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Shift of War

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ActionIndieEarly Access
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Review from 76561198960638069Muy bueno,falta pulirlo y agregar unos detalles que podria hacerlo mas interesante.
Review from 76561198054380729The game has room for improvement, but we are talking about an Indie game with all the letters. PROS: - Although not perfect it's easy to get used to the controls. - Fun with friends - Different difficulty modes, it can be really challenging. - Once you get the hang of it, you'll be hooked CONS: - Maybe it lacks a tutorial mode to get used to the controls. - Npcs sometimes get stuck in the game - Sometimes it's hard to find your way around the map In short, the game has potential, it seems that the developers are invoculted with the critics and are updating the content regularly. I hope they continue to make it a great game. I recommend you to give it a chance!
Review from 76561199405188615This game really has a lot of potential, I hope they keep updating and adding good things like they are doing. Not knowing what contract they will give you gives the game a bit of randomness, the mercenary mode is very difficult xD but well, it is the most difficult mode for a reason The survival mode is super cool and when you play with friends everything is more fun, all games should have the cooperative option
Review from 76561198045475326i like it yea its early but fun
Review from 76561198112819846I would say this game is appropriately priced, but perhaps it should actually be free. I feel like i just wasted four bucks and my time. The graphics are low-res cartoony Nintendo Switch quality, yet there are still random frame rate drops. The difficulty is WAY too high to the point that gameplay can be more frustrating than fun. There are also no difficulty settings and there are just too many enemies. And they are all major bullet sponges, taking around ten shots each to kill. And they all spray bullets in a wide range and rush your position fast. Trust me, you will see the game over screen constantly. There is also no way to manually save, so you must repeat the entire level each time you die. You also can only rotate the camera very slightly each direction but not fully. And you cannot zoom in or out, so you are constantly being shot at off-screen. There's a lot more work that needs to be done with this game for sure. As it stands currently, I cannot recommend it all.
Review from 7656119818027925130分程度ソロでミッションをやってみた感想 ・敵の数に対してプレイヤー1名では突破困難(1面もまともにクリアできない)  とくに、敵のショットガンが強すぎ ・レベルが上ってるみたいだけど、何が上がってるのか不明 ・初期スタート地点の右に、武器を購入可能なヤードがある。
Review from 76561199066900254The thing is this game has good potential but i'm getting mixed messages from it. stuff like the AI's bullets literally moving at the same speed of a sufficiently motivated rock while your bullets act as you would roughly expect from bullets. AI are dumb and in my 30 min of play have gotten stuck on nothing multiple times, basically stuff you would expect of indie game launch day bugs. The main menu UI kinda looks ugly to me but hey you might like the look of it. I really hope the dev doesn't get bored of it because it genuinely looks cool but still needs work I can not recommend it as of now