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Review from 76561198186874363Slender the eight pages but in a broken city with a roaming kaiju, the game is worth if for £4.
Review from 76561198318947652Die Idee ist echt fresh und cool. Aber leider ist die Umsetzung echt extrem lahm. Man rennt halt durch eine leere Stadt und sucht dort lauter Kleinigkeiten. Wenn Das Monster aus dem Nebel auftaucht ist das schon cool, aber ansonsten passiert halt nichts. Das muss halt auch nur 2 Schritte machen und hat einen. Ich habe bei meinem Test jetzt auch nicht kapiert, wie man dem entkommen soll. Das Spiel hat mich einfach auch nicht genug begeistert, um mich damit intensiv auseinander zu setzen. Ich habe das Game hier im Stream gespielt, wenn Ihr Euch einen Eindruck machen wollt; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FeO3gexJ2NA
Review from 76561199638320848My favorite game atm. There's nothing more fun for my autistic brain that coming home from work, bake, and playing this game for a few rounds. I want to start a daily stream of just this game because I really do play it daily.
Review from 76561198864349389Verry Scary i love it :)
Review from 76561199075503239Перед сном самое оно.
Review from 76561198096288515สนุกมากเลยอัพเดตเกมต่อด้วยนะ
Review from 76561199519487579I CANT SPRINT FIX YOUR DAMN GAME
Review from 76561198202786667I love the concept and the first few minutes are quite intense. Except when you realize the AI is jank af you lose interest very fast. And figuring out how to get past the first hurdle took longer than it should have because you get basically no help.
Review from 76561197982620862Good game but lots of jank. You run around this big map that's filled with kaijus trying to find 6 pieces to an ultimate weapon that will kill the kaijus. The saving grace is that there are transponders in the area that will point to the next location so you don't just run around aimlessly. The kaijus were a bit of a mess because they can see you even with their backs turned towards you and they can grab at you through some of the buildings. Overall it was short but fun and that ending was 10/10! Works great on steam deck too!
Review from 76561198128996727GREAT little indie short game. Folks griping about slender need to take into account that while the majority of the mechanics are similar (find the things and don't get caught) its about HOW they are implemented. The focus on stamina preservation is key to not getting slapped around in the middle of the street and led to many screaming slow sprints toward some form of cover. while the world is largely dark and grey it fits the theme and the pickups (mission related keys or otherwise) are always clearly marked. At first I hated the amount of forced DOF but found it worked well in creating that sort of fog of war for the monsters to roam. Any one looking for some depth or to sink more than an hour or so into this will be disappointed. Its simple, short, and desolate by design and as a self contained little indie game was overall fantastic! 8/10
Review from 76561198045479630I have no idea how this got a "very positive" rating. It's essentially a Slender clone with Godzilla, which means running around a big uninteresting map and avoiding the monster. Don't be misled by the tags either. This game isn't an fps or a shooter. There is no combat in this game. I was expecting something like Cloverfield where you fight off smaller monsters while running from the big one, but that's not the case.
Review from 76561199013164151It's a little short but it's scary like Godzilla in the city and you run for your life and the graphics and atmosphere its amazing.
Review from 76561198076771043Gioco che si finisce in una ventina di minuti, ma con un concept interessante anche se poco innovativo. Inizio dai pregi. L'obiettivo è trovare queste sei chiavi per attivare una super arma che fermerà un mostro gigante che sta distruggendo tutto. Bella l'atmosfera. Ci ritroviamo nei pressi del luogo dello schianto del nostro elicottero in questa città di dimensioni ignote (data l'assenza di una mappa), ma che sembra vasta abbastanza da farci perdere il senso dell'orientamento. Questo dovuto sia alla tensione suscitata dal "Godzilla" dal quale dobbiamo nasconderci, sia dalla nebbia che diminuisce la distanza visiva. I suoni, l'atmosfera e l'ambiente sono a mio avviso nella loro semplicità funzionali al gioco e questo mi ha immerso completamente nel gioco. Di negativo c'è solo un'aspetto tecnico che ha condizionato il mio approccio "stealth" rendendolo parecchio frustrante, ovvero il fatto che il nostro "Godzilla" a volte passa attraverso muri e palazzi, e nonostante il sistema di rilevamento sia ben fatto, spesso non si riesce a sfuggire per via di questo bug. Nonostante questo è un'esperienza che non mi è dispiaciuta, consapevole del bug sopracitato, basta agire di conseguenza e visto anche il prezzo contenuto mi sento di consigliarlo.
