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Blade-Shift Rage

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Review from 76561198846983711[h2]Blade-Shift Rage[/h2] [h1]2D Ghostrunner?[/h1] Blade-Shift Rage is a lightning-paced, combo-chasing 2D action platformer that follows the story of Blade-Shift Delta, a super soldier with lightning-fast reflexes and the ability to teleport instantaneously. Armed with a sword and revolver, players must dodge attacks, perform combo kills, and uncover the truth behind a betrayal in a city filled with enemies. Inspired by Hotline Miami, Furi, and Katana Zero, the game offers a unique blend of ultra-violence and engaging mechanics. [h1]About This Game [/h1] [h2]Storyline [/h2] Blade-Shift Rage puts players in the shoes of Blade-Shift Delta, a powerful super soldier who embarks on a relentless rampage through the city to uncover the truth about a betrayal. The story sets up to be intriguing, but it may not reach the narrative depth of some other similar games. While the writing is interesting, it lacks the storytelling finesse of games like Hotline Miami 2 and Furi. The lore and world-building could benefit from further exploration, leaving some players wanting a more fleshed-out and immersive experience. [h2]Gameplay Mechanics[/h2] Blade-Shift Rage boasts well-balanced gameplay with gratifying combat mechanics. Players can execute lethal one-hit kills, adding intensity to the battles. The "Blade-Shift" teleportation ability adds strategic depth, allowing for agile evasions and swift eliminations. Sword combat and shifting mechanics offer precision and stylish enemy dispatching. However, certain controls, especially jumping, feel somewhat floaty, posing challenges in precise platforming. Thankfully, platforming isn't the primary focus. The implementation of pick-upable ninja stars and gun combat is generally satisfactory, but occasional shooting delays may render the gun unreliable in critical situations. [h2]Visuals and Audios[/h2] Blade-Shift Rage impresses with its stylish aesthetic, drawing inspiration from games like Hotline Miami and Furi. The graphics and room-clearing animations reminiscent of Hotline Miami, coupled with interesting boss fights inspired by Furi, contribute to a visually engaging experience. The soundtrack stands out as a major highlight, matching the indie game requirement for an outstanding OST. The combination of visuals and audio creates an atmosphere that complements the game's fast-paced and intense gameplay. [h1]Pros[/h1] [list] [*] Lightning-paced, engaging gameplay with satisfying combat mechanics. [*] Unique Blade-Shift ability adds depth to combat and platforming challenges. [*] Stylish aesthetic inspired by Hotline Miami and Furi. [*] Impressive soundtrack that complements the game's atmosphere. [/list] [h1]Cons[/h1] [list] [*] Some bugs and crashes experienced during gameplay. [*] Controls, especially jumping, can feel floaty and imprecise. [*] Level design varies in quality, with some levels being less enjoyable. [*] The storyline and writing could benefit from more depth and exploration of lore. [/list] [h1]Conclusion[/h1] Blade-Shift Rage is a fun and engaging 2D action platformer that successfully blends elements from Hotline Miami, Furi, and Katana Zero. Although not without its flaws, including some technical issues and variable level design, the game manages to provide an enjoyable experience, especially for fans of the ultra-violent action genre. The impressive combat mechanics, stylish visuals, and an outstanding soundtrack make it a worthwhile adventure, even with its limitations. As the first proper game developed by a solo developer, Blade-Shift Rage showcases promising potential and leaves players excited for future projects that could explore the game's lore and narrative in more depth. If you're looking for a lightning-paced, combo-chasing action platformer to kill some time and enjoy a dose of ultra-violence, Blade-Shift Rage is a worthy choice. [b]Reviewer:[/b] Midplayz I love blades [b]Rating:[/b] 7.5/10 [url=https://store.steampowered.com/curator/38888018-United-Critics/] Please follow [b]United Critics[/b] for more quality reviews.[/url]
Review from 76561199073215121It's a nice little Hotline Miami inspired game. Is it perfect? No. There are a fair few bugs and crashes I experienced, the movement is a little too floaty for my liking, and some of the level design is questionable. However, the game manages to be an engaging and fun little experience that manages to bring some new things to the table while still feeling like it was inspired by Hotline Miami and other games such as Furi and Katana Zero. If you want some ultra violence to kill an afternoon, I recommend this game, as the simple yet intriguing mechanics keep it engaging for its brief run. For a game that's 4 bucks, and potentially lower if on sale, it's a blast, and it's even more impressive when you consider when this was made by one guy, and is that one guy's very first proper game. Oh, and the soundtrack absolutely fucks. I mean, it's an indie game, and apparently every indie game is required to have an OST like that.
Review from 76561198025573915Fun game! Picked this up on a whim and have had a lot of fun with it. The gameplay itself is mostly really tight and well tuned, although the controls, especially when jumping, can feel a bit “floaty” at times and that can make it difficult to make precise jumps. Luckily, platforming isn’t really a big part of the game. The attacks and combat are really satisfying, with the enemy death animations feeling really well done and satisfying. The shifting and sword combat mechanics work really well and are a lot of fun to use. It’s quite enjoyable to teleport behind an enemy and use your blade before he has time to even turn around. The pick-upable ninja stars work great although they feel like part of a mechanic that was only half finished - it seems like there were originally intended to be more pickup options but it ended up just being ninja stars. The gun combat is cool because the bullets can pass through enemies and hit multiple, but occasionally it seemed like there were weird delays when trying to shoot, which made the gun a bit unreliable in a pinch. Not sure if that delay was intended or if its a bug. The level design is hit or miss, which I assume is a result of this being the first game from a solo dev. Some of the levels were great, some I just wanted to be done with (I’m admittedly not done with the game yet) Overall a fun package, if a little unpolished in some areas
Review from 76561198344450876when delta said its ''its ragin' time'' and blade shifted all over the president that was the best part
Review from 76561199121149432Mash Hotline Miami and Furi together, and this is the game you get. It just so happens those are some of my favorite games of all time, and I absolutely enjoyed getting good with this one. If you liked either of those games, this is definitely worth a play. You get the soundtrack style, the aesthetic, the graphics, the 1-hit kills/1-hit downs, the room-clearing, and the brutal executions of HLM. From Furi, you get elements of the moveset and some interesting bossfights. I don't have many gripes when it comes to this game. I think the story was setting up to be something great, but it doesn't hold a candle to the story of Hotline Miami 2 (though that's a pretty high bar to set). The writing wasn't as strong as I think it could've been, and I think this game would stand to benefit from a sequel that explored the lore more thoroughly. It was interesting, but it felt almost shallow. Furi handled its story well by showing instead of telling. The writers weren't spoon-feeding you the story or lore-dumping, but they were strategically dropping bits and pieces in a way that kept you interested, but left you satisfied. The cutscenes and their buildup got me excited every time I saw them, since they reminded me of HLM2 so much. When they were through, though, they seemed to mostly fall flat. That's about the only thing keeping me from giving this game a 5/5. (There are some bugs, of course, as is expected. They can be worked around, thankfully.) I think this could have touched on some similar themes as HLM as well, with how easily the protagonist was driven to "KILL THEM ALL." Food for thought.
Review from 76561198096115133If you're looking for a game that will challenge your reaction time and quick thinking this one is for you, 100% ready for speed run (in-game timer available), but if you want to take your time and search every corner that's no problem.
Review from 76561198032767341Для тех, кто тоже, как и разработчики игры, устали ждать продолжения Katana Zero
Review from 76561198012699274The best indie game I've played in a long time! This was really fun to get to grips with and play through. Would highly recommend for some hack n slash fun.