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Fast or Dead VR

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Review from 76561198802120420This game and Moto Trophy VR from the same developer are like jokes as VR games. These games could have been cheap but playable low-quality desktop games, or better yet, fun mobile games. If this is a VR port from a flat game, it could be the worst VR port you've ever seen. I don't think anyone, even with rock-solid VR legs, can handle and enjoy this type of camera movement in VR. There are mini-world third-person vehicle games in VR, but this is not one of them. You move and rotate around the vehicle unintentionally. Worse, even the ground is not aligned with the real world. There is an instant control to align your view, but it changes during the car's movement and updates your position to a crazy orientation right away. Actually, the environment and level design are not bad, the car models and driving mechanics are not bad either. It could be a fun game if the VR support was made correctly.