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Battle of Vukovar: Rain of Steel

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ActionSimulationStrategyEarly Access
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Review from 76561199013796337Needs a lot more work, but the game is solid. Cant wait for more progress!
Review from 76561199177466002GOOD but lot of space for improvment
Review from 76561198886044096još uvijek ništa novo nije napravito,a toliko je prošlo vremena od samo početka videoigre,samo ste napravili ovu demo veziju i to je sve i pokupili novac jako loše
Review from 76561198139777428No updates for months, it seems that game is abandoned. Better of saving your money.
Review from 76561198148668257Very good potential, of course it's a very early work and needs a lot of polishing but I can't wait for the final product.
Review from 76561199436084401Propalo, žali bože truda, bolje da je napravljena battle royale verzija sa mapom grada
Review from 76561199114840957Good but there's not been an update for a whole year lmao what are y'all doing
Review from 76561199201067807A lot of things to improve(Early Access), but it has great potential to be awesome game. My longer review of this game is in this video, if you want to check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YenOVYwMnA&t=1001s
Review from 76561198849249625A pure scam or at least a failed try by an extremely inexperienced and very very very unproffesional dev team who let a bunch of angry little 15 year-olds run their discord server. There has been no major nor important update since February. A real shame, the game had some potential, but it is what it is.
Review from 76561198282572862For a game in EARLY access this is awesome ! I see that the game is in v1.0 Here are my notes (i purposefully looked for issues to help devs fix them but overall i love the game so far, looking forward to any story singleplayer might have) Things to fix: * Shotgun is very quiet and when aiming it down the weapon dissapears * Sniper is great but a headshot from it isnt insta kill which seems odd, also when in 3rd person ... the scope stays on the side like it does in first person, (devs remove this from the camera view- just use an if statement or smthn) * Character (3rd p) looks very default so far but thats okay for v0.1 * Weapons are a little jumpy when aiming down sights, animations need some rework there * Weapon balance needs some adjustments, pistol can be pretty strong which seems odd compared to some other weapons * letter for changing fire mode is missing from the "M" what-key-does-what menu * Health bar needs a bit more of visibility in any way * cant lay down, jumping needs to be 10% higher id say, just to jump on boxes nd stuff * Cant shoot cars to blow them up, break glass or so, blowing up barrels works tho * No Radar/Map_Navigation * Bots sometimes corner you / or dont know how to move away from your path * matches (both gamemodes) end too soon * Semi-auto rifle has a weird reload animation, needs fixes * Bots are actually too "strong" even on the easiest mode, maybe reduce their weapon damage - easiest mode is for pure gaming newbs Things that I love: * Game mechanics for v 0.1 are amazing so far * Kills are really satisfying * Graphics are awesome * Map design needs work but it does look awesome and so do items/cars/... * everything else Devs feel free to contact me id love to test the game further if needed :)
Review from 76561198029032082Igra je ljuti start, tako da je kupnja čista podrška. Zanimljiv je vodotoranj, fićo i golf 1. Nema nitko na serveru a u offline modu nema botova. Nadam se da će zaživjeti u budućim updateima.
Review from 76561198439783614This game needs allot of work to make it at the very least playable. In it's current form, it is very, very basic and was released way too early. AI is very primitive and basic. Online multiplayer was non existent. The gun action needs allot of attention. Graphics and sound design is also very basic. Animations non existent. There is nothing in the concept of the game design that seems unique enough to make this game attractive since it doesn't seem it will be able to compete with the likes of Hell Let Loose, or Post Scriptum. I hope I'm proved wrong and will follow its development closely. I fear releasing it at this stage may have been detrimental rather than helpful to its development. Good luck fellas
Review from 76561199036572348Preporučam igricu, kada će izaći february update?
Review from 76561199022677077'Rvacka!!!!!
Review from 76561199476326067Fixed some early bugs. Maybe too early to release but for now things are moving forward. Positive.
Review from 76561198119979303Nothing works, there is no collision so you can walk through houses and bots arent working. Kind of dissapointed but i knew it would be this way...
Review from 76561198273197357This looks really great for the beta. I think this could be a great FPS, just needs a little corections for controls, mechanics and also this game should have a good singleplayer missions, because Yugoslav wars were hard but interesting and the battle for Vukovar was just start of Yugoslav wars from 1992-1999 and also one of the bloodiest. Bravo momci!
