important Wedding gift. Pendant: An important Wedding gift. Pendant: An important Wedding gift. Pendant: An important Wedding gift. Pendant: An important Wedding gift. Pendant: An important Wedding gift. Pendant: An important Wedding gift. Pendant: An important Wedding gift. Pendant: An important Wedding gift. Pendant: An important Wedding gift. Pendant: An important Wedding gift. Pendant: An important Wedding gift. Pendant: An important Wedding gift. Pendant: An important Wedding gift. Pendant: An important Wedding gift. Pendant: An important Wedding gift. Pendant: An important Wedding gift. Pendant: An important Wedding gift. Pendant: An important Wedding gift.
Review from 76561198104149446I have never experienced the kind of whiplash I got from the story and the way the game sprinkles secrets throughout. Void Stranger is an absolute marvel that I wish I could play fresh all over again. It does bare mentioning, some of the puzzles are rock hard. They aren't unfair, but man without the Reddit I probably would still be banging my dead against the wall during [redacted].
Review from 76561198033104504It just keeps on giving. One of the most compelling games I've played in a long while. Buy this if you're a fan of puzzles, mysteries and complex narratives.
Review from 76561198051500757If you like mystery and puzzle games just buy it
Review from 76561198844359919To put it simply, The witness was my favorite puzzle game. Void Stranger is my favorite puzzle game. The premise of it is that you solve each floor by picking up ground tiles and putting them down, but it does some really REALLY wild stuff, there is so many layers of more than it appears. It has been 30 hours since i launched the game, and i spent 22 of those hours playing the game. I have so many notes. It is amazing. There is still so much to do. I cannot recommend this enough to any puzzle game enjoyers.
Review from 76561198058745611games that truly give me a sense of wonder and discovery are some of my favorites, void stranger is one of the best in that regard.
Review from 76561198004251788Banger
Review from 76561198190444966겉모습은 그냥 소코반류 퍼즐인 것 같지만 굉장히 많은 비밀들을 숨기고 있는 게임. FEZ나 Tunic 처럼 진행하면서 하나씩 비밀들을 깨닫게 되고 그렇게 알게 된 사실들을 기반으로 더 많은 비밀들을 파헤쳐 가야 한다. 하지만, 어드벤처 + 퍼즐 조합인 앞의 두 게임들과는 달리 순수 퍼즐 + 퍼즐 조합이라 갈수록 흥미가 떨어진다는 단점을 느꼈다. 심지어 Outer Wilds처럼 루프물이라 피로도가 더욱 증폭된다. 물론 진행도에 따라 퍼즐을 skip해 줄 수 있는 장치들이 있지만, 여전히 놓친 부분이 있다면 처음으로 돌아가야 한다는 것은 변하지 않고, 몇몇 비밀들은 직관성이 좀 떨어진다는 느낌을 받았다. 그리고 이건 내 개인적인 의견이지만, 힘들게 발견한 비밀에 대한 성취감이나 보상감이 크게 느껴지지 않았다. 결론적으로, 자신이 정말로 딥한 퍼즐 장르를 좋아한다면 추천하지만, FEZ같은 퍼즐 어드벤처를 좋아해서 이걸 살지 고민하고 있다면 쉽게 추천은 못해줄 것 같다.
Review from 76561198354853821No way!
Review from 76561198009536156This is one of those frustrating games which people often describe with phrases like, "more than it first appears". I would recommend that you try the game if you are even remotely curious about it based on the genre, trailer, etc. No questions asked. If you grab it and are actively enjoying the gameplay on a moment-by-moment, room-by-room basis, then I think this game has a lot to offer you - There are interesting twists, some out-of-left-field mechanics, and gradual revelations which re-contextualize what you've seen thus far. The game is more than it first appears. But, also, I would also recommend that if you've been playing for an hour or so and are not feeling great about the puzzles, then call it a day, get your money back and move on, because this game is also more than it first appears in terms of sheer volume. If you are still fairly early and are finding the puzzles irritating, or not really invested and just trying to get to the next story beat - Be warned that there is much, much more of the same where that came from.
