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Review from 76561198067228188A scary, well made PSX horror similar to games like Granny or Nun Massacre (if you like those games you will like this one too). It is a bit tough since there are no checkpoints or saves so you really must remember (or write down) where to go. The sound of her footsteps could be tweaked a little bit as I truly have no idea how close she is or if she is on another floor. I only encountered one "serious" bug and it was getting stuck behind the kitchen table. Luckily you can get out of it by simply mashing jump. Overall I enjoyed it and recommend if you like ps1 horror.
Review from 76561198054586180gidip çöp karıştırsam daha çok eğlenirdim
Review from 76561198074988366i found it to be infuriating. i got lost in the woods for a very long time. the stealth mechanics are awful to the point where you question if the game is just trolling you. there is no story. the intro is bafflingly cozy and the horror sections look pretty intimidating and high-anxiety even though they also just kind of look terrible. i couldn't even finish it, it's a series of obtuse item puzzles with an extremely overly present stalker with aggressive and clumsy AI, practically pointless stealth and a confusing and pitch black environment. as someone else mentioned, you end up just running flippantly through the house in an effort to just glimpse the layout and find where items are without caring if you get killed because you make more progress than actually engaging with the game the way it was intended to be played. i tried a few times to really get into it, thinking that maybe i'm missing something, like maybe it's a really niche game that is more than meets the eye, but i think i may have given it more grace than it deserves. why am i recommending it? despite all those things, this game unquestionably smashes the vibe check for me.
Review from 76561198010443359Terrible sound design, it's impossible to pinpoint where the monster is coming from and you will get ear raped every time it see you. There is also no checkpoint so if you die you start from the beginning. Very bad game. Edit : When you get hit by the monster your screen get covered in blood so you can't see sh*t.
Review from 76561197970831764What I like about one of Distrate’s earlier games, Bughouse, is that it has a sort of fail-forward approach to its game design. There’s not a lot of dying and retrying. And that’s super smart for a horror game, because it means I’m not spending time analyzing and figuring out how the game works -- exposing the inner workings, so to speak -- tearing down that elusive veil that keeps the experience suspenseful and mysterious. It may go against some of the lofi aesthetics, but it’s one of those cross-sections where modern design sensibilities actually help marrying the old with the new; with no obvious compromise to the narrative or my agency as the player. Bughouse isn’t a [i]great[/i] game or anything. But it’s interesting because of all of this. Vilomah doesn’t really follow the same paradigm, and suffers for it. It’s the same kind of game -- you’re trapped in a house with a monster, and have to puzzle your way out. You stay in the shadows to try to avoid it. If it manages to capture you, it’s game over. These types of games are a dime a dozen, and there’s nothing here that makes Vilomah stand apart. It’s sort of just there, among the ranks. There’s a stealth meter. You have a flashlight. You sneak around in vents. You open combination locks. And since there’s no breakdown of how the monster works, most of what you spend time doing is replaying and retrying until you figure out how it’s all put together. Too bad, then, that there’s really no fun or interesting gameplay loop here to facilitate that repetition. Instead turning it into a chore, disguised as an ol’ timey PS1 game with some VHS filters on top. Thumbs down for me.
Review from 76561197982620862The story is that you get kidnapped while delivering a pizza and now you have to escape a house with a wandering murderer. This game is much like Granny or Stay Out of the House in that you wake up and have to go from room to room, locating items to open doors, solve puzzles, and escape through the one exit. There are some great things going on here such as the main premise, the background story, and the general location/setting of the place. There are a lot of issues that make me not recommend this game: - There's a killer that walks around the house and attacks you if you are seen. If you get attacked, the whole screen turns red and you can't see enough to get away so you just die and have to restart over. - There's a sound mechanic that should help to identify where the killer is but it doesn't work. The footsteps can be heard rooms or floors away. - I feel like the killer always stalks around the same vicinity as to where you are so you have to wait a long time to move from location to location. - You can't save so if you die, you have to start from the beginning. Luckily the items are always in the same location and the puzzles always have the same answer. - Like I said the background story is decent but there is much lost potential, especially when using the game title as part of the story. This could have been a fun 30 min game but most of my 3 hour game play was me dying because the killer kept killing me and I could see enough to get away. This made me restart all the way back to the beginning multiple times and it made me very annoyed. This game has potential and I could only recommend it if you're itching for another game like Stay Out of the House and don't mind ripping your hair out for the 20th time from dying. Otherwise, save your money for something else.
