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Review from 76561197967517652started playing it because of delicious in dungeon on netflix and then it consumed my soul. Its very user friendly, very easy to understand and the dungeons feel alive. If anyone is looking for a rogue experience this is the one i suggest
Review from 76561198040316676A rather excellent abbreviated roguelike somewhere in between Nethack/*Band/DCSS and a coffee break game, great for beginners to the genre. Surprisingly easy on the eyes by the standard of the genre - the clean UI and tile set really shine through. Everything feels very lived-in and flavourful thanks to the excellent level generation and the interactivity of the companions and enemies (the speech bubbles were a stroke of genius). The game also has one of the most fun stealth implementations I've ever come across in a roguelike, particularly on the early floors before you reach critical mass. Setting up traps and attracting enemies into them is a ton of fun, though eventually you do scale out of that play style. On the other hand, it does have some severe balance issues - casters are hilariously and shamelessly overpowered compared to martial characters from level 1 onwards, to the point where I can only imagine it was a design choice. You may as well look at it as a difficulty select. Martial characters can only begin to compare by focusing on being companion leaders (in order, mainly, to recruit more wizards), and even then a player can use spells a thousand times more effectively than companions. Highly recommended to anyone with even a passing interest in the genre, especially for the price.
Review from 76561199236768504ゲームは相当に高難度ですが、非常によく作りこまれたゲームでとても面白いです。 まず何よりユーザーに親切な印象。 キーバインドも含め豊富な自由設定項目があり、公式HPにPDFのゲームマニュアルがあり、ゲームシステムを細かく説明してくれています。 PDFを読まない人も想定して、ゲーム開始時に、最初の部屋に基本事項が書かれたマニュアル本が必ず落ちています。 チュートリアルが面倒だと感じる人は読み飛ばすこともできます。 プレイ時の様々な情報を記録してくれており、死んだ後にはその情報をテキストデータで提供してくれます(キル数、スキル使用数、ステータス、プレイ時間、など非常に多くの項目) 作者のこの作品への愛情を感じてしまいます(最近のゲームは本当に自分のゲームプレイした??って思うような調整しかしてこないゲームが多いので非常にプラスポイント!) はじめたての頃は2階にたどり着くこともなく死んでしまうかと思いますが、慣れてくると明かりを消したり、叫んで敵をおびき寄せて各個撃破したりと攻略法が少しずつ分かってくるかと思います。 人によってイライラするかもと思うことは、特に序盤は攻撃の命中率が低く、ダメージ0連発でダメージがなかなか通らないといったことが多いです。ただドラクエのように攻撃したら必ずダメージが入るというのは、武器防具を纏った通常の戦闘ではそうではないだろう、と思えばなんとか納得できるかもしれません。防具には単純なダメージ軽減だけでなく、命中にも影響しているようです。重い装備ほど防御力・命中率軽減効果があるが、魔法の効果・成功率等が下がるなどのデメリットもあります。 種族・ステータス・アビリティ・タレント・装備をいろいろ組み合わせて様々なビルドでプレイできます。 不満点はせっかくたくさんのタレントがあるのに、なかなかポイントが得られず、取りたいタレントが取れないところぐらいでしょうか。ステータスをMINDに特化するか専用のタレントを取れば、ある程度解決はしますが、それによってビルドが縛られてしまう印象。その分、杖やポーションなどのアイテムで補完できるようにはなっているので、タレントを取りやすくするとバランスが取れなくなってしまうのかもしれません。個人的にはレベル3まではレベルがあがるごとにタレントポイントをくれたら嬉しいですね。 エンドコンテンツは鬼畜ですw 瞬殺されました。。。 ローグライク好きな方にはぜひ、遊んで欲しい作品です!
Review from 76561198035644436Absolute somewhat hidden gem. Though enable the setting at the bottom that makes you walk really fast instead of teleporting.. It's really disorienting and could have honestly ruined everything for me but I was lucky to notice the setting randomly. Best interface and ui for this kind of classic dcss styled traditional roguelike + really customizable so you won't have to hurt your eyes, one of the prettiest tilesets (they are always horrid) with a lot of sounds, screams and ambiance - which makes the experience really immersive, soulful and scary. Really really difficult but It's not like you stumble upon this randomly and think It won't be - it has that dreadful dark souls vibe where everything just feels hopeless (in a good way). All things considered imo one of the best traditional roguelikes ever if you can't stand Ascii graphics like me. Also extremely cheap way too cheap even what was bro thinking 💀 Try not to make a goofy low effort ''trailer'' for your niche hardcore roguelike challenge impossible - seriously It's so bad compare that to Cogmind trailer... It's 8 years old btw.
Review from 76561198112975808It's either you die by a goblin slapping you on the cheeks, or you live long enough to become the eater of worlds.
Review from 76561197987912874A very well-polished classic-style D&D-influenced roguelike boasting an excellent and intuitive UI/QoL, very crafty AI (was impressed to see they use a lot of the same tactics as a sensible player would!), interesting and attractive dungeons and appealing graphics/sound. I've liked the lack of one-shot deaths (all have been my own fault from poor decisions or getting complacent) but it's also quite easy to die early.
Review from 76561198059591827A great little roguelike game, with quite the satisfying UI. Many QoL Features. I will say it is VERY difficult, within my first 10 hours I only made it to the second floor maybe 2 times. Finally made it to 3 last night. Good luck out there Zorbtards! -Also thanks to the dev for the copy! You didn't have to do that but it is very much appreciated! (:
Review from 76561198169825138FORGET IT - if you want to play this on Steam Deck. Fonts are tiny, unreadable! Maybe messing around with the game settings (unreadable, too) could help. I won't bother. Make it playable and fully readable on the target device (i.e. Steam Deck) out of the box and I might change my mind.
