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FSX Steam Edition: Grumman® F4F Wildcat® & Martlet Add-On

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Review from 76561198010525794Decent little bird! I've been a fan of the F4F since Combat Flight Simulator 2. The F4F was a huge game changer for the US in WWII, and getting to fly a model of it, is pretty rad. Some people claimed it's slow, but, only in comparison to later WWII planes. This bird replaced the Brewster Buffalo (a really slow plane) on a sort of "get it done now!" status at the beginning of the Pacific Theatre. The US seriously needed something to at least go toe-to-toe with the Zero, and this was it, just barely. So, for an early 40's plane, this thing is great. It was phased out, for the US at least, when the F6F was introduced around 1943. It dives really well, it's playful in the air, rolls great, and is super easy to land. If you're practicing carrier landings, this is your bird. Get it on sale and you wont be disappointed.
Review from 76561198044504075ワイルドキャットさんはWARTHUNDERの方で何度もお世話になっていたのでFSXでも、と思いセールだったので買ってみました・・ うまあじ ・見た目リアル。テクスチャの書き込みいい。モデルも忠実?とにかく飛ばしやすい。気軽にブワーっと飛ぶにはちょうどいい。 艦載機なのを反映してか着陸が容易。離陸も。全体的に舵が軽く思い通りに飛ばせる。さすがWW2の名戦闘機 あとIキー(スモーク等?)で機銃が撃てます。雰囲気でていいです。 まず味 ・スピードがが・・まぁ仕方ないね 直線かつ水平で170ノット前後。 がんばればもっと伸びるかもしれませんが・・ WW2の戦闘機が好き・・けどウォーサンダーはちょっと・・ もしくはウォーサンダーで知って好きになったけど サツバツとした空よりのんびり飛ばしたい・・そんな人に強くおすすめしたい一品
Review from 76561197972655087Picked this up on sale and am happy with the purchase. You get 4 aircraft in several different liveries. Not very fast in the air, although it dives quite well. Early war plane, so as mentioned in another review, airspeed is measured in MPH rather than Knots. Almost all controls in the cockpit function. Visibility out the front while on the ground is better than expected, but still better too look out the sides. As another reviewer mentioned, has a tendency to slide across the ground if you take a turn too sharply and your ground speed is too high. The British variants have proper markings while the US variants/liveries are missing their stars. I'm not a very good pilot, but seems to handle well and was fairly easy to trim for level flight. Have not tried carrier ops, but it has the arrestor hook for landings and the release lever for take-offs. The guns fire, casings are ejected, and the external stores are droppable. The knee board provides good notes for operations from startup to shutdown. Only disappointments I have so far are with the lack of markings for the US variants, and the lack of a cup holder.
Review from 76561198100615991My least favorite Justflight aircraft. The guns and sounds are a cool feature but thats about it. I love a lot of Justflight stuff but the textures are lacking. They are almost as bad as Abacus textures. The worst part is how the aircraft moves on the groun. Taxiing is like its on ice. It sometimes appears to move horizontally like the wheels are facing the other direction. Ilove Rescue Pilot, the C-130, etc so im not trashing Justflight. I just can't write a good review for this one.
Review from 76561198013838516Nice detailed cockpit. Handles well, Not as fast as i was hoping it would be, The guns work (press "i") . Textures arent bad, what you see is what you get basicly. I would say it's worth the moneh as it's rather likable despite the speed indicator which is in MPH (some pre-jura period way of messure speed).