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Super Kill-BOI 9000

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Review from 76561198061372293PRO - simple immediate fun NEUTRAL - not deep , needed more content CONS - items upgrade system is really boring and random
Review from 76561199245879167this game is kinda fun, but it can make your anger blow up, this is like chill, casual, you should get this game, the robot is cute, the enemy like jelly, i don't know what to say, just get this game, this is so calming
Review from 76561199465812265A really good game. 5 *
Review from 76561198094744358This trailer is worth less than 2 dollars.
Review from 76561198094364157[h1]Описание:[/h1] Очень простой клон Vampire Survivors (roguelike/bullet hell/arena shooter), который решили не обновлять, но который развлечёт вас на пару часов. [h1]Плюсы:[/h1] + Очень быстрые раны (10 минут+) + Игра сообщает как долго выживали по сравнению с другими игроками в неделю + Возможность паузы + Достижения [h1]Минусы:[/h1] - Отсутствие обновлений - Нет возможности узнать про слияние предметов - Слабый автоприцел (Melee пушки - One love) - Рулетка в выбивании предметов - Баг с достижением (Невозможно открыть достижение Hard Mode, если играл в демоверсию игры) [h1]Итог:[/h1] Игру рекомендовал бы любителям жанра, которые понимают, что поиграют в эту игру пару часов и бросят. В общем за её цену - неплохо, но если бы хоть что-то из описанных мною минусов было бы неактуально - то поставил бы положительный обзор, а так имеем, что имеем. [h1]Оценка:[/h1] 4-5 из 10 [h1]Страница куратора:[/h1] Если понравился обзор, то приглашаю оценить и остальные: https://store.steampowered.com/curator/44881397-DrafGrakula-Gaming-Group/
Review from 76561198995032845This game is uniq in some point. You don't need to just survive...
Review from 76561199384436378Me and my brother like this game a lot one thing is that we would like if another protection saw would go to second player and the second pumpkin would follow him with the attack pumpkin upgrade. Thanks (:
Review from 76561199142219120Feedback About The "Harder Harder!" Achievement I played demo few times and already unlocked Hardmode in demo but I cant get that achievement because I cant unlock hardmode again in full version GG :D
Review from 76561198043875438Its pretty basic and limited but its under £2 so I guess its fine.
Review from 76561198061095129Non c'è niente di più bello dopo una giornata di lavoro che sentire un robot tostapane che ti dice "I love you human"
Review from 76561197971159789https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjtM9yoDFHQ Not bad
Review from 76561198169376761The superfun teaser trailer what made me want to buy this game. The game look silly, but have a very unique levelup/heal/upgrade system. You are a weak and slow stickman and your main job is to survive and collect Hearths on battlefield and deliver it to your Powerful Toaster Friend. The Hearths will heal you when delivered as also levelup the Toaster. The weaponry what you can choose for Toaster on levelup are powerful and almost everything have sysnergy upgrade with everything. You have cannon, pistol, flamethrower, laser, sawblades, drones, grenades and some more thing. Here come the synergy as you can for example set sawblades to drones or pistol can shoot cannonballs, drones toss grenades or cannonballs and lasers set everything on fire. You can end up with some crazy builds. Also every skill have some insane powerful Legendary version on max level. The Hearths what you collect also be used for upgrade your character between missions with equipment what randomly made by Toaster. The game also cheap. Highly recommened!
Review from 76561199094813402cool game with cool robots
Review from 76561198410364563Hes a good boah
Review from 76561198396904662Funny. The robot's voice sounds like B-17 Bomber.
Review from 76561198166567893This is a ton of fun. I loved the gameplay feel. The difficulty is just right to keep me engaged throughout the level. The player movement, the weapons, the upgrades all make this a fun game.
Review from 76561199535906449Toaster
Review from 76561198382409181This game is pure fun, and it works superb in local shared screen co-op !
Review from 76561198357914105skip it, its fun but too easy, and too short. Wait for a big sale, like a phone game really. So the dev seems to be looking for more information. Skip this one all together. here is a free game that is hands down better than this swill the devs slapped together to make a quick buck. https://store.steampowered.com/app/2420510/HoloCure__Save_the_Fans/ The games over at crazygames.com are better and more fleshed out. This game in it's current form took me 2.2 hours to complete, just shy of being able to refund, which is weird. Right?
Review from 76561199109104225fanny fan fan game
Review from 76561197979919963I don't know why I had this much fun playing it but I did. It's so dumb I love it.