Review from 76561198101711515Incredible game, thats all you need to know, play it!
Review from 76561198050937560I HAVE TO PLAY IT ALL AGAIN? WITH LIMITED LIVES?
Review from 76561198000444845Very cool puzzle game with a Gameboy inspired aesthetic. Move, manipulate the floor, discover how enemies behave, and uncover narratives. Amazing music too. Heartily recommended.
Review from 76561198073093925히든의 히든의 히든의 히든의 히든의 히든의 히든의 히든의 히든의 히든의 히든의 히든의 히든의 히든의 히든의
Review from 76561197999485552Amazing game, the complete package. Not only does it have incredibly solid puzzle fundamentals, it also nails it in terms of atmosphere, soundtrack, and an overall sense of mystery and wonder. As someone who absolutely adores diegetic, wider-scoped puzzles, this absolutely nails the perfect balance between moment-to-moment brainteasers from the individual floors to tackle but also the more wider-scale mysteries that span across whole swathes of the game and plot. It's something I've really only seen tackled as well before in games like La Mulana and its sequel. I feel like that elevates it more than other "good" puzzle games of this nature like The Witness, it's just so much more immersive and impressive to have the "meta" puzzle elements so well-woven into the very fabric of the narrative. Speaking of, with everything else going so much in this game's favor it didn't even really need to have a strong emotional core to carry it. But it has that too! Interesting questions, situations, and characters fill the full length of the game and I find myself continually thinking about some of the loose ends and how the pieces fit together. There's tons of detail in each 8-bit scene and leaves you left to glean some major connections from just a handful of pixels in places. I cannot say enough nice things about this game, it's the kind of vision-driven work I absolutely wish we saw more of!
Review from 76561198111354820Piece of Art
Review from 76561198027238808I can't really explain it but just try it out. Maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't. But I think I will never forget my experience deep in the Void and I am looking forward to the next game created by System Erasure. So until then...
Review from 76561197998222501cool game puzzles are too much for me 10/10 would recommend
Review from 76561197999825387If you're looking to challenge yourself with puzzles and mysteries and if you're looking for an experience like Outer Wilds, where you go into it blind and figure out things by yourself, this is the game for you. If the above sounds good, but you're not confident you can handle too much challenge, don't worry. Ask for help or check out the guides. Don't be afraid to fail and start from the beginning. The game has some great mechanics to help you out. Overall a great game. Great puzzles, great story, great graphics, great music, great sound design and ambience.
Review from 76561198362758838Epic game I would play again [spoiler] Cif my beloved [/spoiler]
Review from 76561198044087492Anyone reading this, if you have suggestions for games like this (puzzles, secrets) but not like this (puzzles tedious, secrets tedious and require more of a community effort than individually findable and solvable) I am open to suggestions. Game like this (but not like *this*) are what I crave. --- orginal review --- You know, I thought that complaints of backtracking and repeating puzzles was just some people being a bit less patient, and that I could handle it. No. This game wants you to do the same puzzles a ton of times, some of which you either have to look up the answer to write it down because they are hard even on the second or third or 20th time around. The secrets are good but the game in no way respects your time, and ultimately you are just solving sokoban-like puzzles. If there were like 64 floors I could probably handle it. If there was an easy way to get to any floor arbitrarily, I could probably handle it. If getting the information about a secret was on the way to unlocking the secret, I could probably handle it. Heck, if it explained shit just a little bit more, I might be able to handle it. Instead just go play Tunic, its a better game overall, even though I kinda wish it had more secrets like Void Stranger does.