Review from 76561198403594087Ima potencijala, bilo bi super da botovi imaju lokalna imena umjesto Tom, Arnold i te fore
Review from 76561198413020042I couldn't really get it to work in single player, seems more of a tech demo than an actual product to charge money for. Multiplayer doesn't work at all. I hope it becomes a complete game in the future. Also, please remove motion blur and 120fps cap is makes me very nauseous.
Review from 76561198867070429Ima puno bugova. Refundao sam igru te ću ju kupiti ponovno kada se dovrši. I ako bih je mogao dobiti besplatno, bilo bi super jer bih ju volio recenzirati. 😉
Review from 76561198010796894blagi užas, ali ajmo reć da je beta, nemreš uskočit kroz prozor, preskočiti ogradu....
Review from 76561198879156924Dobar je concept igre, ali ima dosta bugova. U single player conquestu se ne spawnaju srbi i moze se prolaziti kroz zidove kuca. Osim toga igra je solidna i treba vise igraca.
Review from 76561199140192783koju picku materinu izbacujete igru kad jos jebeno nije gotova i zavrsena igra je puna bagova baguje u pucku mater testure su lose fali ostatak sadrzaja zvukovi oruzija ili ti pusaka isti kurac nije ni priblizno zvukovima svarnog oruzija animacija punjenja sanzera je katastrofa i izgleda jadno sve u svemu ne preporucujem nikom da kupi ovo smece od igre vec da te pare pametno iskoristi tako da kupi bolje specifikacije za pc ili radije da kupi 10 kutija za cs go pa sta bude kraj
Review from 76561198323300277Meme '91
Review from 76561199167223893Malo neizpolirana ali mislim da ima potencijala za Game of The Year 2056
Review from 76561198886724716this game has huge potential...i hope updates will remain regular
Review from 76561198103001121Bought this game to support our developers. Game optimizations isn't the best, but for Alpha release (or Beta in Early Access) it is just fine, really. There are some graphical bugs, but for those I would get my Intel HD Graphics P520 a bad optimization drivers and Unreal Engine a pass. Gameplay is decent for small map, Conquest with bots is solid, fast rounds, other game mods are also OK with bots. Didn't played online as there wasn't any server active at moment :( Need to try later on with Online Multiplayer. And for end: ZDS i samo naprijed ekipa :) Ponos Hrvata, i dika cijele nacije, Vukovar, ne smije da se zaboravi.
Review from 76561199025770691Samo Naprid!
Review from 76561198074813785Dev. imate podrsku i nadam se da nas necete razocarati . Mozda je ipak bila greska izbaciti igru u ovakom stanju Trebalo je tu mozda odraditi jos puno posla pa onda izici na trziste. Al trudim se vjerovat da ce sad malo vise ljudi uci u projekt i da cete to sve popraviti Zelim vam svu srecu u radu ! :D
Review from 76561199014366909.
Review from 76561199041096176MENGE FB.GG Pozdrav raja danas sam kupio igru da podrzim vas kao ekipu koja je odlucila da napravi igru i pokrene nesto na balkanu po pitanju igrica, igra je fina i zanimljiva nije bilo dosta raje na serveru bio samo jedan momak malo smo igrali znaci da je neaktivna mislio sam da ce biti tu i tamo koja misija da se obavi ali nisam uspjeo pronaci, kada igram solo mode i ubacim botove nema neprijateljski botova pa eto ako bi mogli i to da ubacite bilo bi lijepo. Znam da je igra u toku izrade ali da dobrim ste putu nastavite ovako ja iskreno mislim da bi ovako nesto u fazonu mogao igrati kad bi bilo dosta igraca neka pucacina multiplayer od mene imate punu podrsku u buducnosti sretno! Nadam se da ce biti jos u buducnosti bolji i da ce izaci nesto sto cemo svi da igramo i da podrzajemo jedne druge na balkanu. Aj jesam speljo ovo sto sam napiso ne znam ni sam sta sam htjeo reci, igra mi se svidja probajte napraviti jos bolje i doce dobri rezultati pozdrav.
Review from 76561198374296402Ne rade vam botovi na velikoj mapi ne žele se prikazivati a na ostalim modovima rade popravite to inače je video igra super fizika pucnjava i sve. You do not work bots on a large map do not want to be shown and on other modes work fix it otherwise is a video game super physics shooting and all.
