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Review from 76561198868692294Very nostalgic
Review from 76561198058926103Отличная ККИ
Review from 76561198387970354Excelente
Review from 76561199009275753Best card game there is.
Review from 76561198250678438Era mi juego preferido de cartas , espero que vuelva con fuerza con más contenido
Review from 76561198007933689Лучшая PvP-стратегия из всех, что я знаю. Сложнее и разнообразнее, чем HearthStone.
Review from 76561198082042207I'm so grateful these guys have put in so much hard work to bring back my favorite game! The legacy game while a little unbalanced is still my favorite. I'm glad they're keeping it available. Otherwise, I would have been very sad. The duelyst 2 version of the game hasn't quite won me over yet. I feel a lot of flavor is lost with the discarding of the generals' bloodbound powers and the dumbing down of many cards. Perhaps my opinion will change as I play more of it. I just hope they always keep legacy around too.
Review from 76561198020695789Cool game
Review from 76561198013950090hallelujah
Review from 76561198157500009staple game
Review from 76561198042422923IS BACK!
Review from 76561198096071868Great game, fun strategy gameplay combined with cool retro-ish pixel graphics! RECOMMEND.
Review from 76561198965495705Estas tan hermoso como el día que te perdí. Con tu ancestro corpóreo descubrí el verdadero significado de "solo aprecias algo de verdad cuando lo pierdes" Ahora que estas de nuevo aquí, entre nosotros, esparciré tus semillas y guiare tus palabras en el viento que exhalan mis pulmones. Te eché tanto de menos, viejo amigo. Bienvenido. Que no te engañen las pocas horas de juego... si pudiera recuperar el pasado, estas cifras quedarían reducidas a un simple chiste.
Review from 76561198047717196Good game. Good blend of strategy and action.
Review from 76561198078822243Absolutely adore this game, can't wait to pick it up on release xoxo
Review from 76561198026776459Risen from the ashes is the classic 2 draw Duelyst. It rocks.
Review from 76561198122285116nothing
Review from 76561198087412854An excellent cult classic is making an equally impressive return.
Review from 76561198073530813Duelyst II is essentially the same as WoW Classic: return to the first release of the game with option to play the Legacy - the latest Duelyst release before closure. They changed soundtrack to more peaceful one, added a play tracker and having two draws per turn again is great for not having to draw cards that draw cards. It is entirely possible now to empty the entire deck by recklessly spamming away.
Review from 76561198127282910Don't ever leave me again ;-;
Review from 76561199192209573mt foda lek
Review from 76561198216164625bes gaem evr :smiling_emoji:
Review from 76561198159435984For hearthstone and chess fans alike. Fun strategy card battler with cool guys to see on the board. Highly recommended.
Review from 76561198039602910TL;DR: Duelyst II is closer to a big gameplay patch than a polished sequel, and going backwards in almost as many ways as it goes forwards isn't good enough for a game that was abandoned years ago and that is now freely available as open source. More info: The original Duelyst was abandoned by Counterplay Games (CPG) years ago. This revival has been in the works for at least 1 year, and was advertised as the sanctioned remake, having the blessing of CPG. During that time at least one individual has recreated the game independently, and a couple of months ago, CPG made the original code for the game open source and at least one other project to revive the game has begun as a result. As of this review, this is the best way to play Duelyst, though still not a good experience in my mind. Pros: - Reversion to a beta patch that the original game was designed around and then moved away from. - A good number of the most high variance cards were adjusted for the better.* - Some of the worst cards in the game were buffed or reworked, several in interesting ways. Cons: - The original Duelyst was lacking in basic features, like a way to see all card played in a game via a history tab or a "graveyard." This has not changed, despite several cards relying on this information. - Disconnects are too common. I disconnected from 2 of the 3 games I played during the last public test. Recently, I attempted to play a friendly match and instead ended up in a ranked game with a different user. -* One of the most prominent high variance strategies was reduced in overall power, but still functions in the same highly random way. There are many cards changed that were right to be adjusted but the changes made were very uninspired. -There is no Gauntlet ("draft" or "arena") mode upon release. In the original game, this was a great mode for new players to build their collection, now they will funneled in to the ranked queue (no unranked exists) and potentially face players with a much larger card collection. - Loss of community focus. This may have begun as a passion project by fans, but it has since lost its way. The team working on this remake knew the original Duelyst was going open source, but maintained their silence even when it was made publicly available (and testing for their own remake was not publicly available). If the core concern was enabling people to play Duelyst again, why not advertise this? The current state of Duelyst II is not clearly better than the Duelyst .60 patch that it modeled itself after. If the goal was to simply return the game to this state, then why change some of the most well known cards and move to public release without a draft mode, a la Gauntlet? If the goal was to instead improve upon the work CPG did, then many of the most obvious and requested QoL improvements are absent. The remake falls short on either grading scale. The Dev team is approximately 25 people, roughly 10 of which are active according to one developer. Perhaps their newly released Kickstarter will give them the required funds to hire more active developers, though they are already the largest fish in the Duelyst remake pond by a substantial margin. In order to recommend this game to a new player the bare minimum I would need to see: 1. A functioning draft or "pauper" mode for players with small card collections 2. Fewer disconnects and technical hiccups I love the core gameplay of Duelyst, but not quite enough to recommend this remake. I hope to be able to return to this review and remove criticisms as they are addressed.
