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Review from 76561197970705552Ocean <3
Review from 76561198095693072pretty good game it feels like berserk but with a bit lag on the controls also sometimes you cant blast the enemies must be a minor bug still rpetty fun
Review from 76561197975483145I normally wouldn't post a review for only seventeen minutes, but these Speccy games need reviews! Frenzy is exactly what you think it is, but this port is quite a bit simpler than the original, but far more difficult due to design choices. First, you cannot kills the robots unless you are shooting directly at their heads. Second, Evil Otto (who looks more like a Lemon Head candy) is SUPER fast, and unless you are close to an exit he will run you down. So overall I recommend this game because it is dirt cheap ($1.99 USD) and fun. And if you have a Steam Deck and set FPS to 50 and the TDP down to 3 watts, you will get more than six hours out of your battery! Will I play this game six hours? Probably not all at once, but I can see myself picking this game up randomly over the years.