Review from 76561198009843215Some of the most beautiful dungeon generation I've seen in a traditional roguelike. At the end of a floor when I look at the map screen it blows my mind.
Review from 76561198032088758Hi all! First off, brilliant game! BUT Im losing my mind and could use some advice! Ive been playing a stealth archer type character. Human. One with Darkness, Veil of Darkness, got these +2 stealth boots and doing well. Got to level 2 (ive been as low as level 4 but not further), and met up with the Kobold Tribe Leader. I killed all his dudes from stealth, no problem. Set a web trap at a bottle neck and lured him. Kept pelting him with arrows from stealth, and before I know it, he sees me and fires some magic thing, takes me to half health. I drank a potion of healing and died. He did a crit and killed me outright I think. I should mention I was using a longbow and had Hide Armor. So what's the deal here? Bad luck? Should I have waited and come back to him? Are my tactics flawed? I had levelled twice by that time. Thanks!
Review from 76561198117928138So much fun. If you like true roguelikes and games with atmosphere and challenge then look no further. Outstanding game.
Review from 76561197983179395Отличный рогалик. Не слишком долгий и очень динамичный. Стоит своих денег но после прохождения хочется еще раз и подземелье побольше.
Review from 76561198202294365A wonderful game.The last floor's design is really amazing and challenging gods to replace them is exciting.Though I beat other gods a lot of time I still have trouble fighting the overgod.There are still some flaws like the weapon system seems unbalanced,spear is so op it has crit and can be thrown and does 1d9 damage.The elemental damage enchantment on the weapon is quite useless since they only do 1 more damage while enemies usually have some resistances,should they do 1d4 or 1d6 to fit more properly with the game progress.Also i hope there will be a shop refresh button to spend the extra gold
Review from 76561198035365543Great roguelike, very worth your time if you ever liked Nethack, ADOM, Angband etc. What impresses me the most is the level to which everything in the game is explained and documented, it's very rare to find a roguelike, or even just a game that makes it this easy to learn the mechanics without stumbling through a wiki somewhere. Really well done.
Review from 76561198138244887Rogue meets AD&D1e
Review from 76561198022466199Do you have fond memories of Nethack? Slash'Em? Maybe Stonesoup or maybe something like ADOM? This is a great game if you love roguelikes like those. It's a little bit more simple and has a few quality of life changes, but it reminds of those at its heart and is full of references to them as well. It's been a long while since I've had something like this to sink my teeth into that's actually any good and I can recommend it wholeheartedly- unless of course this just isn't your thing. ... But then, it even has a Drizzt'Do Urden reference. What's not to love?
Review from 76561197985857051Drunk Finnish guys in the tavern. 5/5, would die to a giggling goblin again.
Review from 765611979810769175/5
Review from 76561198377113499it good shit shiiiiiiiiiiiiit man you broke me 3h 3h my god reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Review from 76561199417573846돌죽 고급 버전
Review from 76561198045823209This game nailed the atmosphere as a dungeon crawler!
Review from 76561198366339104easier than Soulash but harder than Caves Of Qud
Review from 76561197962534612very good game
Review from 76561197995249327Super fun. Got as far as floor 8 so far.
Review from 76561198160715163I've tried many of the modern roguelikes (Caves of Qud, DCSS, ADOM, etc.) and this is my personal favorite for its great quality of life features (like different autoexplore and autoloot options) and companion system. Super challenging but there's so much build variation and just enough of a sense of progression that you want to reroll your character right away. Strong recommend.
Review from 76561198071094742Really good quality of life features.
Review from 76561197996651103I gotta play more games like this.... Wow.... Very fun and difficult.
Review from 76561197970358084Extremely well done RL
Review from 76561197966779571Incredible game. Been playing forever off steam.
Review from 76561198335665305It's hard but exceedingly fun. I've spent almost 50 hours and could spend another 50 just rerolling stats and dying instantly. 10/10
Review from 76561198059740220Fun. Not your traditional rogue-like dungeon crawler. There will be times when you will absolutely hide in the dark dousing your lamp and hoping you remain undetected. It does however take some reading to get an understanding of everything. While seemingly obvious on the surface dig a little deeper and the mechanics start to open up and you realize what really does what.
Review from 76561198013681067This game is really good and very difficult to play but very well done...bravo :) Cheri
Review from 76561198022995533Addictive roguelike, definitely one of the GOATs.
Review from 76561198082601791its decent
Review from 76561198035415501This is a true true traditional Rougelike. If you like this kind of thing this is a good one. And the Dev seems to care about the game, and constantly updates. If I were to compare this game I would say it's like Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. Nice work!
Review from 76561197985745273It's ZORBIN TIME
Review from 76561198080123570Great Roguelike with a ton of options to customize your experience: Settings have a wide array of impacting options. Character creation offers a good quantity of races, four main attributes, talents and skills. Gameplay is heavily impacted here, depending on your choices. The game keeps you on your toes with immersive sound effects and text-based traductions of what you see/hear/smell. Monsters range from trash mobs to killing machines but a clear pop-up does provide enough information to take informed decisions, which is all that matters when it comes to risk/reward choices or just survival ^^ I haven't tested all the builds yet but i had my fun and horrible deaths already ^^
Review from 76561198004285507Really good user interface and game controls I like the dense maps and biomes variety from the beginning The gameplay is traditional and well executed. Good production values. Good set of preset characters The price is more than fair. It's always nice to have a "new" "old" rogue and dundeon crawler. Tradition is good in this case as for the difficulty level, well, it's really subjective some will find it ok, some will struggle but the important thing here is the fine execution of the formula
Review from 76561199372265234MUITO BOM, RECOMENTO DEMAIS.
