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Gold Mining Simulator - Mini Mining Machines

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Review from 76561198308874152MEH....... upvoted for future development
Review from 76561199068375265me gusta el juego el prblema que tengo es que no me salen los nuevos camiones Azules ya los compre pero no me sale en el juego
Review from 76561198031197305leider verbugt, aber nette Idee. Wen gefixed dann ein Gewinn für das Game. ausprobiert habe ich davon die Miniwaschanlage mit dem Minibagger - leider verliert der Bagger jede Menge Material bzw nimmt es gar nicht richtig auf ( 1% Ladungszuwachs an der Waschanlage pro angezeigter voller Schaufel ) ist reine Benzinverbrennung. Schade drum
Review from 76561198007241611It´s more a neutral review. After the hotfixes the machines work much better. Driving physik never was the best part of this game. The Minibaggar was useful for me. It shortens the time/grind to mobile washplant. i used it with the hog pan. Just aim with the baggar shovel to the front part of the funnel, if you drop the payload behind the shield it is wasted. Only open the shovel a little bit, else you overload the funnel, then watch how the funnel emties and again open the shovel little bit more and let more drop in. Instead of about 200 manuel spades of dirt u nedd about 5 Mini baggar shovels for one cleanout. The minibaggar dont shine on the real claim, because his shovel cant dig very deep an reaches miniwashplant not to good. Front loader: I dont know what i should fill with it, as he is mini. Miniwashplant with small baggar instead of Minibaggar, I dont think i would work well. Buy this dlc if you want to support the developer in hope of future updates or just grind with a spade, which needs some hours longer.
Review from 76561198164233110fehler an fehler nicht spielbar den cat kann man noch nicht mal tanken sauerrei so was raus zu geben
Review from 76561198010801253This is maybe the most horrible DLC of any game I have ever played. The idea was to give players something between mining by hand and using large machines. But these things are so craptastic they are useless. The only thing worth using is the drill since it does the same job as the large one but cheaper cost. The other two machines just simply work like garbage. The controls suck making them difficult to operate as they are touchy as can be. The new washer is laughably too small in comparison to the bulldozers bucket it looks ridiculous when you use it. Just dont buy it. Hand mine with nuggets turned on until you get enough money to buy the bigger stuff. Avoid these.
Review from 76561198227105088BASURA. Tenéis en youtube (MARCOTE) un directo que hice sobre el tema donde podéis ver sin trampas lo que es este DLC. Lo peor que he visto en años. Las máquinas con consumos desproporcionados, se mueven solas, la respuesta es malísima. Antes de comprar el dlc, mira mi video y saca conclusiones.
Review from 76561198023660550минитехника как на катке,скользит по поверхности ,не копаешь а ищешь место где она не будет скатываться
Review from 76561198006173090The mini frontloader barely clears the top of the mini washplant for one (and doesn't clear it at all when unloading), and secondly, however great a concept the frontloader is, it's just as broken as its big brother, when it comes to actually dig into the dirt and get a decent payload in one go. Maybe it's just incapable, because the mini's are vastly underpowered. The excavator is nice - steers like shit, but nice, barely carries a load in the bucked though. The only great thing is the mini drill, which performs to an A+ in its capacity - underpowered like the rest, but all things considered, the biggest challenge for it is a steep hill, which at the same rate, even the big machines have trouble with. I will only recommend this, because of the mini drill
Review from 76561197966933493Review after hotfix... Mini Excavator: The excavator is hard to drive. There is almost zero power or traction so it struggles to climb even the slightest of inclines. The lateral grip is also non-existent so as you are driving if there is slightest of slope you will constantly be sliding down and struggle to drive straight. There seems to be little friction while parked so you will have to reposition often. The machine doesn't have enough reach to load the mini washplant so finding the right position is difficult especially with the machine sliding all of the time. The downward reach is bad so you will not be able to dig deep. An example of bad downward reach is you can't sit on the edge of the hog pan area and reach the bottom of the pit very easily. Overall I would rate this machine as horrible. Mini washplant: It does what it was designed to do. My only gripe is when transporting and position the wheels seem to have little to no grip and it needs a bigger hit box for the feeder. The trailer will constantly be moving no matter what which makes positioning hard. This is problem with all vehicles in the game.... they will constantly slide down even the smallest of inclines. Mini Loader: I have no clue what this is to be used for as it can not reach anything to dump into. It is horrible to drive and constantly sliding around like on ice. It is just horrible. Overall the DLC, even after the hotfix, is just horrible. I am assuming it is to be a replacement for just the hog pan but in the current state none of the DLC machines are useful. They are free so they are not even something you really work towards. You can get washplant and excavator but after 5 minutes its time to move on to bigger machines. I wouldn't recommend this DLC at all as it needs a ton of work.
