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Review from 76561199098305621Лучшее орудие для пыток.
Review from 76561198174310882Выиграл эту игру в каком-то конкурсе хрен знает когда. Хвалю
Review from 76561198030784015No:Worse is not a game, it's an e-book that's been dumped on Steam masquerading as a game. As a visual/interactive novel, this doesn't feature any notable gameplay, it's just a lot of clicking through badly written dialogue that would never have been accepted or published in print, which poses the question, "How did something this badly written end up on Steam?". When someone hoping to become an author is unable to get published in print, they spend $100 and dump their high school fan-fiction onto Steam, under the guise of a game. This Russian E-book has a lame anime theme and features Google Translate and a bunch of VN character/visual generator tool generated imagery... the visual presentation should be generally disregarded, it's the E-book equivalent of an asset flip. Visual novels/e-books are tedious at best... imagine the best novel you ever read, be that Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy or 2001: A Space Odyssey or Twilight (if you have terrible taste in literature), but then translate that to a format where the words dribble out and you have to click your mouse every time you wanted to read the next sentence, instead of just turning the pages. You'd think it was garbage. Now imagine that experience, but with much worse writing (because if these guys could write professionally, they'd be published authors and this would be on shelves in bookstores, and they wouldn't have to pay Valve $100 to self-publish this on Steam), and you have your average Steam e-book. One of the chief problems with failed authors polluting Steam with non-game E-books is that E-books can easily just be presented in a web browser... there's no justification for charging money on Steam for what might as well be a webpage. We don't spend thousands on buying a gaming rig to spend money on Steam for something Chrome or Firefox could do. You can get better quality books and comics for free online or from public libraries, or from bookstores for a fraction of the price of this "game". Steam isn't a comic book store, neither is it Netflix, it's for games. Your gaming rig is not a Kindle. It's impossible for me to recommend things to PC gamers that aren't really games. This E-Book has been translated from some other language into English... badly. If this was done through Google Translate, Google Translate should feel ashamed of itself. Regardless, the language in this game is broken and will put off a lot of gamers. The poor quality of this E-Book is reflected by how many people spent time with it. At the time of this review, SteamDB shows the all-time peak reader number was only 6 readers, and the worst part is these weren't genuine readers, these were the Russian fake review accounts that the developer paid to make the fake reviews. Since the fake reviews are all done, now the only reader activity occurs once or twice a month, presumably someone loading it up to see what it is then quickly uninstalling it. Considering there's over 120 million gamers on Steam and well over 50,000 games for gamers to choose from, the overwhelming lack of interest in this low quality E-Book is to be expected. [b][quote][url=https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2017/01/18/steam-takes-down-art-of-stealth-after-developer-posts-fake-reviews/?sh=750e13e12354]Warning: Review Manipulation![/url][/quote][/b]This E-Book features a large number of fake positive reviews from accounts known to be in the business of review manipulation/paid reviews. They're all written in either Russian or broken English, appear at almost exactly the same time, very shortly after the E-Book launched on Steam, all have a direct Steam purchase of the E-Book, and the accounts are used consistently to write fake reviews for asset flips and other cash grabs/scams. The "Positive" review score on this E-Book should be disregarded due to this blatant, unethical review manipulation. This is done to deceive and scam gamers into paying for a bad