Review from 76561198027524062TL:DR.: It's a great roguelike rpg for anyone looking to build a characted and go on a power trip! I just completed my first run with tournament rules. I had a great gang of skeletons and dragons and an elf to boot at the end. Had great fun and wiped a few gods before wiping ourselves. I was impressed by this game, in a way that this is exactly the kind of game I want to make. The concept appeals to me and I wanted to share with anyone who reads this what impressed me and what I found lacking. So for the positives: 1. The UI is so convenient, you can resize font, tiles and the framing of your screen to however you want. As a guy with shit eyes, I really appreciated this. 2. The way information about game mechanics was presented was great. Not even once did I feel the need to open a wikki of some sort to look for elaborations about stats or talents or interactions. Everything is available ingame and is easy to access as well as some of it presented diegetically. The way I picked up most game mechanics as I went through my first run is really a testament to someone on the development team having some kind of skill as an educator or some other such magic. I compared this game a lot with ToME. In that game, even though I played it way more, I still have to read about all the class interactions whenever I start my run. As opposed to Zorbus, where after my first run right now, I'm confident in what I must do in my next attempt to Overgodness. 3. Presentation is great, wiggle is awesome, sound effects - awesome. The writting is my favorite of types: brief and to the point with a lot of wit. For someone reading this - the irony is lost on me because I forgot to google what irony is. For some negatives: 1.Right around level 4 I started hoping for some changes in the dungeon. Whenever I decended deeper I kept hoping for a tile change or something to be different, but it never came. I hope if developer ever made a sequel or an expansion, that they keep this in mind. What I imagined was that I would delve deeper into a dungeon was that we would maybe hit some underdark pocket or the dungeon would increasingly get darker and more corrupt as we neared the chained god(is he real?). 2. Another thing that I really wanted was to see more player character models or even better - equipment depicted on models. Especially weapons. 3. Lastly a small personal gripe. i was playing a necromancer and I noticed that demiplane has no corpses for my animation spells, thus making me equiping and maintaining my skellies for hours in this game kinda pointless after a few god fights. Thank you for reading and let me say that I only wrote all these positives and negatives because I loved the game very much and cared enough to leave feedback. Can't wait to delve again and I'm not leaving without godhood! Hope you all have a nice day.
Review from 76561197997203416Cheap and challenging, what's not to like
Review from 76561198074144520Absolute cracker. Just tame a few elephants and run wild
Review from 76561197970807880It does a competent job of presenting a fun roguelike, though not quite as deep as some others. My biggest issue is the mouse support isn't that great, making it very important to have the manual open to look up keys. It's also frustrating not being able to shoot through allies, making it harder to play than it should be if you are a ranged attacker.
Review from 76561198018513798I'm sorry I can't work today. I have to Zorbus.
Review from 76561198008749677Фигня. На первом уровне подземелий все противники сразу умирают, на втором - сразу умираешь ты.
Review from 76561198120828901Buyer beware. Played the game for 30 min and debated coming back to it. Decided on a refund. Went to get a refund and the game showed 32 hours played. After I quit the game after the initial play, the game queued an update (which is strange bc I had just downloaded 30 minutes prior.) and I'm guessing that somehow counted as playtime. Seems deliberate. Shady business practices.
Review from 76561198004658657After seeing the announcement of Zorbus on Steam, I decided to try out the free version, and it exceeded all of my expectations! I've spent the past 15 hours or so experimenting with various builds and strategies and dedicated the entire weekend to completing the game. I want to share some first impressions below and ask for build advice and tips. Beware, spoilers ahead! First of all, it must be said - the game looks beautiful! I love the wobbling animations of sprites, but also the general interior and map layout of dungeon floors. Boring square rooms are replaced by massive curved halls and intricate chambers that interweave and transition into each other in an organic way. When you uncover the entire map and check the notes to see that various rooms are designated as barracks, laboratories, wizard studies, throne rooms, it all makes perfect sense, because the respective rooms are adorned and embellished with the proper furniture, lights, sigils and other supplements. The feeling of exploring a living, breathing dungeon is real. Before I started playing, I did not realize just how much I missed the Forgotten Realms lore in my life, and Zorbus truly delivers - short snippets of text for each monster and journal entries of failed adventurers create the perfect atmosphere of delving deep into a D&D-esque dungeon. Small nods to characters from popular culture, like a certain famous drow or a couple of famous wizards, are also very much appreciated. Now, the gameplay itself left me quite stumped at first. In Zorbus, you may recruit NPC heroes to be permanent members of your party. In fact, you are pretty much expected to do so - it feels like the numbers and strength of monsters were balanced with a party in mind. For the first several hours, I tried to make a Lone Wolf build to work - there is even a respective skill for it, but the bonuses it provides are rather insignificant, especially by mid- and late-game, while even a single companion can drastically increase the chances of success in your favour. I tried multiple approaches - a two-handed warrior, a sword-and-board guy, a stealthy, sneaky spearman, a bowman and so on - but all of them felt very tedious, slow and risk-prone, as you consistently meet enemies whose power rivals even the best-equipped solo adventurer. On the other hand, whenever I switched to a wizard-type and started with summoning, the first two or three floors only took several minutes to complete without even posing a challenge. Likewise, playing a leader-type character and recruiting multiple NPCs felt so easy that I could not believe the difference. Companions, be it summons or hired NPCs, are so strong that I felt almost shoehorned into this playstyle. In the end, even my Lone Wolf warrior build ended up starting as a summoner mage and pivoting into weapons by mid-game - otherwise, the 2nd and 3rd floors felt insurmountable, tedious, and way too random. I am all for careful gameplay, but spending hours on the first floors felt like an unnecessary sacrifice of personal time. So, I wonder if anyone else shares my sentiment here. It feels like magic completely overshadows melee in the beginning, to the point that even specialized warriors want to start out as summoners and have an immediate access to blink. And it also feels like Lone Wolf is less of a viable route and more of a challenge to players who want to try something different. My biggest issue with this is that hybridizing itself is punished by game mechanics. You might want to take a few utility spells to help out your warrior at a starting point, but the problem is that most pieces of armour and shields inherently reduce your magic ability, so your summons get weaker, your offensive spells deal less damage, and you have a higher chance to fail. Switching armour in combat is forbidden, so carrying around several sets of equipment is counterproductive. Getting your hands on light, magic-friendly armour (be it highly-enchanted robes or elven chain mail) takes a very long time, so you are spending most of the game either locked out of magic, or entirely vulnerable to enemy arrows and crits. All in all, I enjoyed exploring the character progression and learning the story of Zorbus. My gnome mage successfully made it to the finale and made his choice of ending. I wish there were more variety of content and perhaps some dungeon branches or optional areas, though - it would be a welcome change for a subsequent playthrough. Also, I feel like the melee skill tree could use some love - unlike magic, which keeps scaling to the very end, the highest skill requirement for melee is what, 3 points? And 5 for the newest ranged skill (shots that go over obstacles). Tell me what you think!