Review from 76561198135810527Почему ни сделать НОВУЮ КАРТУ, почему????????
Review from 76561198041000229I actually like how annoying it is to play with these. Though however. Should of been LESS. Due to the straight up fact you profit nothing pretty much in game from this other then it being something you can start up with rather then a pan and etc.....
Review from 76561198337032436Machines would be great if they weren't constantly stuck and slipping everywhere. Definitely need some power and traction adjustments, and a better stabilising system for the hoe would be great so it's not constantly tipping over. I love that they fit into the hog pan area and they will definitely be helpful early game to get some cash coming in, but I really hope the devs improve drivability.
Review from 76561199148492326i did not get my dlc after purchase!!!
Review from 76561198101719965hell yes this is what ive been wanting all my time ive played this game mini machines is great. miini drill, digger, wash plant and front end loader. brilliant little add on to the game and should of been in it a long time ago and they dont break the bank at the start of the game either. no longer have to hog pan your life away. do not understand why so many sad acts have knocked the devs for this one. dont listen to them listen to me if you hate hogging it all dam day this is for you. okay so they not perfect, they dont move properly but if your not a complete wet blanket all your life. you can deal with it or be like them and fucking cry about it. dev's thank you for giving me the will to bloody live again.....8/10
Review from 76561198059050339Even after a fix, the machines are still free. If I want things for free, I'll set everything to $1 in the options.
Review from 76561198147646692These are all dog s**t you'll spend all your time getting stuck and sliding around just makes the whole experience enraging and bad!
Review from 76561198083545115Machines are all free
Review from 76561198317231607Mini Machines are slippy as heck. They constantly glitch out. And they chug through so much gas that its just cheaper to get the real excavators and such just so that you can actually get an increase in profits quickly.
Review from 76561198028413868It's hard to believe that Code Horizon were happy before they thought, yeah, let's put this out there. I am not.
Review from 76561198309354086an sich ne schöne Idee aber Umsetzung lässt extrem zu wünschen übrig. Fahrzeuge sind kaum bis garnicht nutzbar der bagger is von den 3 das sinnvollste und kann am hog pann genutzt werden jedoch hat er auch schwächen die ihn kaum nutzbar machen wie der rest des dlc.
Review from 76561198061955937People cry no content... CH drops content people REE over content the games from 2017 and got a dlc if you bought it stop crying Grow up move on......
Review from 76561198220246069Can't evening find the mini machines
Review from 76561198021830024it is just bad quality
Review from 76561198381086821I understand that the developers already released a statement regarding this DLC, but regardless work needs to be done sooner than later to fix some borderline game-breaking bugs with the new vehicles. I'm happy to support the devs to hopefully fix this game up, but if I'm going to do that I'd expect a [i] *quick* [/i] fix to a few extremely basic (from a programming standpoint) issues, not over a week.
Review from 76561198016287732I bought it to support the developers making new content and i always wanted new early game mining equipment, Game has a lot of potential.
Review from 76561198348633508物理引擎做得真垃圾,被河水都能冲走,不想开发就不要做了,明明是个好游戏,加个什么破DLC,再怎么说也是个机器啊,能被河水冲跑了?????居然还会滑步,履带怎么会滑着走?
Review from 76561198030553710sound bugs, Mini Bagger verliert manchmal sein inhalt aus der schaufel und der ist so leicht das er ständig umher rutscht
Review from 76561198410432768This DLC is BAD. The machines barely work. You can tell they just shrunk the excavator, while using the same driving movements from the old one. the mini-loader, and mini-drill, weren't originally suppose to be skidsteers since they don't move like them at all. They are all clunky and hard to maneuver. You will spend most of your time sliding around.
Review from 76561198358303349I was surprised how well the machines worked after having read some of the negative reviews. People should understand these machines are skid steers and function differently than full size equipment. Knowing that, I feel they operate really well. I really like this add-on! Progression is what makes this game super entertaining. There's a lot of satisfaction that comes from starting off with just a shovel and bucket and working your way up to million dollar equipment. However, it was a big leap to go directly from a shovel and bucket to large heavy equipment, to the point that it became laborious. This add-on bridges that gap perfectly. I'd love to see the progression continue on the back side with future updates, bigger dump trucks, bigger front loaders, bigger wash plants, bigger claims....... dare I say dragline excavators or bucket wheel excavators??? That being said, the critique I have for this add-on relates to progression: I'd like to see the mini machines as purchase items in one of the shops instead of freebies.
