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Stormworks: Industrial Frontier

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Review from 76561198927743570.
Review from 76561198868901797You get exactly what you paid for, its another island and some more features. Is it worth 9.99, no, but its exactly what is advertised so. I would say this should've just been a free update.
Review from 76561198176895515i've had this installed for several months and still don't know what it added
Review from 76561198196646634Definitely the worst of the 3 dlc. All it does is add a small map that's just a desert and like real life the desert is empty.
Review from 76561198891622484i have no recollection of buying this
Review from 76561199024554781Ok, I think this should've been in the main game, but it is a lot of fun, very good for road trips and such. It's a huge area, and I think the island is not the best part of this DLC. It's the animals. It adds a bunch of animals, especially dogs! Overall I recommend this DLC, it adds a lot to the game and is fun, especially if you enjoy driving!
Review from 76561199486904690Reall good DLC, everything is nice and gives more area to blow everything up. Mining and animals are nice and adds another way to make money in career mode, would recommend.
Review from 76561198416334541
Review from 76561198094417686its ass
Review from 76561199522125735можно добывать нефть и строить демократию...спасибо)
Review from 76561198417076812本当に1200円の価値があるのかは分からない()
Review from 76561199176543323gud
Review from 76561199025141746horrible
Review from 76561199445406966Ok
Review from 76561199451637894it is not as good as search and destroy but it is still good
Review from 76561199260205479ДЛС не доработан от слова вообще часа 4 трудишься над добычей золота и переработке и получаешь 10к...... бес мысленная покупка
Review from 76561199311711191in industrial DLC is Chernobyl power plant!!!!!!!
Review from 76561197998115486trains and dogs
Review from 76561198359566675Oil simulator
Review from 76561199057461722Cool, yeah, I like that!
Review from 76561198103006159Can't reach the gold dirt sifter because it's 8 meters up. Huge balance issues making fishing with a rod (that has the welding torch description and hitbox) more profitable than mining (gold) :(
Review from 76561199217385373можно отыграть ЧАЭС. Длс это только для рп, я люблю рп по этому +
Review from 76561199018806473This is def there for the more grinding players, but if you just enjoy sandbox, not worth it unless its on sale But if your into the grind, then this is a must have 6/10
Review from 76561198053740603I know that this is not a review but i wish to know how to use it as in as in add it to my worlds? looking for advice
Review from 76561198055831176With the lack of any air/land vehicle sounds, it's kinda hard to recommend. It does add a big new area to the map to explore, but not much else.
Review from 76561199136428785I have no fucking idea what this added other than funny island and like... more mining or something. 10/10
Review from 76561199041074994nah man, idea itself is pretty nice, mining and stuff but its all just gimmick, poorly implemented, just buy space but if you want to get anew island sure, perhaps just buy this if you want a new island, but otherwise not worhit
Review from 76561198189613709Good dlc, but the biggest problem with this game is the 4096 character lua block limit. If you have to make a separate "65535 lua limit instead of 4096" dlc for $20 then do it, I don't care what it takes. The bottom line is that creativity is severely limited in this game by this limit. People are have to cascade lua blocks together into a massive nightmare of unmaintainable code to circumvent this limit. Spending 3 months abusing the microcontroller editor to circumvent this limitation is not fun. Raise the 4096 lua limit to 65535. I will never change my review to positive unless this ever happens.
Review from 76561199051357883it adds pretty much nothing (other than the extra map part)
Review from 76561199077055053Cool
Review from 76561199493045289i cant find dog:(
Review from 76561198991774723meh pretty good
Review from 76561199218148751The map is great for roleplay and there is mining but there aren't enough features and new items.
Review from 76561198107088663too buggy
Review from 76561198881403832Одно из интересных (вау) длс, однако разрабы снова сделали пук-среньк и попали в просак. Купил длс? Поздравляю, заходи в игру, жми галку, новый континент ииии....а что дальше? А дальше лезь в ютуб или сообщество и ищи что нужно делать лол. Ни туториала, ни малейшего что/как/куда нету. Наполненность новой карты? Что это такое? Объекты? Кому это нужно? Комьюнити схавает и сделает самостоятельно 25 натянутых желтых и коричневых текстур из 10
Review from 76561199025835955very cool
Review from 76561199113204082LOL AMERICA GO BRRRR OVER OIL
Review from 76561198274191829Сойдет
Review from 76561199435516289I'd say it's worth it for the Desert Continent, it doesn't add much besides that though. Definitely worth it if you have Friends, and do a Roadtrip with them.
Review from 76561199237675338pretty okay but the price to high tbh
Review from 76561198110931988How do you mine? How do you even do anything in this DLC it feels like a second map that a modder could have made. What else is there???
