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Dreamland - Chapter 2

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Review from 76561199050747574OK
Review from 76561198279227011It turned into the Horniest game/novel I've ever played .I felt so sorry for Him & what they did LOL spoiler .....Man those interludes made the story . At one part I felt like shouting advice the graphics are so damn good a little more animation would be neat but still it's really great in places .I liked one and two without doubt I only wish I had got stuff like this when I was younger darn it ! Really great graphic novel type game guys PLAY IT !
Review from 76561199572459800блять эта хуйня не запускается
Review from 76561198393704475La historia se pone cada vez mejor !! Con esos toques de misterio y terror, Uff !! Recomendado. Hay varios caminos o decisiones diferentes que le dan algunos giros a la historia. Un poco corto pero la calidad es estupenda. (Me trajo algunos recuerdos del Until Down)
Review from 76561199201628609Shorter then I'm used to from these kind of games, but the quality is much higher. Well worth the price in my opinion. This adds about an hour and a half of story, with a fair few story branches if you want to replay. The story gets very interesting, and I'm already looking forward to the next chapter. And the render/animation quality is just as good as the intro, so you wont be disappointed.
Review from 76561198033466186I wish there was a neutral button instead of just yes or no lol. Anyway I have one small, & one major gripe. The small gripe is that it's not always obvious (at 1st) if a person is saying something out loud or it's a train of thought. No biggie I guess. The major gripe is that the developer seems to have a woefully slow work rate. All he has to show for a 12 month wait is around a 30 - 60 minute play through. Even if it was a only 6 month wait that would still reflect painfully slow progress. Having said that, the visuals are excellent, the story superb, the characterisations brilliant. Also he left us with 3 HUGE cliffhangers, so I really hope we don't have to wait that long for the next update or things are gonna start to get so frustrating. I feel this creation deserves a lot better as I think it could turn out to be an AVN classic, but at the rate it's being produced not for another 20 years! Which is why I feel I need to downvote it (for now) & hope things radically improve with regards the time we have to wait & the small amount of content in each update. Such a shame as I really want this to succeed. It has such great potential!
Review from 76561198976906477The storyline is great, the graphics is one of the best in AVN-s, but I must admit that the price is too high for that amount of gameplay time. 3,00-3,50 Euros would be more realistic, but that's the only ,,negative" feedback.
Review from 76561198866688104Just as expected from Dokiden. The game still remains one of the best game in my list. Not a long DLC but the story progress is really good. It's not like the other games that grows the suspense and extends the story unnecessarily. Really happy with the DLC. Again the developer performed exceptionally well in terms of graphics. Really value for money product. The only downside of this game is that the waiting period is really long but if the DEV solve that issue, This will be a flawless game. Heartily loved it and eagerly waiting for the upcoming DLCs.
Review from 76561198074660874It took what seems like a year to make this episode, which includes a few new scenes. If you just look at the visuals and animation quality alone, that isn’t bad, the visuals are stunning and might be the best in the field. But for me to be satisfied after paying 5 bucks and waiting almost a year for an hour long episode, it better not just be an "all sex, no story" game like this currently feels a bit like it is. I know that the story has just begun and that it’s too early to tell if the final result is good or not, but if we just judge it from the written dialogue and character personalities alone, it doesnt look good. With that said the story has improved a bit since the first episode and I hope this story takes us on a darker path story wise, I feel like the horror/murder mystery genre would be really fitting and really unique, since that hasn’t really been done before, at least from what i’m aware of. I hope the developer considers getting someone with more writting experience to join the team, because this could become the AVN to set the future standard. I hope the future is bright for this AVN, the visuals deserve a good story. I’ll leave a negative rating on it for now and hope that will change in the future.
Review from 76561199168033528Not sure why a lot of negative reviews are because it's taking too long to come out with content for this game. I feel the opposite. Quantity over quality. They can take as long as they want, as long as the renders and artwork continues to be top tier as it does in this game. Story's pretty decent too.