Review from 76561199144534573Great idea, Awful execution Excavator i cant even raise the arm skid steer has trouble scooping drills physics are wierd hope it gets better soon
Review from 76561199001123036Plutôt déçu du dlc qui bug à mort. Je n'ai que la laveuse dans le magasin, pas de machines, aucunes apparaît, même dans le transport de grosses machine rien apparaît dans le transfert vers ma parcelle... Déception totale...
Review from 76561199223470164I mezzi soprattutto il mini escavatore è completamente sformato e oltre ad altri vari problemi il telaio è tutto buttato in avanti
Review from 76561198852178651Although the DLC is a nice idea, poorly implemented. I like how I get a free mini drill, mini excavator, and a mini front loader, as well as the mini wash plant, it is unbalanced and buggy. I filled my mini wash plant with diesel up until 95%, turned it on, ran it until 91% once it finished the load, then I turned it off and it said 9%. When I turned it on again, it instantly went to no gas, processed no dirt. The mini excavator has a massive gas tank (I haven't been able to fill it up all the way with 50 gallons of diesel), which is nice, except I feel it burns through the gas a bit too quick for it. It also turns really awkwardly, likes to try to tip over, and when mining, it loves to slide around from where you parked it when you go for some dirt. I am not one to leave negative reviews a whole lot unless it's really bad, and I am more than understanding for some small bugs, but this is unacceptable to release a DLC with as many bugs and unbalancing this DLC has. (This also isn't my first game or anything, I have like a hundred games on Steam alone, pretty much all early access games so I'm no stranger to bugs). I will change my review once these are addressed, been a couple days and no word on fixing these issues so far.
Review from 76561198073757532muy mal la mini lavadora consume una cantidad de combustible que no tiene logica no compensa , la enciendes y ya la tienes tres cuartos de deposito vacio y no te llena ni un 10% del cubo ,no tiene sentido
Review from 76561198190249089What an absolute disaster. Dont even go near this DLC until they fix it.
Review from 76561198254054802Well after refunding this DLC due to it not showing in game i decided in trying it again and geting another copy as i had a hunch on something which proved true...the min machines DLC will not show in game unless u start a new game fresh which ive reported to the devs know onto the dlc and the machines...there not bad the excavator needs some work but its usable as is and alot of fun with the hog pan area....another thing with excavator it need more mass weight to the model so not so easy to flip over which i had happen twice Overall not bad dlc and some people said dlc slowed there fps down i havent had any issues with it so i recommend the dlc for anyone who likes the game and wants to check it and support the new devs that took over ...looking foward to what they have in store with new updates and dlc down the road
Review from 76561199513873041I love it, but i have the same issue as many people have, the excavator has its boom all the way down and i cant move the boom at all
Review from 76561198198424631Würde der Minibagger auch funktinoieren wär das DLC vielleicht sogar was wert
Review from 76561197971552174They need to be balanced. The machines are a bit awkward right now. They are still worth it for the hogpan area and general starting fun. Nobody wants to shovel dirt into a hopper for 18 hours with nuggets off.
Review from 76561198297934056Hey devs I have a question, what happened to the music from the old game?
Review from 76561199065655532i always wanted small mining machines and with it this is new devs made my dreams come true i really dont know why people hate this dlc but the only bad side it cost money but i know the devs need to eat a sleep and that is all i got to say
Review from 76561198843746544Despues de unas semanas lo han ido mejorando, metiendo dos actualizaciones ahora ya vale mas la pena...
Review from 76561198364230644Would i recommend this DLC....yes i would and here is way. I see a lot of potential with this dlc but NOT in it's current state. this dlc pack was without a doubt rushed out to the community and as a result it didn't get the care & attention it needed. Moving forward, the machines jump, slide & bounce around like crazy "Especially the skid steers". The mini machine pack is far from perfect but it does make the starting stages of the game a lot easier and faster to make more money by getting more gold early on. This pack does enhance the game play "for me anyway" if you can see past all the flaws at it's current state. I would recommend this dlc pack to anyone looking for some added equipment to jump start their gold mining operations. I would however wait for it to be on sale at a greater discount than it currently is. The dlc has a lot of potential to shine & make game play even easier that ever before. the CEO has made a statement that seems promising about the Current dlc state being polished as soon as possible.
Review from 76561198256227523First of all, I bought this DLS as a support for authors, not for content. I've seen the bugs and I think the prices for equipment in DLS are really very low. But most people don't see the main thing. It is that they started to finalize the game and work on it. And for me personally, it is important that they have started working and want to improve the game after a long downtime. And our negativity can simply kill their desire to work on the game.
