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FSX Steam Edition: US Cities: Detroit Add-On

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Review from 76561199224566540this is a great add on show everything along the water front including ceasars the ambassador bridge and other landmarks i would know this is my hometown
Review from 76561198170193590 crash my game
Review from 76561198966693067does not have night textures, all the buildings are blacked out at night
Review from 76561198880732950Nice add-on, great detail when flying around Downtown Detroit. Wish it had more realistic surroundings on the outlying airports like Willow Run and Mettetal where I fly. Still glad I bought it.
Review from 76561198182253430This is a good looking add-on. I like that some of the old landmarks such as Tiger Stadium and the old Cass Tech HS are still included. The night time texture doesn't look quite as good, the only visible lights are from the street traffic.