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HUNDRED FIRES: The rising of red star - EPISODE 2

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Review from 76561198367988274Just like the first game (which I played on switch) it's incredibly short but very competent. If you like classic metal gear and a game that doesn't take itself to seriously then this is for you. Although janky and running poorly on my already quite weak computer this game delivers on it's ambitions. Though not perfect I'm still happy I played it and I'm looking forward to more. Ignoring minor visual flaws and ONE visual bug in the campaign this game is completely bug free. I got it for cheap but the full price isn't expensive either. All in all it's very good.
Review from 76561199212484844steel cog compact
Review from 76561197980658013Another great chapter in this heart wrenching saga.
Review from 76561198004933678Played and reviewed the first episode back when it came out, absolutely had to do it with this one too. Episode 2 is just as hilarious and ridiculous as the first one. It is however also a lot of fun, just a bit short. Watch the video review for more info: https://youtu.be/qwirZ1fvPxo Absolutely recommended for Metal Gear fans!
Review from 76561198428702035I played episode 1 when it came out and I loved it, I thought the second part would never come out but it finally did! And it's better, even funnier than the first one, I'm not going to throw spoilers but it's great for MGS lovers.
Review from 76561198063812722Me encantó la primera parte, y como no podía ser de otra forma, esta lo ha vuelto a hacer. Agradezco mucho el amor que pone David a sus juegos, y que siga estando disponible en Español. Imprescindible para cualquier fan de loa juegos de sigilo y en concreto de MGS. Esperando con ganas un spin-off sobre el pasado de la Estrella Roja y cómo liberó a todo un pueblo.