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Monkey Party

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Review from 76561198354948140It`s pretty good monkey gacha capsule dropping game, where players need to combine same monkeys to each other and try to make bigger monkeys and maybe even try to achieve records on leaderboard. + Relatively easy achievements, if you understand game idea, last two gorilla achievements are little bit hard to achieve. + Funny, relaxing and addictive gameplay experience. + Global leaderboard, where you can watch other players and yours highscore.
Review from 76561198293931231Happy game! edged to this !
Review from 76561199100924827Great game! I love seeing all the variations of the Hellcat People!
Review from 76561198894326123Turn small monkeys into big monkeys. Best game I've ever played.
Review from 76561198797356514[h1]This review was written by [/h1] [h1] [url=https://store.steampowered.com/curator/44830234-Hot-or-Not-Reviews/] Hot or Not Reviews [/url] [/h1] [h3] If you liked this review, make sure to give us a follow! [/h3] 🔥HOT🔥 Monkey Party is a simple suika game clone with monkeys instead of fruit. There are 11 levels of monkeys each getting larger. The game has a neutral soundtrack which can be muted. The score system is a nice add to track (although doesnt mean anything. A stats screen would be more appreciated.) Despite some nitpicks, the game is worth for a nice little novelty title.
Review from 76561198244964232very cool game and idea. nice sounds and unique gameplay
Review from 76561199243461680Jogão, me dediquei em terminar as junção dos macacos para ver o ultimo gorila, platinei em apenas 1Hr porém foi uns 60min bem gastos, pois o game me proporcionou belas risadas com meus parça que me assistiram jogando atraves do discord. deixo aqui o meu like e recomendação se voc for uma pessoal que se diverte facil igual eu.
Review from 76561198114356377We all know similar games like this, this is my first that type of style game, easy to get on the leader board, since less known game. Also monkeys, everybody likes them.
Review from 76561199025924280评分:0.5/5 评测:一个猴子球版的合成大西瓜,一共11个不同的猴子球,但是颜色实在是太不好认了,而且从小到大没有什么太大的逻辑,经常各种放错,玩法也是比较普通的玩法,没有什么亮点,一般
Review from 76561198081244711Reminds me of breaking bad, except instead of cooking meth you are combining monke's together. JESSE WE HAVE TO MONKE
Review from 76561198069386327very fun monke party
Review from 765611980387769032048猴子版。不需要同色碰撞,同猴子就行。 没有数字比大小那么直观,识别度很低。 加上上下扭蛋变色,更难快速辨别。失去了爽感。 音乐不错,幽默风格蛮滑稽的。 [table][td][b]关注我们 [/b][url=https://store.steampowered.com/curator/30253125]甄游组[/url] [url=https://store.steampowered.com/curator/34433893]第一印象[/url] [url=https://store.steampowered.com/curator/40602490]免费游戏[/url][/td][/table]
Review from 76561198018625414スイカゲーム亜種(サル) [strike]絵柄がぶっちぎりで見づらく何が何だかわからない + そして物理も大して働いていない 面白くない 最終ライン際もせめぎあいもなく突然ゲームオーバー表記なしで ゲームが終わるのも面白くない要因[/strike] ※アップデートされて変化があったので評価変更 物理エンジンは機能するようになり BGMはひとつしかないがピンチになるとテンポアップするように ゲームオーバー時には効果音とリトライ、リーダーボードが完備された 相変わらずサルの絵柄が見づらい所だけがネックだが 右クリックでNEXTサルとの入れ替えが出来る為 まぁまぁ楽しい雰囲気になった It's hard to see just the monkey pattern! It is better to change similar colored capsules to different colors. [code] Steamキュレーターで紹介しました [URL=https://store.steampowered.com/curator/41056472/]「3D酔いでもゲームがしたい」[/URL] [URL=https://twitter.com/_Rlyeh]Twitter(X)[/URL] 毎日更新してます! [/code]