Review from 76561198149396436Хорошо сделанная работа, уникальная и старательная, сохранившая отпечаток эпохи, передающая видение людей в ней живших, называется искусством, искусство совмещает в себе традиции и стиль. Стиль исполнения, во многом зависит от инструмента, который налагает свои ограничения и умение эти ограничения обходить создавая нечто особенное, называется мастерством. Нет ничего плохого в том, что кто-то решил сымитировать стиль предыдущих эпох. Это было время, предшествующее сегодняшним дням и в нём было много хорошего, что бок о бок с нами прошло с нами определённый период времени, а потом оно переросло во что-то иное. Так о чём я? А... ну игра Govno полное, кому-то в голову пришло сделать настолько раздражающий хоррор с прятками от мычащего дегенерата и на это повесили ярлыки 80-е VHS и PS1. 80, VHS и ПС1 - это отмороженная порнуха, крутая музыка, крутые боевики, сайлент хилл и наше детство. А тут ...Опять драим полы, опять бегаем по дому роясь в кучах мусора. Интересно? Да нет конечно. От пьяного бати интереснее убегать по аулу, чем играть в этот отбитый идиoтизм. Ахинея.
Review from 76561198377126489Its total garbage. Don't waste your money, it doesn't even worth it for free.
Review from 76561199227769557Me lo pase apenas pero se puedo 10/10
Review from 76561198043693378Game itself would be ok. However I experienced a game breaking bug which didn't give me a key at a certain point so I couldn't finish the game. This bug re-occured thrice in a row, but then a game restart "fixed" it. I also read in the fourms that quite a few other players also had this bug. But even more of a problem is the complete lack of saves/checkpoints during the majority of the game. And you will die quite a lot making you having to replay the whole thing over again. If you know what to do and don't die you can finish this game in about 10 minutes. And even if you don't know what to do you would probably just take like 30 minutes to finish this. But because of the lack of saves, the playtime will bump up to about 2-2.5 hours which is just stupid.
Review from 76561198079503759Short Horror Game for $3 isn't bad. Monster audio footsteps makes it it hard to know where it is. Stealth Meter feels useless. I've been caught in in complete darkness while the monster is unable to see me....on top out of view in the vents. Average game overall. Can be beaten within 30m.
Review from 76561198026578513什么憨批游戏,主角没有回血机制,固定3-4下被按倒。死了就得重来,没有存档,全程黑得连毛都看不见,也没有任何引导,能通关完全看玩家的个人背板水平,纯纯的折磨:(
Review from 76561198031948013Zero chekpoints Stealth mechanic isnt working Busted, terrifying AI. Sound desing is terrible, its like enemy is everywhere and nowhere at the same time, you just need to guess. Avoid or wait for an update.
Review from 76561199082786874very frustrating game, it has no checkpoint and i did have trouble finishing the game because of the bug for the last key on where you put the dolls it's not respawning in the bathtub
Review from 76561198054418342Хороший представитель своего жанра Ретро (VHS) хорроров. Час напряжённого геймплея (а если пытаться найти секреты – и того больше). Первая встреча с ведьмой врезается в память! :) Это второй проект инди-студии Disrate Studios (первый Bughouse), и уже начинает складываться стиль разработчика: плавное начало, ненавязчивые дела, вроде уборки, выноса мусора, и т.п., и потом тебя кидают в самое пекло! Игра, средней стоимостью пачки сигарет, себя вполне окупает.
Review from 76561198039475565no checkpoints inside the house, monster kinda quiet until it's not and blows your eardrums out, stealth meter kinda worthless and you can get spotted at max stealth with stuff obscuring you
Review from 76561198376005179Caso você queira ter uma experiencia lenta e massante devido a esse jogo, vai na fé. Em comparação com antecessor deste, ele leva para algo mais furtivo em gameplay e menos história em direto caso. Aqui temos um entregador de pizza que foge de um bixo maluco na casa, o puzzle é sem sentido com o que é dado a nós como pista e vira basicamente um: "quão bom em speedrun você é por causa de suas runs e binds do bixo que você foge". Particularmente, o primeiro jogo "Bug House" ou "Muleque esquizofrênico" me agradou muito pois mostra uma gameplay sem ação nítida, mas, a aflição continua da mesma forma impactante que faz com que esse jogo seja relembrado por essa empresa. Em humilde opinião, o jogo em si comparando ao anterior é bem inferior pelas minhas expectativas e gosto pessoal, porém, caso você esteja procurando este tipo de jogo, no caso, fuga/perseguição mais puxada para ação, é uma perfeita escolha para você. Ass: Fenixxee.
