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Review from 76561199052755399Ich bin ganz ehrlich, ich musste eine weile überlegen ob ich das Spiel empfehlen soll oder nicht. Ich hab mich dann für ja entschieden, da im eigentlichen nicht so schlecht ist. Um es durchzuspielen habe ich die angezeigte Spielzeit benötigt, sprich drei Stunden. Anschliessend geht es nur noch um Münzen zu farmen um sich über das Terminal "Fame" zu kaufen mit dem man auf der Rangliste nach oben steigen kann. Dafür ist mir das Spiel aber noch nicht ausgereift genug um da weiter Zeit rein zu investieren. Vielleicht spiele ich wieder wenn es neue Updates gibt. Zum Spiel selber lässt sich nicht viel sagen, die Beschreibung ist schon recht akurat. Das einzige was ich ergänzen möchte, ist dass aktuell die Automatisierung zwar vorhanden ist, jedoch momentan eher überflüssig und im Spiel selber sind gerade dazu ein bissle zu wenig Berschreibungen verfügbar. Geholfen hat der Guide mit seinen FAQs, da waren ein paar hilfreiche Hinweise dabei. Man kann es spielen und mit 5 Euro ist es auch ein angemessener Preis, das auf jeden Fall Potential hat.
Review from 76561198066625638Excelente jogo, ele fecha sozinho as vezes, mas não perco progresso.
Review from 76561199085979472its a great game but it constantly needs keep up" was using it when i write a script wish the game instead of using a mouse i can just click "A"S"D"W" and it shows me what im going to click on cause if there a water fast or a plant and a water drop the game doesnt know what i want to grab. But this game could of been better if you made it where the garden will attract animals and by attracting animal you can attract other and if i buy there nest/breeding room. they can make babies that i can sell so the game is more rewarding since this game is make plants sell pay to unlcok stuff but i think adding a feature where the animal become the key focus. AND adding a RIBBON/SCORE for your garden upper left. It would make the game have more depth as a idle game. Cause the animal come random and then i as a player can get some dopamine hit with new animals and me needed learn what cause it to come by ect
Review from 76561198096067158Cute little game that fundamentally fails to follow through with its main tagline, this is *NOT* an idle game. Aside from the waiting around for your crops to grow there is simply too much running around to be done to call this an idle. I'd load it up to have in the background while watching videos, but every time would end up not paying attention to the videos because I was too busy pulling weeds and throwing bottles of quickly spoiled milk in the trash can. If you take your eyes off the game for too long, your animals will likely starve as I found the weed regrowth too slow even on the largest map, and I couldn't work out if chickens even end up being profitable, I'm sure I was spending as much on their food as I got back in eggs. Finally, I never ended up touching most of the items in the second/third shops. The electronics and automation items were too finicky and difficult to understand setting up. By the time you get that far in the game, you've probably got things laid out nicely with not too far to go to 100% anyway. Glad I bought this on sale, cute little game but not what it says on the tin.
Review from 76561199038360496é um jogo muito bom, e um ótimo passa tempo
Review from 76561199027130538all I want to see is the little yellow coin
Review from 76561198094763766These games stress me out. Thanks for helping me learn that
Review from 765611995997227160.右侧商店前三个是种子第四个是土壤 1.购买一个种子 2.放进开具就有的土壤里 3.把偶尔出现的水滴(每个种子需要2滴)用鼠标拖到种了种子的土壤里 4.等待种子长大 5.收获,并把果实拖到左上角方框里出售 新手引导结束,去种地吧!
Review from 76561199000705699fun to play at school
Review from 76561199229785010Add an option to delete save data
Review from 76561198153381716아기자기한 그래픽에 여유롭게 할 수 있는 idle 게임인줄 알았으나 생각 외로 수확한 작물관리(시간이 지나면 썩는다!)와 가축관리가 바쁘고 전자부품/전자회로 설치가 가능한 복잡한 게임이었음. 여유롭게 플레이 하고싶다면 농작에만 집중하는 편을 추천.
Review from 76561199226763612good c:
Review from 76561198845688548it's fun to play.