Review from 76561197983486769yes
Review from 765611982032037589.5/10 one of the best card games I've ever played, and the monetization is fine too.
Review from 76561198025148070DUELYST 2. is a rework, and sort of a call back to the faster variants of the original builds of DUELYST. If you like free to play things, and you like strategy, this game is awesome. Imagine chess, but you have a deck full of your own units / spells / artifacts to play, An enemy general is your goal, kill them, you win. Same for you though. Use a wide selection of units, spells, and artifacts that your general equips (sorta like hearthstone). The board is like I said chess like, 9x5 tiles. Most units can move 2 forward or 1 diagonal space. Every action, every reroll, every HP matters. Or you can just make meme builds around silly things like I tend to do. An active community including streamers and the like has already funded the new kickstarter for the game! ALSO! the original DUELYST build is also in the game if you want to play the slower paced legacy build. Admittedly I am a smidge biased to this game, and its return since I was one of if not largest backers of the original! If you use Eclipse, Lux Ignis, or Dioltas. Those are my cards / OCs! Enjoy, or suffer their wrath as your foe my very well use them! (Side not Lux got a huge buff in DUELYST 2) And if none of that sold you on the game. EVERYTHING can be obtained free aside from maybe the wayward emotes, or card skins. So much so that was probably why DUELYST Legacy ended up falling off. But, hey now we get the best of both worlds as DUELYST 2 has the Legacy mode!
Review from 76561198021449176Лучшая ККИ в мире
Review from 76561198274289662I'm so glad that this game is finally going to come back, no other game really has the same combination of CCG with turn based tactics that this one does afaik
Review from 76561199238506433THE BEST
Review from 76561198081682679well played
Review from 76561198120899142I was pretty skeptical about some design elements but bravo you guys I remember why this was so anticipated.
Review from 76561198212866201This game is fantastic to play for any enjoyer of deckbuilding games. I fell in love with the visual style and gameplay, the mixture of traditional cardgame mechanics mixed with positioning strategy is a refreshing blast for anyone who has played games like Hearthstone and its clones.
Review from 76561198042954503Amazing game, show out to the new devs for their hard work bringing this gem back!
Review from 7656119805665202699% songhai in queue
Review from 76561198290747118This game was my shit for 4 years, glad to see another team is getting a crack at it. They're rolling back and scraping off all the crusty layers of bad expansions and bandai namco too. From what I've tested, the game is functional and competently programmed, and it's looking promising, and even the set we got to play with here was rebalanced a bit from the original launch set.
Review from 76561198271153974game
Review from 76561198275466670Better than Duelysts 1
Review from 76561198075804704No no come back i need more! :(
Review from 76561198120766389Meilleur jeu de stratégie !! A vous de faire votre choix de cartes et de tactique à employer pour gagner. Si vous aimez l'univers fantastique et le pixel art, foncez :D
Review from 76561198128038092man, draw 2 feels so good :peepohappy: also nerf magmar
Review from 76561197970649786The PLAYTEST is sweaty af. Nah I'm glad I quit this game the first time around. No thanks.
