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Bob Fight

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CasualFree to Play
Multi-playerSteam AchievementsPartial Controller SupportRemote Play Together
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Review from 76561199217060071󠀡󠀡
Review from 76561198838044120Really funny !
Review from 76561198832640045This game is easy to get all achievements as the single player, include The Popular. How to get The Popular Achievement when you are just player one? Well, insert four different stick controllers in your PC. If you do not have stick controllers, insert smartphones as stick emulator with PC Remote app like Monect (install one as receiver in your PC and other as emulator for stick controller). Then, play yourself with using one of them and win until reach dots with full crowns
Review from 76561198086000429BobFight, bir dizi kaotik mini oyunda ilginç karakterler olarak oynadığınız 2 ila 4 oyunculu eğlenceli bir parti oyunudur. Gürültülü mücadelelerde arkadaşlarınızla yarışın, taçlar kazanın ve partinin tartışmasız kralı olun! Ayakta kalan son Bob kim olacak? BobFight'ta öğrenin!
Review from 76561198873571879It's really fun! Congrats to the game designer and all poeple who worked on this!
Review from 76561198445204711"Un jeu de fête sensationnel ! Bob fight est exactement ce que vous recherchez pour pimenter vos soirées entre amis. Les mini-jeux sont variés, hilarants et offrent un défi à chaque coin de rue. La compétition est féroce, mais jamais frustrante, et chaque victoire est accompagnée de rires et de taquineries. Les contrôles sont simples à prendre en main, même pour ceux qui ne jouent pas souvent, ce qui rend le jeu accessible à tous. Les graphismes colorés et les animations amusantes ajoutent à l'ambiance festive. Avec son gameplay addictif et ses nombreux modes de jeu, Bob fight est un incontournable pour toute soirée de jeu à quatre joueurs. Hautement recommandé !"
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