Review from 76561197989378026Play this as blind as you possibly can this games peak but it'll test you in multiple ways. Honestly im not even sure what to write without spoiling much so i guess i'll just do a list of things i liked about it -While i'd recommend playing zero ranger first its not truly necessary to play this one -Quite a lot of levels lets you have multiple solutions to a puzzle -Music is once again extremely good and helping you endure some of the more challenging puzzles -I really liked the story -I love the secrets -There is no shame in looking up a solution to something that has you really stumped - [spoiler] I heard you loud and clear [/spoiler]
Review from 76561198058792875Void Stranger. The game that desperately wants to be a cult classic. The game that could have been one of the best games ever made had it been released 30 years ago, but falls short due to certain archaic game design choices. I want to love this game. I really, really do. But I have a love/hate relationship with it that favors the hate side. I will use metaphors to explain why. Void Stranger is an innocent but sprawling mystery box. It's a desert with a large outer layer of sand, where if you scratch at the surface, you find an inner layer of convoluted hallways and catacombs. And then you'll dig past the catacombs to find complex machinery, which itself leads to another fascinating area, and this goes on and on. But every now and then, you'll catch a glimpse of what's at the core of this mystery box. An inkling of what you might find, have you the patience and fortitude to keep going. I want to say that it's Lovecraftian in some way, through the idea that in a split second flash, you're introduced to much more than you can comprehend, before being ripped out of it and put back into wherever you were initially. You can only wonder at the colossal depth behind that vision. And in that sense, Void Stranger delivers. ...Almost. I'm packing away the metaphors for a bit, because the major issue the game has is what kills all that imagination for me. The game's idea of delivering that mystery to you is by teaching you to be afraid of experimentation. This isn't necessarily a bad thing in and of itself; games can be very interesting when you're given limited and punishing choices. But those punishments need to be reasonable and fit the context of not just the game, but also the player's experience. Void Stranger is a sokoban puzzle game, where you inch your way forward floor by floor. There's a LOT of floors. So imagine thinking "hey, what if I try doing this random thing" and it turns out that thing is a built-in reset for ALL your progress until that point, with no way to recover any of it. Why wasn't I told about this? Why do I have to do a whole 60 floors AGAIN just because I was curious? There's also a separate secret that consumes all your current lives to skip forward several floors. (I'll get to the lives part in a bit.) Another thing, too: if you get a cutscene and exit the cutscene, then you can't see that cutscene again unless you reset all your progress. That's precious information lost because you wanted to see what happens. Void Stranger romanticises older mystery games and ideas, without taking note of how modern video game design has evolved. I won't lie, these ideas are really cool at times. But they come at the expense of the player's experience. They kill immersion, and teach you a very harsh lesson of "Don't make mistakes." But how is the player supposed to know what even IS a mistake to begin with? The game doesn't teach you anything about those mistakes until it's too late, which creates a fear of experimenting that leads to death of immersion and, very possibly, a permanent uninstall. At the time of writing, I have 18 hours in this game. I used a guide to beat most of it. If for ANY REASON I feel like I absolutely NEED a guide to beat the majority of a game, then there is a massive problem with how the game is designed. But why did I need a guide to begin with? Simple. The lives system. You collect these cicada creatures from chests that serve as your Super Mario 1-UPs. If you run out of 1-UPs, you get a cutscene that offers you a choice: keep going from where you died, or reset all your progress. If you choose to keep going, you get infinite lives. Cool, right? Except by the time you're finally approaching the 200th floor or so, the game plays what is designed to be a very emotional, very moving sequence that has you wondering what's going on, but in a very good way. But hey, remember that choice you made when you died? It cursed you, locking you out of finishing the game. You're told that in order to get further than the 200th floor, you need to play the whole game again, without losing all your lives. And this is where you learn that one secret that lets you reset the game. WHY. WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA????? And that's why I ended up using a guide for most of the game. It gets obscenely difficult in the later floors, and I can't afford to lose even a single life. But when you reach that final floor and get your conclusion, guess what: now you have to play the whole game AGAIN to continue the story. And when THAT run is done, you have to do yet ANOTHER run of the whole game to continue the story. It's like ghosts and goblins, because when you beat the game, you need to beat the game again. But that game is 40 something years old. Do you see what I mean with archaic game design? I want to emphasize that Void Stranger's lore and vibes are absolutely brilliant, like genuinely top notch in that specific circle of ideas. The secrets are SO cool, and sometimes even absolutely mind-shattering in the ways you find them. But all of them are held back by gameplay ideas that would fit better in a 1990s home console instead of on your computer on Steam. And that's why I can't recommend this game. I've heard a lot of people say that it deserves massive mainstream recognition, but I'm sorry to say that it got exactly the kind of recognition it deserved; a niche hidden gem that's absolutely brilliant but also frustratingly difficult and repetitive in all the worst possible ways.