Review from 76561199177685833It's Kinda Like An Afk Game
Review from 76561199592942667Me have a question, can a pet lay an EGG? me curious also get the game if you have patience if not just do something else i watched you_tube the time playing the game
Review from 76561198048488627It is with a heavy heart that I can not recommend this game. Because I want to! I want to love this game. I do *like* it, and if the game worked as intended I would recommend this game. The fact that the game doesn't explain most of its mechanics isn't the worst thing I've dealt with, though that is a big detriment. Its the crashes. The glitches and bugs that make it hard to play. This is meant to be a relaxing experience that, once you set up automation, you can kind of leave alone for a while and come back to. But thats not how it plays because if you leave it open it will crash on you. Some sort of memory leak issue means that if you try to automate and leave your cute little game go, it will crash too quickly for you to be able to get any satisfaction out of it. If this game gets fixed up, its going to get a good review from me. As it stands though, I can not recommend this game.
Review from 76561199021535000If achievements are important to you at all, don't get the game. It's a cute game, to be sure, but it is so incredibly frustrating to finish the game (twice!) and realize the game never unlocked any of your achievements. And the developers are unhelpful- the amount of rage from watching them answer other discussion questions and ignore yours is enough to make you spiral for an afternoon- believe me. I would love to love this game, but it's a broken game and knowing how these developers in particular work, they are on to their next game and unwilling to fix this one.
Review from 76561198276237133我以为是挂机休闲游戏,结果是要一直盯着农作物进度实时浇水一刻都停不下来的种田游戏。到自动化要肝很久,操作说实话也很折磨,后期重叠东西很多拖来拖去挺麻烦的……体验下来仿佛在进行枯燥乏味得流水线工作一样身心俱疲玩到焦虑……你说它好吗?那似乎好像又还行…… 感觉自己天天都在被袜子社骗.jpg
Review from 76561199280979559cute game really cheap worth playing even for just like 20 minutes trust me bro its so charming
Review from 76561198796466427I sold a cat for 2 dollars
Review from 76561199310014297Joguinho muito fofo :3
Review from 76561198004718969Quite fun and very short game. I think the price should be lower. PROS - delightfil - chill and fun CONS - horrible "click maping" that frustrate and makes the fun worse - looks like unfinished project from game jam than a small game Overall 5/10
Review from 76561199217613836弱智但好玩儿
Review from 76561199537082634아기자기 귀여운 게임. 근데 번들로 같이 샀던 가드너 게임이 실행이 안 되어서 같이 환불 요청해버렸다;;; 버그였다!!! 환불 취소함ㅋㅋㅋ
Review from 76561199368656788tuin is dutch for garden.
Review from 76561198795582930I'm enjoying this simple and great game. By the way, animals at the top space does not move anymore, and the game stops suddenly due to an error. Hope this bug get fixed soon. I report here since I cannot access to the community.
Review from 76561199240854634Very good game. could have more content but quite fun
Review from 76561198859628243To preface, I will periodically come back to add to this review at different stages in the game (This is the type of review I would personally like to read about) 7/10/23 - Just downloaded the game - There is no way to change the size of the text, so the crop descriptions cover a large portion of the game play - There is no tutorial, which so far, the planting mechanic has been mostly intuitive > I will say the quest crop selling combo mechanic was not obvious to me. The visual box for which crops are needed are horizontal, however, the selling menu opens up down vertically. I thought this meant that crops had to be sold consecutively, and did not realize you could sell them at the same time. - Just unlocked the construction tab, I am trying to figure it out. It is less intuitive than the planting. It is definitely confusing, but I think given a little bit of time, I will figure it out. - Trash can lid disappears. Not sure where it went or how to get it back 7/12/23 - I have a few hours logged, all shop tabs unlocked and upgraded once My complaints so far>> - The progression is less straight forward with the automation and building - I have unlocked an item to make bread, but I have yet to unlock a mill to process grains. - If you accidentally purchase something, there is no undo button (I have bought around 5 trash cans now) - The trashcan lid will disappear at one point, and buying a new trash can does not fix this(you can still throw things out though) - Deleting items is INCREDIBLY cumbersome, you have to delete things one at a time using the bomb item(cost 1 coin) > I had built a pen for my animals and wanted to change the type of fences I used, and it took a decent amount of time to delete all of the fences - Trying