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Torchlight: Infinite Playtest

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Review from 76561197993967701the dev totally ditch pc, u cant login on pc even with their own steam client or browsers, this already happen since alpha but they turn deaf to our voices
Review from 76561198409639363gewoon leuk
Review from 7656119826272582290 poziom wbity, gra się przyjemnie. P2W nie odczułem. Ciężko o tym nawet mówić bo nie ma na ta chwile multiplayera.
Review from 76561198244836212ฺBest Game
Review from 76561197994505772再...再一場就好。
Review from 76561197963937706Good dungeon crawler.
Review from 76561198079767836Not bad mobile / desktop game.
Review from 76561198319896649is ok
Review from 76561198111702357Гра нагадуе мені добру екшен рпг легку та цікаву. зразу скажу що донат легкий без примусу, можна на фармити валюту за яку можна купити комфорт.
Review from 76561198100818703Докатились, теперь в стиме поголовно выходят мобильные игры.
Review from 76561198055280710업데이트 있다면서 확인 누르면 게임이 왜 꺼지고 지랄이냐 병2신같네
Review from 76561198076410248)))
Review from 76561198241069220Responding to some of the reviews who say "It does have P2W but it's not on the same level as Diablo immortal" How does that make it any better??? Are we just accepting that all games should now have P2W mechanics in it? "Well how would they make money?" There are tons of games out there that make money selling cosmetic MTX, FOH. Did the devs not say there would be no p2w? Look at dev blog 19. "No progression walls or impact on build progression from microtransactions" "...all components are obtained from your playtime only" "None of the gears, skills, and power-ups are sold as microtransactions. Neither can they be traded in the Trade House" They speak using the same language DI devs did... or in some cases just flat out lie. "We don't sell gear" well, technically no you might not sell gear explicitly but are you really saying the game isn't p2w in that you're selling stuff that then guarantees certain drops?
Review from 76561198831127997Eu achei um jogo bem divertido, só espero que a desenvolvedora não coloque coisas pay to win demais nele.
Review from 76561198017914474No connection patches response 403
Review from 76561198112188876之前搶先小玩一會,現在重新下載完打開遊戲就要求更新,再從STEAM連往網頁版STEAM,永不更新絕不能玩,知道了是我不配,只能留下負評,感謝浪費的時間~掰掰
Review from 76561198010900155登入時顯示有新版本不給進遊戲 在STEAM中卻沒有更新 哭撚咗
Review from 76561198162993925This is an awesome ARPG game. Lots of builds to try and an interesting skill system.
Review from 76561198019558747I have been in 4 closed tests... more then year waiting for this game... they promised no p2w, the game is f great! and they made it trash, this game is again... p2w... i am very dissapointed, no multiplayer, just grind grind grind and then you will check leaderboards and there will be just someone that waste more money then you.
Review from 76561198027968181This Game Is Mad Fun I Left Work Early To Play Game Is Not Out, Sad but seriously ignore all the review bombs of the salty boys i made it to lvl 97 in the playtest and didn't feel any pay to win elements that would effect your core gameplay the Devs are actively listening join the discord if you have any questions. Thank you.
Review from 76561198367609875спс за проёбанный прогресс
Review from 76561197993445282Отличная RPG всем советую!
Review from 76561198404838042好玩!!!
Review from 76561198064886655norm
Review from 76561199212026784Didn't liked it that much....
Review from 76561198041885444Não posso falar muito POIS O JOGO SÓ CRASHA E NÃO ABRE! <3
Review from 76561198045373724This game is a scam. They said it wont be pay to win but it is. Good job, well played :)
Review from 76561198199890645 Dobre i rozmyslne sterowanie
Review from 76561198196267289A little pay to win, so i wont give a money here but way mor worth playing it that diablo immortal. nice mechanics and i guess the p2w is not to cruel.
Review from 76561198073634011In a good way to be a legend!
Review from 76561198191540698good mechanics fun at the start BUT NOT TRUTHFUL FOR THERE WORDS like Diablo immortal not free to play friendly a lot of pay to win more micro transaction can cost you 30K$ to even max a account A VERY PAY TO WIN!
Review from 76561198096223113베리 굿뜨
Review from 76561198160204017a
Review from 76561198076117041Better than TL3 not as good as TL2. As good as TL1 with light mods
Review from 76561197985003679Inquestionavelmente melhor que o TorchLight 3, mas não chega a ser tão legal quanto o 1 e 2, apesar de ser ser um jogo de celular, o cliente de PC é bem estável, e o jogo tem boa customização (builds) de personagem. Porém o jogo PARECE sobreviver de vendas de skins e efeitos especiais, logo nada equipado no personagem altera sua aparência, o que faz a progressão parecer lenta :/ O End Game precisa ser trabalhado BEM MAIS!