Review from 76561198320481174ive never been so excited to see rocks in a video game Don’t ask how I know…
Review from 76561198115924592Um jogo de puzzle incrivel e desafiador, com uma historia interessante e mecanicas meta que vao alem do sokoban, recomendo a todos que gostam de puzzle, pode ser um pouco cansativo chegar no final verdadeiro mas pra mim valeu a pena as quase 40h de jogo
Review from 76561198996131122If Dark Souls = Berserk Video game where you play as Guts and Fear and Hunger = Berserk Video game where you play as a normal person Then Void Stranger = Berserk Video game where you play as Casca Sokoban puzzle game (move tiles to get to places while avoiding hazards and your turn radius) so probably not for everyone, but I don't like puzzle games and I'm still loving it Great game play but see above 11/10 Soundtrack Great story
Review from 76561198856245087VERY EASY (NOT FUN)
Review from 76561198321475099I like the video game
Review from 76561198107173125outer wilds but sokoban
Review from 76561198216437391massive gaming
Review from 76561198052983135I have not played this game in its entirety, but 24 or so hours in, it is easily worth every penny I've put into it. The less you know about the game, the better, and this review will remain spoiler free. Each level is elegantly designed, with mechanics being introduced sequentially and revisited time and time again once the player is given adequate time to get used to dealing with these mechanics. There is a surprising amount of freedom allowed with player choices, and the story is sufficiently engaging. For a 12 dollar game it is 100% worth it and is quickly becoming one of my favorite single player indie games of all time.
Review from 76561198013448840I play a lot of puzzle games, and this is one of the best puzzle games, and definitely one of the most unique, that I have played in years. I went into it blind and can't believe how much I've gotten out so far, and I've still got so many clues left to unravel. The story keeps me curious but the mechanics of it all really draw me in completely. It leaves so much up to the player to test and figure out.
Review from 76561198050156640Excellent game with all the hallmarks of System Erasure's direction. If you're expecting something like ZeroRanger, this isn't it (aside from fanservice), but it's the hardcore puzzler for people that don't usually play hardcore puzzlers. Some frustrating situations can arise and it IS possible to lose hours of preparation to a misclick... but that's part of the FUN!
Review from 76561198015335505The tutorial is 10-20 hours long. The game is not the game is not the game is not the game is not the game is not the game
Review from 76561198063901677This game is awesome. Go in blind and stay in blind as long as you can is all I can say.
Review from 76561198048460111fun puzzle
Review from 76561199666853131Inscryption mezclado con un sokoban en su máximo esplendor, el descubrimiento es una mecánica imprescindible del gameplay y se nota la pasión y amor que le pusieron los devs al juego, es absurdo que pasara desapercibido, si eres de puzzles y disfrutas las experiencias únicas creéme que este juego se convertirá en uno de tus favoritos 10/10
Review from 76561197994364188this is a single-player puzzle game that I managed to put 80 hours in. Very, very little of that time was spent idling. for those who both crave the excitement of discovery and don't mind struggling, I cannot recommend this game enough. I also strongly recommend playing with someone you can bounce ideas off of. don't feel ashamed to look up the occasional solution, either, though I do recommend avoiding spoilers otherwise.