to set up an automation process is very tedious because it is difficult to pick of the specific item you want when you layer hoses, cables, and other items > Personally, I would like to see the implementation of a mode where you can move hardware and such that is different from the regular mode used to pluck veggies, press buttons and such - Weeds can still spread if you encase them in fences that state they prevent weed spreading - Trees produce fruit unbearably slow - Trying to destroy conveyor belts crashes the game My enjoyment so far>> - This is actually quite fun to have in the background, I think it would be more enjoyable without the automation mechanic. Maybe I just don't understand how to properly utilize the stuff yet. - Economy seems balanced if you do the quests - Animals are very cute > chickens and rabbits work together perfectly - Fun to have going in the background - Even with the parts of the game that decreased my overall experience, I still very much enjoy having this run in the background
Review from 76561199111567079Good game if you like patience or multitasking (or gardening (ᵃⁿᵈ ᵃ ᵇᶦᵗ ᵒᶠ ᵃᵘᵗᵒᵐᵃᵗᶦᵒⁿ)) I'm not the most patient person but ill give it a 6/10
Review from 76561198065352813fantastic, cute little idle game that can be as complex as you make it. i like playing it while watching youtube :) (I also have so many more hours on the itch version of this game lol)
Review from 76561198414035330cute little game, but a bit too tedious especially in the mid game
Review from 76561199029178397Man I love this game a lot
Review from 76561198086286917Este juego es casi como un playground de un juego de granja mas ambicioso, pero sigue siendo entretenido. Como crítica constructiva, arreglaría el tema de los caños de agua y quizá un tutorial de como poner la bomba, dado que tardé un buen rato en darme cuenta que iba dentro del pozo de agua.
Review from 76561198024994537It's a cute game. I'm not sure I'd call it an "idle" game, but it's a decent implementation of a farming sim. I like that I can have a cat. It seems to have a memory leak: the more animals I have, the faster it crashes while trying to pathfind. It saves so often, though, that when I start it again it's right back where I left off, so it's not too big of a problem.
Review from 76561198990930666planbt
Review from 76561198086739466good
Review from 76561199164555008good game :) my only complaint is probably the terminal is kinda wonky and sometimes the app force closes when ive been playing it for too long but nevertheless i had a good time
Review from 76561198810912161its a nice enough mini game, but for the price, not really worth it (yes even at this price). Compared to similarly priced games such as Pyramida, this game has so little playing potential, it starts getting repetitive from the very beginning....... Its also really hard to grasp objects in the game. I uninstalled it after clicking madly to move a gate between the trees......
Review from 76561199081419763super fun to mess around on wish there was more to do because after you unlock everything you're pretty much done but its very fun
Review from 76561198171121861
Review from 76561198073416866Es gibt Spiele von Sokpop, die cozy und gut gebalanced sind und viel Spaß machen (wie Simmiland, Stackland und Sunset Kingdom). Tuin gehört leider nicht dazu. Alles ist gefühlt unendlich laaangsam...... Ich schätze ab einer bestimmten Stelle im Spiel ist das von Vorteil- Am Anfang ist es super langweilig (und ich habe ein Herz für langsame cozy games). Was dazu sehr störend auffällt, wenn die Pflanzen fertig sind und im Warenkorb zum Verkauf liegen, verotten sie sehr schnell. Also hat man im dümmsten Fall sehr lange gewartet, bis die Früchte reif sind, um sie gleich verrotten zu sehen :S Da ich die Grundidee (wie bei Gardener) mag, hoffe ich se bauen ein Spiel, was in eine ähnliche Richtung geht und dann besser gebalenced ist - das würde mich freuen :)
Review from 76561198000343785It's an interesting idea for a game and a somewhat novel take on the idle genre. Now that I've blown 4 hours 100%ing it, I will likely never touch this again, to be honest. I can't really say the game is BAD, but it is very, very tedious. Even automation is tedious and highly dependent on experimentation... And not even FUN experimentation, owing to how fiddly the mouse controls can get. Getting animals (which are, by and large, almost entirely useless) is based on RNG; you can sink well over two hundred coins into hatching eggs before you get one of each. As long as you can get it cheap enough, there's no reason not to pop this guy up onto a tiny screen and watch YouTube or something while you're "playing" it. But, I would probably go for one of SokPop's more entertaining offerings, instead.
