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Review from 76561198057190951really cool and fun concept but there are multiple game breaking bugs and absolutely no updates or word from the dev whatsoever. The only update that the game has ever gotten was in 2022. This game is essentially abandonware at the moment
Review from 76561197965193437When there are game-breaking bugs in the TUTORIAL of a game , you kind of know this will be a bad ride... I'll play a bit more but for now it is a not recommended. Ok, 35 minutes now and I'm done. It is just NO fun. Enemies warp around and you cannot hit them. You get insta killed sometimes . What a jank fest. Please avoid.
Review from 76561198045783578Requested a refund, even as a super small indie project, it just fundamentally doesn't work. The guns all feel terrible, enemies are porting all over the screen and through objects, and it's just so clunky. Just avoid completely.
Review from 76561199544701757soviele bugs in einem spiel, geht gar nicht
Review from 76561198311104029敌人跑的飞快 卡半空飞来飞去 无视墙壁路障到处飞 卡bug一样 我近身不了他们他们也近身不了我
Review from 76561198839329592Unplayable. Didn't make even make it past the first mission in the "prologe" without game breaking glitches. Enemies teleport into the sky, get stuck in walls, etc etc. Bad, and not in an endearing way.
Review from 76561198929238272it's okay
Review from 76561198052695444Very buggy and at times laggy!
Review from 76561198370661093an interesting idea but only 3 levels worked without heavy lag by the end making it unplayable, enemies glitch everywhere and shoot through walls. flying around, their textures stretching everywhere sometimes.
Review from 76561198071947851Glitchy and jank as shit, had some cool stuff going on but I couldn’t get past the bugs and jankyness of the AI especially.
Review from 76561198393382787Good grief! While this game is quite janky, i feel that it nails the aesthetic, and found myself actually immersed in the edgy storyline. I feel that the comparisons between this game and soldier of fortune are pretty spot on -- you got a dude who's going to gun down a buncha no-goodnicks all across the world, and some of that floaty movement and busted AI thrown in to boot. And its got headshot gore straight outta Eternal Damnation, the postal 2 mod. If you're looking for a game to pop some heads and watch them disintegrate into an entire diced cantaloupe, this one might be for you. I'm not finished with the game yet, but what i have played so far is enough to warrant a recommend. Play it if you're looking for a game without too much brainwork, with a wide variety of low-poly settings to infiltrate, each complete with a boss with a unique arena/mechanic. The gunplay is satisfying too, in that old-school, early 3d FPS kinda way. It also has bullet time, which is a great addition, even if there's no real explanation for its existence -- none that i noted, anyway. The only real issues i had that affected gameplay adversely were: + A glitch were some enemies would become alerted, then their pathfinding would go tits-up, and they'd shoot around the level, or be sucked underneath the floor. This was uncommon, happening in only two of the 6 levels i've completed so far. + Enemy bullet projectiles can sometimes become delayed, and will shoot as the enemy is dying, thus clustering at the point they were aiming at, if that makes any sense. When in doubt, strafe to the left or right after an enemy is dead. This one honestly wasn't very frustrating to me, it actually just served to make the gameplay more interesting and kept me on my toes and hypervigilant at all times. This bug was more common, and might be annoying to some. Great job dev! I think this game has more of a clear vision than a lot of dev's first games, and the execution, while buggy in some places, is quite excellent. I hope you make more games in the future!
Review from 76561199469197571Don't play it, It's bad.
Review from 76561199211271242Game is cool and all and trailer for it made me bust out the old credit card, however, the reason i wouldnt recommend anyone buy this is just because its extremely buggy to the point where you cant even finish some mission on the game because of bugs alone. graphics are terrible for price. you could buy GTA V for a discount off gamestop or a 3rd party service for the same price instead of buying this game. I played 5 hours but it wouldve been 4 and completed without the bugs. If you are reading this, go buy Tyrone VS Cops by Team Sneed. its like a $1.00 - $2.00 for the game and wayy less buggy. matter of fact, the bugs in that game only make the game better in many circumstances. go buy that shit instead. smh
Review from 76561198197722305What a shame! Truly an unpolished gem - if you can stomach the lackluster performance, the level design and weapon feel are largely great!
Review from 76561198023976785Buggy, and plays like shjt
Review from 76561198129533958Entertaining game. Created by a dedicated one man developer with cool Easter Eggs (if you know, you know).
Review from 76561197990725997Super enjoy the homage to old-style FPS akin to Perfect Dark and Soldier of Fortune (to a degree). I do wish it was MORE like soldier of fortune though, but that's a personal preference. The game is apparently fully released, but it has so many bugs like clipping enemies, invisible bullets, broken doors, glitches galore. I only recommend it because of the shear fun and violence it has to offer. I wish it had more though. It is so close to being better than its contender. I enjoyed the idea of choosing which "boss" to take down and each level having a unique puzzle/spin on how to get to them or escape the level.
