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Rent A Car Simulator 24: Prologue

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Review from 76561199585109402good game
Review from 76561199634853144Это действительно очень веселая и расслабляющая игра. Я получал огромное удовольствие, просто катаясь и раздавая машины, накапливаясь в игре. У меня есть несколько личных автомобилей и огромная сумма денег, ради которых я работал, но все это время было весело :) Я очень рекомендую всем, кто любит простой, веселый и расслабляющий симулятор :)‍
Review from 76561199212651973hola quisiera que arreglen que en algunas situaciones los pones alquilar y despues te lo sacan de la computadora y no lo ves nunca mas, gracias.
Review from 76561198201815143This game is great. I would say it’s a great idea Cannot wait to see what this game becomes Great job, To everyone involved.
Review from 76561198321929178Nao recomendo o jogo,gráficos péssimos, jogabilidade horrível...
Review from 76561199683191629Eu gostei deste jogo. Estou aguardando a versão completa.
Review from 76561198273847833This game has a huge potential. It has lots of mechanics combined together such as car driving, car tuning, car renting/buying, creating offices, buying fields and expanding your workplace. Of course there are some bugs or uncompleted mechanics but this is just a demo. I know they will fix the bugs and complete the mechanics. Car controls are little bit weird for now but thats not that important. More important thing is the gameloop and it looks like the devs are going to handle that too. Like I said the game has a great potential and I cant wait to see the full release of it.
Review from 76561198056555932Fun game
Review from 76561198309416604Começo ja dizendo que o jogo parece ser um car for sale simulator 2023... porem, á que considerar que nada indica em uma copia e sim numa inspiração 90% igual graficos ? graficos de ps1 ... você olha para os personagens vê a lara cross do ps1 ... HORRIVEL, mapa GRANDE MAS PUTA DE VAZIO, props de arvores VOANDO ... IA dos carros npc's, um pouco burrinhas, mas dá para ignorar ja que o foco não é isso. Dirigibilidade dos carros É HORRIVEL, você não pode acelarar + que 50Km/h que voce perde totalcontrole dele. Texturas e level desgine do jogo ESTÃO HORRIVEIS, LITERALMENTE. se realmente lançarem o game em 2024, quase aposto que irá sair uma porcaria, recomendaria lançar para 2025... e fazer MUITOS TESTES fechado na versão oficial, porque na minha experiencial de game dev e de jogador, jogo está 70% cru!
Review from 76561198042249952harita biraz küçük gibi geldi ama onun dışında herşey iyi tasarlanmış gibi dört gözle bekliyoruz oynamak için takipteyiz Yayında keyifliydi katılmak isteyenlere : https://www.twitch.tv/rragor
Review from 76561199681159143I think it's the supermarket simulator of car games. It has faster and more fun gameplay. It runs at 100fps on my computer, I liked that too.
Review from 76561198001791301in einem abgespeckten Prolog sollte alles danach schreien das Spiel in der Vollversion kaufen zu wollen... NOPE!! An allen Ecken und Kanten ist irgendwas anderes was nicht gut ist...
Review from 76561199114365791worst 40 minutes of my life
Review from 76561198066860364This can barely even be considered a video game. Its terrible. Almost 0 effort asset flip. Do yourself a favour and buy Car For Sale Simulator 2023. It is far, faaar better and more indepth than this garbage. You want to know how bad it is? There is no background sound in this game, thats how bad it is.
Review from 76561199627484702Very good game
Review from 76561198324192232Game get very boring, very fast, 2Hours of playing, i got 2,5 Mio and the Game is played through!
Review from 76561198065138775Its basically "Car For Sale Simulator 2023" but worse. Crap graphics. Crap controls. Crap cars that feel like crap to drive. All in all summary; Its feels promising, but Its crap. Or atleast a crap start.
Review from 76561199522913819good game
Review from 76561199633871653good needs more cars
Review from 76561198816711629Oyun çok keyifli tam sürümünü merakla bekliyorum.
Review from 76561199142236362по крайней мере пролог ужасен нету ни кокого кантэнда
Review from 76561199118544878very fun but can get a bit repetive
Review from 76561199676549507SI
Review from 76561198267385547Keyifli bir oyun, tam sürümünü merak ediyorum. Car trade olayı çok yakalıyor daha farklı arabalar geldiğinde çok daha keyifli olacaktır.
Review from 76561199620267925muito bom recomendo
Review from 76561199233666079Simulador de concessionária
Review from 76561199388434145extremely addictive. I have a lot of cars and I continue to buy and sell. I rent my idle cars. definitely waiting for the full version.
Review from 76561199206454573Not only that its very repetitive. It has also many bugs. Car crashes by them self. Passangers run on street. And you earn way faster money by selling them instead of renting them.
