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Review from 76561198062733388You are actually paying for the soccer teams franchise.
Review from 76561198142591202Nice DLC with different stadiums. wish that they had better parking simulations. It not realistic to have 750 People coming out of one part of the stadium. Also with that they were different sizes physically and holding capacity wise. Other then that it is a cool Add-on.
Review from 76561198120120855Look at the Feature list under the description and you will see how good this is ..
Review from 76561198149013592首先拿下斯坦福桥哈哈哈
Review from 76561198271710339Nice
Review from 76561198046809257球场dlc相对另一个特色建筑的dlc在目前来看好很多。因为官方一直没有解决游客少的问题,所以那个dlc是造的越多,亏损越大。而这个球场,虽然也受到游客bug影响,但是该建筑球赛日赢球是可以赚钱的。而且看起来也比那几个建筑高端上档次,更美观更具有“地标”属性
Review from 76561198182102077新加了四个球场,相当于四个建筑,还不错 城市里一共5个球场,球赛日人气爆棚
Review from 76561198163724723老公说,我给你18块钱,你帮我盖一个切尔西吧,2333
Review from 76561198365381351有点无聊
Review from 76561198125134147Güzel Bir DLC Modellemeleri Beğendim.
Review from 76561198070881952Fun addition, worth it!
Review from 76561198213384664IT NO GOOD 4 STADIUM
Review from 76561198119997461Love buying expansions even if its 5.99 its basically 1 dollar per stadium. I like to buy packs because it helps support the game and give us even more cooler stuff down the line :)
Review from 76561198121294295Un peu cher pour le contenu que ce DLC apporte au jeu, je vous conseil ce DLC si vous êtes plutôt fan de football !
Review from 76561198259387618似乎是官方授权的,买了俱乐部也能得到钱
Review from 76561198061436923Awesome so Awesome!
Review from 76561198149823471Por seis dolares hubiesen incluido diez estadios por lo menos, me gusto el dlc pero muy caro por tan poco contenido.
Review from 76561198350994646热爱足球 必须买
Review from 76561198150994193Die Stadien sehen echt cool aus. Auch sehr Originalgetreu, doch ich wünsche mir mehr Stadien von den Besten Fußballclubs von Europa, Es gibt noch einige Spitzen Teams, deren Stadien dazu passen würden.
Review from 76561198161605256Thats awesome DLC which gives you 4 stadiums. When you build one of them, it shows the match day. You have to provide transportation for people to get stadium on match day. If you love football, the DLC is for you !!
Review from 76561198239154042是时候亮出我三十年切尔西球迷的身份了 :D
Review from 76561198177248350Pour le prix, n'oubliez pas qu'il y a les frais liés aux licences des noms et logos des équipes de foot, ça explique que ce DLC soit un peu cher.
Review from 76561198010151630$1.50 per stadium. Just being helpful that's all. :-P
Review from 76561198120455645An sich ein gutes DLC, allerdings ist es zu empfehlen, das DLC reduziert zu kaufen, da der Preis ein wenig zu hoch ist für die 4 Stadien, aber naja, da hängen ja auch Lizenzkosten dran. Außerdem finde ich es sehr schade, dass jedes Stadion nur eine Besucherkapazität von 750 Personen hat (wie das Match-Day-DLC-Stadion). Dadurch wirkt es relativ leer, da z.B. beim FCB-Stadion in echt eine Besucherkapazität von ca. 100.000 vorhanden ist - verglichen mit der Ingame-Kapazität ein extremer Unterschied! Allerdings sind die Stadien optisch sehr schön gestaltet und ergänzen das eigene Stadtbild sehr gut. Da es keinen "mittleren Daumen" gibt, greife ich mal auf den Positiv-Daumen zurück und gebe somit eine Kaufempfehlung.
Review from 76561198168142412I got it because it looked cool and they should've add more sports or more stadiums :3
Review from 76561198304626962No me gusta el Football pero igual lo compre, no me parece caro pero podrian hacer un dlc con variedad de deportes o estadios tipo de olimpiadas, algo como para un público mas amplio.
Review from 76561198036196012Sehr schöne Idee. Der Preis ist vielleicht etwas teuer, aber ich mag die Optik und Funktionsweisen der Stadien.
Review from 76561198183590453個人並沒有特別愛足球,不過看在他們有時事引入到遊戲裡,也特別取得相關授權的狀況下,猶豫了一段時間,最後還是跟其他DLC一同購入。建議喜愛蓋運動設施或是偏愛足球的才需要購買。
Review from 76561198116162512咦,竟然有我小破文的球场,买买买!!