Review from 76561197986401685good
Review from 76561198284722672I will attempt to not spoil anything very important at the first part of the review but I will give a "spoiler-ish" heads up for the people considering playing this wonderful game, so consider yourself warned. Void Stranger is a very long puzzle game with a million secrets. This game will reward you for going the extra mile at figuring out how the game works, figuring out what it's trying to tell you, and so on. The story is a bit of a mess to understand but you will eventually understand how it all goes and what kind of direction it's taking. (Keep in mind, it is apparently best to play the developer's other game "ZeroRanger" to understand even more what's going on, but it is not necessary in my opinion.) The characters are very likeable, the pixel graphics are super charming and this game can run on an actual toaster. If you aren't used to puzzle games much, like me, you are going to feel VERY frustrated towards it at times, but the game will eventually get better as you learn the ropes of the game and you will feel like a speedrunning monster at a certain point. Not to mention that, without really spoiling much, stuff can happen to make your life easier to solve those puzzles. The soundtrack is an absolute beast and captures very nicely the atmosphere of the game, although it can get very repetitive imo, it is still a good soundtrack. Now I will get to the part where I want to give a heads up for those who believe they need it, but be warned again, that this will be kind of spoiler-ish, although, only mechanically speaking and not lore wise or anything like that. GAME MECHANICS SPOILERS BELOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the part where I have to warn you that this game will require you to replay it again and again until you notice some stuff and figure out possibilities within this game. I will not go too much into details here as I think it's best if you figure it out yourself, but some parts of the game felt really, REALLY unfair, although it didnt happen as much, it was still strikingly effective at tilting when you just went through a lot of floors solving stuff and suddenly you get the biggest "Fuck you" in the face. Again, this can be prevented by remembering what the game has taught you and if you pay close attention to what it says and what it taught you, it will be a breeze. I STRONGLY advise you keep notes/screenshots of stuff you encounter, as it will come in very handy if you take the time for it. END OF MECHANICS SPOILERS Overall, I both strongly recommend this game but also do not really recommend it for your average person that just enjoys puzzles, as this game goes very, very, very, very deep and has very sneaky secrets and it can seem impossible, although it absolutely isn't impossible. But if you feel like it is something up your alley, if you feel like this is gonna be a ride you're going to enjoy by solving puzzles and secrets and lore, then you got about 100 hours almost of content from a 12 bucks gem of a game. This game was made with pure love and attention, and despite it's flaws, I treasure this game like one of my all time favorites.
Review from 76561198149015919Я толкал, меня роняли
Review from 76561198294560752Peak as Peak could be
Review from 76561197979073791Pretty straightforwardly one of the best games ever made I think
Review from 76561198412364589This one's going in the display case for sure.
Review from 76561198211616221[spoiler]"This void just keeps getting stranger..."[/spoiler] cried my eyes out at that part... 10/10 game
Review from 76561198076150321Cóż za gra. Pięknie narysowana, z cudowną muzyką i naprawdę przyjemnymi zagadkami. A tych zagadek jest tutaj niedorzecznie dużo. Królicze nory tej gry mają swoje własne królicze nory. Kiedy myślisz, że już niewiele ci zostało, gra odkrywa kolejne karty i dorzuca kolejne sekrety do odkrycia. A potem znowu. A potem jeszcze raz! Czy gra ma wady? Jasne że tak. Czasami bywa odrobinę monotonna, parę zagadek to trochę bullshit, ale szczerze? Ta gra to jest coś absolutnie unikalnego. Właśnie dla takich gier warto grać w gry. Nie wiem co się tam dzieje w tej Finlandii że Finowie raz za razem wypuszczają arcydzieła, ale z wielką przyjemnością będę czekał na kolejne.
Review from 76561198022992626more then meets the eye.
Review from 76561198090845212With all my non-respected time spent on this game I'm greeted with cringe anime ending. What a miserable experience.
Review from 76561198025586108I found this after playing System Erasure's other game Zero Ranger, and instantly went into a fugue state and came to 40 hours later with a notebook full a crazy scrawling and the knowledge the you, yes YOU, should play this game. Don't ask me how I know. I was playing it through my family library but I had to go buy it myself just to leave this review.
