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Review from 76561199091215312**Disclaimer: I was given a key for this game for free in exchange for showcasing it on my Twitch stream.** I have played through the game for about 20 minutes to get a rough idea of what it offers, and I have to say, I enjoy the concept. I think it is quite funny. Grok AI managed to rope me into the story and I genuinely got invested in it. The random additions of memes and jokes are a little corny, but are usually executed in a semi-funny way. For the current price it is at, I think this beats paying for Grok AI itself for this purpose by a long shot. However, I do have one major gripe. This game was NOT friendly at all to my eyes. I had to bail out after 20 minutes to give my eyes a rest from the screen. The extremely dark background with neon text do not mix at all. If it is possible for the developer to add a way to change the text/background color, please do so. It would help out my eyes a ton.