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Detective Secrets Solitaire. The Curse of the Village

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Review from 76561198003013967Classic solitaire card game packed into a nice detective story. The rules are the same as those used in usual solitaire games. Each puzzle has a board of cards and one open card below. The goal is to clear the board by selecting one card lower or higher than the open card. Most of the cards are hidden, so you must first remove the uncovered card before turning it over. If no card matches the revealed card, you can click on the deck to add a new one. The multiplier starts to increase when the sixth card is removed and resets when you flip over a new card from the deck. A higher multiplier gives you more coins, but it can be ignored because it doesn't matter that much. Another item that can be neglected is the amount of stars you get after solving a puzzle. As a matter of fact, you don’t even need to beat a puzzle successfully. New stages will open regardless of your performance. There are special cards and skills to make solving more exciting. For example, some cards are boarded with planks that can only be removed by clearing the card with an axe. Then there's an inked card that must be removed twice, or a cursed card that depletes one card from the deck each time it reaches 0. There are a few others. Unfortunately, most of these visual effects obscure the value on the card. This forces you to constantly click on it because you don't know if it matches the open card. Aside from the joker card, which may be utilized with any card, you have four unique skills that are quite useful. The first changes the card in the deck, allowing you to remove at least one card, while the second allows you to remove any card you desire, etc. This is when the coins come into play, as you can spend them to buy joker cards or upgrade skills so they may be used twice. In their default state, abilities require time to recharge after each use. A nice story is stuck between some stages. It doesn’t show up often and there aren’t many characters, but they are voiced. Stages are selected from a map, and new open up as you progress through stages. Extra features add short info the characters, wallpapers, and ten minigames where you look for differences. There are in-game achievements, but none in Steam.