Review from 76561198046466279This is not only GOTY 2023 for me, it's one of few games that manages the same kind of deep, lasting impression created by games like Earthbound, Nier, DDLC, and other masterpieces that contain layers of meaning and whose design interrogates the player as well as vice versa. If you can bring yourself to engage with it the whole way through, it will not let you down and you will come away richer from the experience.
Review from 76561198182112574This is my current favorite game
Review from 76561197985114359Thank you.
Review from 76561198046089878This might be one of the most compellingly clever games I've ever played. Increasingly challenging puzzles layered with narrative breadcrumbs that slowly but surely work together to hook you and take you on a journey. It will be difficult at times (often, really); make your mistakes and keep moving forward (this is important). There is so, so much to love about this game which is best discovered for oneself.
Review from 76561197990616753[h1]壁に描かれた印を刻印する場所は、そのエリア終盤に出現する6x6の部屋です。ゲーム開始時ではありません[/h1] 何も情報を入れない方がよいゲームですが、ひとつの気付きを見逃すと永久に本質へ近づけないゲームでもあります。 私は25時間程度を完全に「無駄」にしました。さんざんレビューで勿体ぶってた先輩方ちょっとヒドくないっすか? このゲームわかる奴は俺だけでいいしわからない奴はわからないままでいいよ、という思想は浅いっすよ。
Review from 76561198802319166most fun i've had with a game in years
Review from 76561198272719204a search of truth
Review from 76561198025489370This game is something special.
Review from 76561198357298184俺的GOTY2024受賞です おめでとうございます
Review from 76561198134073676snake got a nice chest
Review from 76561198000606504This is some prime storytelling right there. Insanely good music that I'm still listening to after two months. This game also got me back into drawing pixel art.
Review from 76561198107644161近期玩過最棒的解謎遊戲,內容非常豐富
Review from 76561198035074951Good puzzles and intriguing framing
Review from 76561198205904284Any joke, reference, hyperbole or comparison i would want to make, i could not dare to do on a public form for the chance of spoiling anything this game has to offer would be a detriment to one's experience. There are very few games within the past Decade that left me constantly shocked, surprised, and in awe, (And one of those games is from THE SAME DEVS AS THIS!!). A puzzle game with inspirations from sources such as 1982's Sokoban, moving blocks/ rocks/ etc, turns into a ride that within minutes will make you feel like your mind has Shrunk, Expanded, and Exploded to a Galactic Span. Even when writing this I know More and Less than you possibly believe I do as you read this. Play This!
Review from 76561198153996674[h2]F12でスクリーンショットです[/h2] 5、6周ぐらいしてエンドロールを複数回見れたところまで到達してからのレビューです。 倉庫番のようなマス目単位の動作で解き進むパズルゲームながら、多数の面にメタ的な謎が隠されており、それを解き明かすことが実際のゲーム攻略になります。普通に各面のパズルを解くだけでもそれなりの難度であるため、かなりのパズルゲーム好きや忍耐力のある方向け。ゲーム内でヒントを記録したりはしてくれないので、メモを書いたりスクショをたくさんとりましょう。私は動画も撮りました。難しかった面は解法を記録するとか。Steamのコミュニティガイドにもヒント集と解答そのものの動画があるのでお好みで。 [h3]良い点[/h3] [list] [*]単純明快、分かりやすいルール [*]お姫様とその従者を軸に展開する興味をひくストーリー [*]素晴らしいサウンドトラック [*]深淵な謎解きが理解できたときの喜び [/list] [h3]悪い点[/h3] [list] [*]通常の面ではゲーム内でヒントは何も出ない [*]過去にクリアした面でもサポートや優遇措置は基本的に無い [*]日本語非対応(※2024年4月現在、有志日本語化パッチが存在) [/list] かなり面白い作品ですが、ハードルが高いのも事実。ボリュームもかなりあるので、一気にプレイしようとせず、少しずつ解き進めてみても良いかもしれません。
Review from 76561197976042012This is a sokoban puzzle game. That is to say, a puzzle game about counting your steps and interactions carefully. Other reviews or word of mouth may tempt you with whispers of more under the surface. There certainly is, but this a sokoban puzzle game. There are grand comparisons to other off the wall games, like Outer Wilds. But this is a sokoban puzzle game. There is a story peeking in at the edges, leaving you with questions you want to answer. Yet, it is still a sokoban puzzle game. I don't like sokoban puzzles. I therefore don't like this game, no matter what else is going on. I became bored long before even seeing all the puzzles, only to learn [spoiler]even if I finished I would have to do them all again. Repeatedly. [/spoiler] Void Stranger is certainly not the game for me, and any other perspective players should be warned.
