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Two Move Chess

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Review from 76561198260825831为啥这么好的游戏发售两个半月了,连一个评测或者组里的内容都没有? I am pretty wondering why there has been no reviews and nothing in the group of this excellent game, for two and a half month after it launched... It is definitely a very creative and interesting game! You can never image what you can do with a second move before trying it - You can even beat the full army with just a king and 4 pawns! What a genius to make this game! Surely, it requires you to think a loooot and see many steps forward (and probably dozens of tries and creative ideas), but you will enjoy this special chess. It provides you a completely novel idea on how you can handle your pieces (or piece!) and use them with different style. And you cannot imagine how hard it is to beat a twice-move king with a queen and 2 rooks. It is definitely harder for the black than the white. 虽然仅仅修改了国际象棋的一条规则,但是这游戏的创意与严谨会超出你的想象。玩之前我从来没有想过,这样简单的规则修改,就能让你用1王4兵战胜对面的完整的布阵!我算是对想出这个点子的制作者佩服得五体投地了。 当然这游戏难度也不小,需要仔细的思考、严密的逻辑,后面的关卡经常需要反复探索、灵光乍现的点子,也真的很考验对棋局的把控。但也不用担心,我一个基本没有国际象棋技术的人,也能逐渐摸索出自己的方式。 以及我也没有想到,黑方是如此的难……面对对面孤王,用1后2车都得费老大劲才能战胜,稍有不慎就翻车了……