Review from 76561198192176595Casual PoE replica
Review from 76561198053730528the core game is fantastic, everything else is manipulation to get your wallet.
Review from 76561199140687555Хорошая АРПГ
Review from 76561198089953331Normalin
Review from 76561198836985603Jeu de fou, rien de plus, si vous appréciez PoE (d'avant), vous allez surement vous y plaire !
Review from 76561198076690893Buen juego estilo arpg esperemos que no se combierta en un pay to win
Review from 76561198109793890讚讚 好玩遊戲 每天要玩
Review from 76561198071320706the game is fun, really smooth gameplay
Review from 76561198868168740First things first - P2W? - Yes. Part of it in a similar fashion as Path of Exile could be considered P2W, with buying stash tabs, AH slots, etc. The other part is a little bit more on the "true" P2W scale - you can increase your power or loot by paying. Can you make your character multiple times stronger with money? - No. Thus, I do not agree with the monetization methods here, but I would not say that they are game-breaking. Now on to the game itself. It's really damn fun! From the get-go, from the first levels, you already will be running, jumping, teleporting around and smashing, torching, electrocuting your enemies. As a long-time PoE player, I would say that the leveling experience feels about as fun as PoE is after some lvl 60 (just purely from using your skills, etc). There are problems that come from this being a mobile port - the UI is a bit too large, plus, you quite often need to click too many times to do something, which is only due to it being a mobile port. I do hope they fix those problems, but only time will tell, if they do. Outside of the UI problems, this really does not feel like a mobile game. On PC it runs really smoothly and looks really good doing so! The audio design and skill effects are also top-notch, if we look at other ARPGs for comparison. Build variety is honestly insane. Not really Path of Exile level, but in terms of actually playable builds, it seems to be up there with PoE, if not surpassing it. Which kind of mostly stems from the developers wanting you to have a really good time playing the game and not overbalacing everything to the point of being absolutely unplayable, until you get that one OP legendary item. On the note of loot and crafting - another BIG plus from me in that department. The loot is pretty cool, while being light on upgrades once you reach the end-end-game, up to that point the loot is very much meaningful. (There is a built-in loot-filter too, but it does need some work, possibly giving us the option to customize it) Crafting is also very straight-forward, with both deterministic crafting AND RNG based one. I find it really cool that there are ultra-rare white base items that seem to be on the same rarity tier as some of the OP legendaries, thus you might even get a crazy upgrade by looting a random white-purple item. Skill system is also very open-ended, allowing you to create all kinds of wonky and cool builds. It is similar to the PoE skill gem system, but, in my opinion, brings it a level higher, making it less annoying to reach the maximum support skill links. Also - there is a test dummy that shows you the top and average DPS you deal to it, which helps SO SOOO much with making decisions on skills, gear, etc. In the end - this game is a breath of fresh air for me and hopefully for lots of other players. The monetization is not great for people who heavily dislike P2W mechanics, but it could have been FAR worse (looking at you, D:I) and at the end of the day, if not much changes, you can reach very late end-game with no issues, while being F2P. Even better, up to level 75 you are allowed to freely switch your passives, and even after that, while you can buy respec points for real money, you get A LOT of them for free (I got around 250 of them in 4 days of playing the game, including leveling, which is enough to fully respec one specialty tree 4+ times) A very solid 8/10 for me, would be a 9/10, maybe more, but I suspect that some things might change on launch. The best Torchlight game ever made!
Review from 76561198080053044Decent mobile arpg experience. Looking forward to the official release!
Review from 76561198013743037Огонь!
Review from 76561198064812243git
Review from 76561198095379694Indico demais! Mistura de Path of Exile com Torchlight com mais qualidade de vida e sem lag.
Review from 76561198042642360Legal juntaram as melhores mecanicas atuais dos ARPGS muito bom.
Review from 76561198252910796Muito bom! Espero que não seja tão p2w como todos dizem! Diria que é uma mistura de poe com last epoch sem lag e com qualidade vida.
Review from 76561198020208242Отличная игра
Review from 76561198067417060Super fun game. Can't wait for full release!
Review from 76561197990922925So far, for playtest, it's been very fun. I realize people complain about "P2W" but I haven't seen it yet. Yes, you can buy mtx and various things that also drop as loot from monsters but I am yet to see "power" for sale for money. Everything you need you can find in "trade house" and buy, if you farmed enough currency. Issue that I have is mainly with resistances. I cap them, next day I log in and they are lower than they were. I have over 70% Erosin res on gear, but in stats it's barley 20. I can't find any info about resistance penalties and such anywhere. I don't see any on my gear. Level 85. Spent $0, doing pretty fine.