Review from 76561197999263762I would describe this game as a jank fusion of the original release of counterstrike . something like goldeneye or perfect dark and other elements from other 90's and early 2000's fps titles. If you can't stand unpolished games then pass. Saying that no other dev that I know of is making a game like this anymore. Even the other throwback fps games aren't like this. Good weapon variety as well.
Review from 76561198122045032Баговоное говно
Review from 76561198100466401good but bad
Review from 76561198021909556A goofy, but fun janky game. Has a strange mechanic where your bullets are fast and enemy bullets are slow even out of bullet time. Honestly I like it but it may be too janky for some people.
Review from 76561197975344964Surprised how much I enjoyed this. [h1]Pros:[/h1] [list] [*] Liked the varying locales for the missions. Reminded me a little of Soldier of Fortune mission variety. [*] There are some set pieces that require more than just trudging around. [*] With one exception, all bosses (assassination targets) have some sort of gimmick, they aren't just bullet sponges. [*] Gibs, as far as the eye can see. [*] Greetings enemy, katana does not think you need that limb. [*] surprising weapon variety, so you'll probably find some favorites. But they don't carry over between missions, you always start them unarmed. [*] I found the in game cut scenes charming. It was fun to see your player model being pushed through the scene using the smallest number of new animations. [/list] [h1]Mid:[/h1] [list] [*] AI is limited to rushing you and shooting when alerted. The fun is managing this with the weapons you have. If you can only get hard when enemies are diving into cover and yelling bad tactical advice at each other, this probably isn't the game for you. [*] Watch for keys and items, they can sometimes be in closets or on tables. Only a few of the levels have keys. Keeping an eye out may save you some backtracking the first time. [*] There's one place where melee fighting was required. A nice change, but was glad it was only for a few enemies, blocking and hitting is a little stiff. [/list] [h1]Cons:[/h1] [list] [*] Some levels have places where you'd be able to jump, but they've been blocked off with invisible barriers, so I wasted some time trying to parkour when my real problem was that I had missed a path. [*] Some of the larger levels are a little sparse with enemies, to the point I was wondering if I had gotten turned around and was accidentally backtracking. [*] Some enemy groups take having a companion having his head blown clean off more stoically than is believable. [/list]
Review from 76561198361912374i wanted to like it and it has its charm at times but overall i cant recommend for others to buy it
Review from 76561198178276446This. game. is. jank. If you can stomach constant adversity due to copious bugs and lack of polish, this game has a decent amount going for it. Some levels were just cathartic fun, while others were akin to pulling teeth. I do feel compelled to get all the secrets later on, but 100%ing the game's achievements seems to be an absolute slog, as the highest difficulty seems like no joke, and killing 10,000 enemies seems borderline impossible to do without disassociating after awhile. Still, it has some good setpieces and gimmicks, alongside a simple yet oddly satisfying gib system (close to something like Postal), but it also has a ton of rough spots and overall bad levels/chunks of levels (the mw2 ripoff snow ride section made me want to give my keyboard bite marks). That being said, if you have a little cash to burn, well, you sure could burn it in worse ways.
Review from 76561197972260936Haha i love the bald guy you kill in the tutorial. Looks like a burn victim. This game is a lot of fun actually. I love the gore. The game has bugs and frame drops at times. But its a blast and a total gem! I sorta embrace the janky nature of this. I think its sorta funny. Cool game imo. I just hope they fix the frames. I have a computer that should be able to run this game x10. Yet on high settings, the frames TANK. I drop major frames when I have more than 1 enemy on the screen, so optimization is pretty poor. Hopefully they fix this. Also the animations on cinematic cut scenes is TERRIBLE. It makes me laugh. You can tell the characters are gliding, and have no movement in the legs during cinematic cut scenes. Regardless the game is a blast, the gore is awesome, and the jank adds a bit of charm.But the frame rate dropping is just terrible and needs to be fixed.
Review from 76561198857711198[EDIT] Due to a patch that basically broke the game, i can no longer recommend it. Download an old patch (3 February 2023) to try the game. There is apparently a patch coming up but nothing has been said for months. Not to mention when re-trying the game on an old patch the enemies felt way harder to kill than they did originally. Original review below This game is jank. It lags sometimes, gun models sometimes stay in your hand, I've had dead enemy bodies bug out and streeeeetch but at the same time its [i]very[/i] fun. It has the charm of early 2000's shooters and is more run around and shoot enemies than conserve ammo (you have more than enough ammo, except for one time during the heli boss where the ammo pickups didnt respawn after death, which was the only time ive ever ran out of ammo). I highly recommend this game.