Review from 76561198025086705Promising....needs work though. The water tower map spawns no enemy bots. I realize you're not Infinity Ward but closed houses are a thing of the past, you'll need to work those open. Getting killed in the warehouse spawns me in the middle of the enemy after round one and I'm dead in less than a second. The biggest MUST: Get rid of weapons that weren't there in 1991. MP7 was made in 2001, SKS(PAP) rifles weren't in tactical configuration(railing) but made from wood. Literally anything that has rails is out of its place for the game, stick to historical facts. AKs, Thompsons, PAPs, M48s and Kar98k's, on a rare occasion MP5, M16A2, Pleter, Šokac, Zagi submachine guns... Get the game historically correct and give us something to be proud of and many hours to play. Recommended for the thematics, not really recommended for buying it right now... Update review 19.12.2023: The game is slowly going forward with improvements; glad to see that the houses are open, and they look decent, all of them will have to be open in time. Vehicles on map look good, more variety should come later, or at least don't put the same vehicle next to each other. Weapon glitches and suggestions: Reloading SKS doesn't show the magazine being taken out and replaced, but as in original first post, you need to remove the tactical SKS and replace it with wood stock (PAP), that loads with a stripper clip from the above. Shotgun doesn't zoom in, it makes the weapon totally go away and you can't see where you're aiming, again, this tactical modern shotgun needs to be replaced with a hunting shotgun, a two shooter... Assault rifle, okay, but the only two firing options on the AK-47 are semi and auto, there is no burst (3 shot option like on M16) Sniper rifle, while it's debatable if this is a Dragunov or Zastava M91, technically it's not wrong to be in the game, it was used alongside the Zastava M76, the optics might need a change to the Soviet/Eastern bloc type of crosshair.. Submachine gun, MP7 needs to be removed and replaced with MP5, Škorpion or others I mentioned previously. More weapons should be included, specifically the Croatian made ones, that would make a difference between this and other games, afterall, Vukovar Battle is specific for it, and some weapons didn't show up anywhere else in the world but there, that being said, the ZNG and JNA arsenals should be different, while the JNA and Serbian paramilitas did capture Croatian weaponry, I find it hard to believe that a trained JNA soldier would replace his AK or any other weapon system for an unknown one to him on the battlefield. - The bots are still holding the sniper rifle sideways. - Later during the development, bots should be different to each other, Croatian side should DEFINITELY vary as no soldier looked the slightest to the other one, civilian, non standard-uniform gear should be a big focus (as they were a non-standard Army back then, obviously...) Less helmets, more caps, berets, black bands on forehead, or simple hair without a haircut - this applies to both sides as nobody had time for a shave or a haircut (most of the time). - Volumeric smoke pillars could be added in the distance, from burning buildings and or cars, trees etc... - Since glass can be shot at, and shows breaking effect, one should be able to shoot the enemy through it. All in all, long way to go, but nice to see that it's actually going. Thumbs up! Update review; 27.4.2024: The game has advanced nicely in the environment sense, buildings, vehicles and general feeling around the Vodotoranj map are really nice, fire detail is good looking, glare might be a bit much to stare into. I'm glad to see my suggestions have been noted, regarding the weaponry. Following are the observations that need work: -Time change on the Vodotoranj map is a very unusual, but nice detail, the sky looks beautiful, the problem is that when it gets pitch black, absolutely nothing is visible. (Is it real? -Yes. Is it game neccessary? -No) And yes, there were NO night vision devices at that time and place. Point here is that the night experience needs to be discussed on the team because it's not making much sense. -Thompson could use a better sound effect (Call of Duty or Medal of Honor: Allied Assault); the left hand looks as if it's holding the foregrip, or a magazine, in this configuration, the Thompson was held by the wooden handguard below the barrel. Also, a bit more zoom could be used when aiming down the sight, nobody cares about the wooden stock in their face.. - Glad to see that the PAP rifle (SKS) is configured the way it was, full wood. The reload action animation