Review from 76561198045388669I know it's just the playtest page(?), but honestly duelyst is probably the best online ccg to come out of the last decade, and if you're a fan of the genre at all you owe it to yourself to check it out
Review from 76561198098711528.
Review from 76561198099789506The game is about finding the most effective way to humiliate your opponent.
Review from 76561198096899900Make Duelyst Great Again!
Review from 76561198026159005glad to see this game again
Review from 76561197970331058A great revival of a great game.
Review from 76561198256552394I legitimately made myself sick because of my need to play. The best tactics game you can find, varied without output rng and tons of depth.
Review from 76561198180537769if your not a bot and can use your brain this game is very fun
Review from 76561198046700778No matter how you tinker around with your deck, be prepared for long losing streaks that will make you feel miserable. When the generals had abilities (So while Duelyst 1 was still up and running )you had some kind of measure of turning around the match, but as it is now, every small mistake you make becomes [b]extremely punishing[/b]. The game is still in a playtest phase so i can't be too harsh. Just know that a lot of balancing and restoring some of the old cards must be done in order for this to be enjoyable again.
Review from 76561198029934304Great community, great mechanics, great fun. Would recommend to anyone interested in card games or RTS games. It's the best of both worlds!
Review from 76561198180790749Gucci
Review from 7656119873733508310/10 Game
Review from 76561198025329775Some people missed when the game used to make you draw 2 cards per turn, and many more missed Duelyst after the servers went down. Now we all can rejoice: Duelyst is back, and so is the double draw feature! Get this game and start grinding, it's fun, brainy, and gorgeous. There's no game comparable to this!
Review from 76561198062126079its great, just a tad outdated
Review from 76561198106085924Finally its coming back. It was a good & fast paced game in its last iteration, but now its even bringing 2 Draw back
Review from 76561198003069755One of the best if not the best card game is back from oblivion! 10/10
Review from 76561198040860746so glad its back
Review from 76561198056329657The return of my favorite game
Review from 76561198104592846Some of the old cards were hitting the spot more but still is a masterpiece
Review from 76561198143270836Really have been enjoying this game. Good mix of turn based play, plus card mechanics. The creature art is great.
Review from 76561198074565142Amazing revival, its not the same, yet retain the same spirit of the original from the beta, this is truly a work made with love, dedication and a lot of attention to detail, i have high hopes for this game, something i havent felt in a long time in the gaming industry, i have faith in this game, reaching its potential, best of luck to this amazing and unbelievably amazing team.
Review from 76561198013662686Shaping up to be an excellent recreation of the first title and sporting a faster format with standard 2-card draw, this groundbreaking game genre is fresh and exciting. I expect that Duelyst 2 will become the new standard model for collectible tactics games and I can't wait to see what else is around the corner.
Review from 76561198109811660Возвращение лучшей ККИ. Есть изменения, некоторые спорные, НО! Партии все так же уникальные и сверхинтересные! Всем добра и хорошей игры
Review from 76561198213175719Good concept meets good balancing!
Review from 76561198073057644This is my favorite card game, I was quite distraught when the original game met its end; I'm glad to see this project making headway, the reversion to two-draw is something I am neutral on but things seem to be trending in the right direction. Not necessarily the most balanced card game, I still recommend others give it a shot and I'm looking forward to the full release.
Review from 76561198039000093Just like the original game! Tactical card chess at it's best!
Review from 76561197960775960Duelyst is the best game
Review from 76561198162179000It's pretty cool. I'm looking forward to the full game releasing.
Review from 76561198321292843God level game. This game makes my life complete.
Review from 76561198027869578It's back; it's finally back!
Review from 76561198158613469Tive muitos problemas de desempenho, entretanto, o meu amigo que possui um computador com especificações piores conseguiu jogar, eu por mim mesmo não conseguir jogar, mas , vi o pessoal jogando e parece um excelente jogo de estratégia, uma pena eu não poder ter jogado...
Review from 76561198082389790good
Review from 76561198998226157i miss my wife
Review from 76561198349395809borat very nice mah waif
Review from 76561198410314341We Back !!