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Review from 76561198091481260A great discovery of Skye ! Sceneries are top notch and the artsyle is beautiful. ebi-hime always do a great job at finding talented artists so that they can get more exposure ! I do wonder if Alice and Marnie could be friends ...
Review from 76561198849060757Clear Skye Thinking is a really sweet high school sapphic romance. I think it captures the "first relationship" trope well. I'm a lesbian who has never really presented traditionally feminine. People have given me a lot of shit for it, both when I was growing up and to this day. This game's message really resonated with me because of my own experiences. I loved how the main characters learned that it's okay to dress the way that's true to themselves. In a worse story, I could see a character like Piper being "fixed" by becoming more feminine. I've seen it time and time again, where a tomyboyish female character ends up getting a makeover and the narrative treats it like an upgrade. This is not how she's handled here at all, and I appreciate that a lot. It such a sweet yuri romance about two girls falling in love with each other because of who they are and I love the way Alice and Piper's arcs compliment each other. It took me a little under four hours to read, though I'm quite fast at reading. I found myself enjoying the characters and the writing style a lot. I think there is a strong sense of setting, and that's another thing I liked about this story. If you like wholesome sapphic romances, I would recommend giving this vn a read.
Review from 76561198295410422Really cute and fun short VN that, if I had any complaint then much like the MC Alice I find myself wanting more time with it!
Review from 76561197996299268cute cute CUUUUUTE!
Review from 76561197965603125Such a lovely, comfortable story. The romance in this one is light and at a slow pace, which seemed just perfect for the two girls involved. Also, I adored Alice's obsession with lolita fashion, and the many references made towards real brands. It was a nice touch that kept me entertained! The art in this one is beautiful as well, and really fit the tone of the novel. Well done to the artist for depicting those pretty dresses so perfectly.
Review from 76561198102053082common ebi-hime W