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Morels: The Hunt 2 Soundtrack

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Review from 76561198345553779[h1] Best Of Morels Acoustic music[/h1] I am happy that the Morels soundtrack is finally out. The music of Morels 1 and 2 is almost identical, so this album applies to Morels 1 as well. What you get is currently just a bit more than 30 minutes of a [b]selection of 15 acoustic pieces[/b]. There's at least five more acoustic pieces to be heard in the game(s) and and probably like 45 minutes or so of music from different genres (like "mellow", medieval music and even rock. They are not included here, which makes sense in terms of consistency. On the other hand the album contains two pieces I cannot remember having heard in the game at all before. Given that the album just costs 5€ here (and even less in a bundle or at sales) that price is justified. Still, I would have preferred a more complete acoustic tack list of like 45 minutes, even for a slightly higher price.