Review from 76561198242661532Beautiful new assets that extend the match day mechanic. Looks great in my cities.
Review from 76561198009916615These are beautifully recreated stadiums, but all this DLC offers are 4 cosmetic buildings that don't do more than the standard stadium you get in the free DLC "Match Day." That's a bit lacking for $5.99. If you're hoping to use their stadiums as your own city's FC home, you can't. You cannot rename the stadium. Your team doesn't play there. As an example, if you place down Juventus Stadium, Juventus F.C. now plays in your city. Fine if you're a fan of that team, or if you're trying to recreate Turin, Italy. I can't recommend this for the price.
Review from 76561198174859603why does football matchs start same day ? why does soccer fans just go with metro or bus to stadium ? where is match day traffic ? i bought for chealsea
Review from 76561198312926875Un peu chere mais je l'ai achete car les stades valent le prix et aussi rajouter le velodrome de Marseille stade de l'OM ; )
Review from 76561197996658827Why do you hate Germans? :-(
Review from 76561198326383599Dieser DLC gibt euch 4 Stadien, welche einzeln animiert wurden und auch sehr schön designed sind. Wenn ihr Fußball-Fans seid, holt es euch. Wenn ihr euch noch unsicher seid, holt euch den kostenlosen ''Match-Day DLC''. Die Stadien geben euch auch die Möglichkeit Geld durch Gewinne einzusacken. Im Großen und Ganzen ein kleiner, schöner, praktischer DLC.
Review from 76561198017304002You must really love football else is a bit expensive for five stadiums
Review from 76561198097740262I think its a great DLC but Its flaw is it should have been included in the Match Day DLC for the same price I dont want to pay 6 dollars for just different looking staduims. I reccomend just getting the Match DLC and the SnowFall and mabye Nightfall too.
Review from 76561198285354481This is brilliant pack especially for a big football fan like me! I hope they will update and add more stadiums such as... Celtic Park, Allianz Arena, Santiago Bernabéu stadium, Etihad Stadium, Old Trafford, Anfield, Goodison Park, Vicente Calderón Stadium, Aviva Stadium, Wembley Stadium, San Siro, Westfalenstadion, Olympic Stadium and so on... Football is the best! :)
Review from 76561198190866682为了斯坦福桥买了一波 不过感觉还是少了点 至少西甲还得有伯纳乌 卡尔德隆吧 英超得有安菲尔德 老特拉福德 酋长不过分吧 意甲总不能没有圣西罗吧 然后德甲安联和威斯特法伦没有也不应该啊 而且界面不能调差评!总的来说还是挺有意思的吧 希望以后这样的价格多点内容
Review from 76561198194004329The stadiums are very nice but maybe a bit overpriced
Review from 76561198095370523Forza Juve!
Review from 76561198084931942nays
Review from 76561198211004752The stadiums are great with a lot of tourists!
Review from 76561198184616555i purchased it and its already in my library, but it doesnt show in my football tab
Review from 76561198080827716这波更新来的措手不及,总之买买买就对了。
Review from 76561198037784103Instantly bought it for Camp Nou, I already love it as i'm a big fan of the club and the sport as well. Bringing this into a game like Cities: Skylines just made the game much more fun for me, to actually be able of bringing your citizens to the stadium for them to enjoy matches, set the ticket prices, get security around the Stadium and even a youth squad for them to grow and eventually play as well is just mind blowing! Love it, definitely recommending it ESPECIALLY if you love the sport in general and play the game.
