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Jump Journey

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Review from 76561198092454365It's not going to be Skyrim, but it's a cute and addictive arcade game. It's a good value given how cheap it is and it's a fun time killer when you only have a couple minutes at a time. The graphics are cute but the game is actually pretty challenging.
Review from 76561198283834527I didn't think it was possible that something this cute would be so soulless and unfun. The breakdown: The game loses replayability extremely quick, restarting at level 1 repeatedly is not an ideal system for a PC game and such behavior usually stems from mobile games. The progression is slow and accruing points is painfully slow, especially if you want any of the permanent upgrades. The game LOOKS adorable but the fundamental mechanics strip away any fun that could be had. I have experienced worse games for more money. I guess $1 is fair enough if you want to kill a couple minutes to a half hour.