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Trainz Route: Chiyoda Branch Line

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Review from 76561198082256751An incredibly short route, only 3 also very short sessions, no procedural tracks, most of it's assets are just freeware stuff from the DLS, a bit poorly made in places, and the 05 series is the only train with proper interior in it. Love the setting and the feeling, but overall it's a bit disappointing and lacks gameplay.
Review from 76561198054145247This is basically a good add-on, great to see a contemporary route set in a different country. However, there are only 3 short sessions included, with interesting and varied AI trains. Also, the graphic rendering, especially of the cab interior, remains a bit primitive, hardly worthy of the 'New Era' label. If more routes like this are produced, and they include more sessions that are interesting, I would buy them (at a reasonable price). Overall, recommended.