Review from 76561199081639855thing
Review from 76561198007055049fix your game
Review from 76561198379670684Blank Boring non fleshed out dlc that feels like a beta more than anything. So the usual Stormworks stuff.
Review from 76561199131308044This DLC isn't fully working for me. I have map and other things but i can't drill oil. This dlc have some bugs
Review from 76561199058541021Я брал исключительно новой зоны ради, т.к. аспект с добычей ресурсов меня не слишком интересует. Впрочем я не прогадал. Зона забита интересными местами, брошенная електростанция, гигантский телескоп, порты/Аэропорты/большие станции для поездов. И отличающийся от других зон рельеф.
Review from 76561199445448447Not really worth it unless you want to farm money like mad. Or want more land for something.
Review from 76561198827794804mid but the continent is sick as hell
Review from 76561199035777087This DLC wont let me spawn any vehicles and the search and destroy DLC i only get the map and in the search and search and destroy DLC i only get the npc enemy's. if anybody knows how to get these vehicles pls tell me
Review from 76561199229712250i got the dlc and its been interesting, since geometa has sold the last 2 (ie space and this dlc) dlc's (no pun intended) pretty bad, this one i think is only worth getting if you like animals or just want more large continents, but i don't use the map at all tbh. but the game itself is still W no matter what
Review from 76561198000510670There's not much more that can be said other than what has already been said. The new island is nice, as is the idea of some of the mechanics, it's just poorly implemented, which isn't a surprise when you stop to consider this was supposed to be a coast guard rescue game and never had the existing framework to properly incorporate something like this.
Review from 76561198368996448nah
Review from 76561199063878423It shouldent be mostly negative
Review from 76561198346789290Its cool to mine.
Review from 76561199021880251I find the DLC very cool, but what bothers me is that you can not disable the oilspills, because they are very annoying and can cause the game to lag. Would like to see a setting.
Review from 76561198977937820barely any new content, and that is broken too.... good job devs.
Review from 76561199097061533If you're looking for a review on this DLC you've come to the wrong place, but if you're looking for an outstanding pie recipe you've come to the right place. Ingredients: 1. 6 tablespoons unsalted butter 2. 1/2 cup white sugar 3. 1/2 cup brown sugar 4. 1/4 cup water 5. 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon 6. 1 pinch salt 7. 5 apples - peeled, cored and sliced 8. 1 pastry for double-crust pie Directions: 1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F (220 degrees C). 2. Combine butter, white sugar, brown sugar, water, cinnamon, and salt in a saucepan over medium heat. Bring to a boil, remove from heat and set aside. 3. Roll out half the pastry to fit a 9-inch pie plate. Place bottom crust in pie plate; pour in apple slices. 4. Roll out top crust into a 10-inch circle. Cut into 8 (1-inch) wide strips with a sharp paring knife or pastry wheel. Weave the pastry strips, one at a time, into a lattice pattern. Fold the ends of the lattice strips under the edge of the bottom crust and crimp to seal. 5. Pour butter-sugar mixture over top of pie, coating the lattice, and allowing any remaining sauce to drizzle through the crust. 6. Bake in the preheated oven for 15 minutes. Reduce heat to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C), and bake until the crust is golden brown, the caramel on the top crust is set, and the apple filling is bubbling, 35 to 40 more minutes. Allow to cool completely before slicing.
Review from 76561199051155383No está mal, lo compré únicamente para tener un mapa más grande.
Review from 76561199107606104Крутое длс, добавляющее руды и крутые механики.
Review from 76561198278997929this DLC adds in some nice new content, a new island thats ~1.5 times the size of the base game island and a new climate zone. the mineral processing and trading is a gimmick, it seems like it would be cool, but its frankly far too much headache for any pay off you get. The animals are another gimmick, cool for 15 minutes then you never notice they exist (except when your missile's radar sees a shiny cow and ignores the plane right in front of it) this DLC is wildly overpriced, it should've been $3-$5 at most, not $10.
Review from 76561198815614165I'm still gonna mark this as positive, since they truly worked hard on it. But there are a multitude of problems, and like everyone else said; it should've been in the base game. $10 is a scam, maybe not EA level but still pretty high, if they could counter some of these issues than I'd recommend it 101%. Hopefully they'll fix or change some of the things that make no sense, like the hoppers being far from the tracks and trains being the main source of transportation.
Review from 76561198011046355Длс прикольное, советую взять по скидке
Review from 76561198318226419Waste of money
Review from 76561198351635774worst DLC ever by the worst devs ever
Review from 76561199076595207Вот вам один остров на этом хватит вся суть этого DLS !
