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Bowling Hills

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Review from 76561198864454174I need to start by saying this isn't what you're looking for if you want realistic pin physics. The pin physics, while passable, isn't exactly this game's selling point. But, even though I played this game as a die-hard bowling nerd (as well as friends that are also die-hard bowling nerds), the game is still a blast. It controls really great, and the game's premise is done really well. Honestly, the only thing that's missing are the pins. Maybe it's a unity limitation, but I would love if I was able to send crazy messengers and such.
Review from 76561199227462404이 가격에 이 게임은 말이 안 됩니다. 너무 쌉니다
Review from 76561198982977087I love bowling games and this one is very cool! I just wish there were more than 4 bowlers to pick from and also different lane styles. I like to bowl on a traditional lane too. I'm glad I got this game. Not bad for 5 bucks.
Review from 76561199022242398Honestly, this game was really fun! I thought this game was going to be a buggy mess because I found this game while looking for dumpster fires, but instead, I got an actual fun bowling game that I can play with my friends, given I am not bad at this game (not that good at it either though). The multiplayer works with no bugs that I've come across yet, and the same with the single player that I just play from time to time. Awesome game!
Review from 76561198043554829This game is fantastic! Golf and Bowling! What a mix!
Review from 76561199224703246premetto che il bowling è uno sport difficile da simulare in videoludico, ma posso dire che questo gioco nonostante la grafica semplicistica ha delle meccaniche di gioco profonde, ogni tiro non è mai scontato e giusta la scelta del mouse. super consigliato AGGIORNAMENTO: Purtroppo sono costretto a mettere a distanza di tempo un feedback negativo, e sottolineo non per la qualità del gioco, ma per il menefreghismo degli sviluppatori, che non sono capaci di fare le patch di aggiornamento, il gioco mi smette di funzionare crashando nel menu, e mi devo sentire dire che non possono risolvere e che devo tornare a giocare ad una versione beta del gioco, senza parole.... dopo chiaramente aver pagato il gioco ho diritto a ricevere gli aggiornamenti....
Review from 76561199389144464bellissimo gioco, direi uno di quei giochi dalle meccaniche semplici, ma dall' ottima giocabilita'. consigliatissimo.
Review from 76561198166789695This is the greatest bowling experience of all time
Review from 76561199013223676ok
Review from 76561198326147004best game ever
Review from 76561198315007440Got recommend this game from my teacher and frankly I'm supersized! I thought it would just be a basic bowling game akin to a windows XP pinball. But once I got a hold of the controls they were so nice.I got how to spin the ball pretty quickly. I'll be watching a video in the back ground and just... Shooting balls? Rolling? idk. I can't wait for this game to get more content. Even the addition of a leveling system that doesn't do anything would be so nice. I would love a practice range where you can change the ground level. Only gripes with the game so far is, there needs to be a permanent topographic mode, several times I've rolled the ball with out checking and mess up my shot. A quick restart game would be nice. And please change the size of the "delete profile" button.