Review from 76561198038701561[h1]TL;DR[/h1] [i]Tuin[/i] has the makings of an excellent game; however, in its current rough form, I'd struggle to recommend it over any other farming/factory simulator. [h1]Sand off the Splinters[/h1] [i]Tuin[/i] has the makings of a very smart little game. You can definitely tell there's a lot of thought put into mechanics that can really blossom and grow in the future. The game in its current form already has 3 stages: the farming stage, the tools stage, and the electricity stage. Each stage brings cool new toys that already has a decent feel of progression. Unfortunately, while [i]Tuin[/i] does seem to have a fun center, getting to it is quite the challenge. The game's UI is simply difficult to navigate. Having a clunky hand icon is thematic, but difficult to use when so many little things in the game stack on one another. The lack of some pretty basic features as well — zooming in/out, keyboard panning of map, delete items from map (easily) — seems like a big oversight. The biggest issue however, is the complete lack of a tutorial in the game. I understand it may be a purposeful design decision, but the scaffolding isn't there to support a "try-and-find-out" approach. Additionally, because the player is constantly burning money to grow crops, it's expensive and punishing to buy something to test it out just to find out it's not very useful. While some mechanics are relatively intuitive, such as watering crops to make them grow, others really need some explanation or diagrams. There are so many doodads in the game that I absolutely cannot figure out how to make function or cannot figure out the purpose of. [b]Score[/b]: 5/10 [b]Recommendation[/b]: Check back in the future to see if the game is more polished by then. It's not a bad game, but it's too rough around the edges right now.
Review from 76561199194076210p l a n t s
Review from 76561198155262278
Review from 76561198062845702Great quick little jaunt at a management game.
Review from 76561198191441145It's a great background game, absolutely amazing. Petite, with a nice art style, allowing for a minimalist tab to take up as little of the screen as needed. The early game is really fun as it is a tiny garden to manage yourself. However, later on it's not really good as a background game as you need to be managing it all the time, or dive into the slightly confusing systems of cooking bread automatically, or feeding an animal and becomes more of a chore. Overall, great game right up until the 4 hour mark (you can reset whenever you'd like). Highly recommend.
Review from 76561199211668561This game is quite fun, but the electric self watering stuff is over complicated, animals will refuse to eat, the trash cans lid will randomly stop existing, the game wont save sometimes, and sometimes crops will just pop out of existence randomly. if they fixed all the bugs and changed some other stuff, this review would be positive, unfortunately, I doubt this game will ever get an update, so just save your money.
Review from 76561199051492023Line?
Review from 76561198239299156Very cute and simple game :D
Review from 76561198046902881Very buggy. No explanation/guide on how to build things and make things work. Crashes. The settings to pin buildings (so you don't drag them around accidentally) keeps turning itself off automatically (how!?) Very annoying that I cannot make the screen actual bigger, full screen just makes everything blown up, making it very annoying to look at your farm as you expand it.
Review from 76561198072301078🧅🥕🥔🐀
Review from 76561198144093757This game is like most other Sok-Pop games. Cheap and short. You'll probably get through all of game on your first day of playing. I do with there was more automation,
Review from 76561198058648285Just sit back and relax
Review from 76561199163019228Сначала вы начнете с дыркой, картошкой, и каплей воды А затем построите ядерный завод 10/10
Review from 76561198075338452Great Simple game with very intuitive gameplay
Review from 76561198109406050mmm plants
Review from 76561198097430750Neat little farming focused idle game, def worth the price, especially if you enjoy automation
Review from 76561198415325990잔잔하고 귀여운 게임이라서 좋다 sokpop의 게임을 여러 개 구매해서 해보고 있는데 게임 자체가 어렵지 않기 때문에 영어로도 충분히 플레이 가능하다 하지만 언어 설정에 한국어가 있으면 더 많은 유저가 즐길 수 있을 것 같다. I like it because it's a calm and cute game. I've been playing several Sokpop games. The game is not difficult, so you can play it in English. If there is Korean in the language setting, more users will be able to enjoy it.
