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Review from 76561199074668208Presumably dead project, like the previous one. Gave this the benefit of the doubt, I'm disappointed again. I will change this review if the dev somehow manages to change my mind. It's not terrible, but there's just very little to see here. A lot of systems are in place, just lacking in content.
Review from 76561199226224998quite good potential, very reasonable price, just one problem in vr, I can't see the girl! just a bikini with a terrifying mouth and eyes, as the texture was in x-1 and y-1 (reversed)
Review from 76561198157032550kinda meh cause the customization doesn't let you go nuts but it's alright
Review from 76561198795745563根気よく調整すれば、不気味の谷を乗り越えれます
Review from 76561199217326299本以为只是个坑钱游戏,直到无意发现绳索绑定,搭配绑定关节移动,再调节重力,和绳索力度,调节后使用时适当增减绳索绑定节点,能达到出乎意料的结果,生殖器绑定后会标准玩偶器口,操作时发现手柄和玩家身体有奇妙互动,新版本自带反和谐,如果有中文就更好了,请保持更新
Review from 76561198019968469Its got potential, especially with VR but the customisation is very little surprisingly. Every character you make will almost definitely end up looking Asian and then when it comes to the actual gameplay, you cant save certain positions. I'd wait for a sale or more content.
Review from 76561198120913359ラブドールを振り回す性癖がある人には刺さるのかも知れません。 一般受けはしないでしょうね。
Review from 76561199310494524The content is too little. The game of more than ten dollars is really unreasonable. I hope it will be updated soon.
Review from 76561199283254493Honestly. It is a very god tier game
Review from 76561199224995910ややリアルよりでお世辞にもかわいいとは言えませんが、それでもカスタマイズが出来るのでそれによって可愛く作ればいいと思い購入しましたが、女の子がまばたきするたびに顔面が爆発します。その直前に眼球がむき出しになるので最高に怖いです。ゲームの雰囲気も薄暗いのでそれも相まって最悪です。しかしそれを我慢してベッドに寝かせ、胸をもんでみたところ首がありえない角度に曲がり、またまばたきによって爆発し、最終的に髪と衣服を残して消滅しました。はっきり言ってクソです、興奮もしなければ恐怖で委縮してしまう。何度もアップデートをしているそうですが何をアップデートしていたのでしょうか、開発者は大人しくホラゲーでも作っていればよかったんです。このザマでは私のような『紳士』から金を巻き上げる為に制作した以外に考察の余地はありません。紹介映像のその状態を何故製品版に出せなかったのでしょうか、最後の最後でどこをいじったらこんなバイオレンス作品がうまれるのでしょうか。ホラゲー作るかもうゲーム作るのをやめてCapcomに入社してバイオハザードの作品に携わるかしてください。
Review from 76561199054298302This is just god awful. Where to even start??? For some reason, there's no gravity in the game and she floats away if you don't literally pin her down. Her moans or whatever you wanna call them are cringe inducing and the ridiculously limited customisation options? Yikes. There's a kinda uncomfortable almost assault-y feeling t to this. She looks like she's your prisoner more and her eyes are creepy AF. The update doesn't add anything to the game to make it worth buying. One room. One model. Zero fun.
Review from 76561198346270625cant even get into the game and the game says you dont need a vr so idn what i ma doing rong it dosent even play it gut crashis
Review from 76561198346417832there is so much potential in this game. the character is lovely. I can't wait to have more content added. please add more interactions with the girl, more body parts besides hands for players. if possible more girls for DLC.
Review from 76561198302470940(ホラーゲームとして)おススメします! 真っ暗い部屋の中で手足や首が伸びる少女といちゃらぶえっちすることができます ただしHMDを取ると...あなたの目の前には...
Review from 76561198017491944For now it's just a cash grab. Almost no content and very little customization features. I'll go refund and wait until game has something to offer.
Review from 76561199417958846So far this simulator appears to have a lot of potential and i'm curious to see where it can go. I share the same requests as other reviews (would like to see more customization options, hair styles/colors, presets, poses, etc) and it appears the dev already has a number of these in mind already. My only real grievance is that i wish the model was capable of standing or sitting on her own without needing to use pins. Its just a little immersion-breaking when she flops like a jellyfish after character creation. Aside from this, i think this can be one of the best sims on Steam - excited to see this grow and evolve over time!
Review from 76561198054397194Of all the sex simulators for VR (that I know about) this one seems to be the one with the most potential. It does need to have a few features added to make it really great. Here are some things I feel should be added: 1. A D-mode, the same way that Cherry VX does it. 2. More selection of girls. Right now can only pick one girl; a Japanese girl. A couple more styles of Japanese girls should be added, and also a few styles of girls of various other ethnic groups should be added, so there is lots of types/looks of girls to enjoy. 3. Lots of hairstyles for the character editor. 4. Color picker for skin, nipples, hair color, nails, makeup color, etc. Check how Cherry VX does that, for some ideas of a good way to handle that. 5. A much more attractive and interesting room/setting, maybe even a verity of settings/places to go to. 6. A selection of various different styles of female moaning sounds. 7. A feature where the girl can have AI conversations. She can respond in text, since likely adding full voice acting might be too much to expect (but it would be amazing if it was done). But it should be that the player can speak in voice and the game getting speech recognition. 8. Cuddle and foreplay poses, along with also casual sitting poses for just hanging out with the girl. 9. Games and activities to do with the girl, besides fucking her. This would add some romance and companionship into the game, which would be nice.
Review from 76561199125238134baya iyi. parasının hakkını veriyor. (bazı buglar var fakat zamanla çözüleceğini düşünüyorum.)
Review from 76561199177783969有马赛克 穿模
Review from 76561197966382880amazing
Review from 76561198004650353Honestly, what did I just pay for? The sliders offer no dramatic variation to the female model; Basically, you can play with either a small-chested Asian or an anime-endowed pale Asian. Want any hair color besides black? Forget about it. Want to change their hair style to something more alluring than an 80s bob cut? No luck. Want any sort of toys, or at least be anatomically correct yourself? Nope, just a hand [Maybe "later", but not at EA release]. How about all of those poses and pins they advertised? Non-existent, she just flops around with no skeleton inside. I'll wait a week or so before refunding to see if they can do something else, because IMO $18 USD can go A LOT further than this sad mess. Hell, Love Room VR offers the same thing, done the right way, for half this price.
Review from 76561198008107842나쁘진 않은데 아직은 아쉬움 일루전급 슬라이드 구성은 됐지만 그 외의 모든 부분이 아쉽습니다. 그냥 쉽게말해 다양성의 부족입니다. 눈동자 색, 의상, 머리카락,자세등도 진짜 최소한의 기본만 갖추고 있는 느낌입니다. 물리엔진이나 이동도 뭔가 아쉽구요. 구매는 추천하진 않습니다. VR로 할수 있다는게 게임으로서의 유일한 장점인듯 합니다.
Review from 76561197993552937還不錯,希望能建一些姿勢模組,這樣懶的人可以直接點選 另外希望能增加陰毛模組,能增加陰毛很棒 :D
Review from 76561197970259008Just No. But Whole 3/10
Review from 76561199294940712面筋人,没汉化,玩法少,目前只有手交,个人感觉很别扭,不值这个价,细节,玩法不如隔壁vrhot。比如:抓贴的不够位,抠也不对位,等细节能做好,我再回购给好评。