Review from 76561198123839246I still play and love the hell out of this game!
Review from 76561198379639709it's like rogue not lite rogue.
Review from 76561197992581304Simple, but very enjoyable game.
Review from 76561197986751866[h3]SNAPSHOT[/h3] nethack + D&D but without any sense of balance or tools to help players survive [h3]OVERALL - 2 / 10[/h3] [h3]PROS[/h3] + autoexplore feature seems nice [h3]CONS[/h3] - wildly imbalanced in the worst way possible - each level seems designed to kill you ASAP - continuous autoexplore often immediately leaves you surrounded by enemies [h3]FULL REVIEW[/h3] Before I rant about this game I have to point out that I LOVE rogue-/souls-likes - I play every souls-like game I can get my hands on and not to brag but generally speaking I beat them with quite a bit of ease. I am all for games challenging the player's skills and making them think outside the box to survive - nethack does it especially well and has quite a bit of learning built around their mechanics which makes it an absolute joy to play while also being challenging as hell. This game, however, is nothing like that whatsoever. The thing that really bugs me about this game is that it COULD be a lot of fun to play - it's got everything it takes to be a successful RPG in the roguelike space. The main problem, however, is that it does just enough to check the box to technically *have* mechanics without actually taking the time to polish them and make them fun. The insane RNG aspect of combat will make players tear their hair out in frustration - something which is compounded by the mind-boggling decision to start them off with the absolute bare minimum of equipment. Players CAN opt to spend a talent point during character creation to have starting equipment that doesn't COMPLETELY suck ass, but given how quickly you can find literally any of that equipment in the first level and how costly starting talents are players would be shooting themselves in the foot just to TRY to start off on the right one. Unfortunately for players, the "difficulty" in this game comes solely from the fact that it is built directly off of stats from D&D - a game built entirely with the assumption that "player" is not singular and that anyone playing will comprise of a balanced party of characters. This means that any given fight in D&D would be an assured TPK as a single player - a fact that eludes whomever designed this game as they crammed stats in it without thinking twice about what that would mean in a single player game. Each level in Zorbus is jam packed with enemies and randomly generated with absolutely no sense of where the player is going to start - meaning more likely than not you spawn right next to a group of enemies almost guaranteed to kill you in 2-3 hits. Given that the (lack of) balance here in Zorbus you're going to be spending a LOT of time on the first level of the dungeon. If you somehow happen to survive the coin flip as to whether or not you somehow spawn right next to the boss on any given floor and thus die instantly, the insane mob density means *surprise* there were several other enemies close enough either to a) hear combat and come running straight for you with no means of escape or b) "randomly" wander directly to you if you try to rest. If you DO somehow manage to survive an entire floor, though, rest assured that the next one is "balanced" in exactly the same way - meaning no matter how strong you WERE at the end of the last level, the devs are ACUTELY aware of that fact and decided to make tweak enemy stats just enough to give you the same exact aneurysm-inducing experience as the last. So, if somehow you're still reading this and thinking "wow this game sounds like fun!" then do yourself a favor and get some serious therapy STAT. You may think I'm joking but you WILL die constantly through no fault of your own, a fact the devs of this game seem to pride themselves on by virtue of its very existence. If, on the other hand, you're one to heed advice then go ahead and pat yourself on the back - you've earned it and it'll be more joy than you'll ever get attempting to play this game.
Review from 76561198287521749I thought the speech boxes in the game were just put in to make an advert for the game video and wouldnt actually be in the game, WELL I NEVER.... THEY ARE IN THE GAME it also surprised me when i realised it had full SFX along with the speech bubbles because as you all know many of these type of games are silent wonders. Great game can be played in those moments you have a couple of minutes to kill. deserves its positive score, Well Iam impressed, but hey Im blown away by Cataclysm dark days ahead and Dwarf Fortress ; ) Good god its less than a fiver whats not to like, takes ups no space, doesnt burn out my laptop and loads in about 1 second oh and yes it has a save on quit AND A 78 PAGE PDF INSTRUCTION MANUAL : ) check out the new "ai generated drawings and free ebook pdf "Splats Illustrated book FREE HERE http://lore.zorbus.net/Splats_Illustrated.pdf
Review from 76561197964896205Mind is the god stat
Review from 76561198085871185[b]단순함과 생동감이 매력적인 정통 로그라이크[/b] [h3]ZORBUS[/h3] 입니다. 로그라이크, 던전 크롤러 장르의 매력인 전략적인 자산분배 능력의 시험, 신비로운 보상이 위험천만한 위협들 사이에 감춰진 깊고 어두운 던전을 탐험하는 느낌, 던전의 실체와 공략의 단서가 되는 의미심장한 lore, 보상과 성장, 미지의 요소 감정, 주사위 굴림과 같은 기본기에 충실하게 잘 만들어졌다는 인상을 받았습니다. ZORBUS가 전통 로그라이크 게임들과 차별화되는 점은 생동감이라고 생각합니다. 각종 상호작용에 따른 다채로운 환경음과 캐릭터들의 꿀렁이는 움직임(wiggle animation) 도발적인 NPC들의 대사같은 장치로 게임에 생동감을 불어넣었습니다. 자동 타겟팅과 공격 시스템의 도입, 허기와 아이템 감정 시스템의 제거처럼 플레이어가 번거롭다 느낄만한 관리요소들을 단순화시킨 점. 자동탐색과 자동공격 기능으로 게임의 템포를 높여 속도감있는 진행이 가능한 점도 활기를 더합니다. 제작자가 전통 로그라이크의 틀 안에서 살아있는 던전의 분위기를 살리려 고심한 흔적이 돋보이고, 저는 좋았습니다.