Review from 76561199240562771Jugué este juego en un vídeo, el inicio es bastante rápido, solo hacer algunas tareas en la pizzeria, luego se convierte en un juego estilo granny donde debes ir haciendo puzzles para conseguir las llaves y escapar, lo malo es que es demasiado oscuro y difícil, la bruja siempre sabe donde estas y cuesta mucho poder investigar la casa, aun así es divertido pero desafiante, si quieres verlo antes de decidirte, te dejo mi vídeo :) https://youtu.be/g721ZlPC18U I played this game in a video, the start is quite fast, just do some tasks in the pizzeria, then it becomes a granny style game where you have to do puzzles to get the keys and escape, the bad thing is that it is too dark and difficult, the hag always knows where you are and it costs a lot to be able to investigate the house, even so it is fun but challenging, if you want to see it before deciding, I leave you my video :)
Review from 76561198034831659I recommend this game if you know what you are getting into. Its a indie low budget short horror game where you try to find keys to open the exit door while a mother Witch is chasing you. Thats basically it. For $3 its ok I guess but there are a million better games out there to spend your time on to be honest.
Review from 76561198141969735a very terrifying fps horror game!!! i highly recommend the game specially those who enjoy low polygon horror like puppet combo.
Review from 76561198378289774Es un juego de terror bastante bueno, te mete presión para que estés muy nervioso, el único contra es que escapar de la chica es muy complicado ya que siempre sabe donde estas
Review from 76561198035870774Great game!
Review from 76561198109025126A great horror experience, you can tell that the developer knows what they are doing with the horror genre. This game has some great mechanics like stealth which when coupled with the sound design creates a very unnerving atmosphere. So if you are looking for a good scare I would def recommend this!
Review from 76561198032637462https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=213XaGcXaus This game had me stressed out. I had to deal with some pesky bugs that have thankfully been fixed so everything is good now. The game is a bit dark but never unreasonably, it's more of a warning for content creators who'd like to upload videos. You will go long periods without your flashlight on so it'll be tough for viewers to keep up. Let's start with the good. The graphics are fantastic in that retro aesthetic kind of way. The lighting in certain areas really draws out the feeling of how shitty of a situation you are in. If you're into PS1 aesthetic / retrowave Unity stuff, you'll like this. The music is a jam. The pizza place is cool, but the music definitely elevates it. It made me happy to be there and have started the game so it's a fantastic way to introduce the player to the world. Now let's talk about the issues I encountered. The AI is a bit dumb but the smart kind of dumb so it saw me through walls sometimes and didn't know how to handle me hiding under a table. It seems to have the ability to know whatever floor you're currently on so that's annoying. The footsteps are completely untrustworthy so don't rely on those because even the directionality of the sound will lie to you. It doesn't matter much because after the 2nd or 3rd try, you'll be running all around the house not really caring about the chase. The initiation of the chase is so blaringly loud that it becomes obnoxious after the 2nd or 3rd chase and like I said, you'll be running around not caring about being chased so your ears will definitely be tortured by it. I can't think of anything else but I did enjoy the game. I felt pretty satisfied in beating it so I am glad that I played it. I'm just not too sure other people will have the patience for it. Thanks for making games!
Review from 76561198049970506我现在满脑子都是 oh~a~~wua~~oh~a~~wua~~oh~a~~wua~~oh~a~~wua~~oh~a~~wua~~oh~a~~wua~~
Review from 76561197985130438Similar to granny but has it's own unique level of challenge and style. For this style of horror game it's a godsend to be able to interact with things this quickly and not being restricted to holding one item at a time is much appreciated.
Review from 76561198355273164Intense moments, some clever puzzles as well as a decent soundtrack makes this a must buy for horror fans! Check Out Some Gameplay: https://youtu.be/8U11run2Juc
Review from 76561198042280507It's almost good. Except for the fact that table undersides and nooks of furniture aren't tagged has hidden areas in the same way that vents and crawlspaces are. So, you'll be puppy-guarded the whole time, even though the attacker moves away periodically.
Review from 76561198066040342Very swag