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ARC: Antic Runes Combat

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Review from 76561198067727574The first thing that caught my eye is the price tag — it's way too overpriced. The game clearly isn't worth $10. In the game you need to find a key to progress to other rooms (floors), and in these rooms, there are obstacles like snakes, fire totems, dragons, spike traps (some of them active, some not), and sometimes a giant "boss" appears on certain levels. Everything looks very repetitive. The game has three modes, but besides the color scheme, I didn't notice any differences. The good side is relaxing background music. Follow Curator : [url=store.steampowered.com/curator/44793303-The-games-that-I%2527ve-played/] The games that I've played [/url]
Review from 76561197996273719[h1] Information / Review English [/h1] ARC: Antic Runes Combat is a classic 2D arcade game developed by ima shouganai. [h1] Gameplay / Story [/h1] The world has ended and the apocalypse has occurred. Many lost souls wander around the world misleadingly without purpose or peace. This is where our hero comes into play, who goes by the name “Shadow”. You have a mission, namely to save other souls after the great apocalypse. The game offers three different game modes, which are divided into Adventure, Battle Tower and Exploration. Each of the three game modes offers you different experiences. In the adventure section you experience the story. You collect souls and redeem them, but you have to defy the dangers and avoid them. In the Battle Tower area you have to climb the cursed tower and nobody knows how many floors it has. A number of monsters get in the way and have to be overcome. The exploration area, which is the hardest game mode, offers you larger areas to explore, but there is a greater risk of failure because everything is harder. But it's worth it because the rewards are much better. The game also comes with free DLC, which gives you three additional areas. [h1] Pro [/h1] + Classic 2D Arcade + Long-term motivation + stylish graphic style to match the game + suitable background music + free DLC included and 3 new zones + good menu navigation and controls [h1] Contra [/h1] - Price is set too high [h1] Conclusion [/h1] ARC: Antic Runes Combat offers you an interesting concept that is colorfully implemented and fun. [h1][url=https://store.steampowered.com/curator/26335619-Adult-World-Gamers/] First of all, thank you to the developer for providing us with this key for the group. Here you can find more good reviews from others and me and if you liked the review, then we would be happy about a thumbs up. [/url][/h1] [h1] Information / Review Deutsch [/h1] ARC: Antic Runes Combat ist ein klassisches 2D Arcade Spiel, welches von ima shouganai entwickelt wurde. [h1] Gameplay / Geschichte [/h1] Die Welt ist unter gegangen und die Apokalypse ist eingetreten. Viele verlorene Seelen irren ohne Ziel und Frieden irreführend auf der Welt umher. Da kommt unser Held ins Spiel, welcher auf den Namen „Shadow“ hört. Du hast eine Mission, nämlich andere Seelen nach der großen Apokalypse zu retten. Das Spiel bietet drei verschiedene Spielmodi, welche in den Bereichen Abenteuer, Kampfturm und Erkundung aufgeteilt sind. Jeder der drei Spielmodi bietet dir unterschiedliche Erfahrungen. Im Bereich Abenteuer erlebst du die Geschichte. Du sammelst Seelen, erlöst diese, dabei gilt es aber den Gefahren zu trotzen und diese zu vermeiden. Im Bereich Kampfturm musst du den verfluchten Turm erklimmen und keiner weiß wie viele Etagen dieser hat. Dabei stellen sich die etliche Monster in die Quere, welche überwindet werden müssen. Im Bereich Erkundung, welcher übrigens der schwerste Spielmodus hat, bietet dir größere Bereiche zur Erkundung, allerdings ist dort die Gefahr größer zu scheitern, da alles schwerer ist. Es lohnt sich aber da die Belohnungen wesentlich besser ausfallen. Das Spiel hat übrigens auch einen kostenlosen DLC mit dabei, welche dir drei zusätzliche Areale beschert. [h1] Pro [/h1] + Classic 2D Arcade + Langzeitmotivation + stilvoller Grafikstil passend zum Spiel + passende Musikuntermalung + kostenloser DLC enthalten und 3 neue Zonen + gute Menüführung und Steuerung [h1] Kontra [/h1] - Preis ist zu hoch angesetzt [h1] Fazit [/h1] ARC: Antic Runes Combat bietet dir ein interessantes Konzept, welches farbenfroh umgesetzt wurde und Spaß macht. [h1][url=https://store.steampowered.com/curator/26335619-Adult-World-Gamers/] Zunächst einmal vielen Dank an den Entwickler, der uns diesen Schlüssel für die Gruppe zur Verfügung gestellt hat. Hier findest du weitere gute Bewertungen von anderen und mir unter und wenn dir das Review gefallen hat, dann würden wir uns über einen Daumen nach oben freuen. [/url][/h1]
Review from 76561198250868560"Стилистика игры меня поражает. Некоторые моменты странные в рандомном порядке можно умереть. Цена для такой игры в момент апреля 24го года не обоснована как по мне. (примерно 600 рублей). 1\5. Эх. Эмо" https://steamcommunity.com/groups/MadneZ1/curation - подписывайся на наше кураторство! Ведем постоянную работу! А еще - https://t.me/sage_mad - 24\7 блог контент . https://t.me/sage_mad_shop - Твой магазин !
Review from 76561198003013967Arcade game with unrealistic price and only one monotonous stage that repeats indefinitely. The game doesn’t give you any information. If you want to know the backstory, you need to read it on the game’s Steam page. Essentially, you're a lost soul named Shadow who is supposed to save other souls. While the Steam page is the only way to learn about the differences between the three modes, it turns out to be merely generic text. All three modes are exactly the same. The only difference is that adventure mode generates two random sentences at the start that are intended to be hints. There is only one stage that repeats by placing the same elements in different locations. Your task is to get a key and go through the door, and then repeat as many times as you can. Your adversaries include snakes, dragons, and flying balls. The worst are spikes that emerge from a shattered floor, although this frequently results in cheap death because you never know if they will appear or not. The gameplay is terrible, repetitive, and punishing. All assets are 2D, so you may easily touch a hazard with your head or feet. Because of random placement, a key can sometimes become hidden on black grass, making it difficult to see, on top of a trap, or close to a snake that becomes locked in place. You die immediately when you touch something. Stages have coins, chests, and souls. You receive a soul for collecting a set number of coins. I thought souls were supposed to represent your lives. This is apparently wrong because you fail after losing five souls. You also gain experience points after each run that fill up the bar painfully slow.
Review from 76561199087481325Juego muy adictivo, música que te atrapa y tendrás pesadillas con los malditos pinchos!