Review from 76561198000166244A living dungeon with smart enemies and smart allies. Easy to grasp but hard to master so it makes a good starting roguelike.
Review from 76561198287504908What a masterpiece. Even the UI/UX and juiciness is top notch for the genre. There are very detailed settings and it also runs great on linux. There is so much love here its just incredible... If you're just a little bit into traditional roguelike games, you can't go wrong here. It is easily worth three times that price! ...Just buy the game and support the developer ;)
Review from 76561198028327060This game is very similar to ADOM, in that it is a keybinding game with little "GUI help". If you like that, then this is the game for you.. if not (I didn't like it) then try something like TOME (Tales of Maj'Eyal). The user interface is specifically designed in this way, so it isn't a flaw of the gamer per-se. I don't want to have to look at the key bindings 10 times in the first minute, then click on something and have it use it, rather than popping up an option of "what do you want to do with this" TOME showed me that you CAN have a "keybind game" and still have a gui/useable mouse
Review from 76561199221725854Amazing, but can also be frustrating.
Review from 76561198038570609If you like traditional rogue-like, you won't regret to purchase this game. The price is steal. Even if around 10 - 15$, I won't complain. Let me share what makes this game great. [h3] Challenging difficulty [/h3] This game is quite difficult but fair. It's up to you how to solve your problems and all of options provided by this game actually very working. [h3] QoL [/h3] There're tons of options regarding to QoL. If you hate enemies run away from you, you can disable it. If you want to search an item in a current level, you can do that with filter + go to there functions. If you want to use Vi key like me, go ahead. Just enable the option. If you almost finish the level and want to explorer automatically, just keep pressing E key. They're just some examples. The QoL in this game is amazing. [h3] Atmosphere [/h3] I'm not type of person who care about game sound. But this game provides tons of good contents of them. I really satisfied the atmosphere and it definitely boost your mood like you actually crawling a dungeon even thought the graphic is very simple. [h3] Simple Rule [/h3] The rule of this game is easy to understand. After reading a short manual once, you'll be ready to go. There's a simple wiki in this game as well. You'll even get book items which provide tips when you start the game. Overall, I highly recommend this game for everyone who love a traditional rogue-like or challenging game. I haven't won yet but I've already had so much fun for the price.
Review from 76561198151823238尽管游戏进行了各种各样看似人性化的设计,但其实在操作的流畅性上面仍然做得不好 或者换句话说:实在难以探索出这个游戏的真正操作循环应该是如何的 所有的教程都太过晦涩,而对于新手而言, 想要更进一步则需要大量的死亡循环和无数次自己都不了解的无效操作。 而激情不足的地图设计又让我实在难以享受每一层的探索。 举个例子:初见一层的时候,通过对敌人的系统自动评价我就知道能不能打过,而要是对手太强我打不过怎么办呢?招募个队友就好了。而招募队友又是完全没有技术性的操作:甚至最初的时候看着队友打杂鱼,我在后面摸鱼都可以。 我的体验中,战斗中的策略深度太少,相反,地图上的策略深度特别深。 但此时我便反思,规划自己的跑路路线能给我带来多少乐趣?这不是我玩同步回合制游戏所想体验的,所有不好意思,只能退了。 总之,是一款内容极其丰富但难以让人沉浸体验战斗的游戏,如果你喜欢地图探索,喜欢资源规划,那这款所谓的战斗游戏可能会很适合你,但显然我不是。 另外,如果你想通过游戏锻炼英语的话,这游戏是个十分好的素材! ①永久死亡。游戏中有大量的死亡,咱就不担心死了之后落下什么东西,或因错过剧情影响进度推进(总体游戏流程在熟手眼中可以很短,当然一直探索的话游戏的文本量也将是巨大的); ②游戏中的字体可调整。游戏中有极其丰富的自定义设置选项!就文本而言,字体(只要电脑装载的)可以随意调整,UI大小、字体大小都可以随意调整,这对于不熟悉英语文本的朋友非常友好——对于初学者而言是没办法快速分辨小号的英文的,就像初学中文的外国人无法快速分辨小号的中文一样。 ③游戏中的文本理解与游戏各个模块的体验都是相辅相成的,理解了文本将辅助对系统的运用,而系统的运用又会催生更多的对话、特效、定义文本,在这部分上游戏整体的协调性很好! 当然这游戏还有很多其他优点....不过抱歉的是,当你看到这条评测的时候,我这边应该已经退款了。 这不会是一个我长久放在库中的游戏,仅因为它不适合我。 By the way, we need Chinese, guys~!
Review from 76561198013021157Zorbus elevates the traditional roguelike by virtue of its high quality sound effects, sophisticated dungeon generation, and behaviors of its npcs and enemies. Not as complicated as Qud or TOME but is lazer focused on being a tactically interesting dungeon crawling game and succeeds magnificently
Review from 76561198001802717One of the best dungeon crawlers you can get at a price that's ridiculously affordable for even the tightest purse strings. This game will kick your butt. Again and again. But you'll also kick butt, leaving hundreds of looted corpses in your wake. You'll be a blood-stained force of destruction that scours every corner for that perfect piece of gear that will bring you closer to your destiny. Die. DIE. DIE! As you pry that shiny loot off the Goblin King, remember... your adventure has only just begun.