Review from 76561199189623011Great vore, no steppies.
Review from 76561198247970250Хороший инди-хоррор, разрабам респект за визуализацию моих страшных снов, только я там не пытаюсь спасти людей, а просто шкерюсь. В целом сто рублей не жалко на такую игру, неплохой саунд и сама идея маленького человека прячущегося от большого страха, но контента мало, хотелось чтобы игру не забросили, а как-то развили большим количеством контента, новой историей или сменой локаций с монстром. Про баги в игре говорить особо нечего, разве что самый большой это слабый ИИ самого монстра, тригерится на звон машин и упирается в стену игнорируя их и даже не пытаясь обойти. Игре однозначная и твердая 7/10.
Review from 76561198004543667A buggy mess, don't waste your time. No options menu, horrible motion blur on by default, rendering is buggy, AI is utter garbage. Dev is russian (ewww)
Review from 76561198330225291I LOVE this game! It is by far my favorite horror game, I have megalophobia and this game triggers that perfectly! I know that may sound strange, but plenty people like being scared, and to me this is the scariest horror game ever made! The atmosphere is intense, the monsters are well designed and frightening, the very concept of trying to collect things while giant monsters hunt you down is a great one! So yes, I do recommend this game, especially for people who have megalophobia and love being scared! :D
Review from 76561199125255096This game was a bit frustrating but still very creepy and engaging. One day I'll complete it lol You can watch my Let's Play of this game on Youtube at cilla44 😊
Review from 76561198081751036Para los fans de Kaijus es esencial, y para quienes disfrutamos el Alien Isolation tambien!
Review from 76561198113388537[h1] Instert any joke about using the word mega but implying the opposite [/h1] MEGA is that type of indi horror game that feels like a to well developed demo yet on the bring of being trashy. Trashy might be to hard of a word to use here. But the game is beatable within 1 hour depend on the numbers of attempts. Its not incredibly hard and once you learn how the enemy works you can beat it fairly easy. MEGA is about saving humankind from the godzilla like kaijus that destroy civilization. You are part of the special ops tasked to lunch a supper weapon. Only problem is that the activation codes are scattered arround thre remains of once big city and there is a kaiju on the lose. You and your team crash landed with you being the only survivor. Search the city find the codes and lunch the super weapon is the quest of a lifetime making you the hero. But there are some challenges ahead. Since the air is pestered with dust and smoke you are required to wear a mask and you are required to change the filters. If you dont do you cant sprint. Luckily there are some scattered arround. Also findable are adrenaline shots that give back your stamina bar to be used once and devices that help to locate the keys. Beware the kaiju its size grants him a good overview and vision which makes hiding impossible and faster than you. Once grabbed you end up as little snack. The also have great hearing and unlucky for you most modern cars have a noizy alarm and the case with key also beep once opened so you better run away to avoid the kaiju investigation the noise. The gameplay works for what it is. I would describe it with potential. A little more development time and some changes here and there and the game would be good enough to provide a decent challeng. As of know it resembles a pitch demo of game a small indi devs wants to make to a larger publisher. The game generate the feeling of missing something. Either a good way to avoid the monster like having hiding spots or maybe some distraction. What makes it worse is that there is a way to exploit the kaijus. You need to understand that standing right under the kaijus doesnt kill you. You cant be trampled to death an the kaijus grabb animation doesnt go as far down. So if caught by the big lizard you can hide under it and it might leave you alone after some time or you can wait to for it to strike and lock itself its own animation and run for a corner in order get out its sight. Beware the monster can kill you thru wallks or in the few tied corridors avaible to hide. A fun thing to notive here is when you do this check out the head of the giant beast. Since the kaijus needs to have direct eye contact to you it can freely rotate its head. Its kinda fun to look at head rotated around about 180°. The sherry on top is that your own camera pitch is unrestirget. Meaning that you can rotate your head in all direction in 360°. Having the world upside down when looking backwards after checking the sky is akwardly fun. Id say i had my fun with the game. Surprisingly there is a secret in the game consiting of a lady and red randomly standing in distance and disapearing when approaching that yet needs to be solved. I doubt so that anyone will ever do. I had my fun with the game so mighty you. Pricewise i might wanna wait for good sale.
