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Rise Of A Hero

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Review from 76561199574427179Gerçekten çok güzel bir oyun çok beğendim ve keyifle oynadım.
Review from 76561198311424102this game sucks, it's great
Review from 76561199075222050垃圾游戏,喜加一,慈善包
Review from 76561198377462459i got this game from a cd key site for really cheap. this game is not that great and it lags so much. the price on steam is extremely high, should max cost 50 cents probably even less.
Review from 76561197971494435This game made me Transcend, I've met Jesus and punched him in the balls. This game gave me wings like redbull does, but permenant. My heart has fallen out, but I am fine for I have Rise of a Hero. My blood has long since left me but that's fine because Rise of a Hero is now in my veins. This game gave me god and let me spit on him without consequence. I feel like my life is complete, I need not love nor money for I have Rise of a Hero.
Review from 76561198011595287Geliştiricisi için kısıtlı imkânlarla başlangıç seviyesi olarak görülüp, daha sonraki çalışmalarda üzerine koyularak daha iyi oyunların önünü açabilecek bir yapım. Oynadığım esnada bana Delta Force oyunlarını anımsattı. Aim'inizi geliştirmek için göz atabilirsiniz örneğin. Oyun yapısı da basit; düşmanları öldürüyor, kurtarılması gereken varsa kurtarıyor ve kapı anahtarını bularak bir sonraki göreve geçiş yapıyorsunuz. Haliyle görsel tarafta bir beklentiniz olmamalı.
Review from 76561199189104267垃圾玩意,那个高光石头是嘛玩意,莹石?
Review from 76561199054982728güzel bir türk oyunu elinize sağlık .
Review from 76561198883345077pretty bad game imo don't buy it, sometimes it just crash randomly when i shot
Review from 76561198406722554Utterly fucking life changing, this game has opened my eyes to the wonders of 'j for jetpack' this game features deep world building setting of Syria which is both culturally rich in its setting and themes. The unnamed main character allows a self insert and it really changed my life. I now really want to go to Syria and stop the terrorists and clear the areas from terrorists (?) and rescue the hostages. The gameplay is phenomenal and i almost clawed my eyes out at the opening scene, the main menu music goes hard af. I've already recommended this game to everyone i know and i take every opportunity in my now meaningful life to recommend it. This game is arguably better and more impactful than any religious text ever written. It is simply the superior form of media. God bless anyone who plays this game and may it change you too. #teamdaym
Review from 76561199099678519Best game every made. Absolute must buy right here. Best graphics 2030 you know
Review from 76561199083380892o jogo não é dos melhores, mas como eu ganhei vou falar que é muito bom
Review from 76561198011364752Slow-paced shooter made with FPS Creator that has you rescuing hostages in what's supposed to be Syria but looks more like a low-rent tropical island. Enemies are usually single and almost never more than in pairs, combined with some poor player detection and pathfinding means killing them is trivial. Throughout the game's four levels, I was never killed and almost never in danger of being killed. There's the usual collection of weapons -- pistol, Uzi, SMG, LMG, shotgun, sniper rifle, battle rifle and RPG -- but none really stand out and the plodding nature of combat means that you'll probably just use a couple and ignore the rest. Graphics are an asset-pack grab bag and the sounds are restricted to gunshots, grunts and a swiping item pick-up sound. One bright spot if the jetpack later in the game that lets you access the high ground and snipe enemies although I had good luck before that killing enemies with a pistol while they basically ignored me. All in all, a game that works and is relative bug-free but also pretty boring and hard to recommend spending any time with.
Review from 76561198105596181Let's be honest I expected nothing special and got product slighly better than that. Game works just fine, no major bugs found apart from invisible wall in last level. Just 2 things to point out: - Game is currently not worth it's full price about 1/3 of that souns reasonable. - Last level platfrom can be easily cheesed with jetpack, didn't even noticed hostages when landed on top, later returned to find out there were golden statue.
Review from 76561198019816374I get it. You made a game and are proud of it. You should be! Making things is hard. Charging $24 for it, when it looks like this and is just stock standard Game Guru trash, is bad. The combat works. The guns fire. Enemies barely notice you. The HEARTBEAT damage monitor is the absolute WORST. Avoid this. https://youtu.be/lKoPiKd2TJQ
Review from 76561198058033516Çok güzel bir oyun herkesin oynamasını tavsiye ederim, düşmanları öldürüp bölümü geçiyorsunuz bazı kilitli kapılar var anahtarı bulup açıyorsunuz ve devam ediyorsunuz oyunun son bölümünde jetpack var yüksek yerlere çıkıp düşmanları kekin nişancı tüfeğiyle avlayabilirsiniz gayet başarılı olmuş yapan arkadaşın ellerine sağlık.
Review from 76561198000189266The graphics is super! The best shooting game so far!