Review from 76561198024961872An idle/semi-idle farming game that you can play on a small window, checking on it only from time to time, is a cool idea that I'm glad to see put to the test. Sadly, I think Tuin fails that test. In the early game, lack of a way to make a water reservoir and ever-expanding weeds that cover and halt your crops growth means you need to check on your garden a tad too often as for me to call this idle. In the late game, you can have so many crop growing at once that you never run out of stuff to do. At all times, Tuin demands too much of your attention for what in principle it's trying to be. Needs some refinement. I had fun for most of my first playthrough, I'm happy I bought and played this, but I wouldn't really recommend it, unless you are just very curious to see how the concept was handled, as I was. It's a cheap game so you don't lose much by trying anyways, just, keep low expectations.
Review from 76561198056106380Eh, not a must have. I wouldn't consider it an idle game, but easy to play when listening to something else.
Review from 76561198315210568Tuin is therapy
Review from 76561198234708476Good! 9/10
Review from 76561198091153684Tuin is an odd ‘idle’ style gardening game, as even with the best end-game automation, the game still needs to be babysat in some capacity. Still, it’s a fun little distraction to have the corner for when you have a minute. The game to this day has some odd crashing issues, but nothing that makes it unplayable (unless you're on Mac).
Review from 76561199199961331i love this game! i can not stop playing! it is very calming and addicting. but i have a bug where every time i boot up the game again, the lid on the trash can is not anywhere to be seen. and i have a suggestion; i think you should be able to scroll out to make the map tinier to make everything a bit easier and quicker to get to instead of having to move around a couple inches a mouse move at a time. other than that i love this game so far.
Review from 76561198161349230fun and cute
Review from 76561198908790562Its a nice game....... Well expect how there are weeds that make you look litreally at the game every second. Expect for that its a really nice and relaxing game
Review from 76561198134219338I had a great time playing Tuin, but it definitely isn't an Idle game like it says, which is good because idle/incremental games are usually either cash grabs or have such a long tail that you burn out. "Plant seeds, pull weeds and sell vegetables - all while doing something else!" That would be nice except there are weeds that pop up and halt progress, and plants that do grow and need to be harvested, sold, and replanted. This is a good thing because there are already tons of idle games that are designed to take thousands of hours, so this really is more of a farming game and I would not attach the word 'idle' to it, and I have enjoyed it more because of that. Another great SokPop experience based on discovery and exploration!
Review from 76561198068599737The game is rough around the edges - the UI is not very user-friendly and the game crashes frequently (though thankfully it saved my progress every time it happened). It's also not an idle game, despite what the tag/store page says; the game doesn't progress as you have it closed and although you can automate certain tasks later on, the game still needs active participation. That being said, I find the game really charming. The gameplay and the graphics are simple in a good way. And considering its size, scope, and short development time it has a surprising amount of depth. I also appreciate that they went back and fixed the bug with the achievements not working.
Review from 76561198861520301it will not open the second time i try ed to play
Review from 76561197992313677かわいいデザインとシンプルながら自由度の高いシステムのガーデニングゲーム。 最初は小さな土地がどんどん大きくなっていくのは楽しい。 操作は基本ドラック&ドロップで水玉をつかんで植えた種に水を上げていくところからスタート。 定期的に生えてくる雑草などはクリックで除去するとたまにコインがもらえる。 左上にある依頼された野菜を売ることでボーナスがもらえ、序盤はそこから生計を立てていく。 施設が拡張されていき最終的には動物も飼育できるそう。 ため池とポンプのシステムもよくできていて、ため池に引き入れる道具やポンプ自体の操作に蛇口にも開閉がある。 一見シンプルなデザインだけれどしっかり道具として機能しているところにこだわりを感じている。 ゴミ箱なども一度ふたを開けてからごみやいらないものを入れてふたを閉めるなどちょっとした人手間がかかるのが実にいい。 小さなウィンドウで片手間に遊べるので、作業の合間にちょっとした農園ライフが楽しめるミニゲームだ。 基本は英語しかないが難しいものはないので苦になることはないだろう。
Review from 76561198054950557Can't recommend while it has bugs like achievements not working, trashcan suddenly not working, and a few other things that just weren't quite right. If it weren't for those, it would be a really fun game! Not an idle game in the slightest though lol. More of a micromanager.
