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Poly Parkour

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Review from 76561199282221518이천이백원으로 즐길 수 있는 알트에프포! 여깄습니다! 심지어! 세이브 포인트도 있다구요! 심지어! 맵이 네개라서 누구나 도전 가능합니다! 당장 사라! 아, 그리고 마지막 스테이지는 신을 찾게 될 것입니다.
Review from 76561198005895500응 어려워봐 계속 죽으면 그만이야~
Review from 76561198022964310Would be a simple "rage platformer" if not for bugs. Game got stuck on the loading screen several times but more annoying was on map 3 that an obstacle wasn't working properly. You have to jump on 2 pillars (one small, one bigg) and jump over spikes, but the jump from the small pillar to the bigger one worked only every blue moon. You also have barely time to maybe adjust your approach because behind you is a spiked barrell. I tried for like 20 minutes ot make it work but I just gave up and cheesed that part. On map 4 the jumping mechanic is just frustrating. There is no control over how far or high you jump, you can't control your character in the air, you can't slow down, so often times I over-jumped or the jump wasn't far enough. It never felt like I had any control of my character, so beating the leavel was up to luck/rnga and cheese. Music is also just a sampe file that replays every few seconds, not great. Anything good? Well, I dig the low poly theme. Its also just assets but still something I enjoy.
Review from 76561198034781051A really good game for the price, I had a lot of fun in lvl 3 xD
Review from 76561198180886943The big problem I have with the controls is you don't stop moving when you're in the air, no matter what direction you're traveling. Fell off so many times because of this. After I beat the first map, the game froze and I had to download super f4 to close it. If not for those two things, would be 5/5. Fun parkour.
Review from 76561198083237106With great confidence, and my confidence is quite great, I can say that this game here, Poly Parkour, will go down in history as one of the greatest games of all time. I love the way you jump up and go back down. Great feature. Truly ground breaking. And then, when the Poly Knight did the parkour it was hard af. Like harder than my rock hard gem collection hard. Thats hard af bruh. Story: 10/10 I don't wanna say too much here and spoil it, but boy does this story draw you in. Poly Knights unique and hard af backstory will get you in tears from the very beginning. With each jump the story progresses, and Poly knight gets closer and closer to his dreams and ambitions, of which I can assure you are great in scope. Trust me on this one bro, just do it. Gameplay: 6.9/6.9 Truly flawless controls. The physics engine seems to work fabulously. There is not a single feature I'd think to change. Runs leik budder. Graphics: 9.9/9.9 While playing this game I was literally blown. away. I'm not sure how it was done, but the color pallet used to portray this masterpiece fit perfectly with the environment that was trying to be conveyed. With such amazing graphics, it was difficult for me to hold back the tears of joy and awe. If Jesus was alive today he'd prolly love this game too. That is a fact. DLC: N/A (none yet but... can't wait thoo!!!!!!) Overall: 9 + 10 = 21
Review from 76561198010213625이거 잘하면 알트에프포를 뛰어넘을지도?