Review from 76561199479723061i really likes chapter 1 so chapter 2 was amazing
Review from 76561198281383730Waiting for Chapter 3...
Review from 76561198076566364I'll be honest its good, but there are many things to consider first the 5 dollar price tag isn't alot and so is the content its very well made I will admit and if you didn't have to wait like the rest of us it might be worth it, but with amount of time we as a community had to wait with the lack of communication I can't give this a positive review, hopeful the next chapter will come out sooner than this one since there is a price tag on it. cause if not is going to take years for this series to end. and normally that wouldn't be a problem, but here with the at most 3 hours of gameplay (I would know i already 100% the game in like 3 hours and I took my time reading real slow)taking that long isnt a positive the dev will lose his community.
Review from 76561198832672429Different storyline from most AVNs out there. Worth the money, but such a shame it has such a short gameplay time and it takes so long for each chapter to be developed
Review from 76561198053076218great visuals, lots of real impactfull choices possible, interesting scenario. Very promising start.
Review from 76561198116357846Don't fall for it! This developer took over 1 year to put out an update (at $4.99) that was little more than an hour (even trying all 4 variations). Renders are nice, motion is nice, audio is nonexistent. Game would be good if there was 10 more hours of it. As it is though, it is not worth the time or money.
Review from 76561199214821526Это лучшая игра в этом жанре. Геймплея не так много, но ты наслаждаешься каждой минутой проведенной в этой прекрасной игре, Ожидание новых частей стоят того.
Review from 76561199400845726Franchement , ça valait la peine d'attendre !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Review from 76561198992025244200 рублей - цена бургера во Вкусно и точка. За 200 руб мы получаем: интересный сюжет с интересными поворотами, хорошие модельки, хорошие анимации сами понимаете чего), час-полтора сюжета без перевода. После бесплатной первой части, которая останавливается на самом интересном моменте, руки чешутся вторую купить (вторая часть, кстати, тоже кончается на самом интересном моменте.). Но стоит ли того? Ждал вторую часть полтора года, но получил полтора часа геймплея. Надеюсь, со следующими частями не будет так же, и они также не будут стоить по 200 руб.
Review from 76561198030929833Overall, I really enjoy dreamland it has had 2 good cliff hanger endings now the build quality is good. If the developer would provide better status updates on the progress and start a subscribe star account. Patreon sucks for AVN Developers and I wouldn't give them a dime of my money for the actions they have taken against so many people I support in bans to so many of their accounts without any justification.
Review from 76561199179179498I LOVE IT! The best card finding game! and apparently there is a story here too
Review from 76561199223856235SHORT BUT AWESOME
Review from 76561198137146241good
Review from 76561198120069368bro this game is just awesome, I'm looking forward to the continuation
Review from 76561198153442957This game has best best-looking render right now. Love your paning render
Review from 76561197982372679This game really intrigues me. On the surface, you have your basic sex romp. Complete with the hot girl, the shy girl, the inexperienced girl, the slutty girl, etc. But with chapter 2, a real mystery begins to unfold. The place the gang decides to camp at is called Crystal Springs. However, it should be called Crystal Lake with all the Friday the 13th vibes I'm getting from the story. The story is not only fun, but creepy and suspenseful. The playthrough is short. A full one will take a little over two hours. That being said, this is no kinetic novel. I only did one playthrough at the time of this review, but I can tell that your decisions have a massive impact on the story. Every scene seemed to reflect every decision I made for better or worse, and I will be revisiting this game again to see how other decisions will shape the outcome. The development of this game has been painfully slow. To make that point, the start of the game talks about the end of the pandemic lockdown. I guarantee that Fallout 5 will release before this game gets out of Early Access. However, the tale is worth it, and I will patiently await further updates.
Review from 76561198090791146sehr kurz so ca. 15 minuten oral vaginal
Review from 76561198129065000Even though Dev takes a long time to create these chapters, I would say they're actually made of good quality! Nice artwork and storyline. Maybe next time I hope you'll keep to your word and not release the chapters later than you've promised.