Review from 76561199070503911このミニマシンは酷い。 走行しても滑りまくるし、すぐにスタックするわ、おまけに燃費も尋常ないくらい悪いわで、何の役にも立たん笑 返品させてくださいよ。マジ要らんこんなゴミw
Review from 76561198311299173okay
Review from 76561198144577131This is hard, absolut dumb
Review from 76561198035595847Enfin le jeu va évoluer un peu, on va avoir une progression avec des machines plus petites. J’espère qu'ensuite on pourra automatiser la production.
Review from 76561199108620337das dlc ist nicht gut ausgereift,es kam jahre lang nichts und dan der schimbel das darf nicht war sein was haben diese orgelpfeifen die letzten 2 jahre gemacht sogar mein vater der 17 jahre milch holen war hatte ein besseres kampack als ihr ps mit dem mini bagger mann das dlc vergraben gehen icht mehr und nicht weniger
Review from 76561198887966137Sehr hilfreich für den Anfang.
Review from 76561198031745111I like it.
Review from 76561198140518274Dwie łatki i naprawione! Koparka nie żre już tyle paliwa i wydaje się być stabilna Mini maszyna do przesiewania nie kradnie paliwa i działa :) Nowe maszyny są dostępne w sklepie a nie że nagle jesteśmy ich posiadaczami za 0$$$ Na to czekałem zmieniam opinie :) Zostawiam na dole oryginalny tekst przed zmianami żeby było widać do czego się czepiałem :) Nie do końca przemyślane, za szybko dodane. 1. Do zakupu jest tylko przesiewacz, koparka, spycharka i wiertnica są od razu u nas, bez sensu, jednak fajnie jakby można było je kupić. 2. Nie miałem przyjemności ze spychaczem i wiertłem ale koparka strasznie niestabilna, przewraca się, mimo zaciągniętego ręcznego nagle okazuje się że zmieniliśmy miejsce położenia i dziwnie jeździ bokiem przy skręcie. Pali więcej paliwa niż duża! 3. Przesiewacz przy starcie pobiera minimum 14% paliwa, tyle miałem i przy naciśnięciu przycisku ON dostałem komunikat że nie ma paliwa. Pewnie bym jeszcze coś znalazł ale już nie chcę kopać leżącego. Poczekamy, niby mają to szybko poprawić. Zobaczymy bo to jakaś nowa ekipa która stara się ulepić coś z tej gry. Daje im kredyt zaufania, ocenę zmienię jak faktycznie coś się poprawi.
Review from 76561198142115182Free Machines, No Thank You
Review from 76561198033244205Keine Ahnung, was die Leute erwartet haben. Ich finde es OK. Die kleine Waschtrommel ist brauchbar und auch der Mini-Bohrer erfüllt seinen Zweck. Der kleine Radlader ist schwierig zu bedienen, aber mit ein wenig Übung wird das bestimmt noch was. Der Mini-Bagger allerdings ist eher nicht wirklich brauchbar. Dauernd fällt das Teilchen um und der Arm bewegt nach ein paar Schaufeln irgendwie das Fahrgestell. Im Laufe der Zeit fällt der Mini-Bagger in das gegrabene Loch und muss zurück gesetzt werden. Somit lässt sich die kleine Trommel nicht wirklich effektiv mit "Dirt" füttern. Ausserdem füllt sich der Eimer nur sehr langsam mit Konzentrat. Der Dieselverbrauch ist bei den kleinen Fahrzeugen enorm hoch. Hoffe da folgen noch ein paar Feintuning-Patches. Der Rest des Spiels ist geblieben und bereitet mir immer wieder, Spiel, Spass, Spannung und (meistens) gute Laune!
Review from 76561198026478704$5 for something that feels like no one even playtested it before releasing it on the world. I pulled the Excavator out and it near instantly rolled up like a pillbug and died because the arm was broken. Didn't really try anything else because I was done at that point. Also these are just spawned in. I was expecting to have to need to pay in-game for them. I don't need them to be free, some price that makes them fit before the mobile washplant is fine.
Review from 76561198350683580No vale la pena comprar el dlc ya que las maquinas se conducen muy mal: - La excavadora pequeña parece de papel cuando hay un pequeño hoyo o esta deforme el terreno pierde estabilidad te das vuelta en un rato y es difícil de controlar. La perforadora no tiene fuerza para subir una pequeño montículo de tierra y mas encima el control para girar es malo. Eso es todo lo que pienso de este dlc se lo compre para ayudar a mejorar mas el juego, desarolladores podría haber hecho un dlc por con equipamiento nuevo libre de contaminación por ejemplo: el generador grande que esta en el tienda de maquinas se podría hacer un que sea solar o que alguna de las maquinas funcione con energía solar, esa es una idea no mas
Review from 76561198028503023Ich finde den DLC als Auftakt zu dem was kommen soll Klasse.