Review from 76561199271432847yapımcının annesini griffith siksin inşallah yapıcağın oyuna sokayım gay olurum oynamam bu oyunu
Review from 76561199106847167怎么说呢,就是找六个盒子里的硬盘,然后去一个蓝屏的电脑触发剧情就完了,流程短的一批,半小时无伤通关,被发现两次,紧迫感还是有的,总的来说也就一点——我玩的这类游戏少我感觉还挺有趣,然后,退款
Review from 76561198028016328Самая дорогая игра на минуту геймплея
Review from 76561198034124921If you love giant monsters and mechs then this has a little taste of both. It feels very much like hiding from the monster in Clover Field. Fun short game.
Review from 76561198375522722God I wish this game was built on more, it has so much potential given how already terrifying it is. The ending was really quick but aAAAAAA I genuinely hope the dev comes back to this game.
Review from 76561198085387745Отличная игра
Review from 76561198328199793I literally had dreams exactly like this game. So being able to infinitly revisit them is a gift. The game may be short but it does all it needs to.
Review from 76561198167139112playthrough https://youtu.be/Xcz8baRI2Nc
Review from 76561198874259068[h1]Slenderzilla? Not really.[/h1] The premise of the game is similar to the creepypasta legend's games: find objects while being hunted by a monster. But that's where the similarities end. Instead of looking away from Mr Long Features while your out-of-shape character briskly walks away, you need to hide from the ginormous lizard stalking the city. [spoiler]And there's two of them.[/spoiler] Simply running away isn't an option, the kaiju can easily outpace you once it sets its sight on you, a weapon key case's beeping draws it in once you pick it up, or you accidentally trigger a car alarm. The only option is to get out of sight before becoming dinner. The main character having poor stamina is explained by the horrible air quality, making it impossible to breathe without a gas mask. If you don't find filters, you can't recover stamina without adrenaline shots, leaving you no choice but to walk until you find one of the life-saving items. All of these differences make it a lot more distinct from Slenderman's video games, while still making it tense and enjoyable. The game isn't without a few problems, though. I ran into an alleyway to avoid the big lizard after already taking one hit, went around the corner to break line of sight, yet it still managed to noclip [i]through[/i] the building and kill me. Another session, I managed to hide in an alleyway with a building clearly blocking me from view, and it got stuck running in one spot in the mouth of the alley, and the game still registered me as being visible. It was still running in place when I disappeared from his view, but didn't stay stuck when I triggered a car alarm on the other side. And there's some texture issues if a market building gets destroyed and you look through where it used to stand. But these bugs don't make the game unplayable. In fact, it made it even more tense since you can't just hide out of sight with the kaiju breathing down your neck and expect that to save you. You need to lose the lizard, then creep behind something else. If you want a short, terror-inducing snippet, then I highly recommend this game.
Review from 76561198039944678Pretty fun, kinda cool ending.
Review from 76561198020014096Decent gameplay once you get past the trouble with the first leap. Very short, but the $5 price tag makes it acceptable. I hope they expand on this with more story and gameplay, but for now its fair.
Review from 76561198308461441Bro wanted me so bad
Review from 7656119813467020422 минуты на полное прохождение, в принципе я бы мог её спокойно вернуть, но считаю что игра вообще не плохая. Плюсы: 1. в целом атмосферненько, я бы даже сказал весьма жутенько и не комфортно 2. хороший саундизайн 3. легко понять что делать, карта в принципе не большая, найти всё не сложно 4. цена в 8 лир, выгодно Минусы: 1. кривой паркур, из-за него явно побеситесь 2. непонятки с ресурсами, то их дофига то их нефига 3. мало укрытий, часто ты постоянно на виду 4. дина игры В целом игра на 6 баллов, если пройдёте получите немного удовольствия, но если нет, то ничего не потеряете.