Review from 76561198987310893Reminds me of a game I’d hide from my parents when I was a kid.
Review from 76561197966915644Really neat FPS that I'm surprised I haven't heard more about. It's like Hitman and Max Payne fell in the Brundlefly machine, but in a good way. Play it if you have any fondness for 2000-2004 era shooters.
Review from 76561198069406242Where I can find the OST from the trailer on the steam page? I do like it
Review from 76561198984256679Bought this game for original price. And it feels Awesome I just feel some stuff shouldn't be necessary. But all in all I had a lot of fun playing it and recommended it to friends too who share the same passion playing some retro style shooters. The Good: 1. Love the amount of weapons having different one nearly every new level. 2. The sounds and most animations are also very spot on. 3. The menu is super nice and clean having the maps on the board to select the levels is sick. 4. Visible legs cool too. 5. Getting close to a wall will angle the gun. 6. Also the amount of settings is very cool like the holding guns sideways is nice. 7. The shooting feels so damn right I loved walking around with the AK and giving some headshots. 8. It's cool to set puzzles off or put them on hard The Bads: First off the Map 1. On the ship when I die I fall in emptyness making me restart from all over again. 2. After the train crashed you have to climbe it up doors were bugged so it was kinda hard getting out of it. 3. Revolver reload animation is very weird making the hand appear and disappear. 4. NPC Voice lines I don't wanna know how often I heard the voice line you shouldn't be here but some variety would be nice and sometimes their face is colourful? 5. Jumps are too high feels like jumping on a moon. 6. I feel a lack of soundtrack wich is kinda sad would give the game more action. 7. The AI sometimes feels very lifeless having no reacting to someone dying or standing right by their side.
Review from 76561198040123804Feels like an early 2000s budget release of Soldier of Fortune. Level design is pretty unique, especially the train level. I really like the way that limbs and heads fly off - very fun. The game actually feels nice to play, just the environments are maybe a little bit boring, and the AI is pretty dumb, but hey, nearly every game designed from the early 2000s period had dumb AI. I'd give this one a 7/10 - despite looking janky AF - the game is surprisingly enjoyable. One last thing I wanted to mention, is that the devs should hire a proofreader - a lot of the text in this game is full of typos and grammatical errors - although, that didn't detract too much from the overall experience. I'm 4 hours in, and still have like 6 missions left, so they do give you a reasonable amount of content to play. I would recommend this game, just keep the above small problems in mind. :)
Review from 76561198036449662nice jank game from the 90s. I really like the movement and the different missions are varied and interesting. it has some performance issues but is still a "must buy"
Review from 76561198419560379Alright I don't review a lot of games but i felt like this one needed it. The game is fun and im having a great time. But it's SUPER janky, sometimes the game will straight up break when the AI refuse to load and the frame rate is trash BUT! it has a weird charm to it, not quite like so bad its good like the room more like JCVD action film from the 90s.
Review from 76561198091225561Bin hier ohne große Erwartungen rein gegangen und muss sagen das Spiel macht aufjedenfall mega Laune. Es ist eine gute Abwechslung zwischen geballer und trickreichen rätseln was das ganze sehr spannend und Interessant macht. Ich glaube ich bin nicht der einzige der sich hier ein gutes Multiplayer Konzept wünschen würde da das zocken mit Freunden sowieso immer cooler ist. Trotzdem größtes Lob weiter so!
Review from 76561198048774429Very neat little game, only an hour in but liking it so far. I love how each mission has it's own little "gimmick" and imo it nails the feel of 90s-00s shooters, and is also quite immersive and nicely animated, considering. Great fun for the price, although in its current state the main draws seem to be the art and presentation over the moment to moment combat as the AI falls a bit short I played through it on stream, here is the vod for those curious: https://youtu.be/3GIEqL1QPvQ tried to make it a "review as you go" kind of video and also threw in a few lil constructive critiques in case the dev happens to take a look. It also displays some hiccups I had with it, like not being able to figure out how to get above 60fps, some weird fps hangs on the train level, and I believe an unintended but small hiccup with the intro mission. Cheers and looking forward to see where this game and the developer go! Curious, any plans for steam workshop down the line or anything of that sort?
Review from 76561197971102114Snuff gives you a good challenge
Review from 76561197964563358It has a bit of jank to it, but it is really fun! Reminds me of the original hitman game mixed with the speed of an old school FPS game(like Duke Nukem or Quake).
Review from 76561198078502085Der Entwickler hat nen dicken cock hab ich gehört. BEST GAME EVEORRORR
Review from 76561198982133548Supper Spiel