Review from 76561197998585945This is a masterpiece of a puzzle game. Excellent music and story don't hurt either.
Review from 76561199010618044どこまでも深い深淵の、底知れない闇に沈んでいく……。 全体的に難易度が高いので、パズルが苦手な人は大変だと思う。 しかし、手探りで進めていくようなゲームが好きな人は、たぶん深淵に沈む。ハマる。 紙にメモしたりして、しばらくこのゲームのことしか考えられないくらいに熱中した。 何週したかわからない…マジ大好きです。本当にありがとうございました!
Review from 76561198832838786really good puzzle game go in without spoilers
Review from 76561198074798865Man, this game dude. Phenomenal presentation, catchy soundtrack, hard puzzles that drive me insane. Really a frustrating experience at many points even. But despite that, there is a force that keeps you pushing on to see every aspect of this game. I can understand that some of the game's design choices are a bit too harsh for some players, but it is worth it to keep on going until you reached the depths of this void. Void Stranger may not be for everyone, but if it's for you, oh boy, you're gonna pick up a gem here.
Review from 76561198256858410the very definition of "BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE"
Review from 76561198003724640very very neat game. felt like the writing was a bit hit or miss, but it really charmed me by the end. learning the systems and getting the hang of things took a while and was a bit frustrating at first, but after a handful of hours i started really enjoying the tougher floors. there's a lot to like here if you enjoy puzzles, but if you aren't willing to commit to the puzzle life, i'd say pass.
Review from 76561198011575779I'm not smart enough to easily find everything this game's hiding from me, but it's still one of the coolest, most engaging games I've ever played. Even when I need to take week/month long breaks, this game still sits at the forefront of my mind. Definitely recommend to anyone who loves: puzzles, engaging storylines, Undertale-style meta-gameplay, cool worldbuilding.
Review from 76561198064409557I love block puzzle games. This entirely normal block puzzle game is thus right up my alley
Review from 76561198001606968it's so good! it's soooo gooooood!!!!
Review from 76561199195084903WHAT IS HAPPENING
Review from 76561198098413425This game makes me conflicted. I think the sokoban puzzles, aesthetic, and music are great. But, after I played through the normal game once I learned that there were many hidden secrets and meta puzzles that had to be discovered and solved by going back through floors. This combined with the game's unforgiving nature of small mistakes costing up to 30 minutes and not being able to go to previous floors without shortcuts or starting again from the title screen (which resets some in-game actions and is not readily available under some circumstances) slowly made me dread having to redo previous floors. On the third playthrough I was just trying to get to the finale, but realized I was doing the wrong puzzle, then found I made some mistakes and had to restart from the hard mode again if I wanted to keep trying. At that point I felt like I was wasting my time, which stinks because I mostly enjoyed the first part of the game. Cool sokoban game, but unless you're into searching for hints scattered across the game hidden behind puzzles and spending a lot of time putting them together to reveal either another hint or puzzle, I advise caution and to read other reviews.
Review from 76561198284389034プレイ中は仕事でもしているのか、という錯覚に襲われるほどに辛く苦しい道のりですが、捧げた熱意と時間には過不足なく答えてくれます。 ただ導線が無いに等しいので、詰まったらヒントを見てもいいかもね 私は困ったらここを見てました↓ https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3045528518 さぁ!君も深い深い深淵にすべてを捧げて潜ろう!!