Review from 76561198213433032Тупые задания которые невозможно найти.
Review from 76561198352059402This was SO GOOD!! It's been a while since a game snagged me as hard as this one. It's exactly what I like - a simple concept executed with care; enough difficult enough to keep you on your toes without being unfair; doesn't overstay its welcome. It took me two or three tries to figure out how to play it but once I got the hang of it I was immersed. This is going right up there as one of my new favorites. A few suggestions in case the creators are reading this: 1. Please make it more clear what the terminal is and the general area where it's located (like with the key finders). When I was told to 'return to the terminal', I had no idea what that was or how to find it. 2. Please have a part that shows what the controls are. I died a lot at first because I didn't know how to crouch. 3. Please actually have a pause feature! Pressing 'esc' doesn't stop the monster from moving around. I had to quit after getting all six keys because I had to walk the dogs.
Review from 76561198063661668Задумка - класс, но вот над реализацией надо ещё поработать. Монстр порой забаговывается, стамину непонятно, как накопить, из-за чего во время прохождения обучения пришлось выйти в меню, а затем запустить "сохранённую игру" уже после туториала. Из плюсов - гнетущая атмосфера. Ничё так игруля, на 1 раз, 7/10
Review from 76561198008607490[h1]Nota personal: 7/10. Sencillo, original y corto, con algunos fallos pero mucha pasión.[/h1] [hr][/hr] [b]Aviso:[/b] El juego está en Ruso y en Inglés. Cambia el idioma desde el menú principal, escoge la segunda opción y luego la primera opción. [b]Ayuda con el tutorial:[/b] En la zona de tutorial, hay que ir a la izquierda para encontrar un filtro de aire y desbloquear el Sprint. [hr][/hr] Un juego corto, pero sencillo a la vez que interesante. No hay trama más allá de la idea de que hay un Kaiju que ha atacado la ciudad, y que tienes que encontrar 6 llaves para activar un terminal y finalizar tu misión; hay algunos detalles extra escondidos en unos periodicos que encuentras tirados en la calle, pero no hay forma de interactuar con ellos y eso hace que sean dificiles de encontrar. Es un buen juego para el precio que marca y teniendo en cuenta que está hecho por una persona. Mis quejas es que estaría bien poder tener la habilidad de recoger los periodicos para aprender más del lore, hacer que el tutorial indique mejor las cosas, que puedas entrar en más edificios para esconderte y/o buscar las llaves, y que el monstruo no tenga visión de 360º porque a veces te puede detectar aunque esté de espaldas. No es un juego de calidad AAA como Resident Evil, The Evil Within o los Silent Hill clasicos, pero creo que hace un buen trabajo con esta idea original. Espero poder ver más actualizaciones en el futuro, o si no una secuela/remake con más misiones, historia y todo ese rollo.
Review from 76561198032883708Прошёл игру за 26 минут. Так как для меня прошедшего много хорроров уже не так страшно. Минус: Плохой паркур Плюсы: Интересная задумка, Игра лёгкая в усвоении, Атмосферная, Хороший саунддизайн. Рекомендую всем. 8.7/10
Review from 76561199109411077Very fun
Review from 76561199132983443I found this game through IGP and had to try it out myself. This game uses such an interesting concept of a kaiju hunting you through this streets of a deserted city and executes it really well! It creates a terrifying atmosphere that many horror games can produce, definitely try it out!
Review from 76561197969653870Unplayable by default, which is a pretty bad first impression. Upon entering the game everything is in Russian. You have to guess through the menu to switch it to English. On a 3440x1440 screen all UI elements are off the edges of the viewable area. There is no explanation of what to do or why. I randomly can't run at some points, only walk. I thought maybe there is a stamina gauge I couldn't see on my screen, but no, I could stand still for 30 seconds and then try to run and be unable to do so. Other times, no problem. The mouse sensitivity is atrociously small with no way to change it so just looking around is a chore. No option to invert mouse aiming either. There is an interesting idea here, but it is executed poorly.