Review from 76561198112699697[h1]Aesthetically pleasing architecture. Potential traffic nightmare.[/h1] The Stadiums: European Club Pack DLC can be considered an extension to the [url=store.steampowered.com/app/456200]FREE Match Day DLC[/url]. Try out the freebie first (it's free, can't hurt); if you liked it and are considering this one, then continue reading. Acquiring this DLC allows access to four extra styles of stadium architecture. For those of you who like to build lots of large attractions (I do!), you're in luck. You can build up to five stadiums in a single city! They all have the same function and capacity as the football stadium from the Match Day DLC. They vary in placement dimensions, which may affect your decision to accomodate a particular stadium in a location. With the exception of Parc des Princes, these building dimensions are NOT perfect rectangles. Should you choose to build two or more stadiums: [b]BEWARE[/b]. The options for free public transport (during match day), match security, and subsidized youth apply to all the exisiting stadiums, not individually. Regardless of whether the construction of multiple stadiums is simultaneous or staggered evenly, [u]all of them will have the SAME MATCH DAY[/u]. This will put a serious strain on your public transportation for 2-3 months. With competitive matches, there are winners and losers. Your teams won't always win, but it's not like they're forced to swing to either extreme of all-wins or all-losses. For example, my city experienced 3 wins and 2 losses on match day. Winnings also vary, but it may have to do with the local team's match history for each stadium, as well as city size. [i]**Note: This was tested (without mods or workshop assets) in a city of 110k population, and 5 stadiums were roughly spread out. I've yet to test this with stadiums centralized in one area.[/i] [h1]Overall[/h1] If you're not sure whether to buy this DLC, then try out the freebie Match Day DLC first. If you didn't like the Match Day DLC (despite it being free), then I [b]do not[/b] recommend this. If you liked the Match Day DLC, but you're not willing to spend so much coin on 4 new buildings (especially if you're not going to build more than one in a city), then I recommend waiting until it's on sale. If you're an avid football fan of one of those four teams and are willing to dish out some coin, then I'd somewhat recommend this. If you're ready for an (in-game) expensive investment (e.g. 2-5 stadiums) and are ready to put a stress test on your public transportation and roads, then I [b]definitely[/b] recommend this. 7/10 p.s. I'm not a sports fan, but I do like the extra challenge of managing annual gridlocks, which is now amplified with the presence of five football stadiums.
Review from 76561198054138898Was excellent, I love how good they look.
Review from 76561198081150582梦闻惊雷!醒后凭借直觉打开了CSL的商店界面.果真不出所料!熟悉的味道 雪后春夏秋 足球踢完,还可篮球,棒球,网球,羽毛球,乒乓球.... 再来,别怂!你敢出,我敢买
Review from 76561198057530499这两位到底谁是国区第一个买的?这TM就尴尬了
Review from 76561197993638566At first I thought this was a bit overpriced but after using it I can see there's a bit more to it than it looks. The stadiums are nicley done. There is a nice animation (and sounds) on match day where the team plays out a match, cims walk around public part of staduim and there's a simple crowd animation watching the match. There's also a small gameplay element where you can adjust ticket prices, allow free transport on match days and hire extra security. You also have to cope with the hundreds of cims leaving the stadium (on foot and by car) after a match (which to honest seemed a mad mess (animation wise) but it dosen't last long). Because I brought this straight away I'm not sure if the gameplay element has been added for free to the one stadium already in the game? If that's the case you don't really need this DLC unless you want a few different stadiums (and that possibly makes it a bit overpriced) :)
Review from 76561198330797489请参观P社最新DLC:花式圈钱体育场
Review from 76561198268418399加了四个体育场,和免费的体育场是一样的,一个城市里建五个足球场= =,但是为什么只有750个观众啊。。。
Review from 76561198007358153I have downloaded this DLC and installed it but i cant find the stadiums ingame?
Review from 76561198062798397Чирпера в Президенты США
Review from 76561198130516113Le concept du dlc est pas mal, les stades sont beaux et bien fait mais reste un peut cher, pour ce que c'est, mais après ça peut se comprendre, car ça doit prendre du temps à designer les stades, convient surtout pour les amateurs de foot.
Review from 76561198267608697我 应该是国区第一个买的人,应该是,不说了,为了信仰,为事业,为了体育,非常给力的一个
Review from 76561198316826397应该是国区第一个买的,不说了,为巴萨信仰充值,可以比赛,和免费的一样,刁民要掏钱才能去,哼,我花了人民币你花点滑稽币算什么 ---------------------------------------------------- 更新: 1,足球场不能改名称,这是小事
Review from 76561197984276591Приятное дополнение) Клубы, фанаты.. а мордобой тут есть? :D
Review from 76561198037861770[h1] Замечательно [/h1] 4 новых стадиона [olist] [*] Paris Saint-Germain FC [*] FC Barcelona [*] Chelsea FC [*] Juventus Football Club [/olist] Принцип функционирования такой же, как Match Day. А именно: Вложение средств в каждый из стадионов - [list] [*] в службу безопасности - 500=00 на каждый [*] в тренировку юниоров - 9'000=00 на каждый [*] в общественный транспорт [/list] Все стадионы имеют свой уникальный дизайн. В день матча увеличивается трафик. Матчи проходят раз в год. Стоимость каждого стадиона одинаковая - 200'000=00, обслуживание 4'000=00 Придется хорошо спланировать город для этого DLC.