Review from 76561197993824144DAs Hauptspiel habe ich sehr gerne und ausgiebig gespielt und dacht nice endlich ein neues DLC aber was man da für sein gEld bekommt ist der übelste Schrott.... total unnötig und schlecht programmiert. Der Entwickler ist zwar klein aber das isteine herbe enttäuschung daher daumen definitiv RUNTER!!!!!!!!!!
Review from 76561198355402038Bro, you cannot be serious with this DLC. The community wants multiplayer + more cool big machines to buy, and you give us this, not even for free :D :D:D: D::D: DD:
Review from 76561199016378269i hoped in a new game with the new dlc and it was like i owned the equipment already and just had to pay to move it where i needed it, feelin the money stress as a miner already XD. feels kinda weird bc i own both dlc and i have to pay ingame moneys to use the other dlc must be a skill issue ;)
Review from 76561198058267531Это не DLC, это откровенное УГ. Управление никакое, но, допустим, особенность этой техники такая (неприкрытый сарказм). Баги, нет, не так, БАГИ, которые на виду, которые никто даже не пытался исправлять. Все это выпущено, что бы разработчик мог продемонстрировать свое отношение к игрокам как к ничтожеству.
Review from 76561198120788267This is a very nice addition to the game, Dev team are working hard to fix some bugs and they will add more content. Also working on consoles and fixing bugs. Yes Its a very nice price also.
Review from 76561198399550485[h1]Its Alright[/h1] I think this DLC is ok. its 4 small machineries, that are nice to have for the part of the game in between the shovel and the large stuff. [b]they do drive a bit wonky[/b] - like everyone else already mentioned, But i dont get the hate. Its certainly not trash and according to the Answers under the reviews, the Devs are already working to fix those issues. Otherwise i had no Issues. The digger digs, the Loader loads and the driller drills. Its a Fair Price for a Small DLC with small issues, but nothing that would make it unusable. Thanks Devs for your Work, Hopefully you guys get everything fixed soon so that everyone else can stop Crying.
Review from 765611981436178001. Buy Mini Machines (aka buy DLC) 2. Go to Storage 3. See no Mini Machines in Storage 4. Get my Money back (aka Refund) EDIT (after developer response): Even if I got the standard copy+paste response as everybody: We players are NOT your QA. And please tell your marketing people that they maybe should listen to the devs next time...
Review from 76561198168340171Dieses DLC ist totaler Müll!!! Testen die Entwickler mal, was sie da veröffentlichen??? !!! Die Fahrzeuge: Steuerung unbrauchbar, die Lenkungs-Drehpunkte total verschoben, Kameraperspektiven nicht nutzbar, Löffel des kleinen Baggers wirft ständig daneben, auch wenn er direkt über dem Objekt ist. Kleiner Radlader gräbt sich nur ein, egal, wie flach man die Schaufel nimmt. den Bohrer habe ich dann erst gar-nicht mehr getestet. Die kleine Waschanlage: Der Eimer verschwindet plötzlich, obwohl er in der Waschanlage angezeigt und schon befüllt ist. Wenn dann ein neuer Eimer eingesetzt wird, ist der Eimer leer. Der Tank der Waschanlage ist nach dem ersten mal starten sofort leer, muss wieder befüllt werden, dann läuft das einigermaßen skaliert. Gold zu Erde Verhältnis total verschoben. mit dem kleinen Bagger das Hog-Pan gefüllt... immer nur sachte abladen und das Hog-Pan ist voll, jedoch für die Waschanlage werden mindestens 12 gefüllte Löffel gebraucht. !! aktuell absoluter Müll (12.04.24) !!
Review from 76561198288786254Думал минимашины будут доступны в соревновательном режиме, поскольку их выпуск приурочили к новому сезону, но увы. В покупке не вижу смысла - буду возвращать.