Review from 76561199279774423---{ Graphics }--- ☐ You forget what reality is ☐ Beautiful ☐ Good ☑ Decent ☐ Bad ☐ Don‘t look too long at it ☐ MS-DOS ---{ Gameplay }--- ☐ Very good ☐ Good ☑ It's just gameplay ☐ Mehh ☐ Watch paint dry instead ☐ Just don't ---{ Audio }--- ☐ Eargasm ☐ Very good ☐ Good ☑ Not too bad ☐ Bad ☐ I'm now deaf ---{ Audience }--- ☑ Kids ☑ Teens ☑ Adults ☐ Grandma ---{ PC Requirements }--- ☐ Check if you can run paint ☐ Potato ☑ Decent ☐ Fast ☐ Rich boi ☐ Ask NASA if they have a spare computer ---{ Difficulty }--- ☐ Just press 'W' ☑ Easy ☐ Easy to learn / Hard to master ☐ Significant brain usage ☐ Difficult ☐ Dark Souls ---{ Grind }--- ☐Nothing to grind ☑ Only if u care about leaderboards/ranks ☐ Isn't necessary to progress ☐ Average grind level ☐ Too much grind ☐ You'll need a second life for grinding ---{ Story }--- ☑ No Story ☐ Some lore ☐ Average ☐ Good ☐ Lovely ☐ It'll replace your life ---{ Game Time }--- ☐ Long enough for a cup of coffee ☑ Short ☐ Average ☐ Long ☐ To infinity and beyond ---{ Price }--- ☐ It's free! ☐ Worth the price ☑ If it's on sale ☐ If u have some spare money left ☐ Not recommended ☐ You could also just burn your money ---{ Bugs }--- ☐ Never heard of ☑ Minor bugs ☐ Can get annoying ☐ ARK: Survival Evolved ☐ The game itself is a big terrarium for bugs ---{ ? / 10 }--- ☐ 1 ☐ 2 ☐ 3 ☐ 4 ☐ 5 ☐ 6 ☑ 7 ☐ 8 ☐ 9 ☐ 10
Review from 76561198087238944Not only that its very repetitive. It has also many bugs. Car crashes by them self. Passangers run on street. Cars flip when they hit a passanger. And you earn way faster money by selling them instead of renting them.
Review from 76561199671958907fajna gra
Review from 76561197970673198Naja, schauen wir mal wo die Reise mit dem Spiel hin geht. Ich für meinen Teil verkaufe die Autos lieber als die für schmales Geld zu vermieten ;) Denn wenn ich ein Auto für 52.000 kaufe und 50 Meter fahren muss, um es dann für 75000 sofort zu verkaufen, mache ich das natürlich LOL Auf der anderen Seite würde ich das Teil für 200 Miete/Tag, dann noch Reparieren, Waschen, Tanken... nee nehme lieber den einfacheren Weg ;) Mittlerweile gibt es auch ein Rangliste, wer das meißte Geld erwirtschaftet, somit ist man mit den Autos verkaufen schneller gaaanz Oben ;), Somit stellt sich mir wieder die Frage, warum der Titel was von "Vermieten" suggeriert, wenn man mit "Verkaufen" eher Kohle macht. Aber sei es drum, die Grund-Idee ist eigentlich mal "was Neues", der Prolog kostet nichts, macht dem einen oder anderen vielleicht auch Spaß und vielleicht wird es auch mal das, was es eigentlich sein sollte, somit auch von mir einen Daumen Hoch.
Review from 76561199311738108This game is great, and I can't wait until it fully comes out! I can follow out all my fantasies, like driving of a bridge, or running into traffic!
Review from 76561198400411557This is such a fun and relaxing game for real. I've been having a blast just wheeling and dealing cars, building up in the game. I've got some personal cars for myself and a huge amount of money I've worked for but its been enjoyable the entire time :) I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys a simple, fun, relaxing simulator game :)
Review from 76561199658529001this game is awwesom!
Review from 76561198178646058Game is way to easy. within less than 30 minutes had half a million
Review from 76561198116739458Мне кажется это просто тест локации и механик... это явно не "игра" в привычном понимании данного термина! https://youtu.be/yaqNtO2M8tw
Review from 76561198086000429Oyun bir giriş bölümü için oldukça eğlenceli, tam sürüm için gerçekten heyecanlıyım. Araç kişiselleştirme gerçekten detaylı ve güzel. Yakında hangi özelliklerin ekleneceğini görmek istiyorum. Araba kullanmak aynı zamanda sakin ve eğlencelidir.
Review from 76561199641317051Eu gostei do jogo. Gosto da ideia de alugar um carro. Também gostei dos gráficos deste jogo.
