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3Souls Parallel Edition

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Review from 76561198434342176Bad game
Review from 76561198032082432This game has interesting world-building going for it, and the story was rather engaging. The platforming, while rather simple, was well done. Most of the puzzles were straightforward, once I realized the options I had available to find the solutions. The voice acting was well performed. There were two major downsides to this game. The first is that it was very short; I was able to finish it in only two hours. The second is that there was no way to adjust audio levels. Some of the voice lines were a little too quiet while the music, in some areas, was quite loud. Overall, if you are interested in puzzle/platformers, it might be worth looking into this one.
Review from 76561198363875004não consegui me engajar muito
Review from 76561198037305786After few levels i can say this is a nice platform\puzzler game, set in a strange and minimalistic dystopian world. Full of dialogues with "yourself", about some philosofical things and the fictional world of the game that serve to give life to the game itself. I found nice the addition of the indie music easter eggs minigame mixed between the other puzzles. Try it if u like the genre :)
Review from 76561197970149845As a novice/hobby indie title 3Souls is decent. It's not something I can generically recommend though. Note: I have played only for 17 minutes, so I can't speak for later stages of the game. + Fully voiced * On-screen controls are great guidance, but are missing essential controls - namely jump on S, which is uncommon and took me a bit to find * Level design seems partially decent, partially unintuitive/frustrating (hidden passages, non-obvious hints I failed to understand) * Confusing death system (I was surprised I even had lives, but then had some kind of choice on what to lose - progress or unlocks - but what I thought I would retain I did not anyway) * Subjectively, the intro first seemed like a philosophical setup, then long and pretentious * I'm somewhat conflicted on the in-game mix and necessary interaction between story/character-story and progression and interactivity - which may or may not develop into something substantial and interesting or annoying further into the game
Review from 76561198116879965это мое субьективное мнение: https://youtu.be/zX4DWyJADt4?si=c_ha7gQGQ-ohIONm
Review from 76561198018330737As a general rule, I won't play something I'm not enjoying, but it's rare for me to quit out on a game this early. The presentation is lackluster, the setup is pretentious, and the gameplay is rather barebones. It appears to be more of a puzzle-platformer than a Metroidvania, which makes the quality of the basic platforming elements far more important. Unfortunately those components just aren't there. Although the movement is responsive, it doesn't feel like it has any weight or substance. Besides a basic no-frills jump your character can interact with the world through "connections" (ostensibly to our world) which amounts to... activating temporary platforms or air-flow. The level design itself seemed fine (though amateurish) until I reached a point that required blindly choosing pipes to go through, most of which lead to death. It reminded of a Mario Maker stage, in the worst way possible. In this games' defense, it didn't laugh each time I chose poorly. The voice work is very dry, the art is a bit bland and basic, and overall this has the feeling of a student project. As such, it's a fine first attempt and a solid B effort, but probably shouldn't have been released as a paid product.