Review from 76561199063368383I think its good but the excavator is a little cursed and its tracks are half in the air, i dont understand why some pepole hate it, its a new dev team
Review from 76561198039538146Da haben die Entwickler aber nicht allzu viel Zeit in das DLC gesteckt. Die Idee ist klasse, dass man jetzt auch in den Bereich mit kleinen Maschinen kann, wo man vorher nur mit dem Spaten graben konnte (erst ab der dritten Parzelle), die Umsetzung ist aber mies. Die kleine Waschanlage verbraucht gleich mal über 10 % Treibstoff, wenn man sie startet. Warum? Ich weiß es nicht. Der kleine Bagger rutscht nur über den Boden und bleibt an jeden "kleinen Haufen" Erde stecken. Steuerung unmöglich! Testet ihr euer Produkt, bevor ihr es veröffentlicht? Update: Ich konnte den Bagger nur in der Season testen, im Singleplayer dagegen gar nicht (hab mehrere neue Spiele angefangen, und immer dasselbe). Sobald ich den Arm bewegen will, springt der Bagger wie ein Flummi nach oben, die Schaufel springt dabei unter den Bagger, und der Arm lässt sich nicht mehr bewegen. Danach macht der Bagger, was er will, er fällt ständig zur Seite oder schiebt sich rückwärts, bis es nicht mehr geht, er kann aber auch immer weiter auf der Stelle springen, wie auf einem Trampolin. Und jetzt hab ich erst mal keine Lust mehr, das ist sehr frustrierend. Update nach dem Patch vom 19.04. Guten Tag. Positiv ist zu bewerten ist, dass man den Bagger jetzt endlich benutzen kann, und dass die Mini-Waschanlage jetzt umweltfreundlicher geworden ist (verbraucht nicht gleich beim Starten einen zweistelligen Prozentsatz Diesel). Negativ zu bewerten ist, dass der Bagger sich nach wie vor sehr schlecht steuern lässt. Er rutscht nach wie vor über den Boden, und fällt sehr leicht um. Aber im ganzen kann ich dieses DLC jetzt empfehlen, es ist eine gute Ergänzung für den start. Ich hoffe aber das, dass DLC weiter verbessert wird. Warum arbeitet ihr eigentlich nicht gleich so? Das hätte euch so einiges erspart.
Review from 76561198152178415why is everyone so entitled here. it's a $7.50 dlc. oh no now i can't afford to live anymore, i must submit a refund request(i understand that you are entitle to a refund) but imagine they fix all the problems you have, and then you have to buy the dlc again what are you going to do with that extra $7.50 hmmm? add an acre to your land throw some more Koi in the pond bought it just to say f to this community
Review from 76561198132812290First of the DLC feels kinda Pay2Win since you get a bunch of machines basicly for free. Second the Mini Excavator feels kinda shit. It feels like it is backwards on the tracks and is therefore way to front heavy. You can only dig what feels lika at least 6 feet in front of you. And last but not least in slides everywhere. On top of that it feels like 3/4 of the bucket miss the Mini Washplant no matter what you do. All in all the mini Excavator just isn´t nearly as satisfying to use as the Small Excavator. Talking about the Mini Washplant: I had to carry the washplant (with the excavator) to the Hog Pan area, and while i understand thet the developer might not want me to use it there, in my opinion this is basicly the only reasonable use for these machines. I haven´t even tried the other machines, but all in all im VERY diapointed. It realy does just feel like a money Grab, its a buggy mess and just doesnt feel good. TLDR: Don´t buy not Worth
Review from 76561197972013102Erst jahre lang nichts und dann nur n schrott dlc! Da hättet ihr auch weitere eure scheiß Season bringen können und fertig. Warum wollte wohl der Titelinhaber Gold Rush nichts mehr mit euch zu tun haben...
Review from 76561198046801060First of all, If the dev got to the point they need to spotlight a tutorial for just how to find this machines its already bad and means they did it wrong. Second, the DLC vehicles are just bad. You get the drill, excavator and front loader to your inventory for free, But they aren't even good, The handling is just insanely bad, They are not fun to play, hard to control and not really helpful at any point of the game. I thought of using it between hog pan and first wash plant stage but it just doesn't work. Even if the DEV fix the controls and handling, This DLC vehicles are just useless and will not help at any point of the game. Didn't refund the DLC just to support the devs.
Review from 76561197976990418Ja die Fahrzeuge sind mist! Das einzige was wirklich okay und nutzbar ist, ist die kleine Waschanlage. Ich hab die 5€ aber gerne ausgegeben. Nicht wegen der Fahrzeuge sondern weil ich hoffe das sie mit dem Geld bissel was aus dem spiel machen! Es ist ein gutes Game was nur bissel mehr liebe braucht. Daher danke. Fahrzeuge fahren auf Eis und rutschen nur über den Boden beim lenken. Unbrauchbar. Also wenn es euch nur um die Fahrzeuge geht. Lasst die Finger von solltet ihr aber bissel Support für die Firma geben wollen, die ein game in der Hand haben was noch viel Arbeit braucht dann solltet ihr evlt drauf ka...en und es ausgeben und hoffen das Sie was draus machen.