product. [quote][b][url=https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/marketing/profile]Profile Features Limited![/url][/b] Valve have marked this E-Book as "Profile Features Limited" at the time of this review. This is usually caused by poor sales figures and low community acceptance for the E-Book (to date). Until this status changes, this E-Book will not give you +1 to your Game Collector badge count, appear in profile achievements or any other Steam meta-accomplishments, nor can it be displayed in some profile showcases. If these factors are important to you, it may be worth holding off before buying this E-Book.[/quote]
Review from 76561198037308339Сюжет интересный, но вот спрайты девушек. Такое ощущение, что ничем друг от друга не отличаются. Не делаю сильный минус, скорее всего это фишка разработчика, но в глаза сильно бросается. Озвучка хороша, но вот со спрайтами нужно что-то сделать. 8 из 10
Review from 76561198843051411首先感谢双语组给予了我这次评测《NoWorse》的机会,其次我给予本作一个8分的评价。 [h1]总体上来看[/h1] 本作是一款无汉化的俄文世界观日式小说,非常神奇的缝合怪作品,讲述了在俄国人眼中一位日本艺术生在大学失业之后如何才能通过女人获得艺术家头衔 并因此改变自身的命运。非常神妙,俄罗斯人幻想中的日本人,靠着女人吃软饭艺术家,参展并获得荣誉,这些关键词结合在一起马上让你开始怀疑自己的眼睛究竟是看到了什么东西。我发誓,这绝对是不花钱看不到的怪东西。 [h1]下面是具体的评测内容 有趣的表现形式[/h1] 视觉小说的背景一般来说会选择较为精致的美图来作为剧情的发展背景,但是本作却在视觉小说中选择用固定背景+漫画风的角色+漫画式的角色表情,增加角色的情感表达并提升玩家的代入感。 各位女主角的形象鲜明有趣,虽然不是很懂发生了什么的,但是表情包的加入使得玩家能够在语言不通的前提下敏感的察觉到各位女主角之间的情感互动,每位女主角的特征都能从她们的动作,服装和表情中被玩家区分开。 [h1] 奇妙的俄式日本幻想[/h1] 在本作中,作者假定了一个生活在日本东京的俄罗斯艺术生,他和几位美少女在同一个画室,通过拜访大师获得校友会画展的参与机会并准备在其中扬名立万。 然而,本作中处处充满了俄罗斯人才会产生的日式幻想——比如说把一些不知所谓的词语写在窗户上,带着美少女队友一起去吃寿司套餐而不是烤肉,跟美少女贴贴而不是每天练画…… 巨大的文化差异,使得玩多了日式游戏的玩家能够在外国人的眼光中看看日式文化在传播过程中的神妙异化——还好我们的俄罗斯朋友没有画出来男女主角一起红菜汤配香肠,不然这部作品可就太劲儿大了。 [h1]综上所述[/h1] 本作是一款无汉化的俄文世界观日式小说,非常神奇的缝合怪作品,讲述了在俄国人眼中一位日本艺术生在大学失业之后如何才能通过女人获得艺术家头衔 并因此改变自身的命运。非常神妙,俄罗斯人幻想中的日本人,靠着女人吃软饭艺术家,参展并获得荣誉,这些关键词结合在一起马上让你开始怀疑自己的眼睛究竟是看到了什么东西。我发誓,这绝对是不花钱看不到的怪东西。 [code]双语评测,认准我们: [url=https://store.steampowered.com/curator/35263058-Bilingual-Curator/]双语评测[/url] Make Chinese and English speaker feel at home: [url=https://store.steampowered.com/curator/35263058-Bilingual-Curator/]Bilingual Curator[/url][/code]
Review from 76561198804637900Для столь дешёвой игры в целом хорошо, быстро пролистав её в целом мог бы рекомендовать к ознакомлению на 1 раз. Поворот в конце конечно поставил в ступор и в целом не плох. Присутствие озвучки тоже хороший плюс. Музыкальных мелодий хоть и мало но они хороши. В общем трата таких малых денег окупилась. Новеллой доволен.
Review from 76561198315689140не любитель визуальных новелл, но сделано очень хорошо, анимация и озвучка оч понравились
Review from 76561198060886374Ламповая игра, с приятными персонажами. Все диалоги озвучены. Топ за свои деньги!
Review from 76561198094685587藝大生の苦悩と恋愛を描いたヴィジュアルノベル。日本語非対応。 Live2Dで感情表現豊かなヒロイン達がかわいい。味のある絵柄のちびキャラもGood。 今までの作品とは違い、複数セーブ枠やバックログ、細かいオプションが実装されとても遊びやすくなっています。感動。 ストーリーは夢を諦めきれない藝大生の苦難を描いたものとなっています。名を上げようとコンペに励む主人公と、彼を支える4人の彼女(!?)。叙述トリック的な要素もあり、ラストの展開にはきっと驚くと思います。こういう後がない競争に身を投じる彼を見てると、大変だった受験時代のことを思い出して胸がきゅっとなりました。 かわいらしいボイスはロシア語/英語から選べるようになってます。どちらの言語も声優は一緒なのでお好みで。 [b] 気になった点 [/b] ・スキップモードをRead onlyにしても未読部分をスキップすることがある [b] その他 [/b] ・プレイ時間は1周約4時間ほど。 ・選択肢ありのマルチエンディング(6つ以上)。私は制覇できなかったので攻略情報求む! ・対応言語は英語・ロシア語 [b] 総評 [/b] ヴィジュアルがとてもかわいらしいのでオススメ。 余談ですが、本作のストーリーが楽しめた方は『左ききのエレン』っていうマンガもきっと気に入ると思います。
Review from 76561198113311804Начну с того, что играл во все проекты Алексея Изимова и они всегда сделаны качественно, а истории заставляют испытывать разного спектра эмоции. No:Worse не стала исключением. Прошел эту игру на стриме и скажу так, что я давно так не смеялся от души от хороших шуток, а сюжет целостный, который крутиться вокруг художника-недооценивающего самого себя. Единственный минус, который Алексей обещал поправить в ближайшем патче, это то что если не пройти на хорошую концовку сразу то нужно начинать сначала чтобы получить другие (этот баг был выявлен на стриме), зато другие игроки смогут после исправления насладиться всеми концовками и целостностью истории.Анимации стали еще лучше, задники как обычно на высоте, а вот еще один маленький минус так это музыка, но про нее уже читал в соц сетях Алексея и надеюсь у него получится и с этим справиться! 9/10 ставлю новелле и крайне рекомендую к прохождению!