Review from 76561199228161769The game is fun and really good well done for the dev but i would say the price of the game a little bit to high for 30 - 40 minute of play through but still it really fun game nice job.
Review from 76561198049241555Got beaten by the first jump.
Review from 76561198080303429We need more creative games like this no matter how short they are. Short game but easy price. Support things like this!
Review from 76561198094357191Something about this game led me to replay it a couple times, so if more stuff is added this could easily be one of my favorite games!
Review from 76561198079455659Cool little Slender clone with giant monsters instead of a spooky well-dressed tall guy. The AI can be a little finicky, the controls and overall presentation are janky, and I had instances of the monsters seeing me behind walls, but overall I think it's a fun proof of concept.
Review from 76561198142414570It's short and it's incredibly simple, but it's fun. You're in a ruined city and you're tasked with finding 6 keys so you can call down an orbital strike against a giant kaiju, but you also need to find these filters for your gas mask so your sprint meter can refill. The kaiju is big and predictably jank, managing to clip through buildings to kill me, and I can't move very far from the starting area before the kaiju sees me and keeps locked on me no matter what I do. I did manage to find a building I could jump up and reach the roof of, allowing me to beat the kaiju in height. It saw me there, and I was unafraid because I knew it could not reach me. We stared at each other, man and monster, and slowly as I stared at this foggy silhouette and it stared back, we came to an understanding. These ruins were its home now, and I was not meant to intrude on this creature who made a nest of humanity's hubris. Then I fell out of the map and had to reset. It's a $5 game, play it in a discord call with your friends.
Review from 76561199134352801A neat little indie game but definitely not worth $5-6. It has some interesting mechanics, a little lore surrounding the world. And not to mention the 20 story tall Kaiju creeping around. There's also a little one about as tall as a brownstone row house. A fairly decent atmosphere to keep you on high alert as well as on your little toes. 5/10
Review from 76561199008374796To describe this game quickly and easily its Slenderman with Slenderman being a giant godzilla-esk monster. Not much on the horror side specially when i found that jumping nonstop was faster then walking and the monsters had problems catching me doing this. ( I was literally singing the Mission Impossible theme while doing this ) One thing to note is the monsters have 360 vision ( or maybe they can smell you idk ) Neat little experience, with the price tag only being $5. I'll be giving this a recommend.
Review from 76561197964347422MEGA is the classic horror game Slender but with Kaiju. It's surprisingly good for a short little horror experience. MEGA has very basic visuals and sounds, with literally nothing to speak of. Yet despite this the game still manages to be genuinely scary which is no mean feat. The basic plot / gameplay of the title involves you running around a cityscape looking for six briefcases to order to trigger a central console to stop the rampaging Godzilla eseque entities running amok. You can find items that allow you to restore your stamina and sprint more as well as items that reveal the locations of the aforementioned briefcases all the while dodging the giant creatures which, after just two hits will devour you whole causing the game to restart. Because it only takes two hits to die and your opponents are so large you spend a lot of time hiding in incredibly tense situations, desperate for them not to see you and eat you. It's so tense when you need just one more item to win but your spotted by a rampaging giant creature and sprint into an alley as it literally tears down a building behind you. If you'd told me Slender with kaiju would work, I'd never have thought it would. But here we are! MEGA is an intense short blast of horror action that surprised me a great deal with how good it is. Worth a play, you'll definitely be panicking.
