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ClearIt 13

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Review from 76561198174682155OK time waster. not as challenging as it could easily be made to be, but compelling in its own addictive way. Low hard drive footprint and low price made it a decent time waster.
Review from 76561198075234627Had to leave it idling while taking a shit so I could leave a negative review.
Review from 76561198892703103I have played this series of games from the very early ones, that are now on some of the free games sites, but can say that they are much improved from those early days. There are new mechanisms, such as a blue peg in a green ring can be matched by either colour and there are strategies that you learn as you advance. I only have this particular copy, as they can be samey , but will buy a higher numbered issue which will have more new things. I think the higher numbered issues are relaxing or just fine to fill about 10 minutes, the music is pleasant, with some well-known tunes and the difficulty goes from suitable for a young child to very hard with several colours and strategy involved.
Review from 76561197970602587https://youtu.be/crvfzAZH6js Far more levels than most players could ever want when combined with the amount of time spent waiting for matches and powerups to make any meaningful progress clearing the boards.
Review from 76561198052602123This is a great game to play it is bright and colourful also it is very different and novel from a lot of match 3 games. There are so many levels to get through. Be warned it is very addictive. Thank you Devs for a unique and enjoyable puzzle game.
Review from 76561198109323439Pastime game, puzzle, match 3. If you like this genre but are looking for something different then this is the game for you! It is not the usual classic match 3, but you will have to use an original dynamic theme that you will learn right away. You will find yourself in front of a central board full of figures in 2 colors yellow and green, while all around well stacked you will find the same figures: if you click on them you will see that they will be launched, the aim of the game is to reset the board to center by throwing the same symbols at them to annihilate them. You don't have to count only on the throws, but symbols will appear on the board you have to try to hit them to activate them, they are very useful some will cause explosions, others knock down a whole line, you will learn to know them and use them. It is very long as a game because there are 220 levels that have a difficulty that grows slowly, but despite this they are overcome very well because I am sure that like me you will soon become very skilled at identifying cross shots and causing crazy bursts! The items are not always the same but they change: there are flowers, shamrocks, puppies, frogs, teapots and smiling sun faces. The soundtrack is beautiful it almost seems to hear a small band playing catchy, cheerful pieces; accompanies well while you play and never tires. I liked it a lot as an experience I found it fun, it is certainly one of those games where you find it hard to break away, you always have to say one more board and that's it, each level leads to another! [quote]For more puzzle game reviews, news and everything puzzle-related, follow [url=https://store.steampowered.com/curator/25928931-Puzzle-Lovers/]Puzzle Lovers[/url] and check out our [url=http://steamcommunity.com/groups/puzzlelovers]Steam group[/url].[/quote]
Review from 76561199170300517Knifflig und entspannend zur selben Zeit.
Review from 76561198272374716[h1]«ClearIt 13»[/h1] [b][i]Расслабляющая казуалка жанра «три в ряд» с необычной механикой. Очистите поле, закидывая элементы с краев экрана.[/i][/b] Геймплей: https://youtu.be/EXpcIXbujPE [code]Ряды исчезают, если соединяются два или более одинаковых элемента, а не три как в типичных представителях жанра![/code] + 230 уровней. (Солидная продолжительность: для прохождения понадобится пару десятков часов.) + Простое управление мышью. + Удобный дизайн меню, приятная графика и успокаивающая музыка. + Расслабляющий геймплей, не требующий обучения. + Для каждого игрока можно создать отдельный профиль и сохранить прогресс. - Нет достижений. [u] Вы можете почитать другие отзывы и подписаться на наших кураторов. Добро пожаловать! [/u] [url=http://store.steampowered.com/curator/25737869/] 5 minutes of game [/url]
Review from 76561198176675135[h1]向日葵游戏评分【7/10】[/h1] 《ClearIt 13》是一款消除游戏,其玩法比较新颖,可以从屏幕的上下左右四个方向发射方块,相同的图案只要相邻就可以消除。游戏包含6种难度,合计超过200个关卡。 [h1]欢迎大家关注我们的鉴赏家:https://store.steampowered.com/curator/28763059[/h1] [h1]和你一起寻找好玩的游戏,快来关注我们吧~微信公众号“向日葵游戏”、官方微博“向日葵游戏评测”[/h1]