needs to show stripper clip being pushed from above, current below action is not possible on that configuration as it is not designed to work that way. Bottom shell opens only for gun cleaning purposes. M70AB2- two same guns, bit different looking? Ultimax 100- Nice addition to the game, very few numbers of those were seen in Vukovar, they came with elements of 1st Guards Brigade "Tigrovi" who had found themselves in that battle. -The sound is barely heard, and the recoil is....gun pulls up and right for some reason, making the use very questioning... -Addition of mines is nice, MRUD (Mina Rasprskavajuće Usmjerenog Djelovanja) is a correct anti-personel mine to be seen, the other one, T.M.A 3 (Tenkovska-mina-antimagnet) should be switched to more AP mines like PMA (Protupješačka Mina Antimagnetna), PROM (Protupješačka-Raspršno-Odskočna-Mina) or PMR (Protupješačka-Rasprskavajuća-Mina) as there is no point planting anti-tank mines if they're not in the game.. -Shotgun, glad to see it switched to hunting type, the animation still shows it holding it as the previous one. -MP7, while not available to choose, JNA soldiers can still be seen carrying them, remove those...ZNG should have MP5 and JNA Škorpion AP. Sniper, optics look okay, recoil should be a bit less. -Bots need hair and beards, JNA needs more pronounced magazine pouches (fišeklija) and ZNG could use bulletproof vests with pockets for mags (Kornjača pancirka). -Single player ? - I don't quite understand this, only "Both down" can be accessed, no point in it, can't open doors with any key, the menu doesn't work with ESC button and have to get out of the game with CTRL-ALT-DELETE.... Keep working.
Review from 76561198087130086na žalost, koliko bih htio podržati em naše developere, em tematiku, ova igra je trenutno teška alpha i zapravo je stavljanje na steam valjda kickstart funding. Jedinu pohvalu mogu dati ideji i tome da se nešto radi, mislim da je stavljanje igre u ovakvoj fazi na steam, uz cijenu od 10 EUR dvosjekli mač i mogao bi zapravo ugušiti projekt. Neću povući uplatu jer se nadam da će dečki kroz godinu napraviti nešto više od projekta, ali već odabirom grafičkog enginea i elementarnim bugovima u kretanju, nisam veliki optimist. Prove me wrong.. htio bih to :)
Review from 76561198284735979Nije mi zao sto sam dao 10€. Ali mora se raditi jos jako puno na igri. Naprimjer AI kad te ubije respawnas se tacno kraj njih i moras restartovati igru. Ili naprimjer slika je mutna malo cak i na ultri. Ima tu jos jako puno posla ali sve u svoje vrijeme. Svaka cast za ideju i nadam se da ce decki dati si truda da ovo bude za par godina vrhunska igrica.
Review from 76561198815186635Za Early Access je jako dobra. sve je dobro ali puno je praznog prostora i malo više pušaka. za sad kao Early Access je 8/10
Review from 76561199186912181The game needs a lot of work to deserve positive rating
Review from 76561198165104335Mislim, ovo nije trebalo jos pustiti u prodaju, a posebno ne za 10 eura...
Review from 76561198393038480Poradite na mapi
Review from 76561198110082738This game is VERY EARLY ACCESS! As far as weapons, Battle of Vukovar offers an assault rifle, sniper rifle, SMG, a shotgun, and a couple TT pistols. The shotgun and SMG are missing when you ADS, so there is no way to properly aim. At the time of this writing, there is only two maps that are available on single player and you have to play conquest, team death match, or kill confirmed. On the conquest map, there is no way to spawn in AI, so only your team runs around capturing flags. There are also areas around each map that trap you and you are unable to continue playing until you're killed. On conquest, that means quitting to the main menu since there's no enemy. The game play mechanics are ok at best. This game is definitely not worth $10.
Review from 76561198125292617It's good, really good for a game that is still in early access. It might have some bugs, but it doesn't bring down the fun. I believe it has huge potential. Can't wait to see the progress throughout the future
Review from 76561198050355150Best depiction of battle of Vukovar in a game ever.
Review from 76561198371464826Svaka cast na ideji, igra ima jako puno potencijala i nadam se da ce developeri razviti igru u dobrome smjeru. Svakako se isplati kupiti igru i podrzati momke.
Review from 76561198284028202Ono što je u igrici zasad nije loše. Nadam se da će nastavit u dobrome smjeru. Zabavna je za par brzih rundi DM-a. sve u svemu isplati se platiti da podržimo developere. Vidi se veliki potencijal za budućnost napretka i vjerujem da će razviti dobru igricu. Zasada je samo demo koji prikazuje potencijal igre.