Review from 76561198044741994At first, I thought this would be a gimmicky half assed attempt at a roguelike/bullet hell/arena shooter. However, after playing 8hrs (at the time of this review) and still wanting to play more... I knew this was a great take on the genre and here's why: Pros: ♦ Movement speed scales effectively enough to make the game playable ♦ Graphics fits the style well ♦ Audio keeps you engaged ♦ Enemy types are few and far between but the ones that exist are perfect. Kamikaze Birds (Likened to Magpies in Australia), Exploding Blobs and everything else in between! What more could one want? ♦ Love how it tells you how long you've survived compared to other players per week. ♦ Item unlock system - using collected hearts from the round to pull a lever to get items is a nice way to gradually unlock & upgrade round starting items instead of just outright buying them. ♦ Endless mode is a plus, although very hard! Keeps the game relevant to see how long you can last without dying. Really good for bets with friends! ♦ Game is easy to pick up and put down when bored or needing to kill ten minutes. A round lasts 10minutes if you survive it. This is good to pass time or cure boredom! Difficulty scales nicely - Easy is easy and Hard is next level! Then Endless just gets insane!} ♦ Has a decent number of Achievements that aren't too grindy but take a decent amount of skill/time to complete. ♦ Decent amount of powerups in game to assist and upgrade whilst in game, making each playthrough slightly different. ♦ Price per Hour of gameplay is perfect. The devs could have easily sold this for $20 AUD for fun I've had, but they sell it for $2.95 AUD which even if you are hesitant on this, pick it up cuz it's less thhan the price of your daily coffee. Cons: ♦ Auto aiming of some of the weapons makes them useless. Like the melee weapons which I assumed would be the worst, are the best. This makes using all ranged weapons less fun because of their auto aiming. Thus, in future, it'd be nice if there was more incentive to use all weapons rather than just using the same weapon for each playthrough because it's auto aim is better. ♦ No trading cards or backgrounds. The game could make some sick looking cards, emotes and backgrounds for those that collect them. Future Improvements: ♦ The Dev could add more terrains, items, upgrades, weapons and enemy types in the future to keep the game relevant once you've exhausted the hours of fun. But this could be a whole new game down the track, and I'd be more than happy to pay for a Super Kill-BOI 9001. However, back to the rating... Overall, I thought this was going to be some kind of gimmicky roguelike/bullet hell/arena shooter, but for $2.95 AUD and 8 hours+ gameplay and me always wanting to come back and play more to see how long I can survive a round... I definitely give these 10 hearts out of 10. If you love the genre, want a game you can spend hours playing or just minutes in your spare time... this will be for you!
Review from 76561198158844106very much worth the price, content isn't gigantic but you can still play quite a bit and it's definitely fun, the upgrade system with random bonuses push u to try some variety and the unlock between run give some variety too, give it a go, it's only 2€.
Review from 76561198050631225You cant go wrong with this game, its as much as an iceream, and it is a cute little game......
Review from 76561198092215453it good
Review from 76561199184439784awesome game 10/10 wont give me the achievement for hard mode though (i unlocked it in the demo before getting the game)
Review from 76561198077171789A simple and goofy horde survival ("survivors-like") where you're not the main damage dealer! Weaponize and upgrade your lethal toaster, Kill-BOI, by collecting hearts dropped by enemies and bringing them to him. Runs are fairly short (with endless mode being an option) so this game is easy to pick up if you don't have much time on your hands. The low price point also makes it easy to pick up money wise.
Review from 76561198093910910Ein sehr süßes Spiel für zwischendurch, bei dem man sofort alles um sich rum vergisst und versucht sich so lange wie möglich durchzuschlagen. Manche Upgrades des Toasters sind super befriedigend und wenn man letzten Endes stirbt, kann man aufgrund des liebenswürdigen Humors gar nicht wütend sein. Der 2-Spieler Modus macht alles nur noch besser, bitte ausprobieren!!
Review from 76561199370066929For a game this good i think the price should be 5.00$ but for 2! thats alot cheeper but one problem i have is that there are not alot of upgrades not saying that the devolpers arent going to add more and for the price this game is amazing but more upgrades would be nice but if you like vampire surviours youll like super kill boi 9000! again if you dont like these types of games then why are you on there steam page?
Review from 76561198037002532cool
Review from 76561198085358020The base movement speed alone managed to make this one of the most boring games I've ever played.
Review from 76561197961215404Playing the game, I thought about writing a good review. But I played instead. I began to forget to sleep and to eat. Just a few hours at first, but then days. Now I woke up, and a whole week went by. I really wanted to stop playing, but I was unable to stop. Today I woke up because my computer crashed, and I used this moment to write this warning to all possible gamers. Do NOT play this game - Ever. I lost my job, my family .. my entire life. The only thing I have left I this game. Dont, let it grab your life like it stole mine. 10/10 rebuy. It's much better than my life before.