Review from 76561199248078135Very good
Review from 76561199039306409The Electric Guitar When Lea Sent Us that video, was amazing.
Review from 76561198065475939Looking 4 to the chapter 3 the story is very interesting
Review from 76561198046405937시발... 개쩝니다. 사실상 레아 떄문에 DLC를 구입했는데 아무리 싸다곤 해도 제 스팀 인생에 정가주고 산 최초의 게임이 되었습니다. 혹시라도 게관위가 갑자기 지역락을 먹일수도 있기 때문에... 비록 초반부이긴 해도, 제작자가 글 쓰는 재주도 있는편인지 스토리 또한 제법 흥미진진하게 흘러갑니다만 아쉽게도 분량이 매우 짧습니다. 솔직히 이게 1년 5개월이나 걸려서 나올 분량인가? 싶은데 제작자가 1인 제작을 하며 본업이 따로 있고, 게임 제작은 파트타임으로 한다고 합니다. 게임 컨텐츠로 들어가보자면 2개뿐인 갤러리에서 챕터2에만 8개가 더 추가되었습니다만 본게임은 3개정도 되는 것 같습니다. 하지만 무엇보다도 아쉬운건 알렉스 이 개색기 때문에..... 하 그래서 더더욱 챕터3이 기다려지는군요.... 하앍 레아 눈나.. 개인적으로는 제발 중간에 런 치지말고 반드시 완결됐으면 합니다. 추가로 도전과제가 본격적으로 같이 업데이트 되었는데 덕분에 그동안 '프로필 기능 제한' 대상이었다가 해제되어 정상적으로 프로필 내의 게임 갯수에도 포함되었고, 도전과제들도 전시할 수 있게 되었습니다.
Review from 76561198013146805it has an interesting surprise which is pretty cool, wonder how that plotline is gonna progress some nice scenes, good animations and renders, I especially liked the [spoiler] weather change, storm, rain [/spoiler]
Review from 76561198163833714I love it!!!
Review from 76561198190751419Good, quite a few paths to experience. Looking forward to Chapter 3 <3
Review from 76561199107220150If you like chapter 1 , just go for it with this price , but don't expect to had a lot of the scene. The storyline becomes more and more interesting. Gameplay is around 30mins to 1hours depending on your reading speed for this dlc chapter 2.
Review from 76561198304856412Dreamland - Chapter 2, tout ça pour ça ?? Rohh je rigole !! En fait ça valait vraiment le coup d'attendre (aussi longtemps). Vous aussi vous avez toujours envie de lécher les corps (parfaits) d'Alice, de Summer, de Lea, de Katherine, de Mei ou de Danielle (nenettes non ordonnées par goût car chacune à son petit truc en plus, enfin je veux dire de gros trucs en plus parfois, hihihi ) ? Dreamland - Chapter 2 ? De nombreuses scènes et images alléchantes mais quasiment aucune scène de déshabillage (RIP le côté caresse, intimité, imaginaire, pour mesdames (comme la catégorie sur PH, hihihi)). À noter que le client, bien que fluide, est assez lourd, gourmand, et que l'ordinateur chauffe et ventile : on se croirait sur Call Of. Et puis je ne me souvenais pas que les images faisaient de la nage indienne, quelle idée... Ayant par le passé évalué négativement le prologue (càd le chapitre 1) pour sa faible longévité, je peux dire que c'est le contraire aujourd'hui : est-ce que je recommande Dreamland - Chapter 2 ? Oui, absolument !! C'est un très bon rapport qualité/prix, chapeau Dokiden ! Allez maintenant je peux le faire, je sais le faire désormais : attendre tranquillement (et impatiemment) le chapitre 3. 🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵 Fidèle aux images de vente 🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵 Rapport qualité/prix 🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵 Graphismes, textures, couleurs 🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵 Visages, chevelures 🔵🔵🔵🔵⚪️ Contenu à caractère sexuel 🔵🔵🔵🔵⚪️ Vêtements, lingerie 🔵🔵🔵⚪️⚪️ Durée de jeu 🔵🔵🔵⚪️⚪️ Histoire, narration