Review from 76561198354640636I support guys from Cro Game Developer community and I like that someone in this conutry full of negativity and naysayers started a project like this, however there's a lot of work to be done here to make this a playable PC game. In its current state, it is not worth 10 Euros, but it has a good potential if you guys keep working on it. Some of the observations that I have are following: The weapons models do not fit good in character's hands The game has weapons which weren't used in real Battle of Vukovar. I suggest you guys should visit Memorial Centre of Homeland War in Vukovar to see what weapons were used IRL. The Multiplayer has no servers In watertower map, people can go through cars and houses. The glass explodes, but remains intact. Papovka is painted in wrong colour JNA units do not spanwn on water tower map. As I said, there's a lot of work to be done here, but if you guys made this much, there's no point in not improving it, in order to make it a playable game. Best!
Review from 76561198316000894brate sta je ovo
Review from 76561198405630352Very good idea for the game. I think as of right now the game is not really playable. If the developers keep updating it (fixing issues, adding more weapons from the war, making it more realistic) I think it would be a really great game. The game has a whole lot of potential in my opinion.
Review from 76561198140809775Još puno rada je potrebno no igra ima potencijala. Poraditi kod assault rifle-a kada karakter "reloada" animacija nije uopće dobra. Kod shotgun-a kada se nacilja pumperica se uopće ne vidi i ima zvuk kao da puca sa silencer-om. Poraditi na zvuku pušaka. Potrebno je još dosta preuzimanja kako bi se mogla napraviti dva normalna team-a i kako bi se igrao multiplayer, za sad je igra bazirana na singleplayer igranju s botovima. Multiplayer sobi s drugim online igračima nije moguće pristupiti zbog prevelikog pinga i kada se uđe u sobu slika se samo zamrzne ako osobe žele u neprijateljski team ili obratno. Sve u svemu s trenutnim stanjem ocjena je 3/10. Treba još dosta novaca uložiti kako bi developeri mogli napraviti brutalnu igru s brutalnom pričom koja se događala 90-ih. Trenutno je neigriva. Podrška developerima!
Review from 76561198116553548no updates
Review from 76561198200247345Svaka čast, samo naprijed! BiH
Review from 765611982725465412nd of February, 2023. This game has good potential, hopefully it can be a new call of duty 2 successor. For early access, some things are okay, but there needs to be a lot of changes already. UI is totally bad, looks like it was made in the early 2000, auto sniper is 2 shot kill no matter where you aim as far as I saw, so aiming for the head does the same exact thing as shooting the body, you will need 2 bullets anyway, pistol range needs to be optimized and recoil added, you should be able to shoot through windows (why can't you, it's a normal thing?), you should add a dynamic spawn, for example, if enemies are already in your spawn point, you will continue spawning and getting spawn killed, that needs to be changed, jump height needs to be increased in my opinion, there are boxes that look like they're smaller than the height of your legs, but you can't jump on them, no matter how hard you try. In conclusion, I wouldn't recommend you to buy this game yet if u wanna trash talk it or say how bad it is for early access. It's early access for a reason, to fix mistakes like these, but I would recommend you to buy it in order to support the developers and encourage further development. 17th of February, 2023. I played again after the update and I noticed nice changes, bots now properly spawn on Watertower (Vodotoranj), collision is fixed as far as I saw (not sure if 100%), sniper sometimes headshots in the head, sometimes not (I'm not sure if auto sniper is fixed to 100 damage, so if someone has a +20 perk HP, he doesn't get oneshot, gotta dig deeper)
Review from 76561198134415263Its ok game for pre-alfa.....i buyed it just because wanna support my people....just do what you do and hope this game will be something on level Cod2 or Medal of Honor AA,so just keep up good job.....best wishes from Ireland from Civil war guy born in 88 Croatia...Zivili ljudi :)
Review from 76561198017834654Dobro zamišljena priča. Po meni treba poradit malo na aim-u, oko rukovanja s oružjem. Trebalo bi malo unaprijediti dizajn karaktera, da bude malo realnije. Za sad mi se čini da ide u odličnom smjeru ako se napravi dobar update s ovim izmjenama.
Review from 76561198206494476This game has big potential. I support new developers in his game and in the first hour and looks interesting. Just keep working and this gonna be my favorite game.