Review from 76561198085137464My therapist recommended me this: When you try to quit drugs (Vampire Survivors) you need to take low dosages (KIll-BOI-9000).
Review from 76561198097563640It's a neat take on the ol' survivors game. You are a filthy human and the robot is the one with the weapons, but you level up by dragging dropped hearts back to the robot. There's quite a few synergies (think weapon evolutions) that I've found so far, and the game pace feels good. 10 minutes for a run and you have the option to go endless. I would only be mildly impressed at this, but then consider that the game was made by humans and my amazement goes through the roof. Who knew they could do more than wave sticks around?
Review from 76561197965551808It's $2 and it's a pretty good successor to the Vampire Survivors genre. If you're already done with Vampire Survivors and Brotato, then this is an easy choice. SKB9000 has decent longevity too, thanks to the equipment system though grinding for all the coin to get all legendaries will take a very long time.
Review from 76561198086396408It began as a gamejam game for Vampire Survivors-like games. Keeping that in mind it is astonishing how far the game came and how much the devs improved the core design. Unlike most other survivors it isn't just you having to gather the dropped currency for yourself, you control a most of the time rather weak main character that functions as a slave for a greater Mech being that wants your currency to get delivered. If you do so as the robot pleases the robot will improve its complex weapon arsenal and even allows interactions between the different weapons allowing to create even mightier combos, similiar to the "Duo" Skills in Hades. Treating your robot well will also grant you a post game currency which will make the robot grant the human slave some neat gifts with different rarity which will be permanently unlocked allowing the player to have easier runs inside the future like its common in roguelites - pretty sweet from a mighty robot slaving humanity, don't you think alike? Overall this game is a lovely game with Flash game charme but superior mechanics, time keeps flying ingame and the difficulty is selectable to all given skill lvls to play it casually inbetween or making yourself suffer to finally beat the harder parts. If you are into any sort of survivor games I fully recommend it to you, especially for the low price. The new perspective of 2 different entities was for me a complete new experience in the survivors like genre allowing you some variety to the usual candidates. 10/10 would rebuy
Review from 76561198033421397Fun little game. Could need a little more variety, but what did I expect for 2 bucks?
Review from 76561199052380050A fun little survivor like game with a refreshing approach that never fails to provide a laugh. A game which perfectly portraits why toasters are valuable gadgets and why you should always have one around you... ALWAYS!!! It's a survivor like with the refreshing twist to not be about your power, but the power of your toaster companion. You start out weak and stay weak for most of the time, the only thing that can keep you alive is the love for your toaster. You start out watching janky-stick-action hitting foes, turning heart collection into a snake-like-minigame that you navigate back to your toaster to show him how awesome you are with your stick. You level up your toaster and choose between 1 of 3 upgrades. I actually really enjoyed the company of my toaster snake-ing hearts around and leveling up. Movement is rather slow but strategic. Deciding when to leave your toaster and when to return is crucial in surviving. My builds mostly ended up having a wide spread of the available weapons and therefore felt a bit samey. It mostly felt like avoiding 1-2 weapons you don't want at all and picking the rest where you mostly decide what to get first. The flavour texts, toaster speech and the overall game design is way to humorous to not finding myself LOL-ing away to the janky stick action, the tooltips and toaster commentary. Controller support currently has its flaws (switched dpad directions and lost focus on menues). The 2 player coop mode unfortunately also had some controller related issues but looking at the patch frequency of the developers games/ demos I am confident that those will be sorted out very soon. If you are into survivour games this one does enough different to recommend it to anyone for some humorous relaxed hours of toasting enemies.
Review from 76561197960802490Very fun, my Kill-BOI destroys stuff!!! Not a lot at the moment but what is there, is really fun.
Review from 76561198025330870Pretty limited. Pretty cheap. No resolution options. But still worth the price. Very much old flash game nostalgia.
Review from 76561197977854790A survivors-like about the relationship of a toaster and his beloved human. If you are into games that have a quirky humor, this one is for you! Time passes pretty quickly when playing... without looking at the price, I would wish for more upgrades. When looking at the price I can absolutely recommend it 120%!
Review from 76561197962749693Pumpkin is friend, pumpkin is life. Great game if you are into the roguelite genre. Extreme value for the price!
Review from 76561198857016020An absolute blast of a game, the amount of chaos on screen is brutal. I specially loved the unique upgrades that make you (the human) and Kill-BOI work together, such as the laser between you two that damages enemies or the saw that bounces between you, also damaging enemies. Bonus points for 2 player coop, it's always to treat to have that feature in games like these.
Review from 76561198039561534Fun little game, if you want to have some fun in between :)