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Review from 76561198056238764Fun and challenging. A good deal for that price.
Review from 76561198990660507Hexton is a fun, bite-sized puzzle city builder. It fits pretty squarely into what one expects from the genre, but also has a unique and nifty mechanic: one of the cards, when placed strategically, generates a resource that allows you to buy unrevealed hexagons on the map to increase the playable area. Consequently, each session has a particular element of discovery to it unlike the games it draws inspiration from. One complaint: the new card RNG can feel a little heavy-handed at times, seemingly choosing cards based on where you are on the map and which objects have been placed there. I’d like to see this touched up a bit, but it wasn’t a major frustration during my sessions. I also think Hexton, with its light and simple approach, would make for an excellent mobile game. I’d definitely pay another few bucks to have it on my phone as well.