Review from 76561199209598390this DLC sucks
Review from 76561198333153026DLC qui n'ajoute rien de plus au jeux, déconseillé de le prendre
Review from 76561197979222554Washplant is the only thing thats not bad.
Review from 76561199134124942hopefully the dlc gets a rework. The machines are pretty useless to be honest. But im happy to give funds for future effort
Review from 76561198011395348Hooray they are finally free to develop new content. I am happy to support this team. I only paid 15 bucks for this back when it first came out and the Frankenstein dlc. So after 400+ hours I think I am ok spending another 5 bucks to help development. Now the caveat is this dlc (at this moment) has a lot of bugs as usual and the new equipment is "free" at the moment and the shop doesn't have them on display yet. All the bad reviews so far seem to overlook the fact that this was simply released before it was all worked out. For example the mini loader is too small and short for the mini tromel. The loader slips around and has zero grip (anyone familiar with this game this will be dejavue). I expect the team to address these as the community gives feedback. Now for this particular update many seasoned people will be disappointed. These new machines are intended to extend the early game. I'm sure many people were expecting big equipment but they should not lose heart. I'm confident the new team will bring more content and the new DLC will attract new players or past players back. I hope they keep new content and improvements coming. I think these small machines need new map locations. Maybe a new map with super rich deposits but in a remote area only the little machines can reach. If you are concerned about bugs and awkward mechanics and only semi-usable machines then wait for this DLC to get updated. I think the DLC will perfectly fill the gap with early mining. I recommend turning off the bonus nuggets. Remember those were added because people were complaining that shoveling was such a grind until they got a washplant and the $1 mode was added because even that was a grind.
Review from 76561199509858915no vale la pena compar el dlc vale hongo me puse a perforar la parcela de arnold y de todas las perforaciones que hice no dio ninguna pepita mala invercion de dinero
Review from 76561198166039707The machines were hard to locate as they were already purchased for you and are in the transport window of the heavy machine shop. The mini excavator doesn't turn like an excavator, instead, you have to use the tracks to pivot the machine which is not helpful as it messes up your positioning of it in comparison to what you are unloading into, be it the mini washplant or the hogpan, as using the tracks causes the machine to slid around quite a bit. One of the great features is the ability of the mini machines to operate in the hogpan area of the claim. This not only enhances the gameplay but also accelerates the work in that area. the devs just have a few adjustments to make to this dlc and it will be perfect in my eyes
Review from 76561198035089946Sérieusement... même si il vous paye pour jouer... REFUSER ! RIen ne va... vraiment rien. Pour ceux qui connaisse bien la franchise, déjà vous savez que les dev ( avant qu'il change de nom) était pas super douer. Mais les nouveau sont pas mieux. A croire que c'est les même. Le déplacement des machines est juste immonde. Tu utilise des machine pour récolter la terre... mais le godet na pas de limite... par contre dans la machine pour nettoyer sa te rajoute que 5 % même si tu a 50 tonne de terre récolter sur ta parcelle. Je suis un habituer du jeux. Presque 2000 heures... et franchement je vous recommande de prendre d'autre jeux si vous débuter dans le domaine. J'ai acheter le DLC avec l'espoir... ohh l’espoir... sa fait vivre l’espoir... bah cette fois si plutôt crever que d'avoir de l’espoir.
Review from 76561198979212518Decepcionado. Ni siquiera se pueden comprar las maquinas, te las dan directamente. Lo cual no supone ninguna variación ni reto en el juego. El juego es el mismo ni una triste mecánica nueva ni nada. Podrían poner una cafetería y aunque sea tener necesidades básicas. Alguna pequeña máquina para hacer nuestros propios lingotes. Por el amor de Dios no le han agregado nada al juego en 3 años y ahora 5 euros por tres mini-maquinas y encima no funcionan ni del todo bien. Espero que metan alguna actualización gratuita con algo de contenido interesante porque este juego ya no hay mucho más que sacarle. No se como la gente puede seguir jugando temporadas si es siempre lo mismo macho.
Review from 76561198104891237The whole thing feels rushed or maybe like something they had found on some old hard drive and thought: " Let´s just throw it out and see how much money we can grab with this!" The mini excavator controls are just bad, it´s drifting over the ground. You can´t even dig in your normal claim and the mini wash plant vanishes if it enters the hog pan area. Dear Developers, if you want money for your next game, kickstart it and/or use early access. This DLC was a mistake I´ll try to refund.
Review from 76561198023791207I have checked the transport window and the mini machines are nowhere to be found. I have bought the mini washplant though so I know the DLC is loaded. I hope a fix is coming soon. Edit: This is definitely a bug, according to the dev its because I loaded my old save. A fix is coming, and they've offered a workaround in starting a new save. Very communicative, and looking forward to more!