Review from 76561198054092096On the surface, this game seems like a generic Sokoban puzzle game, but it's much more than that. I would like to express how much I adore this game, but it's better if you experience it yourself without spoiling it by reading all these reviews. The only thing I will say is that it's a very challenging puzzle game (lots of note-taking, screenshots, backtracking, trial and error, and sometimes work outside of the game will be necessary), so if that is something you dislike, I would recommend against trying this game. I hope if you do try this game, you will love it as much as I do.
Review from 76561198042289691This game felt hand crafted for me, it is one of the most fun gaming experiences i've ever had. It might not be for everyone, some people might find it tedious and upsetting, but for the people it clicks with this will be incredible.
Review from 76561198073371577a game with so many layers, very good character moments hard to recommend if you dislike difficult puzzles, but i'd recommend just taking your time first two endings made me tearful its a good idea to make notes for the bigger puzzles and secrets or even lore if you feel like it
Review from 76561197996906136The game demands far more out of you than it's willing to give.
Review from 76561198029562060everyone weep with me.
Review from 76561198959544916Şu ana dek oynadığım en iyi oyun baya bir uğraş ve zaman istiyor ama verildiğinde harika bir hikaye sunuyor bulmaca oyunu sevmeyenlere önermem ama güzel oyun burada yazana bakmayın crackli 36 saat sürdü oyunun gerçek sonuna ulaşmam
Review from 76561198018496962Absolutely Amazing!
Review from 76561198061904055Holy shit.
Review from 76561198057013924An incredible and gorgeous game with layers upon layers of depth. I know saying "don't look anything up" is a hard sell for a game, but hear me out. If you like sokoban, games that will surprise you over and over again, and beautiful pixel art, then you'll love void stranger. plus, you'll be able to be smug about it when a huge youtuber makes a video essay and the popularity explodes. I simply cannot recommend void stranger enough. The game has consumed my every waking thought to an extent only a few games have achieved. Pick it up, you won't regret it.
Review from 76561197965632375This game is unique. If you are tired of the same old formula for games, here you will find a difficult and unusually punishing sokoban-style puzzle game. Have patience, and you will find its layers. Also, there are surprising novel moments of ludo-narrative harmony without relying on cheap, breaking the fourth-wall meta stuff.
Review from 76561198087712920Why are you spoiling yourself reading reviews? This game is a gem you just have to sink your teeth into! The secrets just never end!
Review from 76561198068140228 Void Stranger is not a game for everyone. Every so often a game comes along that plays by different rules and folks flock to make the obvious comparisons, "It's like Undertale" or "It's the Dark Souls of XXXX". Void Stranger is one of those games, something subversive and challenging in a way that I've not seen in a while, it takes one of the fundamental rules of Sokoban/block puzzles and throws it away. There is no undo button. Every movement, every tile lifted, then replaced and every mistake is permanent. That is until you die, the room resets and your life counter begins to decay. Or perhaps, this is the one. The one where you fall and must decide... Take what is offered and continue? or, brave the trials from the beginning armed with new knowledge to push deeper without giving up anything more. The game wants you to succeed. Starting again from B001 feels disheartening, progress lost to a few too many mistakes. But while your game progress is gone, the player's progress is not. The puzzles have been conquered once before, and it can be done again. And there are secrets, shortcuts, aplenty to those who wish to devour what the Void's depths have to offer. It's okay to take breaks. Take a breath, and come back to it. Personally; Void Stranger is one of those annoying games to talk about. The journey of discovery within the game is something I don't wish to spoil others on, but I can offer some advice. Take screenshots, make notes and ask for help if you need it. Your descent into the Void is your own journey, but we're all still connected, we're all in this together. I can hear you... Can you hear me? Void Stranger is not a game for everyone and I adored every moment I shared with it.
Review from 76561198203118719倉庫番パズルの名作。 推察ギミックの名作。 宇宙的ホラー設定の名作。 辛苦を乗り越える親愛物語の名作。 この一本でこれだけの名作感を味わえる。 白黒だがショボいとは決して思えない演出の数々。 即答で神ゲーだよ、神ゲー。
Review from 76561197968203400VERY good game