Review from 76561197982494901GREAT Roguelike love it, I was looking for a Moria or Angband clone to play that was a bit D&D focused and newer, along came Zorbus, awesome, thanks. Slick and Polished looking it also has a clean feel to it unlike a lot of other indie games that somehow miss the mark for me usually being overly cartoony or clunky and goofy. Thoroughly recommended if you love Roguelikes!
Review from 76561198069778082Cool very difficult dungeon crawler
Review from 76561198313344661For 5 bucks everyone in the world should buy and play this masterpiece. It's zorbin time
Review from 76561198027240140Very cool game! Seems to be a bit more simplistic than some other roguelikes out there, but this also gives this game a certain charm that is very unique to it!
Review from 76561198146746839The game is locked on. cannot delete or reload.
Review from 76561197999528806Elephant.
Review from 76561198007981462One of the most easy-to-grasp roguelikes out there. Good game systems and difficulty curve. It's also highly configurable: the high number of key bindings and the customizable tile size makes it a great fit for the Steam Deck, where I can play the game almost without having to use the stick/trackpad-as-mouse at all. It's probably the best unknowingly portable classic roguelike ever made. It's also super cheap, so yeah, just buy it.
Review from 76561198157722947a fun little roguelike
Review from 76561198007287696Plain and simple this is a very good game. If you want the traditional rogue experience in a dungeon that you traverse by levels, but want something more modern than the classics, you cannot go wrong with this game. The race and class system is interesting and versatile. It is not profound in the amount of combos but there are plenty. Its the type of game where after you die you are thinking of what build will help you conquer the challenge you just had. In this dungeon the enemies are living their lives separate of the player, which really helps with immersion. Where most traditional crawlers like DCSS put you in the dungeon and say go fight to get lower, you are supposed to do it just just for the joy of it. It works too and that is why we love these games, but Zorbus takes it a bit farther. They say here are some subtle hints, a few books and some wise cracking quips from the people trying to kill you. Now go try to attain Godhood! I just got into seeking out rogues even though I had played some in the past. I dont think this game breaks any ground or does anything new. But in this genre that is not what many players are looking for. If you are on Steam and not playing free versions this game is also far cheaper than most others. At $7 you cant go wrong when most traditional roguelikes are $15-25. One thing I will recommend besides the game is to read the books you find, the lore books. Im used to playing grand RPGs so having no story or not understanding my goals for fighting in this dungeon was a little strange. But once I started to read the lore books it filled in a bunch of information and I understood that I sought out the final floor of the place as to achieve godhood! Who wouldnt risk life a limb for that. One other thing. There is a "silver spoon" skill or trait. Basically you get it as the noble or if you create your own character its an option. Its come with a +1 sword, money. magic staffs and teleport cards. For those that like to role play its a fun add on. Its also fun to start loaded up but at the expense of some of the other skills. If you like fantasy based traditional rogues in a dungeon there is no reason NOT to get this game.
Review from 76561198298151259good roguelike. please help it sell a zorbillion dollars.
Review from 76561198202913131《Zorbud》是一款roguelike地牢探险类游戏,请将需要在地牢迷宫中进行探索,游戏存在永久性死亡,所以游戏的难度还是非常大, 回家游戏的新手教程指引非常差,导致玩家一上手并不知道自己应该做什么。这种题上的体验并不是非常的流畅,我家游戏并不支持中文,所以对于想要入手,这款游戏的玩家来说需要谨慎考虑。 熟悉龙与地下城规则的玩家应该对这种游戏不会太过陌生,游戏在一定程度上借鉴了龙与地下城的规则。只是在表现形式上有点绝大部分玩家难以接受。不过类似的游戏也是存在的玩家在Steam上可以搜索到一款叫做《TOME4》的游戏以及之前讲过包的《Adom》。可以说和这款游戏非常相似的画面以及相似的玩法。玩家在游戏中可以选择不同的种族,游戏也提供了非常丰富的可选种族供玩家选择。此外,玩家需要对角色进行熟悉加点,这也是非常常规的角色,扮演类游戏都有的属性。随着层数的不断深入,游戏的难度及由此中遇到的敌人的难度也在逐渐增加。全程虽然都可以通过进行操作,但是游洗的信息展示非常繁琐以及对于鼠标操作的要求上还是非常高的。 总结: 《Zorbus》这款游戏想必一定是受众面非常狭窄了,但是这个游戏并不是只有这样一款,相信这类游戏也是存在着其独有的魅力。 [code]双语评测,认准我们: [url=https://store.steampowered.com/curator/35263058-Bilingual-Curator/]双语评测[/url] Make Chinese and English speaker feel at home: [url=https://store.steampowered.com/curator/35263058-Bilingual-Curator/]Bilingual Curator[/url][/code]
Review from 76561198160782068Amazing little dungeon crawler. 10/10.
Review from 76561198038623729Fun, layered, with lots of customization. For the price point it's definitely worth it if you like mechanic-focused roguelites.