Review from 76561199085268165I like how the map expanded and there animals now. If I'm going to be honest this dlc isn't worth it for me as I don't actually explore the map. I hope the money from this will go to some bug fixing...
Review from 76561198854137811Just an island and some oil.
Review from 76561199094135469yes and yes all i can say is yes
Review from 76561198208602349completely worthless
Review from 76561198433120550Very serious bugs appeared with the release of innovations and "SPACE" dlc, a lot of things that don't work, work partially a lot. [b] I STRONGLY DO NOT RECOMMEND BUYING DLC UNTIL THE NICE FIXES ARE RELEASED [/b]
Review from 76561199051785551За цену в 259 рублей я получил: -Пустой остров -Мертвую как мамаша разработчика оптимизацию -и несколько новых блоков которые нахер никому не нужны
Review from 76561198429134916This DLC was mediocre when it came out, but now like literally nothing except in the game works except space so don't buy it till that's fixed.
Review from 76561198084983943+
Review from 76561198157968609I love stormworks, the base game and what its about. Rescue... These new DLCs they are making are so stupid. Just keep it to mainly boats and of course rescue. Weapons is cool but other than that industrial and space are not worth it. Give us rescue update or fishing dlc. or try and fix multiplayer to be less laggy.
Review from 76561198828697291Fix Your Garbage Geometa.
Review from 76561198977740820other game developers would add this for free because it ads basically no extra content . these developers just want to scam you out of your money . don't buy this half assed "dlc" you will regret it
Review from 76561198439715313It's alright, but I don't know if I'd recommend spending 10 bucks on it, I'd wait for a sale if you want to get it but it doesn't really add much except for a new island.
Review from 76561198842332852The game is completely broken on all vehicles
Review from 76561198816809446Worth for the current price (40% discount) otherwise don't buy this DLC
Review from 76561198821732069again, devs churning out dlc's every year, eatch with less quality, the weapons dlc was fine because it was good with alot of content, and this ands an entire CONTINENT, yet still, this churning out of content is just... no. give me a playable game, devs, not afghanistan.
Review from 76561199014117108Kinda mid still liked it
Review from 76561199093527694I cannot even begin to describe the magnitude of this ♥♥♥♥♥♥
Review from 76561199215291849Pointless DLC that should’ve been a standard update, and NEW DLC THAT BROKE EVERYTHING.
Review from 76561198806442148ГОВНО ВЕРНИТЕ ДЕНЬГИ ТВАРИ
Review from 76561198242944716all it does is add a massive map and mining... i'd recommend if it was cheaper
Review from 76561199222471714.
Review from 76561198878148554A good map dlc but only a map dlc but I like when computer go killself
Review from 76561199088295212Для карьеры это очень нужный доп контен
Review from 76561198067571842I think this is good I like the mining mechanics (but I do agree they should put the hoppers in the rails) I also think the map is beautiful and as a train fan I do appreciate the sprawling rail network it adds and the fact that I can blow up a crocodile with a tank gives it a an immediate 10/10 (also to the people who call it scam have you even seen a modern AAA game just be glad a DLC of this price actually give us more then a skin)
Review from 76561199388746468it has OIL *FREEBIRD STARTS
Review from 76561198330181234Honestly kinda useless. The new biome is refreshing to have in the game, but I can't say the game really needed it and the new parts it's brought haven't really been that useful.
Review from 76561199061708303I personally would recommend this just because I enjoyed the extra land and all the huge roads and train tracks along with the animals. I have seen a few people saying that this should’ve been free which I would disagree, but take that as you will. I think this DLC has great potential and I hope the devs are trying their hardest to fix bugs that have been issues with this DLC, like mineral selling (I haven’t tested that myself at the time of commenting). One final note is that i think buying this DLC, it is more for those who have 10 dollars to spare and are not struggling with the thought of if it’s worth it or not.
Review from 76561197985154113garbage, only half good part was the animals and you just pay for increasing map size, the bridges are so steep that almost no train can pass
Review from 76561198057112640Much better than the dls "search and destroy". At least it brings additional mechanics and interesting activities to the game without breaking the gameplay.
Review from 76561197987702503Achei excelente colocarem um novo mapa! Adorei ter um continente pra poder usar veículos terrestres.
Review from 76561198089343389just no
Review from 76561198841787764Bad
Review from 76561199047811575Fucking sucks
Review from 76561198119493325I wouldn't say this is a scam but i wouldn't say this isn't a scam 14 and a half dollars for an extra island and some animals that you can't interact with
Review from 76561198996536965das beste am dlc is die große insel der rest interesiert mich nd