Review from 76561199225558489this game has good potential
Review from 76561197969592572[h1]MEGA is a sort of "Slenderman" game meets KAIJUS... except way WAY less creepy![/h1] Basically, you're a survivor from an helicopter crash and then, you have to find 6 keys scattered around the destroyed city you're in. You gotta conserve your gasmask filter by walking and not running all the time. You can find filters scattered in the city as well as some boostershot. And then, play cat & mouse game with the KAIJUS. MEGA is quite straightforward. Gameplay is fun for uh, maybe an hour long or until you do complete it (maybe shorter!). So for $5, I'd say it is worth a shot. However, the game do have issues. First of, once I launched it, MEGA was all in Russian so I couldn't understand sh!t until I find that option button. What didn't helped is on my setup, I play games in UltraWide format and I couldn't see anything. Thankfully, there is a ultrawide fix for MEGA, thanks [b]Reactor[/b] on the Community Hub. Add this command line in the Steam game properties. It will force Steam to launch the game in the said screen resolution. It won't be elegant but it will enable you to actually see and read your HUD! [code]-screen-height 1440 -screen-width 2560[/code] [h1]OVERALL & RECOMMENDATION:[/h1] [b]Fun little project of a game that was recommended by the [url=https://www.youtube.com/c/IGP] YouTuber IGP [/url] You can find IGP's MEGA gameplay video right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDguCaJB0kg&t I hope [b]RED KRAKEN STUDIO[/b] will get a chance to make a bigger game next, with more objectives and the like. If you've got a spare $5 for an interesting horror game, give it a shot! You be the judge if $5 is worth of an hour of gameplay! I've certainly paid more for worst games before![/b]
Review from 76561198380693425Short and sweet! For only 5 bucks (at the time of post) this game is great. Stalked by a giant monster(s?), you have to find some clues to your salvation. My only complaint is I was grabbed through a building a few times, monster movement suggested it spawned where it needed to be and the game is too short. Other than that - the atmosphere is good, graphics are decent for the development team size. Hopefully updates will come in the future!
Review from 76561198368549546一句话总结整个游戏:在有巨大怪兽随机走动的情况下,在空旷的城市里找到六把钥匙。 游戏流程只有随机捡道具和钥匙。旅游模拟器。也确实是个很短的故事。 但是个人感觉不值这个价。 默认好评吧,场景还不错,游戏性个人而言“除非是喜欢跑图”的玩家,别的方面不太推荐。 想法不错,但是游戏方式单一,没有循序渐进的感觉就结束了。 如果后续会增加游戏内容,可能会重新购买。
Review from 76561197966790215Honestly, a really good game. It is not without flaws, in regards to controls and collision mechanics, among a few other things but I am not very bothered by them. The game has a very interesting concept, the sound is apropriately haunting and the world is as bleak as it should be. I really hope we get to enjoy some future updates, maybe even additional content. But even right now it is fun to replay the game, thanks to the randomized placement for the items.
Review from 76561198000808543Effectively a Slender: The Eight Pages clone, but without that sense of dread. I really wish there was more replayability, since so few games actually feature kaijus as a mechanic. Only Youtubers looking for their next video to make should get this in its current state.
Review from 76561198061424354-
Review from 76561198968564238Hands down the scariest game I have ever played. And I've played some doozies like Slender Man.
Review from 76561198995043589Now this was a fun short game that think was well worth the 5 dollar price tag. While a little buggy at times (The Kaiju's got stuck when I was getting the last two boxes) I think its a solid game that goes back to that simple era of horror games. Also, I saw a random women model that disappeared when I approached, a easter egg perhaps?
Review from 76561198331440266Mega is such a high potential game. As of now, it's simple. The graphics aren't AAA, the movements are fairly basic, the objective is simple. It's a pretty unique idea for what it is. This style of game with a survivor trying to do something, with a Kaiju running around can become an awesome style of horror game. If there was enough time and investment put into it, you could make an intense, long, high graphic and goal oriented game. I recommend that any horror game fan play this. If this dev or another dev gets inspiration to make a bigger and fuller game, based on this, I am completely sold. Just do it right. As for Mega, play it. It's a great time killer, a great concept, fairly basic in its concept and unique. That's what makes it fun.
Review from 76561198040926793Short but sweet, fun little game for $5. Enjoyed the atmosphere.
