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RX Racing 2022 Pro

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Review from 76561198844282465☀️
Review from 76561198086000429RX Racing 2022 Pro, farklı kategorilerde 2022 yılının sürücülerini sürebileceğiniz bir arcade rallikros oyunudur. Amaç çok basit, bir sürücüyü alıp yarışı kazanmaya çalışıyorsunuz. Çerezlik.
Review from 76561198220265965Ogólnie to samochód kręci sie gorzej niz gów no w przeremblu, kamera stoi twardo jak moj fi ut podczas grania w tą grę mechanika fajna jakby jej nie bylo bomba na kijow
Review from 76561199031488391RX Racing 2022 Pro is a horrible buggy and trashy game made by CaRacing Studio. There's alot of modes, yet these are the most important: Time Attack, Race, and Season, - Time Attack A solo race with the only goal being to get the most goals in the fastest time. That's it, nothing else. - Race Time attack but with AI. Gotta mention that the AI isn't that buggy so eh. Again, nothing special - Season, Just race. That's it. I believe they ran out of ideas and just copy and pasted modes. Maps: Mostly the same, with a few texture changes/ buildings, etc. Not to mention the stretched text boxes and nightmarish models. Yeah not much here, pretty basic maps. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Graphics: Terrible, actual dogshit. Controls: Decent, I'll give it that, however, you can turn just a little a fucking spinout. Gameplay: Imagine watching red paint dry as a game and you got yourself a more engaging and less boring game than this shit. I played through most.. if not all of the game and can say that this game was sloppy made and DOES NOT HAVE POTENTIAL. Moving on.. Sounds: Imagine standing 1 foot behind a plane engine and you got the sound that you hear when you drive. Not only that but the countdown sounds are horrible. Based on every map, you'll get a different person but it doesn't matter. All they say is "Good luck" and "Go". You will most likely never hear them though as the driving sounds will block it. Overall, this game is terrible a buggy mess. I do not recommend to buy for a free racer. 0.5/10 ~ Light
Review from 76561199080068261its decent but I would suggest to maybe turn down the engine sound
Review from 76561199015483908basement.
Review from 76561198861883967[h1] [b](ツ)_/¯[/b]RX Racing 2022 Pro[/h1] [code] Recenzja stworzona przez [url=https://steamcommunity.com/id/maxiisteam/] Maxi [/url][/code] Nie polecam. Ciężko opisać tą grę pod względem graficznym czy też całego gameplay’u. [list] [*] Jeśli uważasz, że moja recenzja jest przydatna zostaw pozytywną ocenę [*] Więcej recenzji znajdziesz u mnie na profilu [/list]
Review from 76561199174092708it has potential
Review from 76561198019816374I managed to get into ONE game where the sound of squealing tires was the ONLY sound and it continually plays. It is awful. The UI is arcane and makes no sense. I have no idea why someone would release something in this state. https://youtu.be/ewF6zNSCGss