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Across The Globe

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8 user reviewsPositive - 6Negative - 2
Single-playerFamily Sharing
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Review from 76561198017655890UI and UX are terrible. Nearly incomprehensible. Requested refund.
Review from 76561198422471459shut down hundreds of times
Review from 76561198079377791Pretty interesting implementation of mechanics, but completely unstable at the moment.
Review from 76561198053261016Too many blocks in Africa while too few in China and India.
Review from 76561198176103542Me: "Mom can I have Victoria 3" Mom: "We have Victoria 3 at home"
Review from 76561198377081142it is good in concept and i love the globe map projection but it needs way more updates because the game crashes always Edit: it got better but crashes always still occur
Review from 76561198216298613Nacje
Review from 76561198233541556[strike]Most of the text seems to be unfinished, e.g. (xxxxx_1)[/strike] [strike]There is no in-game option to adjust volume and resolution[/strike] Hopefully there will be a observer mode in the future Wow, the author update the game and fixes bugs very quickly I think as long as the author continues to update, this game can be expected in the future