Review from 76561198079904408A very short but cool indie
Review from 76561198134562112Idk if this is in early access or not. Really cool idea, would love to see more work put into it, but in its current state, it's not much different than something you can download and play from itch.io, and for that I can't recommend buying it. Some constructive criticism for the devs: - The jumping is really janky, I'd recommend not integrating platforming, giving the jump more air time, or making the platforming prompt-based only. - The environment is really striking and the silhouette of the kaiju approaching from the distance is very imposing and ominous. However, it feels reeeeally empty. I'd consider adding in some abandoned storefronts, lobbies, offices, etc. Maybe some more bodies and environmental storytelling to really sell the setting. - Evasion options are very limited currently. If you're out in the open and you're spotted by a kaiju, you're almost certainly going to die, and it feels especially unfair when the second kaiju shows up. I personally think the air filter/adrenaline shot/sprint juice mechanic works well, but there are little to no evasive options in the environment. Sure, you can walk around a building or try to crouch near some rubble, but the line of sight for the kaiju is very big and seems to be able to clip through some objects. As an example for hiding places out the open, look to the game Journey, during it's "rock snake" section. There is debris you can run inside if you time it right, and it renders you completely undetectable, unless you've already been spotted, in which case the rock snakes can destroy your hiding place. Consider allowing the player to climb into a car/duck into a storefront/hide underneath debris. Another option is adding a consumable that allows one quick getaway, like a smoke bomb or something. - The sound design needs a bit of work. There were times when I heard the kaiju roar in front of me, but it's footsteps were off to the side, and the kaiju itself was off to the side. There was also no sound for actions that should have sound, such as opening the case to get the key. Feels unfinished. Overall, this feels more like a proof of concept than an actual game. The idea is there, and it has a ton of potential, but in its current state, there's not much to offer aside from being essentially "Slender" but with kaiju. I would love to see this idea expanded upon though. In concept, it's a fantastic idea!
Review from 76561198220447168The game appears to be bugged at the start where you are supposed to sprint jump, but sprint doesn't work. I had to quit and restart. Upon restart, the game just drops you passed that intro. That said, this game is for people who are a fan of giant monsters in the middle of a city. The game lacks much story, but the tension of having to run and hide from the monster is really effective. Gameplay is similar to Slenderman. Collect 6 of "this" and get to the end. For $5, I'd say it's worth a purchase. My Playthrough: https://youtu.be/tdT9n0_EUc0
Review from 76561198067112561A good game, although it needs some fleshing out. The game runs the first time in Russian, (I'm guessing), so you need to change it by yourself. The starting area, (helicopter crash), seems bugged and the sprint function doesn't work, therefore, only way to actually begin is to quit and resume the game. The game doesn't explain why the sprinting stops working completely and randomly, so you'll be left baffled trying to understand it. Its a walking sim in the vain of Slender, but with a twist. I loved the foggy town and the monster does make you feel powerless. Bare in mind, that due to a glitch or not, once you get spotted you might as well restart again, (sprinting randomly stops working)? Despite this, the game looks okay for the asking price, and hopefully the devs or dev will bring release some updates. This is why I'm recommending it. You can check my short video on Youtube: https://youtu.be/v5uViUlhFEs
Review from 76561197968045482Unplayable the mouse is ultra slow, cant change the screen settings and i would not recommend this.
Review from 76561198156598165unplayable by default cant look around, the mouse is ultra slow and stubborn cant run and cant jump no translation oh... it was was all screwed up by default... still a sin the monsters ai is hyper smart no mini map every key has its own radar device and for some reason one can be found at the very first area the monster can clear a building and grab you from inside, walls and buildings are meaningless filters and non-existing health is also very meaningless and pointless the key icons dont stay up long and make a sound hiding is pointless when the monster cheats and no mini map the blood on screen is just a mess the game QUICKLY turns into a boring walking sim, aimlessly wandering around for a key or two but you're most likely gonna get lost only one or two identical buildings allows you inside and its empty. huh? where is everything? every other building is closed off the ghost element is neat but it does not fit in the monster has hyper spider senses, making hiding impossible
Review from 76561198375046838Неплохой выжывательский хоррор, на одно прохождение естественно. Очень короткая, местами корявая, но с прикольной задумкой 6,5 / 10
Review from 76561198184553899Finished The Game First Try 24 Min Best Game i've Seen 10/10
Review from 76561198058811379It ticks a very particular niche for me and i love it the whole feeling it gives off is fantastic don't get me wrong its a 5 dollar game and it feels like it but its a neat experience and i would love to see more games in this style or even this game expanded on
Review from 76561198383671095Its really good I do love the game i just wish there were more to do and wasnt such a short game, this game seems like it would work for like a demo of some type for something bigger which im all for it if so i do really like the scary side of it too
Review from 76561198145866922Fantastico, aunque no he podido disfrutarlo al maximo ya que mi PC es una patata, pero va muy bien encaminado y me ha encantado.