Review from 76561198897146854На мой взгляд, это очень странный представитель визуальный новеллы. Игра короткая, но достаточно интересная, есть неожиданный (или я глупенький) поворот. Игры полностью на русском, что очень круто. Мне кажется, что по скидке эту игру однозначно стоит взять. Если скидки нету, то тут на своё усмотрение, потому что не каждый готов отдать 250 рублей за пару пару-тройку часов игры. Я никогда не умел писать обзоры, поэтому сильно извиняюсь за то, что у меня не выходит написать нормальный обзор.
Review from 76561197999014224Excellent anime visual novel with a good story and beautiful art.
Review from 76561198263249107Визуальная новелла о том как тяжело быть никчёмным бездельником, озабоченным к тому же. В особенности среди таких же никчёмных бездельников. Ведь никто так не умеет усложнять себе жизнь и выносить друг другу мозг, как люди не отягощённые работой и талантом, приложенным в правильное русло. Короче студенчество такая пора, которую просто надо пережить. А дальше пойдёт по накатанной. Семья, дети, работа, ипотека и всё наладится, жизнь обретёт практический смысл и не оставит времени для бессмысленных душевных терзаний. Просто потерпите.
Review from 76561198112424654Thank you. Beautiful. liked the interface
Review from 76561198856655434[spoiler] I. CAN'T. GET. THE. TRUE. ENDING. WTFFF? [/spoiler] But jokes aside, game is quite funny. Made me laugh a lot.
Review from 76561198120108002The music in this game is so freaking beautiful, but sometimes it's out of the context a bit. And the game is too short imo. I finished it in 3 hours. Overall - it's fine.
Review from 76561198025731804[quote][b]Check out our [url=store.steampowered.com/curator/36364102-Horny-Hentai-Festival/]Steam curator[/url] , [url=www.youtube.com/curatorhhf/]YouTube channel[/url] and [url=twitter.com/hhfcurator]Twitter[/url]![/b][/quote] [Kawaii/VN] Heartwarming and serious story about an art university. Greatly cute anime Live2Ded girls including chibis, Russian and English voiceover, multiple endings. [ADV] 切なく心温まる話。相変わらず可愛い。マルチED。今回はロシア語音声に加えて英語音声も搭載されている。ゲームエンジンもUnityベースのものに変更し、より遊びやすくなった。
Review from 76561199472085872The story in this visual novel is about love, family, friends, the past and the present's happy and hard times. Depending on your choices throughout the game you will unlock a different type of ending. The protagonist, Natsu Kashigaru, is an inspiring painter that wants to prove his severe dad that he's capable and talented, also, to convince him to start sending money over again lol. You don't really have much choices to make in the game (let's say 15-20) but I guess those choices influence the type of ending you are going to get. Also, the story has a twist at the end! https://youtu.be/YUtzrUq4bl4
Review from 76561198035607144It has cute girls and nice artwork. It's a quick read, but the English version has some typos + plot could have been fleshed out more.
Review from 76561198387667408The emotions in this game are so real. I'm so tired of the fantasy vns... And slice-of-life is always 18+ lol.
Review from 76561198026181859The ending??! Whhaaat?
Review from 76561198893041184The characters are crazy relatable, their stories had me hooked from the jump. Music was so-so, and translation sometimes isn't great, but overall - it's a nice game to play.
Review from 76561199111097444The art in this game is cute. Animations made every scene much funnier, ahaha.
Review from 76561198021058522The attention to detail in this game is off the chain. The art, the music, the writing - everything is on point.
Review from 76561199077003190The pacing in this game is perfect, but choices might not always feel impactful enough. English voice-over is quite weird, mb bcz VAs aren't natives. I recommend to switch to the Russian.
Review from 76561199103400994Finally, a decent UI?! Lol. Next time hire an editor, plz. Or use GPT, idk.,
Review from 76561199162167996I love the amount of the choices. But I can't get a true ending yet, why?!
Review from 76561199246794772The romance in this game is so sweet and had me rooting for the couple the whole time. But the ending, omg... I didn't expect that. [spoiler] I thought it was real! [/spoiler]
Review from 76561199089172166It rly captures the essence of pursuing your passion while dealing with a shit ton of the problems.
Review from 76561199159315517Miko's VA is really meme. Made me think about stuff in my life. Sometimes ppl yell at you bcz they want you to be happy
Review from 76561198157307409Pretty music and funny CGs. Male protagonist actually has a face (in the chibi CGs, at least)!!! The story is simple yet touching, and the characters are easy to relate to. The only drawback is that it's too short for some plot elements
Review from 76561198823691727Lolis and Hyouka are so supportive and add a lot of heart to the story. [spoiler] BUT THE ENDING?! [/spoiler]