Review from 76561198042925827Das Game macht Spaß und hat Potential, und nein es ist kein P2W erkennbar, man kann alles locker durch grinden erreichen.
Review from 76561198885992107хорошо
Review from 76561198098305817First 9 hours were fantastic game play. Its the fun of path of exile without all the bull crap they've introduced in the past few patches. High paced, fun and definitely has a lot of depth. The one down side will be if they go through with added in all of the P2W stuff that was in the beta testing but until then its a highly recommend.
Review from 76561197996825492Это не Торчлайт. Проходите мимо.
Review from 76561198027946227Este jogo é uma agradavel surpresa. Universo de Torchlight com mecanicas inspiradas no jogo de sucesso Path of Exile, tem um sistema de builds interessante, endgame profundo e gameplay viciante. Peca pela shop com mecanicas de gatcha. Sendo F2P e com sistema de temporadas vale a pena jogar em qualquer altura. Testem e vejam se gostam. Eu adorei.
Review from 76561198167332890Está bem legal de jogar. Não achei mt estranha a tradução, estou jogando em ingles msm.
Review from 76561198081054345Копирка с ПОЕ, но в другой стилистике
Review from 76561198016465674took part in the CBT great game plays smooth massive amounts of build variety ( if it stays as is on launch)
Review from 76561198861271641игра отличная кросс-платформенная надоело на пк можно перейти на телефон очень удобно )) минусы управление скилами ну ее нафиг
Review from 76561198983689161god
Review from 76561198053155720Le jeu est facile à prendre en main, tres accessible niveau gameplay,il est une alternative à diablo immortal ou des jeux du genre. Le niveau de dificulté augmente au fil de l'aventure et l'arbre de competences est immense. je recommande
Review from 76561197979238571bis jetzt nicht schlecht nur leider viele disconnects seitens des spiels
Review from 765611980803269461. Понравилось: вариативность прокачки персонажей, сюжет и коридорное прохождение, элементы многопользовательской игры (чат, торговый дом). 2. Не понравилось: дисбаланс (мобы дохнут с 1 удара, а боссы убивают тебя с 1 удара), отсутствуют многопользовательские активности (считаю необходимым добавить какие-либо события, данжи или боссов, а так прокачав персонажа можно смело искать новую игру), донат через клиент стима не работает (говорят в будущем поправят). В целом игра на 7/10, один раз стоит поиграть. Это ЗБТ и поэтому жду много нововведений в будущем.
Review from 76561198053704795Don't waste your time, just another p2w garbage
Review from 76561198009480082เกม สนุกดี
Review from 76561198810933028jeu agréable, un peu de nouveauté dans le monde du hack n' slash sans pour autant renouveler le genre. Le HL est cependant pas mal mais je n'ai pas eu le temps d'approfondir car la beta ouverte était un peu courte.
Review from 76561197989955081Played Moto; had a terrible time playing the game. Spent most of my time "playing the game" capped at 75 (for free respec) and in spreadsheets testing out every weapon/stat/passive just to find out what, if any, influenced minion damage. There's maybe 2 builds that are viable for this class, none of which are comparable to other classes, apparently.
Review from 76561199309652358做的还行············································
Review from 76561198097379594好玩阿!比暗黑不朽還耐玩多了。
Review from 76561197970480809Komisch, es ist ein Mobile-Game. Schlechte Grafik, maue Story lieblos hingeschlunzt. Aber ich habe schon über 30 Stunden gespielt. Das liegt an dem Skillsystem, dem Crafting, Verzaubern und der Jagt nach Items. Da kann Immortal nicht mithalten.
Review from 76561198154378082the best game !!!
Review from 76561198141705330Отличная игра.
Review from 76561198040132493Auch wenn das Gameplay in den ersten Minuten Spaß macht, so sieht man nach Beendigung des Tutorials den Ingameshop. Trotz versprechen des Publishers sind Inhalte vorhanden welche eindeutig als P2W Endgameinhalte hinter eine Paywall stellen. Ein Klares nein von mir auch wenn es aktuell nur ein Playtest ist. Ich glaube kaum das man den Ingameshop ändert.
Review from 76561198000347078b
Review from 76561198815789271I don't see any Multiplayer contents :(
Review from 76561198419911808muito bom
Review from 76561198314783906игра огонь!
Review from 76561198114186273During the beta version, the design of this game is quite like for a mobile version. For example, the guiding tip is not suitable for PC player. The Esc button will open directly setting menu, why don't it will open the list in the game. The UI design is acceptable.
