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The Singer

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Review from 76561198941703057First off I'd like to point out that if you decide to choose the wrong choice while you're playing this AVN your story will be over sooner then you would like it to be. That being said You'll be playing as a male and female through out this AVN and the story will jump from one character to the other. You will be able to rename the male character in this but no one else. There is music how ever it's not all the time, there are sexual sounds and animation that I would say it's average. Now weather or not you decide to stay true to your partner or you go down the other path of a cheater that will be up to you but the cheater path will have more then one path for you to go down to see how much you decide to lie to yourself and your partner(s)? . At this time this does continue and you'll have to wait until the next updates come out.
Review from 76561198030791860This is an NTR adult visual novel game with some good multi-choice elements. The early sections are pretty solid and I feel like there you're choices really do matter. Later sections are kind of hit or miss, but as this is a game still in development, that is to be expected, and i bet the completed work will eventually be great - provided your looking for an NTR adult visual novel. I should add that this game is somewhat unique in that both the male and female lead have their time on camera and depending on your path and corruption value, your actually likely to get more NTR cheating content from the female lead having to deal with her cheating boyfriend, which I thought was a nice touch. Other mechanics tracked seem well chosen. Looking forward to seeing the completed project someday.
Review from 76561199387101501其实挺不错的,就是没有中文,然后情节在长一些,期待后续的故事
Review from 76561198038032833Truly remarkable, both the story and the execution, a very good novel with a lot of content and that leaves you waiting for more. Congratulations to the creators.
Review from 76561198170148039Excellent, excitant...
Review from 76561198965869008Great Game :)