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FSX Steam Edition: US Cities X: Chicago Add-On

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Review from 76561197998564643I must be doing something wrong - click install and it doesn't install. Aggravating
Review from 76561198018739087The buildings are in the correct place. They look similar to the city buildings that are really in Chicago. That is the extent of the good in this DLC. The models are horrible. It adds nothing to the realism. Imagine having a less than appealing photograph of London and they didn't include the London Eye. Yes, that's a modern landmark. Why did I bring that up? Well, for some reason they chose to NOT include the Chicago's Centennial Wheel on Navy Pier. The Centennial Wheel replaced the aging Navy Pier Ferris Wheel in 2016. There have been Ferris wheels on Navy Pier continuously since 1995 and intermittently since the 1893 World's Fair. Why's something that is so obvious along the city's waterfront and that old not in a sim about Chicago? Who knows. For me, though, it is not worth the $11.24 I paid. The omission of the Centennial Wheel was just an added aggravation that I spent my money on this DLC.
Review from 76561198043546825Does not load into FSX and I get only an error message it is missing, even though it says it loaded. Save your money and avoid this DLC at all costs.
Review from 76561198203700247It's a piece of crap, unless you download "Meigs Field" seperately and run them together.
Review from 76561198408572330I loved it when I first got it but on this new computer there seems to be a problem loading some files and though it's in my library, it's not in the sim. This seems to have occurred with all the add ons I previously purchased,.
Review from 76561197974881881I can't vote neutral on this, so don't take my "yes" as a definite without reading. Don't let the screenshots fool you, the buildings are ugly, and none of the settings i can figure out will fix that. I used this with FlyInside FSX (FSX VR thing), and almost exclusively with helicopters. I like to weave between buildings. And it's nice to have more than 100 buildings down town to fly around, but the buildings are horribly ugly. The building models are rough. But it's the textures that ruin it. Most buildings the textures are slanted, or stretched. If i could find a higher resolution mod for this, i would love to use it. Is it worth the $15? Definitely no. I got mine on sale for 25% off at $11.24. Was it worth it? No. would it be worth... $5? Sure. But i've never seen it for more than 25% off. I bought it because i wanted Chicago to feel less empty, less dead.
Review from 76561198291830673Total Disappointment.. It indicated in the Steam Library that US Cities X: Chicago was added. Then, it was confirmed in the Steam Library that US Cities X: Chicago was installed. However it does not activate in the FSX simulator. There was no increase in clarity, still a painted - on landscape, buildings that are poor quality, and airports that are not of typical add-on quality. I love Steam, FSX, and flight simulation, but this add-on is a total disappointment. It has me afraid to buy any additional US Cities X add-ons.
Review from 76561198353172954Doesn't load in my FSX-SE. It shows up as installed in my DLC list, but none of the airports show up nor does the enhanced scenrery. I don't want to wrestle with my computer every time I try to install something. If i meet the equipment requirements the installer should handle the rest.