Review from 76561198328151124basura, puta mierda, escueto y sin trabajar, se nota porque discovery ya no quiere seguir dejando que este su nombre en esta mierda, espero que lo mejoreis
Review from 76561197977970716Der letzte schrot nicht kaufeen es lohnt sich nicht , der benzin verbrauch ist jenseits von gut und böse die maschien rutschen übern boden wie in version 1.0 echt schlecht
Review from 76561198809854459as promised a new post upon fix they did quite a good job fixing machines are now in machines store but am not 100 procent happy as they are in store now they are still damn free nah man price em at 2k or so you guys made shoveling entirely useless now let people use shovel get around 3k or so and but the mini equipment... how is this even fair to non dlc owners i mean this is supposed to be a mining simulator not a get it free in game simulator the only reason i give this a possive is because of the quick fix not for how they think lets move to the next dlc soon and hope they learned about it am hoping
Review from 76561198165474257The machines are in storage and need to be transported. The only one you need to buy is the wash plant. Wasted a bunch of money to get them on my plot and they are barely drivable. The excavator is stuck on its side with the arm extended all the way down between the tracks and it won't move. The loader doesn't turn unless it's moving forward or backward so it's very difficult to position. This needs much work before you buy it.
Review from 76561198004564915Laughed at the false start (you release the buggy dlc after a lot of teasing. nobody tested it, but yeah, make the players pay !!!). Then after you released for good the dlc, i tested it. 5 minutes and refund asked. How did you even thought this mini machines were a good idea ? This trash are full of bugs, and you make useless tools for the game start. Where are the useful tools for the rest of the game ? 5€ for buggy mini machines that we will use 10 minutes on dozens of hours of game... This is the worst dlc i've ever seen in my entire gamer life.
Review from 76561198155893847Deeeeeeeeecent. Needs work but it is NEW content so i'll support the devs.
Review from 76561198004007155Bought the DLC and installed it.... I Started the game, purchased the new mobile mini mining rig, but i realy, realy tried and looked everywhere in every store and in everry tab in the tablet... i have NONE of the new mini mining machines nowhere. Not showing up for purchase nor showing up in any transport window. For me, the new machines are not in the game and this is REALY DISGUSTING..... Lots of players payed for it and the machines are not there... This needs to be fixed QUICKLY
Review from 76561197968632880Purchased to fund future development. They didn't quite get this DLC right yet with the handling of the new machines and not realizing they needed to be much more clear on where the machines are accessed. Personally i'd prefer them to be something you purchase in-game, not just given for free so it's a new Tier-stage you actually work your way towards But i am probably in the minority of players who like to play the single player career from start over and over. Despite the current flaws, i'll give them the benefit of the doubt and thumbs up that they will fix this and that there will be many more DLC coming to our beloved game ❤
Review from 76561199187543248.
Review from 76561198281951656The machines are in your inventory when you have the dlc, but the driving of the excavator is trash, it slides everywhere.
Review from 76561198345920360son ou les mini machine ? j'ai vue juste le mini lavoir , je reste optimiste ca doit etre un bug, apres avoir cherché il son disponible au magasin de machinerie au gichet de transport , il son gratuite juste a payer le transport ver la parcelle. la ou ca va vraiment pas ,ce déplacé avec la machine est catastrophique , la physique est horrible. mise a jour et vite sinon c'est mort.
Review from 76561198615573203As the other reviewer stated, cant find the machines anywhere. gone to the machine shop, unlocked the tablet at old arnolds parcell. they are not able to be purchased anywhere.... EDIT: have found the machines, they are in storage for some reason as if you already bought them. Extremely confusing as the DLC said "coming to the machine shop." Also now that i've found them the mini tack hoe is unusable. I love this game, dont want a refund or anything. I have faith you can fix this and will happily change my review once these issues are sorted out. EDIT 2: So as I was anticipating the Devs did great work and quick too, got the update squared away and it is nice. The mini excavator is now usable!! Only complaint I still have that remains is the Skid steer does not have enough power, there is no neutral steer to speak of that should be there.
Review from 76561198065781706i bought it to support the future of [strike] Goldrush[/strike] [i] Gold Mining Simulator[/i] :) But where can we buy these mini Toys? not even the machnineshop in the tablet have them, only sparepart and mini washplant. still upvote to support devs. they are trying! maybe next time [b]the big stuff AND [u]purchasable[/u][/b] Edit: we own the machines already! they are in our storage at the machineshop, got to transport window!
Review from 76561198908279482aucune machine que la laveuse pour le prix trop cool