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Borderless Gaming - Dark Mode

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Review from 76561199093682111.
Review from 76561197998260175Works as advertised and I'm happy to toss five bucks to the dev. Friendly reminder that Borderless Gaming with all its features is available for free on the dev's github—the Steam version and its DLC are meant as a way to support the dev. If you're freaking out about the achievement, pressing the Windows Key + F7 while Borderless Gaming is focused while unlock the achievement. The drama is from folks who haven't read the news announcements in full, since all of this is mentioned.
Review from 76561198832421170Why now a price drop, I already bought it.
Review from 76561198041667594Love this program (honestly a Godsend) so supporting them by buying this was a no-brainer, *ESPECIALLY* because he also made the feature for free. Just get it, support them (and please, fellow posters, stop being toolbags to the Devs in reviews/forums. Are you guys really that sad and bitter?)
Review from 76561198020590513Where did it go?
Review from 76561198356846286This should probably been named Donation #2 and have dark mode added to the base Steam version, given the insane backlash. Maybe add other colour themes to the DLC, and keep light and dark mode on the free version. Given how little the borderless gaming ui is even used once you have all your favourites set up, it's bizarre this even got dark mode in the first place.
Review from 76561197977735433Bought to support further development of the app. If you don't want it, don't buy it. If you want it but but not pay for it (because cheap or other), as said in his updatepost it's available on Github. No problem with having cosmetics as a DLC, did you guys forget literally almost every other company doing the same thing nowadays??
Review from 76561197991197104Reminder for everyone giving this a poor review : The steam version of Borderless gaming is and always will be a way to support the devs behind it, in case it wasn't obvious with a "donation" DLC. Borderless gaming is made available online, for free by the same devs. And you can also enable dark mode in that version and, if you really want to, you can technically replace your steam version with the online version with darkmode that you didn't pay for and it will work just the same (and this tip comes STRAIGHT from the guy behind Borderless gaming, he posted about it on reddit)
Review from 76561197960356529"mUh puRfuKt aCHieVeMenT sCoRRe! U wOrsE tHaN buBbY cOttAgE! I payEd 4 DOOLLARS niNe yEaRs agO anD oPtiOnAL DLC that aDD NOTHING but ACHIEVEMENT is TWICE thAt NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! >:((((" Truly pathetic. Please add an achievement that is impossible to get just to spite these whackjobs.
Review from 76561198184749155Think of it as a donation to a dedicated dev. Or even better, it's one of those penny swirlers to give money to charity. You could just walk by and your life would be exactly the same, or you could pay a bit of money and get to see something nice (pennies swirling around or a color-inverted window). Either way, it's not a big deal.
Review from 76561197975921035best dlc ever
Review from 76561198425359947I brought this as a meme. I wouldn't actually recommend it because why would you spend A$14.50 on a fu­cking Dark Mode unless you want to sh­itpost.
Review from 76561198856961637yes
Review from 76561198019962584In the update for this patch the developer literally explains how to get it for free. You are choosing to pay to support development by purchasing this "DLC". Always read the accompanying posts that come with updates. For me, I have used this program for over 276 hours of gaming across many years, it is a dead simple thing for me to pay a little to this dev as a thank you for allowing me to enjoy games in a better experience overall. Especially as a streamer this is a required piece of kit. Once again, read the blog post that came with this update if you want the feature for free. The developer is not misleading you, you just have to read. Thank you very much Andrew for continuing to work on this program and making my life as well as many others so much easier.
Review from 76561198071007020YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY FOR THIS OR THE BASE SOFTWARE !!! the features available in this paid addon can be gotten for free from the project's github page. i'v been a fan of Borderless Gaming since it first appeared on the internet as a tool to be able to avoid fullscreen apps when windows XP was still a thing and putting a game or program into fullscreen mode would wreak havoc on the PCs of anyone who had multiple monitors. first downloaded it for free way back then, and was in the forum when the dev announced the steam page. i paid for the steam version back when it was released and i'm paying the extra for this DLC today as an act of gratitude to the dev, to pay them at least a small fraction of the value that i got from this tool over the span of multiple decades. i can still remember the first time i played counterstrike on one screen while winamp played music and milkdrop melted reality on the other, and can still remember the bliss from that. that's why i paid for this. if you, like myself, CHOOSE by the power of your own free will to put money into the dev's pocket then GOOD, because people like them do work that is very, very much appreciated and THEY STARTED THIS ALL JUST TO HELP PEOPLE BE ABLE TO PLAY GAMES, NOT TO MAKE MONEY. if you don't choose that for whatever reason that is also absolutely fine and i encourage you to go and search for this software on github (it's the one by CodeUSA) where you can get a standalone, non-steam version, just please don't complain about the price. i'm not joking there either. people who complain about the price of something that they can get for free ... well, let's put it this way - complaints about stuff that is freely given speak volumes about the people doing the complaining while saying absolutely nothing at all about the subject of their complaints. it's not a good look, yeah? just get the free version instead. --- note to the dev - thank you for your contribution to gaming, Andrew - the fact that a borderless display mode is put into most games these days by default is, i rekon, a direct result of your work on this software, and that statement represents a hill that i am prepared to get really drunk and talkative with people in order to defend. you have made a signifigant contribution to gaming culture, and you deserve kudos for that ... but have some money as well anyway - you deserve that too!
Review from 76561198061902266support the dev and stop whining about it being a dlc, god i feel bad for the guy having to deal with steam members
Review from 76561198990390825За 5 долларов? Беру!
Review from 76561198371826159As i think this is hands down one of the best and most useful pieces of software on steam i chose to support the development for it by purchasing this. I do however find it a bit weird that he chooses to give this away for free on github. It would make more sence imo if stuff like this would be exclusive to those who paid for the software instead of having it be a paid dlc as it is purely cosmetic. It makes the paid for software feel like a cheaper version of the github version when he makes changes like these. Also please put the dark mode option in the options menu instead of in the tray because it took me 10 minutes to figure out how to actually turn on dark mode lol.
Review from 76561198023928362Bought Dark Mode DLC for $9 USD but doesn't enable Dark mode by default. instead, you'd have to right-click Borderless Gaming icon on Windows Taskbar, then check box "Dark mode" which will force your app to restart. After that, the menu should now appear to look dark which puts less strain on your eye. Other than that, charging customers for $9 USD is a bit too much to ask for small changes. But hopefully with an upcoming major changes in v11, it should've been free to all customers who have already owned & purchased Dark Mode DLC at no additional charge!
Review from 76561198125158778adding a new achievement just to get people to buy this incredibly overpriced "feature" is extremely scummy.
Review from 76561198063149125bruh
Review from 76561198159889238Asking people to pay double the price of the base product itself for a basic feature and an achievement is just disgusting. So much for putting it at an "affordable price" and "respecting the community". It doesn't even work anyway. I got hit with error messaged trying to enable it.
Review from 76561198004006226You seek comfort in the dark like some foul goblin while I bathe in the splendor of the light like the godly being I am. Perish. 10/10 wil pay £20 for Pink theme.
Review from 76561198217979953Accessibility options should NOT be sold as a DLC.