Review from 76561198398317199Oyun aslında güzel minik eksikleri var. Eksikler: -oyun -araba -yapay zeka -eğlence
Review from 76561198307923602Asset flip utanç verici bir oyun türkiye oyun sektöründe bu kadar kötü olması beni çok şaşırtıyor birde incelemelerde herkes oyunu övmüş utanç verici. Bu oyunun çok daha iyisi çoktan var erken erişim olmasına rağmen bu oyunun geleceği yok tek kişi tarafındanda yapılmamış oyun geliştiricilerin hiç mi eli tutmuyor utanması yok ? Türkiye oyun sektörü başlamadan bitmiş gerçekten utanç verici hele şu oyunu övenler az utanın şu oyunu övdüğünüze. Şu oyunun aynısı 2 saat içinde yapılır ve erken erişim diye sunmuşlar oyunu yaparken insan azıcık uğraşır ya bunu kim niye oynasın map bomboş her yerde aynı ağaçlar çimen soluk ışıklandırma yok oyun asset fliptende kötü o kadar güzel asset var koymaya bile üşenmişsiniz ayıp ayıp utanın ama cami ve türk bayrağı eklerseniz o zaman başka o zaman oynanabilir bir oyun olur :=)
Review from 76561198364103898oyuna.girdiğim.gibi.çıktım.oyunda.cami.yok.yapcağınız.oyunu.skeyim.a.k.b.kgibiolmus.Saygılar.
Review from 76561198820251076my rental cars have not been returned i lost 5 cars how do i get them back
Review from 76561199204155758Ben hep 200 dolarlık tamir ediyorum.
Review from 76561199656562483After buying the 3rd car, I realized it was more enjoyable. The idea of renting a car is well handled.
Review from 76561198403855476The Game is bare but has some potential. Who doesn't want to sell cars? But i also learned that it's not "Okay" it's actually "Okey" the game is very informative. Also i like driving my car on the highest rpm around the little town. 9/100
Review from 76561198287336117Game is pretty fun for a prologue, i'm really excited for the full version. Car customization is really detailed and good. I want to see what features are going to be added soon. Driving is also chill and fun.
Review from 76561199621703303I'll play until I make 10000000 dollars haha
Review from 76561199055222965oyun fena sardı bırakamıyorum içinde hemen araba alım sattım hemde kiralama işi var burdan öğrendiklerimle gerçek hayatta kendime rent a car açarım lol amaç dev bir filo kurmak
Review from 76561199630451649It's a different simulator, it's not like the others, the prologue version is satisfactory.
Review from 76561199623811829this is performance enough I can say that the optimization is good... the driving feeling is nice. It is difficult to make money at first. But it was the same in the market similator game. Yes it's a car game but they look very similar. I'll play until I buy 10 cars and build a rental fleet LOL
Review from 76561198162344833Trafik arabaları alıp sattığımız arabalardan daha kaliteli onun dışında gayet normal eğlenceli bi oyun gelişeceğini düşünüyorum.
Review from 76561199623332256New customers come all the time and I rent one after another. The last time I experienced this was in supermarket sim.
Review from 76561199624361052* beautiful and fast cars *money is hard to earn * Cleaning the car with a mop is very enjoyable * You can buy a car cheaply by bargaining
Review from 76561199653533380car rental is an interesting idea It would be more accurate to call the game a business simulation. yes there are cars But a regular customer keeps coming back I like it this way
Review from 76561199623086548There are bad cars in the car market and I only have $40,000 I'll have to play a lot
Review from 76561199427239162The game is really beautiful. It would be a great choice if you are especially interested in cars and want to experience a car rental simulation. There are many options to pass the time in the game. I'm sure everyone will have a great time. I can't wait for the full version to be released
Review from 76561199625106962Мне понравилось, как игра работает. Покупка, продажа, аренда автомобиля... все хорошо
Review from 76561199253395611speeding is perfect I've played a game like this before and this ran much faster I think there is potential I wonder how many days can I make 1 million dollars
Review from 76561199623606670I like the colors My rickety computer is quite old and I'm getting 50 fps. Is this normal haha?
Review from 76561199085985286quite different from other car games. Renting is a new concept. I'm doing well now. I haven't had any problems.
Review from 76561199632375154this game has serious potential buddy. It's like a prologue and a full game even though it's free. I'm already curious about the full version of the game. p.s: the cars are very stylish
Review from 76561198179350154The game is very fun. Buying, selling or renting a car to increase our money really satisfies us. We will be able to modify cars and buy items with the money we earn in the full version. I'll try to buy dozens of cars by then
Review from 76561199626564692I love car games and I've been waiting for this game for a long time. I immediately bought a car, sold it, and then rented it. damn it's so much fun. For now, I'm trying to travel the world. I have a lot of customers for car rental and I have to serve all of them.