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Beat Saber - Lizzo - "Truth Hurts"

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Review from 76561198131831195Bought this and it is not registering in game that I bought the song… wife extremely sad …
Review from 76561199384435710Does not work, shows up as not bought in my Steam library, am very disappointed.
Review from 76561198219123241Doesn't work at all. Like other previous players mentioned.
Review from 76561198021087811I have followed all the support tips and tricks to get this song to register and be playable but as of right now this song will now show that i have it even though i have it downloaded and all other songs i have purchased are working fine. this will now load at all looking to get a refund for this song so i can get one that works.
Review from 76561198021170622Truth Hurts shows "buy now" in the game despite it showing up as purchased in my DLC
Review from 76561198885315521why men great
Review from 76561198325522709I bought this song through Beat Saber and ended up paying for Tempo as well. I asked for a refund for Tempo, but now Truth Hurts shows "buy now" in the game despite it showing up as purchased in my DLC. Very frustrating. I love this song and am not sure when I'll get access to it again. The Truth Hurts link in Beat Saber now redirects to Tempo.