Review from 76561198812146557Picked this up on a whim and ended up getting addicted to it for hours while just watching some DBZ in the background. It's obviously not that exciting of a game but if you like stuff like this you'll probably like it. I enjoyed it and got my $5 bucks worth. :D
Review from 76561199130078397pig keeps on eating my pumpkins 10/10🐄
Review from 76561198023776638Doesn't feel intuitive or fun to play. I think this fits the solo sim genre more than idler, so not having a time changing option doesn't feel right. Also, rotting plants is pretty annoying especially not being able to remove them until you can buy stuff later. Left a bad impression starting out.
Review from 76561197974048189Game needs a lot of work. Interface sucks donkey dicks.
Review from 76561199037530873This was a fine game, but definitely didn't feel idle at all! Buggy but very cute. I would love to see more games like this come out.
Review from 76561199062661256Great game, I love it The only issue I have is that the achievements don't work
Review from 7656119810079003216 pumpkins omega money
Review from 76561198941004442재밌는 게임.
Review from 76561198976142067좋다
Review from 76561198060820388Beautiful game with smart mechanics and more content than I thought. But still pretty small and sometimes frustrating with the controls and functions. Could use a little more dev love to become a true indie gem but stands pretty well as is. Would have topped the chart at Newgrounds but at 4 euro I might expect just a tiny bit more polish. Still a good little time sink on a sunday.
Review from 76561198283041974真的不如这个工作室的卡牌前作,又肝又累 这个游戏没有缩放功能,后期操作要不停地挪视角,累 游戏里只会对每个物品有说明,但不会对组合用法有说明,比如从水塘引水到水龙头,完全是看着游戏商店页面的摆放方式才学会的 电力系统完全没动机去尝试,反正左上角的收购只会收农作物,花了大价钱升级的电力商店,会出几个根本无作用的物品 我这个时长已经解锁了游戏内所有内容了,非常对不起这个价格,以后不会再无条件支持sokpop的小游戏
Review from 76561198811756369helps with my ADHD 10/10
Review from 76561198155488671Not that many hours of game play but it was fun while it lasted :)
Review from 76561199178019030nice idle
Review from 76561198986543575Yeah It's a good game, fun planting is relaxing I'd recommend getting the game after they fix all the random bugs though try this game in like 2-4 weeks
Review from 76561198158944687还不错,但是点击逻辑最好能优化下,想除草会点到水管栅栏这种。要先移开在除草,有些阴间
Review from 76561198202657718Wonderful little gem. Apparently, sokpop collective's games are supposed to be about 1-3 hours, but I've sunk in almost 10 already. Worth it.
Review from 76561197965198493Super chill. Sits in a corner of your desktop while you do other stuff and irresistably pulls your attention away from that other stuff. Play it slowly and passively, or try to actively optimise your farm. There's more to this little package than you first think.
Review from 76561198049813155TL;DR: Chill farming game but some issues here and there As it is cheap you shouldn't expect amazing polish, but some issues are kinda annoying. Need some bugs that need to be worked out like potted plants not being affected by sprayers (If this intended, then I question the devs for making it needlessly pedantic) Also having no way to increase to window's size beyond it's current maximum is meh I'd rather see my whole farm than having to slowly pan over In general, I suppose just asking some players "What are your pet peeves with the game" and removing such needlessly unnecessary restrictions would make it far more enjoyable Dunno if sokpop does sales, but I'd say just wait for one or if you're really committed and don't mind a bit of jank then enjoy what is otherwise a cute chill game
Review from 76561198010447531Fun game, plants grow a wee bit fast if you're working on something intensive. In any case, it's worth the money, especially when you start trying to figure out how to automate it.