Review from 76561198018130437there are several people complaining. which i can kinda understand... but the tags "Perma death" and "Traditional Rougelike" are there for a really! good reason OK... I have had deaths that have been bullshit, however i have also had them been from complacency and/or ... overconfidence [slow and insidious killer]. Think of it like this : until floor 10 !? you are playing a character that honestly shouldn't be delving into this.. you are playing a fledgling mage or rich town-guard [his dad's the mayor!] or something like that yeah? You are fighting animals, monsters, and people! - that are just as, if not slightly more, deadly then you. until you can make it to around floor 10, and then you've burnt off the fat of that character, they are no longer that town guard... or soft bookworm... or whatever - they wouldn't even look the same to family members anymore. Their SO close to the final floor, that even if they stopped right now, they would be game-changers to the world outside. I have made it to floor 7. :| I am not going to stop until i get a character to Godhood. I recommend this game to people who enjoy games with tags of : "Perma death" and "Traditional Rougelike" And also played Old school Snes games and enjoyed them. late 90 early 2000ths flash games. And also played AD&D I recommend this game to about 300K people, and only those people! :D
Review from 76561198045808248I have delved into the depths of this dungeon as gnome wizard and this what I bring back. This game plays like Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup with its own unique flair. Sounds effect, death animations, and semi-unscripted behaviors of the enemies are something to witness first hand. 10/10 an excellent traditional rogue like easily becoming one of my favorites.
Review from 76561198099380931liches are biches
Review from 76561197972907385A fun game to suck at with a few lols and a bit of nostalgia included. Worth the price of admission and then some.
Review from 76561198008527210This is an excellent rogue-like. The sound and speech bubbles make the dungeon come alive. There are neutral and friendly characters, which is much more interesting than everyone being an enemy.
Review from 76561198030154048Strong recommend, definitely one of best roguelikes of recent years. What like most about Zorbus is that your death's normally feel pretty organic. Your not killed because of some random overpowered monster, or obscure power spike that you'd only know about if you read up on it before hand. You die when you get swarmed, or over extended. The enemies run off to fetch their friends, and come looking for you. An excellent amount of content for the price.
Review from 76561197995977248-Buy Zorbus -Start game. -Walk into first room, see treasure. -Touch treasure, summons unbeatable horde. -Die. -Return Zorbus.
Review from 76561198054754444This game is straight awesome .. Game makers could learn a few things from these guys ...
Review from 76561198038222101shitty roguelike with shitty RNG. avoid this turd at all cost, you will have more fun playing nethack or ADOM
Review from 76561198014798092Great game, I've spent over 100 hours on it
Review from 76561198122541900Awesome little gem, I didn't realise how much fun this game would be. One of the best rougelikes around.
Review from 76561198016424641i like it, but few things break it unreasonably hard first floor, where you usually stuck for hour or two trying to get lucky to pass it. Most of the time dying in first 5-20 turns getting out of the starting room. Quite a strange design choice, as most people will refund it in first two hours, not able to get to actual gameplay. I was ready to do so too, but with some luck got past that floor. Most of the achievements state that 0.1% of players got them, meaning that only a few were actually able to get to the second floor. Lol. Second thing is UI. It has been improved significantly over the last updates. But there is still room to make it much better :) Well, there is a third problem, perhaps. Difficulty. I was rolling through the floors with my small army of 8 companions without problems. And i felt like I was OP. Till the end where you should fight some very strong creatures. Turns out my OP stuff was nothing against them. And I don't see how could I get more stronger than I already was. So the difficulty like: very hard to get past 1st floor, then it's easy, then BAM, you're dead, after 10 hours of gameplay. It not motivates to start the whole process again. Considering that there is not many thing/skills to try and every run more of less the same.
Review from 76561197969426053Neutral. Needs a difficulty option, or at least some way to mitigate the incredible spikes of named npcs past floor 2.
Review from 76561198855754843make friends to kill things without dying. natural leader/animal friend is really good to start off with as a human, reroll the stats till you have at least a 1 bonus in every stat.
Review from 76561197993643985If you like roguelikes, buy this game immediately! I can't see how a reasonable person who has even a passing interest in roguelikes could possibly regret buying this game. It's only $5, and worth every penny. Think of the complexity of Nethack, DCSS, ToME, Caves of Qud, and Cogmind, all games I've played and enjoyed for many hours. Zorbus isn't as complex as those, in terms of loot diversity or lore development. But it's certainly more complex than Brogue. And let's face it: sometimes you want a game that's a bit leaner, quicker, and accessible than those earlier games I mentioned. Now add a ton of stuff that just works, and works well *together*, and you'll get Zorbus. Add a ton of interface enhancements, so that every feature is just as accessible with the mouse as with the keyboard. Take your pick. Change all the keybindings if you want. Change the font or font size. Use an Xbox controller. When I play other roguelikes, I immediately wish they had Zorbus's interface. It's just that good. It oozes convenience and caring about what the player might want. Add a robust companion system, which lets you recruit followers, tame animals, or raise an undead army. Equip them as you like. Tell them where to go and what to do (again, all with the mouse, if you'd like). Add dungeon generation that gives real, thematic unity to each dungeon level, with labeled areas and a ton of ways to zip around the place. Add multiple thousands of distinctive sounds for all the monsters and friendly NPCs, along with environmental sounds. Add the convenience of instantly knowing where all (discovered) loot is on the level, simply by pressing the spacebar. Add a filter system to many info screens, so that it only highlights what you're looking for, as you type. Add a dynamic lighting system, that you can affect by turning light sources in the dungeon on or off (including your own). Hide in the dark if you want, and hope for the best. Add an emotion system, in which monsters have emotional reactions to other monsters, depending on their faction, nature, alignment, and so on. And their emotional state comes in degrees, so that a neutral wizard can finally get ticked off by you, and then attack, but not before. (Maybe you shouldn't keep touching his bookcases after he tells you to leave!) Monsters might fight you… or they might be more interested in fighting other monsters. This dungeon is living, independent of your choices. Add a conversation system. The monsters talk to you and to each other in speech bubbles. They have things to say. So do your companions. They might comment on events that just happened. You can hide in the dark and turn off your light source, and they might talk about that. They might plead with you to rescue them if a fight is going badly. They'll scream loudly if you let them die, you jerk. You can release friendly NPCs from prison, and they'll thank you. It's immersive. Add in multiple room types that do special things if you flip a switch. It's up to you. Maybe it will teleport in challenging monsters. Maybe it will make all the undead in the area suffer. (Don't do that if your own undead army is in the room, of course.) Add in lots of colorful icons for PCs and NPCs, different floor designs for special rooms, and animated spell effects. Add in a skill system and a talent system, on top of the attribute system. They all interact. Add in a trap system that has multiple types of traps. Find trap kits of your own so you can set these traps for the monsters. Add in a lot of lore books that clue you in on what Zorbus is and what you're trying to do. Other loot books are just funny, like the volume named "The Berlin Interpretation". Text on the ground might give you Eric Clapton lyrics. Add in a tavern-and-store level that you can teleport to from each dungeon level. It includes free beer for everyone. Did I mention the weapon and armor enchantment system, and how talents can affect it? So, to conclude, here's what you get: - Incredible interface that caters to your convenience - Robust companion system - Thematic dungeon generation - Thousands of sounds - Instant loot search with filtering - Dynamic lighting - Monsters and NPCs with emotions that come in degrees and affect actions - Monsters and NPCs that talk about current events and the environment - Special rooms that activate cool stuff by flipping a switch - Colorful icons, floor designs, lore books - Skill system - Talent system - Trap system - Tavern and store level you can teleport to - Weapon and armor enchantment system That's a lot for $5! Just buy it. You won't regret it. Zorbus is not at the same level as the roguelikes I named at the beginning, at least not in terms of complexity or narrative. But the dev is pushing boundaries and programming new systems for this genre of game, and that's a very good thing. Zorbus deserves to be more widely known than it is. It will inspire future roguelike designers. I never thought I'd get to experience all of these systems together in one game.