Review from 76561197970265293Thanks for the megalophobia.
Review from 76561197997516904Definitely worth the price.
Review from 76561198013014383I think this little game shows some promise from the Creators. It being a $5 game is worth it. I will be keeping a eye on these developers for more of these fun little games or even big projects. Though i wouldnt mind seeing this game fleshed out some more. 1 thing they should add is a hint at the start about Filters and how the sprint mechanic works. Edit. I always forget to turn on the comments
Review from 76561199382861653唔,怪兽游戏。 开局男主掉落到一个残破的城市,这个城市发生了什么事情,我又是来执行什么任务(说实话我还想一脸懵逼) 但当我们往前走一段路的时候会发现一直超超超超巨大的怪兽的影子!!!然后我试图冲上去大喊一声:盖亚!!!!!! 然并卵哈,不管是被它吃掉还是被它拍飞,你不管是喊盖亚还是迪迦都是没用的。你还是老老实实的做任务吧。 在这过程当中,你会发现一个红衣小女孩(萝莉?真萝莉!)嘶,砸砸。 后面再看到一张报纸写着,哪个红衣小女孩又出现了,她会带着她的怪兽入侵城市嘛。 就这样,游戏应该很不错,怪兽挺大挺不错。剧情没挖掘,我家粉丝好像对这不大感兴趣所以就下了。 游戏联机群:644140442
Review from 76561198008057621i should of put the headphones on, but enjoyed it to the full.
Review from 76561197977536846Honestly, I really like this game. It's super short though. I completed it in about 45 minutes which was a bummer for $5 but I've spent more for less entertainment. It feels closer to a demo or teaser. I don't regret supporting the dev though and I really hope they decide to make this into a fully fleshed out game. I think it could be really cool to see this expanded on. The controls were a little rough and the assets are basic. But really though it reminds me of games from years ago that were limited by their time and tech. It's a little clunky but it's seems more from a place of limited resources than any particularly bad design. The design and core gameplay ideas are solid. Good game, worth the $5, just to support the concept. I hope you do more with this Red Kraken!
Review from 76561198089245966This game is actually amazing. IGN beat me to the first upload but I've got the second video let's play out on it. There is apparently a lot more behind the surface of the game, but the game is definitely worth playing. IGN and I had very similar, yet different experiences. I think it's worth checking out and it's a good price for the experience. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cko6q0dX4pQ
Review from 76561199178330310Short and fun game that was frustrating until i learn when the right time to run and hide. With a few big updates def could be a hit
Review from 76561198049970506难受~~~我好不容易凑齐6把钥匙 然后 突然环太平洋起来,最后又突然悲剧了起来 有创意的游戏 而且居然有2个以上的怪 我一开始只以为只有一只来着 好评
Review from 76561198096316273A refreshing "collect _ items" type horror game. Usually horror games include settings that are narrow or suffocating, whereas in this game expect large open streets, with the giants looming over you. It's scary in that it makes you feel small and absolutely powerless. The atmosphere is also foreboding with the fog obscuring your vision. It makes for a very engaging short game. Now there are some issues that need to be ironed out of course. For example, I had to exit the game and select "resume" in order to skip the beginning jump, as the sprint key would not work in the opening crash site area. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBnd55gaiTo All in all, very fun and tense game! I'll have to keep my eye out for updates or any additional content! Good work.
Review from 76561198051287543Also zu Spiel selber gute Gruselige Atmosphäre aber warum gleich 2 Riesen Gegner ist ein bissel heftig bis man die Keys findet ist man meistens verloren . Eine Art Slendermann aber nur grösser und anstrengender. Aber trotz allem schwierig.