Review from 76561199122106635me ha gustado los heroes y clases , pero seria bueno tener en ambos generos, la mecanica es buena ,espero que mejoren con mas armaduras que se puedan ver el cambio en los personajes las monturas las monturas tambien por lo demas muy divertido y adictivo .
Review from 76561198071078632gostei do game ! ele eh bem divertido e viciante ! bons graficos(se bem que nao ligo pra isso) ele eh bem intuitivo ! eu gostei especialmente pelo fato de poder mudar dentro da mesma classe varias formas de combate, o que faz com que o game nao fique monotono por ficar jogando sempre da mesma forma ! o povo falou de P2W , mas sinceramente sendo F2P to bem forte e consigo tankar os mobs sem problemas e ainda tiro uma onda com eles ! A Galera leite com pera so sabe chorar e reclamar das coisas ! nao sabe jogar na raca e quer moleza,tem que pagar o preco mesmo !
Review from 76561198365632206Esperando pelo lançamento oficial do jogo. O jogo é muito, muito bom e promete ainda mais com futuras atualizações e o principalmente com o modo COOP.
Review from 76561198033963786Really really good game,i hope allot of support will add more in future.if this would cost 70 bucks i would buy it ,to good
Review from 76561198212946796Fuck the cash shop
Review from 76561198045691567good game if u hate the new poe.
Review from 76561198049085934there are few things that i feel uncomfortable: - mouse auto-center when going to edges, when trying to go to the menu it goes to center adn i should go again to the edge. - unable to change keymaps, hope this change in the future, but just get into the game and not able to change them its awful - i should suggest mapping both mouse clicks, and even 5 button mouses, I personally prefer the right click for move only
Review from 76561197971141086ist gutes game ich mag es gucken was draus wird!
Review from 76561199082287888高自由度又耐玩的打寶遊戲
Review from 76561198049097369gostei de tudo
Review from 76561198804811327It's a really good game.. Tho they miss the charm from old torchlight games but it is still good. Some pay to win things but come on people need to eat LOL... Overall it is A grade game not A+.... :)
Review from 76561199272723349好玩 我是香港的
Review from 76561199081608077有意思
Review from 76561197995703627Wow, did this series go off the deep end? Torchlight 1 and 2 were solid fun ARPGs. Torchlite mobile and this are just garbage. The story is gobbly gook that you will not have any genuine interest in, and it's done in this try-hard fashion that's painful to deal with to the point you will just click through w/o even trying to care. The combat.. at least w/ the berserker.. well, for the hell of it, I have just used jump/leap/smash—no other ability. I never die, and I never run out of mana..will this continue to the endgame. I will never know. Because I just can't see a reason to keep playing a game that doesn't respect its past, let alone its players.
Review from 76561198040170528yes
Review from 76561198049750421This is my favorite Torchlight Game so far!
Review from 76561198082022479i love this
Review from 76561198033812204Game is fun, PoE lite which is a gap in the market. However, many problems: Entire hero traits in the gacha mechanic. Pets being very powerful or build defining and also behind the gacha. Many small bugs; placeholder text, no audio in cut scenes, not "exit game" button, etc. Game breaking bugs: Tiny hitbox on monsters, almost impossible to hit them with direct target abilities (chain lightning in my case). I had to swap main ability to be able to hit the frost boss. Crashes to desktop, and a lot of them. Just bricked a map, apparently some part of the environment is causing UE to crash. I had this happen 10+ times by level 63. Sorely missed QoL; cursor colour, delete ability from ability bag from the ability screen, health/mana bar numbers, better character stats not just based on a selected ability. I hope some of these are changed in the current launch build, or they can somehow pull it out of the hat last moment. So much potential so far...
Review from 76561199196403422gameplay is super addictive and smooth once you get hang of it . remind me of path of exile but less complicated . i only played the ranger range charecter and it was super fun and fast pace ., enemies and charecters looks very solid , clean and easily recognisable BUT they are not memorable they all fall in the typical generic RPG NPC trope . HOWEVER the artworks in phenominal reminds me of the old darksiders and battle chasers night war art style how every the 3D models dont resemble it . the locations looks very simplistic and clean and well made but not memorable some things they can add is VOICE ACTING for atleast the story part . some items are very poweful and have infinite uses without any drawbacks i think they need to be balanced remove the gacha portion of the shop it doesnt fit well with the game and the game is better off without it add auto run if possible i think this game has potential if devs keep updating it , truely is much more fun the torchlight 3 but not as good as torchlight 2 . and definatly way more fun then DIABLO IMMORTAL .