Review from 76561198365261262I think this game really has a lot of potential to create a cute little farm you can have running in the background and design as you please. Definitely worth a buy if it's on sale as it's surprisingly addictive and the art style is really cohesive and aesthetic. Sokpop doesn't really update games, so it's likely these issues I have with this game will persist indefinitely, which is why I won't come back to this game for much longer, however the time I've had with it has been fun and satisfying. I don't expect them to be fixed but hopefully they're read by someone and are remotely helpful in game design. So here are my issues. 1. The weeds Weeds spread across the terrain very quickly and it's incredibly monotonous to clear it up in the earlier game when you can't necessarily afford effective ways to manage it. It's a problem I don't want to have to deal with when I'm crafting my little farm and although it matches the theme and gives you something to do while you wait for plants to grow, I'd much rather just leave the game on in the background for a while. 2. The fences The fences in this game are very finnicky and the grid based design makes it difficult to make them easy and intuitive to use. You can't place fences against the borders, which is annoying and easily amended. 3. The UI The UI functions well and makes sense, but I'd like for it to be a bit more collapsible, so I can just admire my farm. 4. The Camera The scale (especially when in fullscreen) is just too zoomed in for my liking, and it makes it annoying when I have to plant crops or move the camera side to side to view the entire farm. I'm pretty sure that's it. I wouldn't be surprised if I designed a game a bit like this down the line with a bit more focus on idle play and automation, which, while Tuin allows for, it still requires a sometimes tedious amount of mindless work. On another note, this was my first month subscribed to Sokpop's Patreon and I'm already blown away by the quality of their games! Can't wait to come back next month!
Review from 76561198038617507Really fun! I think the dev plans to address some minor issues but it's great as is.
Review from 76561199019616763Very very fun to play while also doing something else.
Review from 76561198130393575Fun game if you want to do something else in the mean time. At times very frustrating because of the grab system. I would recommend the maker to adjust the movement to grab item like fances as you meant to grab a corn or carrot. Also the bug with the hoses is garbage, speaking of garbage. Garbage can doesn't even work. At least as far i have tested, Extra feature would be nice like windowed mode where you can adjust the screen game to your liking. As far as now I am done with the game and will wait for an update. ---{ Graphics }--- ☐ You forget what reality is ☐ Beautiful ☑ Good ☐ Decent ☐ Bad ☐ Don‘t look too long at it ☐ MS-DOS ---{ Gameplay }--- ☐ Very good ☐ Good ☑ It's just gameplay ☐ Mehh ☐ Watch paint dry instead ☐ Just don't ---{ Audio }--- ☐ Eargasm ☑ Very good ☐ Good ☐ Not too bad ☐ Bad ☐ I'm now deaf ---{ Audience }--- ☑ Kids ☑ Teens ☑ Adults ☑ Grandma ---{ PC Requirements }--- ☐ Check if you can run paint ☑ Potato ☐ Decent ☐ Fast ☐ Rich boi ☐ Ask NASA if they have a spare computer ---{ Difficulty }--- ☐ Just press 'W' ☑ Easy ☐ Easy to learn / Hard to master ☐ Significant brain usage ☐ Difficult ☐ Dark Souls ---{ Grind }--- ☐ Nothing to grind ☐ Only if u care about leaderboards/ranks ☐ Isn't necessary to progress ☑ Average grind level ☐ Too much grind ☐ You'll need a second life for grinding ---{ Story }--- ☑ No Story ☐ Some lore ☐ Average ☐ Good ☐ Lovely ☐ It'll replace your life ---{ Game Time }--- ☐ Long enough for a cup of coffee ☐ Short ☐ Average ☐ Long ☑ To infinity and beyond ---{ Price }--- ☐ It's free! ☐ Worth the price ☐ If it's on sale ☑ If u have some spare money left ☐ Not recommended ☐ You could also just burn your money ---{ Bugs }--- ☐ Never heard of ☐ Minor bugs ☑ Can get annoying ☐ ARK: Survival Evolved ☐ The game itself is a big terrarium for bugs ---{ ? / 10 }--- ☐ 1 ☐ 2 ☐ 3 ☐ 4 ☐ 5 ☑ 6 ☐ 7 ☐ 8 ☐ 9 ☐ 10
Review from 76561198087168224Tuintje
Review from 76561199225010887非常有趣的挂机种田小游戏,还有电力、小动物等元素。
Review from 76561198161482986Just got it and I've been addicted ever since Could use a couple of fixes and added features (such as a visual timer for when harvested crops are gonna expire) but otherwise I really recommend this fun little game
Review from 76561198037924559Rub has done it again! Really love this one and I appreciate the bug fixes, I've been playing it all afternoon! :)