Review from 76561199080362889这是一款带着肉鸽属性的地牢游戏,玩家将扮演小人不断进行探索。整体玩下来,个人觉得挺有难度,且不支持中文(卡输入法)。 起初咱需要创建一个新角色,除了能够自定义性别,还可以随意分配点数,包括素质、技能和天赋。 说实话,一开始毫无思绪,遇到敌人只会傻乎乎地跑,加上它会持续进行追踪,就令人有点难蚌。 【左下角会显示地图】 值得一提的是游戏中存在大量的永久性死亡,一旦GG,只能重头再来。 【被怪物看上就无法快速前进】 必须得吐槽的是游戏教程过于晦涩,虽然按下H能够查看相关提示,但却属于那种一大串的类型,直接一股脑抛向玩家,上手着实有点费劲。 【濒临死亡时,还能听见心跳声】 有一说一,屏幕左下角的地图设计还算出色,各种点位罗列相对清晰(绿代表安全,红代表危险)。如果想要活得更久,建议规划好前进的路线,当然资源获取也不能落下了,比如装备。 总的来说,游戏比较吃受众,不感兴趣的玩家没必要尝试嗷! [quote]欢迎关注我们的鉴赏家:[url=https://store.steampowered.com/curator/35402982/]走心评测[/url] ←遵从内心,写出真实感受 欢迎加入我们Steam组:[url=https://steamcommunity.com/groups/ZXPC]走心评测[/url]←点击加入,一起探索游戏的乐趣 喜欢这篇评论,也麻烦点个赞,让更多人能够看到![/quote]
Review from 76561198042225625I prefer *lesser rogue-likes*, because *major classical rogue-likes* seem too overwhelming. One of my fav games is 'Rogue's Tale' (almost 700 hrs in). This one is also very cool - it's technically much easier to play (no food & drink mechanics, your weapons don't break), but also quite brutal on RNG and stuff. It easily generates dramatic stories of demise, with the help of quality sound design & text blobs, but you have to use some imagination of course :)
Review from 76561198259460866ZORBUS THEZE NUTS!
Review from 76561198293010346If you get this because you are a fan of RL's, be warned it is very unlikely that you will ever beat this. I can no longer play this as the complete and utter bullshit of the later levels is too much. Plot armor +2, holy greatsword of energy/lightning +4, belt of giant strength +2, helm of glory, ring of resistances and a ring of regeneration along with many great potions, a wizard companion with a staff of power and other shit, dwarf companion kitted to the teeth, an iron golem companion, and yet I got killed by an overwhelming number of insane enemies on floor 9. Even running away or going into the Carillo portal didn't help, fuck you.
Review from 76561198025161663Yes, yes and more yes. Best 5 bucks you'll spend this year. Keep making games my dudes. Thanks for the references on the floors. Nice touch.
Review from 76561198006359747Great Rogue like with D&D 2nd edition rules. If you want to play roguelikes but hate the learning curve this is your game
Review from 76561198119297706A very motivating rogue-like that still needs to get behind the books in character balance. The wizard is definitely the strongest class, because the main attribute (mind) also determines how many skills/feats you get at levelups. Thus, all other classes are a little behind. Also, melee and ranged classes have too few active skills to have the same long-term motivation as the wizard. But the wizard alone is so much fun to play, that I highly recommend this game. Crisp difficulty! Edit: After 67 hours of playtime, i often make it to the final boss. There, I die in 4-5 turns. There is no healing allowed at the final fight, what makes winning allmost impossible. But just the fact, that I have that many hours ingame, tells you how much I like this game. Edit2: Finally beat the game. Stealth Melee was the key (mind 18, or at least 16 is a must)
Review from 76561197982824222This is one of the most challenging games I've ever played. Only ~2 percent of players on Steam have actually beaten it, but it's fun and keeps you coming back for more. You really have to master the game's mechanics to survive. There are lots of very handy quality of life features, macros and hotkeys to keep the game from becoming a slog. It's time to zorb!
Review from 76561198151987791It was both satisfying and challenging reaching demigodhood. I am going to play more. I want to get all the achievements, search the demiplanes and become a god. An excellent challenging game.
Review from 76561198064301154Boring and uninspired